Mammon: Money gods, Merchants Funding Governments, and Protecting Religions

Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century
CRISIS: Hidden In Plain Sight! ~Ron

Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century

By William Engdahl
“The dollar financial system of Wall Street was born not at a conference in Bretton Woods New Hampshire in 1944. It was born in the first days of August, 1945 with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After that point the world was in no doubt who was the power to reckon with. This book is no ordinary book about money and finance. Rather it traces the history of money as an instrument of power; it traces the evolution of that power in the hands of a tiny elite that regards themselves as, quite literally, gods-The Gods of Money. How these gods abused their power and how they systematically set out to control the entire world is the subject.”

Some Individuals Ignore The Occult

Being "AWAKE" Means Knowing about both the Light and Dark aspects of the Occult





Video Posted 29 April 2015
Jeff Berwick interviews Illuminati whistle-blower and consciousness liberator Mark Passio.
Topics include:
satanism in the halls of power,
the real tenets of organised satanism,
a self serving philosophy, moral relativism,
social Darwinism,
preparation for slavery,
propagation of exoteric satanism to an unaware public,
an ancient struggle of good vs evil,
mind control,
the occult,
they steer the public mind,
psychic self defense,
a profound dark influence,
Larken Rose’s ‘The Most Dangerous Superstition’,
a Fabian-socialist plan of action,
child abuse part of elite culture,
you can help by getting the word out

What on Earth is Happening website:

The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose:…

The Franklin Cover-up by John DeCamp:

The Dollar Vigilante:
That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed
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8 comments on “Mammon: Money gods, Merchants Funding Governments, and Protecting Religions
  1. RonMamita says:

    Cult of Order Followers and False Scarcity
    Part 1 of 4

    Part 2 of 4

    Part 3 of 4

    Part 4 of 4 (Conclusion)


  2. RonMamita says:

    Mind Control Via Music & Entertainment

    Crrow shares information about Music As A Weapon:

    … Most people never consider what is right in front of their face. Let’s look at “Sir” Paul McCartney and the Beatles. The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 though most of the music we remember was written, by someone, after this time.
    The reason given, in many cases, was that the band could not hear themselves above the “manic” screams termed “Beatle Mania”. I bring this up as this “mania” was not only planned it was an early demonstration of the weaponization of music.

    An earlier demonstration was employed at an Elvis Presley concert spearheaded by a man with a weaponized alias – “Colonel” Tom Parker. This name was apparently taken from a commander of an army base. In this case it is well known that the Colonel reveled in the trampling stampede that was ignited by the music of the “King”- Elvis. On a side note, one might ask which one of the Beatles wrote the orchestral parts in all those loved albums that followed their exit from public touring? The violins, horns etc…

    It might also be asked, why was so much music written that could not be played live by a four piece band?
    It was many years later that electronic synthesizers and pre-recording allowed a four piece band to play these albums live.
    I ask knowing that the answer you will find, if you are a thinking person, will shed the veil of legend afforded these men.
    The very sad truth is that this timeless music, so much loved, was weaponized music and probably very little controlled by the Beatles themselves. And in case you are wondering, Elvis did not write any of the music he is remembered for.

    Before I piss off too many people and lose them from this important information, I will back track to the beginning of the weaponization of music.
    Though we may love the legends that are said to have created the soundtracks of our lives, we need to understand what has happened to music.
    To be clear, all forms of frequency, including light, color and even the flicker rate of your TV, they are, by design, mesmerizing you.
    It has all been weaponized to ensure you sleep through the awakening.

    There is even an episode of Seinfeld that demonstrates this hypnotizing effect using the Eagles song “Desperado” and then further insulting us with a song from the same band called “Witchy Women”.
    It is episode 135, “The Checks”.
    If you understand what TV is for, you should check out this episode – for research and understanding.

    1939 was a bad year for music.
    It was this year that the standard orchestral tuning for A was changed from the Fibonacci based 432 Hz (Verdi Tuning) to 440 Hz. And while this is only 8 vibrations per second, there is a perceptible difference which is also true of effect it has on our minds.
    The following text was taken from a webpage that is linked here and at the end of this article.
    (Start linked article text not written by Crow) “Light and sound is generated and measured mathematically, according to frequencies.

    It stands to reason then, following Schauf’s empirically evidenced thesis, we are engaged in a “conspiracy reality” in which ultimate power and control is waged bioenergetically (i.e., biospiritually), through frequency modulations or electromagnetic manipulations affecting “consciousness” and impacting biology, physiology, and human behavior.” (End linked article text not written by Crow, credit to linked authors) …

    Read More:

    Where are we, where are YOU And WHERE Are YOU Gong?

    We Need Healing Music

    Explore the true nature of reality (Shapes, Forms, Geometry, Gematria, Frequency, Music, Resonance and Octaves) and sound healing by bringing balance back.
    Please refer to



  3. RonMamita says:


    Video posted 27 Apr 2015
    Investigative Journalist James Corbett of the Corbett Report joins me with some very bad news about the New World Order.
    James says that despite the formation of the BRICS Banks, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the International Banker’s plans to usher in their New World Order remain firmly in place and on track.
    How could that be when the evidence suggest that the world is moving away from the Dollar as wealth moves from West to East?
    Because, James says, “At the very top of this Bankster pyramid, the Chinese elite is connected directly in with the U.S. Western elite.”

    James has carefully documented the “8 Immortal Families” in his report on China and the New World Order which shows how the 8 Immortals are totally connected to Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller-Rothschikld banking elite. This is the way they will lead us into a New WORLD Order.

    “The West is being engineered into a world system of governance and government that can only come about through the rise of the East.
    It’s been puppeteered from the very start.
    There is no doubt that China’s rise right now is something that has been long planned for and carefully engineered.”


  4. RonMamita says:

    Solutions For The Planet – 05 May 2015

    Bradley Love
    Conscious Consumer Network (CCN)


  5. Alan Scott says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll try to get hold of that one.


  6. RonMamita says:

    What Debt Crisis? A Default Primer for Governments

    By Salim Furth, Ph.D.

    Abstract: A government that systematically finances spending through unsustainable levels of borrowing eventually finds itself in a crisis. The crisis is often triggered when economic growth slows or interest rates rise, leading to a vicious cycle of larger and larger interest payments. Often, such crises result in default on government debt. The alternative is painful austerity—higher taxes combined with lower spending. The only sure way to avoid both default and austerity is to keep debt low relative to output.
    > > >

    Large and growing government debt eventually leads to a debt crisis. When economic growth slows, governments can suddenly find themselves pitched from relative debt security to the brink of a crisis.

    The nature of debt crises is to be self-fulfilling prophecies of default. Once investors believe that default is possible, they raise the interest rates they charge on loans to the government. The higher interest rates make repayment more costly. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of default, and thus the cycle continues. Once default occurs, a country is typically hammered by a deep recession as investors withdraw credit, trade suffers, and the rapid adjustment of the economy leads to high unemployment.

    Governments can choose to implement austerity measures, forcing the country as a whole to consume and invest less than it produces, using the remainder to pay down debt.

    Neither option is attractive. So how can a country avoid a debt crisis? The only certain way is to avoid deep debt. A sound economic policy is to keep debt low enough that a calamity or disaster, such as a global recession or war, would not additionally trigger a debt crisis. Exactly how much debt is “too much” varies by country. European countries aim at (and miss) a debt target of no more than 60 percent of GDP. For poorer countries, resource-dependent countries, and countries with a history of many recent defaults, the 60 percent mark is not achievable. Greece, Italy, and Iceland, for instance, have debts that are more than 100 percent of GDP.

    —Salim Furth, PhD, is Senior Policy Analyst for Macroeconomics in the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation.


  7. RonMamita says:

    Republicans For Sale Thornberry’s Bogus Defense Bill

    In the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Rep. Mac Thornberry’s new bill set to pass this week changing how the Pentagon buys weapons, the very people who sell the arms to the government got to wrote the bill in favor. Thornberry has altered the acquisition system weakening the power of the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester, an independent watchdog who answers directly to the secretary of defense. This position is what has in the past uncovered flaws in big-ticket weapon systems. The Thornberry provision allowed the Aerospace Industries Association to make sure contracting officials use the standard of lowest price when choosing winning bids only in “appropriate circumstances”. Anyone who wants to know why, well the F-35 is said to be a disaster and the bill went from $8.6 billion to $15 billion and it may still not work.

    This basically demonstrates that career politicians are way too dependent on donations to run for reelection all the time. This is just another example why term limits are so mandatory.


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