Slavery and Authority

Sword of TRUTH

Sword of TRUTH


Dark Age Today

Author = Writer = one who authorize the word…
The law giver. The Law, as man’s law, a false law, it is a “Writ”, It is written.
He/She “writes”, thus it sounds like he/she gives the “RIGHTS”.
He/she as a writer became the authority, became governmental gods, rulers, governance…

This word spell, is a mental conditioning enslaving mankind, the People on Earth.
Mon-eye = MONEY = One Eye Do You See?
Mon-eye = MONEY = One Eye
Do You See?

When the conditioning does not work on the few who refuse to obey and allow slavery, then coercion or death becomes necessary to perpetuate the system of control.
Later, a need for a protection racket developed along with a need for paid deceivers, and paid killers.
Trained to Obey and Paid to killThus today we witness militaries and policy enforcers in various forms and agents manipulating society and communities.
Look around and see the governments, municipalities, advertisers, news, Armies and Police in the light of TRUTH.

Look below, throughout the ancient past to this day and see various forms of Slavery as the Human Condition.
Ancient commerce: the slave market

Greek female slave

Greek female slave

White Slavery in Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy 1500 - 1800 by Robert C. Davis

White Slavery in Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy 1500 – 1800 by Robert C. Davis

China slavery

Commercial Slave cargo

Slave cargo diagram plan

Atlanta Georgia slave farm

Atlanta Plantation or Slave Farm

Not truly free

Hmm… Feeling truly free yet?

Citizenship is slaveryDebt Slavery Crisis
Dark Age still Reign_it is a Mental Condition

There is not one single national economy in the world today whose people are free -Hugo Salinas Price



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “Slavery and Authority
  1. RonMamita says:

    Marty Leeds’ Radio Hour, Ep. 23 – Max Igan, Tom Rhodes

    Posted 17 Feb 2015

    Хоакин Флорес talks about the stigma around conspiracy and false paradigms

    Posted Oct 5, 2014
    Joaquin Flores
    Conspiracy, Wall Street crime, Club members, oligarch:
    oops I tripped and fell into a billion dollar profit by accident, I was incompetent and mismanaged my client’s account but somehow managed to increase my commissions!
    I am not a crook! honestly, I am not a criminal, I am a investor.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Magic: Luna Illusion & CERN

    Posted 21 Mar 2015
    You can catch the entire 2 hour interview if you subscribe to The Higher Side Chats –

    Elite Globalist Propaganda

    Posted Jul 7, 2010
    00:00 -Michio Kaku a NWO SHILL, disguised as a “scientist”!

    00:06 – Russian astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev Scale: Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilizations

    00:11 -Type I New World Order (NWO) One world Government
    {he pretend it is ET, actually it is Nazionist supremicist racist tyrannical}

    00:24 -Type II Acting the bad aliens for the men in black to come to our rescue. Consider Hollywood’s greys/reptillians/abductions…

    00:43 -Type III Galactic federation (Federation of Light?)
    Consider the fallen angels, the entities in inner earth, fallen watchers, the orbs, or the giant hybrids of Nephilim?

    01:02 -Type IV god and loyal holy angels?
    Mind control: Psyops/mass media influence population to believe god and his angels are evil aliens from a distant part of the galaxy and all forces must unite to fight them, is this the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Program?

    01:09 STAR WARS!

    01:27 Why movies & TV conditions society to grey aliens and attacking space invaders?

    Erects the structure for world trading blocs or zones: Americas, Euro, Asia, African or something similar with a basket of reserve currencies stabilizing the world economy… Type I civilization

    02:30 -Type I language will be English! Oh the UK are the invisible hand guiding this world agenda! Some may have thought USA, but the U.S. was captured long ago by the international money masters. The U.S. is merely the military arm used as cannon fodder in war campaigns.
    All wars are bankers’ wars.

    02:48 Now we learn why news media and Hollywood use state of the art studio acting and production with stage, lighting, green screen, sound, video, A/V FX special effects technology… Infotainment, infomercials, obedient citizen-droids, good bye freedom & Liberty.

    03:03 -The Internet is only a world wide phone! Oh thank you for informing us that the features to share libraries, research and detailed documents will be removed! No longer will the citizens be allowed to create their own independent investigative news, internet only for phone calls and approved TV viewing.
    What a devolutionary transition!

    03:22 -If you RESIST this policy, he calls it a transition but it is martial law, government sponsored and bank funded, then you are labelled a TERRORIST!

    03:26 -Michio Kaku member of the satanist worshippers, dark cabal destroying freedom for supremacist ideology. Michio Kaku is with the REAL TERRORISTS, murderers, deceivers, and slavers. Michio Kaku is with the Enemy of truth, Earth and its People.


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