Deadline TODAY: Utah Showdown with the feds

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Essentially, the feds reneged on the original deal and engaged in what many see as a massive land-grab, one in which the land has been ineffectively managed, while educational infrastructure investment has remained paltry. Utah ranks among the lowest states in terms of school funding.

If there’s no response by the end of the December, the state plans to move ahead with its program of “education, negotiation, legislation and litigation.”

Utah showdown with the feds as Dec. 31 deadline approaches for state to reclaim its land

NaturalNews: An impending showdown between Utah and the federal government may set a precedent affecting future disputes regarding state vs. federal land ownership.

In 2012, Governor Gary Herbert formally challenged the feds over the right to control 31.2 million acres of Utah land when he signed the “Transfer of Public Lands Act.” One of the provisions of the act demands that the federal government turn over the lands by December 31, 2014.

At this point, the feds haven’t responded and it remains unclear exactly what will happen as the deadline approaches. The lands in question account for more than 64 percent of Utah’s total acreage.

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7 comments on “Deadline TODAY: Utah Showdown with the feds
  1. Interesting article. I find it a bit ironic that Utah’s “green” activists trust the federal government to prevent oil and gas companies from exploiting the state’s natural resource. Especially after Obama’s stance on fracking and deep sea oil drilling.


    • RonMamita says:

      I agree with you this is very interesting!
      I question how determined the People in Utah will be in opposition to the federal government’s claims; if Utah lose in the Supreme court what then?
      Also the United Nations’ Agenda 21 appears to be a main plank of the globalist, as the Americas and China have many sympathetic programs with Agenda 21.

      Then there are reasons to convince us that institutional activists have been co-opted, such as Greenpeace.

      Happy New Year


  2. RonMamita says:

    Below is the latest developments:


    Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group's photo.
    Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group

    23 hrs ·


    By Jake Morphonios, ETNR
    January 29, 2016

    Currently the federal government lays claim to 64.5% of the lands in the state of Utah, much to the ire of both the people of Utah and their representatives. But all that is about to change.

    After three years of the federal government refusing to discuss the matter with the state government, Governor Gary Herbert is moving forward with plans to seize the 31.2 million acres of Utah land from the federal government and restore control of the lands to the people of Utah. The action is unprecedented.

    In 2012, the Utah legislature passed the “Transfer of Public Lands Act”. This law demanded that the federal government relinquish its hold on the land by December 31st, 2015, but Washington DC didn’t so much as blink. Now that the deadline has passed, Governor Herbert intends to take the lands 3 weeks from now.

    The seizure entails a 4-step plan, including education, negotiation, legislation and litigation. And the state is prepared for the costs involved for the effort. This past Monday, a 784 page report entitled “An Analysis of a Transfer of Federal Lands to the State of Utah” demonstrated that the state government was fully capable of doing the job that has, until now, been performed by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Forest Service.

    The report’s analysis indicates that the state would incur approximately $280 million in costs to mange the lands. However, with an expected $332 million in royalties from mineral resources development, Utah will actually turn a profit from taking control of their own lands.

    The news is welcomed by Americans all across the west who have grown weary of the abuses of the federal government against ranchers, miners, loggers, farmers and other property owners who have been harassed and abused by the BLM and other federal bureaucracies.

    The question remains – How will the federal government respond? It is one thing to crack down on a small pockets of citizen resistance groups, but quite another to face off against an entire state. For now, groups such as the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, led by Ammon Bundy, can take heart that movement to restore constitutional freedom is well underway.


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