Entire board of Spanish bank resigns amid money laundering probe

Entire board of Spanish bank resigns amid money laundering probeI captured a screenshot (Click image to enlarge and read) of the bank’s message from the http://www.bpa.ad/ website.

U.S. Dollar hegemony:
Is the U.S. gov lashing out against both Spain and Venezuela, as it did against France?
Apparently so! Interestingly, the U.S. claims links Russia, and China criminal organizations as well.
Until proven otherwise, the presumption follows the observations that  the U.S. Treasury, SEC, DOJ, Federal Reserve System, and a host of other agencies and regulatory bodies refused to criminally prosecute one of the largest and most powerful criminal organizations in the world that goes by the name HSBC (ditto for Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan). Note that the DOJ leader Eric Holder said the concern was the monetary system itself, the U.S. President did not show leadership and sack any bank executives, neither did the Federal Reserve; and also note how the above retaliated swiftly, when France and Germany opposed U.S. geopolitical interests.

I smell foul odor, Spain and Venezuela seems to be the latest “Uncle Sam” targets.
All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars
Remember, in all your research and investigations, to Follow The MONEY. ~Ron

Entire board of Spanish bank resigns amid money laundering probe

The entire board of Spain’s Banco de Madrid has resigned after its Andorran owner was accused by the US of money laundering for clients from China, Russia and Venezuela.
The bank’s seven-member board held a special meeting and unanimously asked the Spanish central bank to resign late yesterday to “defend the interests of employees and clients” and “eliminate any doubt about the stability” of the bank.

The central bank said today in a statement that it accepted the board’s resignation and replaced them with a three-member board “to preserve the stability of the company and its operations”.
Banco de Madrid is owned by Andorra-based Banca Privada d’Andorra, or BPA.

Andorra took over BPA and Spain took over its Spanish unit after the US Treasury Department this week designated BPA a foreign financial institution “of primary money-laundering concern”, putting it at risk of being shut out of the US financial system.

The Treasury Department said BPA managers helped launder money, including US $2 billion US dollars allegedly siphoned from Venezuelan state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.

One unnamed high-level BPA manager accepted “exorbitant commissions” to develop shell companies that helped launder the Petroleos de Venezuela money, the Treasury Department said.
Two other BPA managers helped alleged Russian and Chinese money launderers who were previously arrested in Spain, the department said. Money laundering was also said to have been performed for “numerous” Spanish business owners.
via: Breaking News

Estados Unidos acusa a banco de Andorra por lavado de dinero de PDVSA

By NEGOCIOS TURBIOS 11 de Marzo de 2015 http://www.diariolasamericas.com/4848_venezuela/2993547_estados-unidos-acuso-banca-privada-andorra-por-lavado-dinero-pdvsa.html

ANDORRA LA VELLA.- Estados Unidos acusa a la Banca Privada d’Andorra de estar involucrada en el “lavado de dinero internacional” y vinculada a organizaciones criminales rusas y operaciones de creación de empresas pantalla para canalizar fondos de la petrolera estatal venezolana PDVSA

El Departamento del Tesoro de Estados Unidos acusó este martes a la Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA) de estar involucrada en el “lavado de dinero internacional” y vinculada a organizaciones criminales rusas y operaciones de creación de empresas pantalla para canalizar fondos de la petrolera estatal venezolana PDVSA.

El Tesoro de EEUU emitió un comunicado en el que acusa formalmente a la entidad andorrana de participar de forma activa en el blanqueo de dinero procedente de organizaciones criminales de Rusia, Venezuela y China.




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