“High Octane Speculation”: Why Did Putin Disappear?

6th BRICS Summit
I am fully disclosing this is only my speculation for the purpose of discussion, further research and investigation.
Some of the Putin fan club enjoy framing Vladimir Putin as a hero to slay the criminal-anglosphere beast.
I was never convinced.
However, for the sake of exploration of all possibilities, we consider “if” Putin was on a mission to end the fraudulent international system of control.
Would not Putin be in danger?
Could the murder of Boris Nemstov, in front of the Kremlin [on a bridge within sight of the Kremlin on 27 Feb 2015], have been a deadly message to Putin and his security organization to heel?
Was the murder of Boris a message?
I consider the murder of Boris Nemstov a deadly message to Putin and his insiders.

Speaking on state television channel Rossiya-24, Federal Security Service (FSB) director Alexander Bortnikov said 4 suspects were detained. Two were identified as Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadayev, and later 2 additional people were detained,  [7 Mar 2015?]. Bortnikov added that President Vladimir Putin has been informed of their arrest.
It is not yet known whether either of the men identified by Bortnikov are suspected of firing the shots which killed Nemtsov. […See RT]

2-jewish_putinAlso, Putin’s disappearance may have been not only for security bunker precautionary (continuity of government) measures…
Consider, who Putin could have spoken with during that time, such as the intelligence officers, and possibly some officials from western intelligence agencies…
Indeed it is very strange (a complete 180 degree turn) for the UK to reverse its efforts to exclude Russia from SWIFT to now , inexplicably, granting Board membership to the Western controlled SWIFT international payment system!
You know the strategy of “Bad Cop – Good Cop”, or “Carrot and Stick” to influence a target; even the political parties are false choices and a modified version of the dialectic strategy.
Consider the possibility that very same effective strategy was applied to Putin.
His life and family is threatened, he speaks with the international Big Bosses, they remind Putin he and his families are protected as long as he remain within the boundaries of international organizational protocols. Yes, Russia will be spared too…
With the Putin agreement comes the gift of SWIFT.

Now complete policy discussions with Russian officials; ready the military with live drills as insurance to protect Russia, and then re-enter the public stage and cameras. Voila!

The alternative media has too often touted Putin as a master chess strategist, but death and murder with impunity overwhelms legal strategies. Worry about your sons, daughters, and wives are very much a concern as is the safety of life on Earth, or your own personal life.
Others are speculating too…




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10 comments on ““High Octane Speculation”: Why Did Putin Disappear?
  1. My friend recently watched programming on RT TV (through Sky satellite TV) about Crimea adopting a publicly created currency to run alongside the ruble. Apparently all teacher’s salaries and pensions are paid in currency created by the Crimean state bank. We can’t find any reference to these reports on Google. Have you heard anything?


    • RonMamita says:

      Have you seen the 1st hand view of Crimea filmed by Miguel Francis, a Los Angeles film school graduate?
      He goes to Crimea to discover the truth.

      Crimea For Dummies


    • RonMamita says:

      I visited this Russian region news-site: http://vestnikkavkaza.net/articles/politics/67966.html
      They may have some insights into the Crimea currency if you are able to search their site.

      I found it interesting that They quoted the British Guardian news:
      “A year on, the currency in Crimea has changed, the phone numbers have changed, the banks have changed, but most of the people running the region are the same,”

      How the minority inside Crimea feel, I do not know, and how the currency is meeting everyone’s needs is also unclear. However, I am convinced that Crimea is better off than their brethren in Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine


  2. RonMamita says:

    Thank you for inviting me into your discussion and research.
    I have read many “West” ‘centric views of Crimea being bullied by Russia and have difficulty discerning a truth as only polar views are presented: either you love or hate Russia!
    Below is a old report that you may have seen, and if not then perhaps you can get a lead from it?
    Crimea Established as a Two-currency Nation

    I will keep alert for Crimea’s currency alternatives.


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