UK oil industry “close to collapse” as price plunges below $60 per barrel

I intended to not post this news report and I wanted to wait to see next weeks global oil price shake up.
However, Follow the money blog has a very interesting discussion concerning the horrible effects likely to follow. Thus after engaging in the discussion there I decided to share the information and discussion here.
Thank you all who share in the global dialogue for increased awareness, emergency preparedness and creative problem solving. ~Ron

UK oil industry ‘close to collapse’ as price plunges below $60 per barrel

Published: December 18, 2014

Britain’s oil industry is in a “crisis” and may be “close to collapse,” a senior oil industry expert has said, as the UK’s biggest oil and gas companies continue to cut staff and investment and the price of crude slumps.

Speaking to the BBC, Robin Allan, chairman of the independent explorers’ association Brindex, echoed warnings made by other figures in the oil industry in the past month, saying that no new projects in the North Sea would be profitable while oil is being traded at below $60 a barrel.
“It’s almost impossible to make money at these oil prices,” Allan said.
“It’s close to collapse,” he said. “In terms of new investments – there will be none, everyone is retreating, people are being laid off at most companies this week and in the coming weeks. Budgets for 2015 are being cut by everyone.”
While Allan said such fluctuations had happened before, he also said more oil workers than usual may be axed, particularly contractors rather than full-time employees.

UK oil and gas production has declined since 1999, although investment levels have remained high. While the UK is exploring alternative energy options, investment into oil peaked in 2013, at around £13 billion.
Earlier this year, a study conducted by the UK Department of Business, Innovation & Skills and the oil and gas safety body Optio predicted as many as 35,000 jobs in the sector could be lost within the next five years as oil prices continue to plunge.

Meanwhile, insolvencies among UK oil and gas companies have trebled this year, with a further £55 billion worth of future oil projects facing cuts or outright cancelation, according to leading UK accountancy firm Moore Stephens.

However, some analysts believe a decline in oil prices may work in the UK’s favor, particularly in comparison to major oil-producing countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia.
“In essence, an oil price fall acts like a tax cut for the economy, but a particularly favorable one in the sense that the burden of lost revenue is primarily borne by the major oil producers such as the OPEC member countries and Russia,” said John Hawksworth, chief economist for PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

“Of course, the UK is still a significant oil producer, but we are now a net oil importer, so there should be a net benefit to our economy as a whole, even if there as some losers in the UK oil and gas sector,” he said.


Sharing the Global Dialogue & Discussion

Who is driving this slump?
To go from riches to rags internationally in months, someone is.
Is it just to drag Russia down?
If it is and kills the UK, will there ever be trust again?

This is allowed to happen, ask yourself why the price manipulators (PPT, FSB, OPEC, commodity trading collars, etc.) are not intervening…
Why are they implementing gold and silver trading collars but refuse to do the same with OIL???

Is this the controlled contagion to effect the global recession and currency revaluations for the emergence of the new multipolar basket of currencies (SDR/BRICS) monetary system policy?

I consider this is part of the transition to the new international monetary system and a real possibility:

The next 2 years will reveal the answer, but keep eyes on planned meetings:
OPEC – June 2015 and IMF – July 2015 and Turkey Hosting G20 in 2015

* I will add what I have said several times elsewhere, People are suffering.
This Crisis Is No Accident, It Is Policy!

Be alert, creative, and prepared for the preplanned international monetary system transitional years ahead.
The crisis is not an accident, it is a monetary policy change.

Over the years we have discussed, researched, and debated these hidden globalist agendas, not sure if they would happen as we had discussed, while praying, preparing and sharing as a form of emergency preparedness planning and improving problem solving skills.
We wish the crisis to be addressed by mass awareness and creative problem solving at the personal and local community levels. This means that the institutions must yield to the will of the People, however it is not only clear that governments and their money masters will not respect grassroots solutions with the will of the People, but they also will enforce their globalist’s destructive agenda and policies with armed enforcers, terror, and violence.
Indeed, a great amount of planning, strategy, and funding has gone into the institutional policy changes to transition the international monetary system, from a U.S. Dollar centric unipolar structure to a SDR currency basket multipolar structure. This agenda with their agents will create emergencies, crisis, and possibly wars, not to worry, because they also have the global solution; and that will achieve their objectives.

It Is Not A Accident, It Is A Policy.

G20_Government Sponsored_2


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “UK oil industry “close to collapse” as price plunges below $60 per barrel
  1. RonMamita says:

    WOW! Martin Armstrong may not admit it, but his statements align with conspiracy research:

    Many of us among the conspiracy research, aware community have shared globalist policies. The current policy changes include, but not limited to:
    *The U.S. dollar global currency reserve status is being replaced, for a basket of currencies with the dollar and gold included.
    *The IMF/G20/BRICS will expand SDRs (to include the RMB)…
    *The U.S. $17 trillion in debt is not the only lever in comparison to $158 trillion worldwide debt that the money masters control.
    *The dollar is the money masters’ RESERVE currency and it is a global money supply, not purely domestic.
    (Note our document sharing about the FSB, PPT, and BIS).
    *Expect to see Loan-Sharks “Strip Mining”, “Fleecing”, “Shaking-down” small fry corporations as the sad fact is that businesses’ and emerging markets’ debts are in USDollars, a currency they cannot print and do not control (ditto for the several other major currencies, such as the Euro, etc.).
    Many companies will close their doors, and many will be eaten alive by the Too Big To Fail (G-SIFI) corporations (globalist club members).
    *Be aware, be prepared, be creative…

    “discussions behind the curtain, there will be a move to replace the dollar as the reserve currency […] solution will be a new world currency that is composed of a basket. There are three subtle events that confirm this view is a lot sooner than anyone suspects. We may be looking at the rapid change in the world monetary system after 2015.75 with what we have called BIG BANG.”

    Read full text:
    Posted December 20, 2014 by Martin Armstrong
    Title: Coming Emerging Market Debt Meltdown


  2. RonMamita says:

    I enjoyed reading this post,
    thank you for sharing.

    However, Mr. Baum’s Oz stories were written as a series and then later adapted for the movie, thus the author’s allegorical hidden messages are indeed real and relevant.
    Even the efforts of MGM could not hide all of the layers of meanings and messages, of which changing Dorothy’s silver slippers to ruby red was one lost treasure. Yes the pun was intentional 😉

    I am grateful for the efforts of Mr. Bill Still with his important documentaries of money and national currency creation, as well as his “The Secret of Oz” money allegorical connections:

    below Bill Still is interviewed on Red Ice Radio

    Bill Still continues to report on the money crisis as a activist to abolish the Federal Reserve System, and fractional reserve banking. Thus returning to creating currencies without the burden of banking debt.
    I have discussed the Oz in many formats, including this video I compiled:
    “UNPLUG: global wizards behind the curtains”

    Indeed, I thought the silver, gold, currency system of authoritarian rule and control symbology was amazing and that was all there was to the hidden gems in the Oz story.
    But how wrong I was!
    There is so much more information within the story, as all viewers of the video below will see.
    Did you know Mr. Frank Baum was a occult and esoteric researcher and self proclaimed Theosophist?

    “Everything I Neeeded To Know In Life, I Learned By Watching The Wizard Of Oz”
    Mark Passio’s video shares his research on Mr. Baum, and the esoteric Oz story.

    Merry Christmas, happy new year, and happy holidays!


  3. RonMamita says:

    Possible causes of the oil price collapse

    Published on Dec 23, 2014
    Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss power.
    In the domestic political arena, Russell Brand’s campaign with the New Era Estate women proves that the people do have the power – if they want it.
    And in the energy market, it seems supply and demand actually has the power – not the cartels, not the conspiracies.

    In the second half, Max interviews former energy market regulator Chris Cook about the possible causes of the oil price collapse and what the future holds for price and projects.


  4. RonMamita says:

    Institutional Investors: Dark Pool & HFT

    Jan 22, 2015
    Joseph talks about the establishment of the first private “dark pool” for high frequency trading, bypassing the middlemen, and his high octane speculation on their reasons for doing so.


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