A Game With Great Potential For Good or Bad?

Get Into the Game Defend Humanity.
Today, I found this imaginative expression of the crisis we face on Earth.
Yes, I am late in discovering the “Ingress” game – it has been out since 2012.
I read about the reality multiplayer game from the Hawaii Resistance, then I looked deeper.
Ingress Game Resistance Defend Humanity
I thought this game could be used as a tool to empower the aware freedom defenders of the world – but wait, this game is developed by evil Google. Google Enlightened All seeing Eye
So is it really only a game, or is it something more diabolical?
Why should you be suspicious and avoid this game?

Imagine if a game could save the world

Imagine if residents and workers used an online game to log their pleasure or displeasure with institutions in their community or work-place, and at a critical mass of complaints the institutions receive a notice of grievances and demand to remedy the harm. Failure, by the institution, to remedy the harm would change their status and mark them as malevolent; whereas the community of gamers immediately set out to transform it into a benevolent entity.
Furthermore, imagine after many successes, that range from small to medium, the gaming community has grown much larger and skilled with teams that decide to focus on a large dense center of malevolence such as the federal capitol.
That is the kind of game I seek and wish for, sadly it exist only in my imagination.

Below are more details and short clips of Ingress, the game Google produced:

1 Deep Look into Ingress

On its surface, Ingress looks like a novel form of entertainment that might lead to additional user lock-in and serve as a point of differentiation for the Android platform. Look a little deeper, however, and there’s a wealth of business opportunities for Google to exploit. And a concerning amount of ways for it to misuse the data gathered.

Whether it plans to abuse this opportunity or not, Google has created an elaborate ruse to convince (possibly hundreds of) millions of people to share far more location and behavior data with the company than has ever been the case before.
And if there’s one thing Google can’t get enough of it’s [your] data. The company made its fortunes by collecting more data (and better structuring and analyzing it into advertising opportunities) than any company in the world. Search history. Email correspondence. Maps usage. Content purchase and consumption. Google’s been watching. And it’s made billions off what it’s learned.

One of the more harmless uses of the Ingress data would be to dramatically improve Google’s mapping product. For all intents and purposes, the Mountain View company has taken the concept of its street view cars, which as the backbone of its Maps division were already a massive competitive advantage, and scaled it exponentially to potentially 500 million and growing Android users worldwide. As one Quora user pointed out about the game, “Google is doing what they do best: making data collection a game, making people want to do the hard work.” –pando.com

Ingress & The Resistance

For the safety and sanity of Earth’s unknowing civilians, it is vital that you only publicly discuss Ingress in “video game” terms. As such, Ingress is an augmented reality multiplayer online game created by Niantic Labs, a skunkworks startup lab within Google.

The core conflict in this “game” is between the grassroots Resistance and the alien-embracing Enlightened. Mysterious extraterrestrial entities known as the Shapers are infiltrating our world, and while their misguided human allies believe they’re helping to bring enlightenment to our planet, the Resistance know that their story, like all stories of invasion and colonization, will only end badly. We must defend humanity.

The battlefield is everywhere. And the fight centers on control of “portals,” gateways or fountains of a mysterious form of energy known as eXotic Matter, or “XM.” Portals are often found where people gather, manifesting through public works of art, historic buildings, natural landmarks, and other notable points of interest.

The Resistance and Enlightened battle constantly for control of these portals. When captured and controlled by the Resistance, they shine a brilliant blue. When the Enlightened have seized a portal, it glows a filthy green. Multiple portals can be connected via links, and when three portal links enclose a geographic area, a field is created. The larger the field, and the more populous the area it covers, the more mind units there are under the influence of the controlling faction.

Some fighters are new and weak. Others are experienced and powerful. There are eight levels through which you ascend as you spend more time on the battlefield, each step doubling your strength, but each step taking twice as much work to reach.
Ingress is a weapon

There is much, much more to the story, and countless strategies and techniques that you must learn.

Connect with a Team

The [X, or Y, or Z] Resistance is dedicated to defending humanity, and certainly defends your freedom to fight the Enlightened any way you like. But while many members of the Resistance faction prefer to operate as “lone wolves,” we believe that we are most effective as a coordinated team, especially in an isolated area like [X], where sadly the Enlightened largely dominates.If you are a newcomer to the battle, we believe it is vital that you connect with your fellow Resistance fighters. To enter the battlefield as a lost and poorly equipped level one player is simply futile, when a level one weapon will do less than a tenth of a percent of damage to a level eight enemy portal.

1. Get Into the Game

First, Download the app. Only Android devices are supported for now, but an iOS version of Ingress is planned for 2014.

2. Learn the Ropes

The best way to get a feel for how Ingress works is to go outside, launch the app, and visit a few portals. Fortunately, there are also a lot of great resources online that can help you get started.

2. Go Underground

There is a COMM system built into Ingress, with an open, public channel and a “secure” faction channel. However, the COMM is thoroughly and globally compromised, with spies of one faction regularly monitoring the interactions of the other.
Ingress portal for Green man

Therefore, like most Resistance teams around the world, we have set up more secure channels for communications. This includes a private [X] Resistance community on Google+, and a very active Google Hangout group chat.

To gain access to these secure channels, you need to make contact with a member of our team (even if on COMMs). More importantly, you will need to meet with us in person, ideally during a coordinated mission or group event. Your chances of making the cut are greater if you have a Google+ profile, and most veteran team members operate under their real names.

To start this vetting process, please email us at… We would like you to provide the following information:

  1. Your Ingress handle
  2. Your player level (L1-L8)
  3. Your primary base of operations (i.e. Kalihi, Manoa, Mililani, etc.)
  4. Your secondary base of operations (usually home v. work)
  5. A link to your Google+ profile

We will then try to find a convenient time to meet up with you and get you validated. Chances are, your first meetup will also afford an opportunity to level up, and learn key tricks of the trade.

Has this game Confused or puzzled you?
One Fact stood out, the game collects data…



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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One comment on “A Game With Great Potential For Good or Bad?
  1. RonMamita says:

    Why I Am Interested In Computer Games

    I consider the question the same as “Why Have Computers Become Ubiquitous?”
    My answer is because of games.
    Yep, computers became personal because of computer games.
    Computers became totes because of games.
    Computers became handheld because of game.

    GAMES plays a HUGE ROLE in our lives, perhaps I should say entertainment plays the huge role but my theme is games.
    I was interested and mildly entertained by the mystery of computers the size of a closet but when I could play games on that computer it became far more interesting and a major reason to visit the computer more often…


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