Penobscot, Micmac and Passamaquoddy Tribes Declare Sovereignty

Passamaquoddy Representative, Matthew Dana II (right) stands by as Chief Fred Moore (left) explains the Tribe’s position. Photo Courtesy Sherri Mitchell, Native News Online

“We have gone to great lengths to demonstrate good faith and cooperation, only to be lied to,” states Passamaquoddy Chief Fred Moore.

Native American Tribes Declare Sovereignty, Break Away from State of Maine

Due to Governor Paul LePage launching direct political and environmental attacks against the Penobscot, Micmac and Passamaquoddy tribes of Maine, leaders of those tribes have recalled their representatives from the state legislature and are asserting their sovereignty from the State of Maine. “The Maine Indian Land claims Settlement act has failed and we cannot allow ourselves to continue down the path,” Chief Francis said. “We’re saying it’s a failed social experiment.”


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5 comments on “Penobscot, Micmac and Passamaquoddy Tribes Declare Sovereignty
  1. RonMamita says:

    India ousts nearly 9,000 foreign NGOs

    Valery Kulikov New Eastern Outlook Tue, 02 Jun 2015

    The development of public diplomacy in world politics, the activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are actively being discussed in public and political circles of various countries. According to some estimates, there are over 60 thousand international NGOs alone in the world today. Many NGOs are indeed non-political civil society institutions, structures of self-organisation of citizens in various spheres of life.

    At the same time, a certain number of NGOs claim the role of umpire in matters of ideology in all of society and public policies, affecting the development of the political situation in a number of countries, interfering in the internal affairs of states, participating, as ordered by the West and especially US intelligence, in changing political powers in governments that are opponents of Washington. In the US intelligence community there are even special inter-agency groups responsible for coordinating the activities of a wide variety of non-governmental actors, particularly focused on Russia. For example, there is a National Intelligence for Russia and Eurasia in the National Intelligence Council (NIC).

    These circumstances are objectively forcing many states, especially those seeking to pursue a policy independent from the US, to closely monitor the activities of NGOs, by opportunely identify their misuse of funds coming from abroad to support political parties and movements and affect the economic policy of the state, all the way to limiting NGOs activities.

    And so, the Indian government, as part of the clean-up work in foreign financing of non-governmental organisations recently revoked the licenses of 8975 non-governmental organizations and charities for accounting violations. In the future, organisations deprived of licenses will not be able to receive funds from foreign or domestic sources until a special order of the Indian authorities. The well-known environmental organization Greenpeace (operated in India since 1971) is on this “black list”, in regards to which the government has suspended their license for six months and has frozen the accounts of its Indian branch. In addition, India’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into the activities of the American charitable Ford Foundation and several other foreign NGOs in the country.

    The main complaint of the Indian authorities against the NGOs is their systematic violation of the law on foreign donations, NGO registration rules, failure to submit reports on their activities and revenues, misappropriation of funds, as well as providing charitable support without proper notification of the authorities of the country of India as required by current law. As appears from further clarification published by national authorities concerning the charges brought against the NGOs, for Indian NGOs to receive foreign financing they have to draw up a resolution in accordance with the Law on foreign donations and open special bank accounts. Incidentally the financing of activity of political parties, election campaigns, mass media, state machinery as well as the transfer of funds received by unregistered organisations is strictly forbidden.

    [… Read More]


  2. Giftoftruth says:

    Reblogged this on Giftoftruth United and commented:
    Isn’t it time we ALL made ONE DECLARATION that we have broken away from the state?

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  3. RonMamita says:

    Years ago I mailed my Declaration to the State, their receipt was recorded, and the silence from the State was deafening.

    Now, it is time for sovereign People to implement their remedies and problem solving skills.
    Something wonderful will be born.


  4. There’s a move here in New Zealand for Maori to declare sovereignty and start their own parliament.

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    • RonMamita says:

      I did a quick browser search for Maori and found it interesting that they have been able to preserve their language with official recognition as one of three NZ languages.

      I wonder if they will fund a security force?
      Because defense is always a concern when announcing separation from the dominant State.


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