Press Release: UBUNTU Party Will be in the UK Elections on 7 May 2015

7May2015 UBUNTU Party UK
Press Release 1 Dec 2014

The UBUNTU Party UK will participate in the UK Elections on 7 May 2015.
This is a correction from a previous post when we were supplied with the wrong date. It is interesting to note that the UK elections are on the same day as the South African Elections in 2014.

Philosophy and plan of action – Dealing with the root of all our misery.
This is a historic moment because the UK will be only the second territory in which this new global movement of higher consciousness will use the political platform to spread its philosophy of unity, abundance for all, and what we call Contributionism. We are not politicians – we are ordinary human beings that consist of mothers, fathers, grannies and uncles – who have grown tired of the abuse dispensed by our appointed authorities. We assert that our country belongs to its people and that the government is elected as our servant – to serve the needs of the people.
We will be launching a campaign in the near future to invite people of the UK who want to represent the UBUNTU Party UK in their towns, counties and cities – to support Paul Toussaint who is the UBUNTU Party UK leader.
More to follow soon.
Our original entry into the political arena was in South Africa which was paid for by the people through a global crowd-funding campaign, which clearly indicates the global support for our simple philosophy of UBUNTU Contributionism. The people want something NEW.
Every one of us feels the dire economic hardship on every level, but most people do not know the true cause of our deepening misery. Unless we address the source of the economic war against the people, we will never solve the economic problems.
We cannot solve our economic and social problems by using the same tools that were used to create the problems in the first place. These tools are:
1)    Private banks;
2)    BANK OF ENGLAND; and the
3)    PRIVATE MONEY, that they create out of thin air.
The fact that our government is aware of this, and has been keeping this hidden from the people, means that we have been betrayed by our leaders who can no longer be trusted. The fact that none of the existing political parties are exposing this, means that they are either ignorant, or attempting to deceive us once again with their political lies. Either one of these reasons is an indicator why they are not fit to lead or govern anyone.
UBUNTU Believes that the country and everything in it, belongs to its people – and that the government is appointed as the servant of the people, by the people – to serve the needs of the people on every level of our human endeavour. This is clearly not the case and our government has turned the people into its slaves, by allowing our private banks to turn all of us into DEBT slaves for life. Based on these simple facts we plan to do the following. 

  1. Restructure the entire banking system to serve the people and not enslave the people.
  2. Create a PEOPLE’s BANK that creates money for the people by the people, tax-free and interest-free, with 100% employment, and stop the financial enslavement of our people by the privately owned CENTRAL BANK (BANK OF ENGLAND). This will immediately free the people of the UK from debt slavery – the same way that Abraham Lincoln did with his Greenback, and JFK did with his United States Note in 1963, which replaced the Federal Reserve Note.
  3. Let our scientists and inventors deliver a renewable source of Free Energy for every person in the UK.
  4. Support our natural healers and research scientists in finding alternative cures for all disease and prevent the drug cartels from hiding such cures from the people.
  5. Support our farmers on every level to escape the grips of Monsanto to grow organic food and plant gardens across the nation to ensure that no one in the UK ever goes hungry again.
  6. Decentralise the government so that people can govern themselves in their own communities – taking care of their own needs immediately, supported by the new People’s Bank every step of the way.
  7. Restructure the judiciary and the legal system, to be written by the people for the people, unlike the unjust legal system we face in our courts today, which holds the rights of corporations above those of living breathing human beings.
The path to economic freedom is an exciting new era in human history, which is linked to the age of information, where corrupt corporations can no longer hide their crimes against humanity from the people. The solutions are simple and everyone knows in their hearts what needs to be done – all we have to do is to take the first brave step.
We plan to introduce the simple principles of UBUNTU and the philosophy of Contributionism as outlined in detail in the book UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity. I urge everyone to read the book for the background on our troubles and to see how simple the solutions really are.
Please join the UBUNTU movement and tell everyone.
Michael Tellinger



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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