RED ALERT: Governments Mobilizing Disinformation Warriors

Disinformation and Propaganda disguised
I considered the early 21st century controlled mass media already a criminal monstrosity with:

  • Propaganda and Public Relations (P.R./Advertising)
  • Fake News, actors, studio sets and Video news release (VNR)
  • “Spin”, “newspeak”, and Controlled Opposition
  • Staged events and massive hyped news coverage

Yet my intuition and sense from research is that a lot worse is coming this year and beyond for mass media to influence and manipulate public opinions!
Below are only a few of the many current events and revelations that show agencies and institutions are escalating the wars on truth with new campaigns, policies, and increased funding. ~Ron


A Moscow library containing rare UN documents, ancient Slavic texts, and 14 million books is on fire

The first thing to note here is that this was a very extensive library of social sciences texts, founded in 1918 after the Bolshevik/Communist revolution, and hence, one may surmise contained a great deal of research and insight from the Soviet Union’s always extensive research on propaganda techniques, psychological warfare, and social engineering. Indeed, its very name – the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences – says it all. Note the contents of the library according to the article:

“According to RIA, the library was founded in 1918, and is home to more than 14 million books, including rare texts in ancient Slavic languages, as well as documents from the League of Nations, UNESCO, and parliamentary reports from countries including the US dating back as far as 1789 (links in Russian). One of Russia’s most important libraries, INION maintains a book exchange with 874 partners in 69 countries.(Emphasis added)

A library containing copies of things such as Hansard’s, or the Congressional Record back to the founding of the American oligar….er…republic, not to mention League of Nations and presumably documents from the UN (besides UNESCO) would be a treasure trove for such research. […]

U.S. defeat! Russia to lead UN probe into ISIS funding


Russia is leading a UN Security Council initiative to ratchet up pressure on countries to cut off the cash flow to Islamic State militants, Russia and council diplomats said on Wednesday.
The announcement comes after the 15-nation Security Council condemned Islamic State’s burning alive of a captive Jordanian pilot.

Moscow is drafting a legally binding resolution on the subject.

Meet the 77th Battalion – The British Army is Mobilizing 1,500 “Facebook Warriors” to Spread Disinformation

Gizmodo reported the following:

A new group of soldiers, referred to as “Facebook Warriors” will ” wage complex and covert information and subversion campaigns,” according to the Financial Times. This unit will be named the 77th battalion, whose number also has a historical significance. FT says:

The original Chindits [77th battalion] were a guerrilla unit led by the swashbuckling British commander Major General Orde Wingate, one of the pioneers of modern unconventional warfare. They operated deep behind Japanese lines in Burma between 1942 and 1945 and their missions were often of questionable success.
These Facebook warriors will be using similar atypical tactics, through non-violent means, to fight their adversary. This will mainly be achieved through “reflexive control,” an old Soviet tactic of spreading specifically curated information in order to get your opponent to react in the exact way you want them to. It’s a pretty tricky trick, and the British army will be doing just that with 1,500-person (or more) troop using Twitter and Facebook as a means to spread disinformation, real war truths, and “false flag” incidents as well as just general intelligence gathering. The 77th battalion will reportedly begin operations in April.

NBC’s Brian Williams is Forced to Admit His Tale of Being on a Downed Helicopter in Iraq Was Pure Fantasy

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.45.27 PMNBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admitted Wednesday he was not aboard a helicopter hit and forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a false claim that has been repeated by the network for years.

The Golden Age of Black Ops – In Fiscal 2015 U.S. Special Forces Have Already Deployed to 105 Nations

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.38.59 PM

During the fiscal year that ended on September 30, 2014, U.S. Special Operations forces (SOF) deployed to 133 countries — roughly 70% of the nations on the planet — according to Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bockholt, a public affairs officer with U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM).  This capped a three-year span in which the country’s most elite forces were active in more than 150 different countries around the world, conducting missions ranging from kill/capture night raids to training exercises.  And this year could be a record-breaker.  Only a day before the failed raid that ended Luke Somers life — just 66 days into fiscal 2015 — America’s most elite troops had already set foot in 105 nations, approximately 80% of 2014’s total.

Despite its massive scale and scope, this secret global war across much of the planet is unknown to most Americans…”We want to be everywhere,” said Votel at Geolnt. 


Former NBC and Bloomberg Executive and Head of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of America Compares RT to Terrorist Groups

Andrew Lack was sworn in this week as the first chief executive of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, putting him in charge of an agency with a $700 million budget and an outsize influence on shaping world opinion about the United States. Foreign policy experts and some critics say the appointment of Mr. Lack, the former president of NBC News and a prominent news media executive, represents a sea change for the often-criticized agency, which oversees United States government-supported civilian international news media such as Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks and Radio Free Asia.



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5 comments on “RED ALERT: Governments Mobilizing Disinformation Warriors
  1. RonMamita says:

    Funding Propaganda, Terrorists, and Wars

    Published on Feb 5, 2015
    Several small stories adding up to some high octane speculation, that the BRICSA nations may begin using the UN to introduce a variety of “financial investigations” on various features of the Western financial system and covert operations. Here’s the articles:
    Hollande, Merkel to visit Kiev, Moscow in push for Ukraine peace
    UN Security Council Agrees to Investigate terrorists’ funding sources
    Chinese President says will align with Russia in global affairs


    Netanyahu Orders Stories Tying Him to Crime Figure Censored

    Censored: Netanyahu abuses his office for gambling boss, human trafficker
    Vía: Veterans Today

    Cynthia Mckinney: AIPAC is in total control of US Government & few Americans know anything about it (VIDEO)

    Based on her own experience in Congress, McKinney exposes the dark underbelly of politics in Washington DC, in particular how Congress is dominated by Israeli financial interests.


  2. Here in NZ, these Facebook trolls send personal messages to women activists to entice them into romantic relationships (and take their money).


  3. RonMamita says:

    I left Google-youtube and facebook…


  4. RonMamita says:

    The Abuse of the espionage Act, attacking heroic whistleblowers, such as Jeffrey Sterling, is related:

    The Misuse of the Espionage Act to Prosecute American Heroes

    By Andrew Harman, February 04, 2015
    “With the uptick in whistleblower prosecutions by the US government,” GAP’s Jesselyn Radack and former NSA senior executive and whistleblower Thomas Drake gave their take on the misuse of the Espionage Act, and the challenges facing journalists and whistleblowers.

    Advice for Whistleblowers and Journalists from an NSA Spy and Snowden’s Lawyer
    VICE Motherboard

    The duo also shared their thoughts on the convictions of Jeffrey Sterling and Barrett Brown, and the chilling effect these cases have on the free flow of important public information.

    Whistleblowers – silenced recaptured.
    Reboot FM

    Even when whistleblowers win, they often sacrifice a great deal for their fellow citizens and the country they love.

    – See more:

    In “Unprecedented Move” Nobel Peace Prize Chairman Demoted For Decision To Give Obama 2009 Award

    Back in 2009, just months after his swearing in, president Barack Obama was crowned with an unexpected glory: he won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 due to “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Back then there was little indication that just a few years after his crowning achievement of “ending the war” in and returning US troops from Iraq, he would send US troops right back in Iraq for the 3rd US invasion of the country in three decades, but also send out US troops across the globe, and launch the second cold war, pushing the world to the brink of another “large scale war.” Those who wish to read Obama’s teleprompted and ghostwritten acceptance “speech can do so here.

    At the time the White House, and the fawning media, was delighted by this crowning, if premature, achievement of the progressive president.

    Which is why don’t expect much coverage of the inevitable aftermath: earlier today, in what France24 dubbed an “in an unprecedented move“, the controversial head of Norway’s Nobel Peace Prize committee was removed Tuesday and demoted to the rank of mere member.

    Thorbjoern Jagland, a former Norwegian premier, drew criticism after becoming committee chairman in 2009 for awarding the prestigious Nobel to newly elected US President Barack Obama. He will be replaced by current Deputy Chair Kaci Kullmann Five.

    More from AP:

    The Nobel Peace Prize awarding Norwegian Nobel Committee on Tuesday elected a new chairman to replace Thorbjoern Jagland, whose six-year tenure has been lined with controversies.

    Jagland will remain a member of the voting panel but was a contentious leader, attracting criticism for his dual role as committee chairman and head of the European Council when the prize was awarded to the European Union in 2012. His leadership also was clouded by the decision to give the prize to Barack Obama in 2009 after he had just been elected president, and the 2010 prize to the jailed dissident Liu Xiabo drew fury from China.

    The former labor politician was replaced by the panel’s deputy chairman, Kaci Kullmann Five, a former conservative party leader. She denied that Jagland’s ousting had anything to do with pressure from China, which froze diplomatic ties to Norway after the 2010 award.

    She did not deny that his ousting had anything to do with Obama who has since the aware become a neo-con warhawk, who has put some of the most bloodthirsty republicans to shame, and whose actions (and lack thereof) have led to not only global conflict intensity spiking To a 7-year high, but have generated untold riches to the shareholders of the military industrial complex.

    Mahalo Andre, thanks for submitting the link, nice find! {~A~}


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