Another Look At The Planet Of Debt

Planet Debt analized by the Solari Report

  • The DEBT doubled from 2007 to 2014!
  • 39 Nations have more than 100% debt!
  • The U.S. has more than 200% debt!
  • Nearing the moment to confront international Loan Sharks!
  • 2015 Forecast Fall-Winter Market Volatility!

How will nations, who can’t repay the loans, face military threats to obey the loan sharks?

Catherine will join entrepreneur Jason Bawden-Smith at Enlightened Events in  Sydney, Australia on Tuesday June 2nd from 6 pm to 9 pm.

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Posted 05 May 2015

“I think this fall is going to be a major turning point. You see the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) system coming to a head. The U.S. budget is going to be a very difficult debate. You see the push to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the EU deal done. You have a lot of institutional relationships that needed to be restructured in the last couple of years. Those changes are all coming to a head, and so we are going to get a big shift. If you are managing a big bond fund, you got a big problem…

There is going to be a turn in the bond market or a plateau, and that’s going to be uncomfortable for those guys, and we are going to see some messy times.” –Catherine A. Fitts



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “Another Look At The Planet Of Debt
  1. RonMamita says:

    Who Or What Is Mr. Global…

    Or “the invisible hand”.

    Consider the thoughts in your mind, your beliefs and habits:
    “The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.”

    Exploring and researching this field requires a look at the possibility of unknown entities such as discussed in myths, legends, ancient stories, science fiction, and esoteric.
    Vedic, for example, discuss the gods, humanoid beings, and advanced weapons able to destroy worlds along with flight and travel the heavens…

    A few videos below assist us to research the claims of extraterrestrial entities, please join the effort to determine the facts and provide full disclosure.

    “Alien” races beneath Walmart (and in government)




    Simon Parkes reveals mind control secrets
    Whitby councillor and experiencer Simon Parkes knows so much of the secrets in mind control that he just now is the best source on earth to receive information on this horrible topic. Usually somebody whistleblowing on secrets of mind control, as Simon Parkes does, would not survive a minute, but Simon has proper protection and his connection
    to the dark rulers of planet earth (Dracos) enhances his capabilities. Some of those secret rulers may have liberated themselves from their own mind control and changed side for the better of all.
    All the secret facts that Simon Parkes confirms or reveals to the audience are mind-boggling. This is the most groundbreaking interview on mind control that has ever been made in modern times. Never has an Illuminati insider told so frankly and pedagogically on those hidden facts and technology of the most pivotal tool to remote control homo sapiens and other races.
    The only 48 min short interview (because people usually have little time) focuses on metal and etheric implants in humans, how to detect and remove them, how to shield against mind control with gold and why that is working. The techniques for mind control are discussed: horrible torture, scalar waves distributed with cell phone and television technology, phased array radar, chemtrails, morgellons, HAARP, military stations on Moon and Saturn and a lot more.
    The threat of artificial intelligence (AI) is warned about.
    The murder of Michael Jackson and the helping hand of Sir Elton John to celebrity victims is mentioned.
    This interview is a must for all targeted individuals (ti’s) on the planet. A lot of them got help from Simon Parkers already. He is good for the rescue of the most hopeless cases of remote controlled humans.


  2. RonMamita says:

    It begins: US government issues $700,000 fine against a digital currency

    by Simon Black on May 5, 2015
    May 6, 2015
    Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

    Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Our beloved amigos at the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), have just issued the first-ever ‘civil enforcement action’ against a virtual currency.

    The offending criminal mastermind in this case? Ripple Labs.

    If you’re not familiar, Ripple is a virtual currency platform that was once the darling of Silicon Valley, attracting top VC firms like Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

    Ripple’s technology allows users to conduct financial transactions with one another — sending and receiving payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as fiat currency.

    Imagine Bitcoin meets Paypal… and you have the basic idea.

    As part of its technology, the parent company Ripple Labs also created a native virtual currency called ‘XRP’, which is the second largest in the world after Bitcoin when measured by market capitalization.

    Because of all of these features, Ripple Labs qualifies as a ‘money service business (MSB)’ according to FinCEN… which makes them subject to all sorts of regulations.

    At the top of the list is the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), which, contrary to its name, requires banks and MSBs to betray their customers’ financial secrets to the US government.

    Specifically, the BSA mandates that all banks and MSBs file ‘suspicious activity reports’ if they “know, suspect, or have reason to suspect” that a transaction of $2,000 or more is ‘suspicious’.

    And in the age of the USA PATRIOT Act, suspicious transactions are BIG BUSINESS for Uncle Sam.

    Last year a record 2.4 MILLION suspicious activity reports were filed. That’s a 40% increase from 2013’s record year of 1.7 million.

    As you can imagine, Ripple Labs failed to register with FinCEN as an MSB, nor did it submit suspicious activity reports.

    In its complaint, FinCEN describes several of the oooooh-so-nefarious violations.

    According to FinCEN, “In January 2014, a Malaysian-based customer sought to purchase XRP from [Ripple Labs], indicating that he wanted to use a personal bank account for a business purpose.”

    HOLY JIHAD BATMAN!!!! Someone wanted to use a personal bank account for business purposes?!?! NUKE THE SON OF A BITCH!

    I mean, seriously. This is the complete nonsense that keeps financial bureaucrats up at night: some guy in Malaysia wants to buy digital currency with his personal funds.


    But what’s really wild is that Ripple actually DENIED the transaction. They just didn’t file the SAR.

    So… even though Ripple didn’t actually ENGAGE in said ‘suspicious activity’, failing to file the SAR (with the appropriate TPS report cover sheet) was enough to land them in hot water.

    End result — Ripple was dinged with a $700,000 fine.

    Now, $700k is a pittance compared to the $9 BILLION that BNP Paribas was slammed with last year for doing business with countries that were former enemies-turned-BFFs of the US government — namely Cuba and Iran.

    But it’s still a ridiculous penalty for having done nothing wrong.

    Of course, it’s never about right or wrong. It’s about sending a message. And that’s exactly what FinCEN is doing.

    By going after Ripple (a major player in the industry), FinCEN is trying to scare all the smaller players into ratting out their customers.

    This, after all, is what desperate, bankrupt governments have done for millennia —

    Step 1: Track down where everyone’s money is.

    Step 2: Take it.

    You don’t see rich, stable countries doing this sort of thing. In fact, the exact opposite.

    An official from Hong Kong’s Treasury recently stated that: “the Government does not consider it necessary to introduce at the moment new legislation to regulate trading in such virtual commodities or prohibit people from participating in such activities.”

    Night and day difference.

    We’ll continue to see these steps in the US and in Europe. Tracking down virtual currency transactions. Banning cash. Anything they can do to keep your money trapped in the system where they can keep their eyes on it.

    It’s all the more reason to move a portion of your savings out of that system and into somewhere safe.
    Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

    If you liked this post, please click the box below. You can watch a compelling video you’ll find very interesting.

    Will you be prepared when everything we take for granted changes overnight?

    Just think about this for a couple of minutes. What if the U.S. Dollar wasn’t the world’s reserve currency? Ponder that… what if…

    Empires Rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history.

    This historical pattern has formed and is already underway in many parts of the world, including the United States.

    Don’t be one of the millions of people who gets their savings, retirement, and investments wiped out.

    Click the button below to watch the video. [newsletter required]

    Until Tomorrow,
    Simon Black


  3. RonMamita says:

    Roundtable Discussion Lisa, Brian and D welcome back Bradley Loves

    live streamed 28 April 2015


  4. RonMamita says:

    A totalitarian society has totalitarian science

    by Jon Rappoport April 30, 2015

    Totalitarian science lets you know you’re living in a totalitarian society.

    The government, the press, the mega-corporations, the prestigious foundations, the academic institutions, the “humanitarian” organizations say:

    “This is the disease. This is its name. This is what causes it. This is the drug that treats it. This is the vaccine that prevents it.

    “This is how accurate diagnosis is done. These are the tests. These are the possible results and what they mean.

    “Here are the genes. This is what they do. This is how they can be changed and substituted and manipulated. These are the outcomes.

    “These are the data and the statistics. They are correct. There can be no argument about them.

    “This is life. These are the components of life. All change and improvement result from our management of the components.

    “This is the path. It is governed by truth which science reveals. Walk the path. We will inform you when you stray. We will report new improvements.
    “This is the end. You can go no farther. You must give up the ghost. We will remember you.”

    We are now witnessing the acceleration of Official Science. Of course, that term is an internal contradiction. But the State shrugs and moves forward.

    The notion that the State can put its seal on favored science, enforce it, and punish its competitors, is anathema to a free society.

    For example: declaring that psychiatrists can appear in court as expert witnesses, when none of the so-called mental disorders listed in the psychiatric literature are diagnosed by laboratory tests.

    For example: stating that vaccination is mandatory, in order to protect the vaccinated (who are supposed to be immune) from the unvaccinated. An absurdity on its face.
    For example: announcing that the science of climate change is “settled,” when there are, in fact, huge numbers of researchers who disagree. —And then, drafting legislation and issuing executive orders based on the decidedly unsettled science.

    For example: officially approving the release and sale of medical drugs (“safe and effective”) which go on to kill, at a conservative estimate, 100,000 Americans every year. And then refusing to investigate or punish the purveyors of these drug approvals (the FDA).

    For example: permitting the widespread use of genetically modified food crops, based on no long-term studies of their impact on human health. And then, arbitrarily announcing that the herbicide, Roundup, for which many of these crops are specifically designed, is non-toxic.

    For example: declaring and promoting the existence of various epidemics, when the viruses purportedly causing them are not proven to exist and/or not proven to cause human illness (Ebola, SARS, West Nile, Swine Flu, etc.) […]

    Read more:


  5. RonMamita says:

    Missing Children & Underground Bases

    Video posted 2 May 2015
    Guillotines, box-car shackles, and the Dulce base

    Over the past several years we’ve heard reports and seen images of guillotines, box-car shackles, FEMA tents, massive ammo orders by the Feds, etc. What does it all mean and how should we prepare?


  6. RonMamita says:


    Video posted 27 Apr 2015
    Investigative Journalist James Corbett of the Corbett Report joins me with some very bad news about the New World Order.
    James says that despite the formation of the BRICS Banks, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the International Banker’s plans to usher in their New World Order remain firmly in place and on track.
    How could that be when the evidence suggest that the world is moving away from the Dollar as wealth moves from West to East?
    Because, James says, “At the very top of this Bankster pyramid, the Chinese elite is connected directly in with the U.S. Western elite.”

    James has carefully documented the “8 Immortal Families” in his report on China and the New World Order which shows how the 8 Immortals are totally connected to Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller-Rothschikld banking elite. This is the way they will lead us into a New WORLD Order.

    “The West is being engineered into a world system of governance and government that can only come about through the rise of the East.
    It’s been puppeteered from the very start.
    There is no doubt that China’s rise right now is something that has been long planned for and carefully engineered.”


  7. RonMamita says:

    Important: People are Discussing The Controllers, AKA Money Mafia

    Also known as:
    the Money Masters, Money Cartel, Globalists, Elites, Oligarchs, Secret Societies, New World Order, et al.

    They deceive, coerce, threaten, bribe, foment & fund wars, fund institutions, fund think tanks, defraud, destroy evidence, steal, cheat, and murder.
    YET EVERYWHERE They Go, mass media publish their views in comments and speeches as expert and sage advice.

    This month, Pope Francis published a new Encyclical: Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis – Care for Our Common Home.
    Catherine Austin Fitts quoted the Papal Encyclical letter concerning Catholic doctrine which is circulated by the Pope:
    Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis – Care for Our Common Home.

    Click to access papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si_en.pdf

    “Yet it must also be recognized that nuclear energy, biotechnology, information technology; knowledge of our DNA, and many other abilities, which we have acquired, have…given those with the knowledge, and especially the economic resources to use them, an impressive dominance over the whole of humanity and the entire world….In whose hands does all this power lie, or will it eventually end up? It is risky for a small part of humanity to have it.” (p.77) ~ Pope Francis


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