Researching and Revealing Truth Will Be Messy

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This weekend I seem to have touched a emotional-lodestone while surfing blogs…
As more truth is uncovered and revealed it becomes a necessary chore to clean up the mess.
A mess of false beliefs with deep emotional attachments, a mess of deception, a mess of genuine mistakes, and it may be too much to ask of some to control their anger and physical outbursts.
The great revealing of hidden and lost truths is likely to upset some and become very messy indeed.
I found this recent “messy” incident at what was intended to be a scholarly research discussion or debate descended into a emotional tantrum iconic for what we can expect in the near future as more truth is revealed to the masses, see for yourself:

Above, Egyptologist Dr Zahi Hawass stormed out of the Mena House Hotel, Giza Egypt, on 22 April 2015

Zahi Hawass struggles with Graham Hancock’s emphasizing the significance of Gobekli Tepe.

Robert Bauval Speaks on Graham Hancock Zahi Hawass Incident April 2015

Google Enlightened All seeing Eye
Speaking of messy chores to get to the truth…

How to Spot Disinfo

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

As a decade-old easily-debunked fake video of a missile hitting the Pentagon goes for another spin through the alt media, James takes a look at how to spot ridiculous disinfo before you make the mistake of passing it on to others.

Do these recently released, then disappeared, images show a missile hitting the Pentagon on 9/11?

9/11: Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon Leaked

35mm Stock Footage of Washington DC aerials also availabe in High Definition

Cruise Missile Strikes Pentagon

Gordon Duff admits to VT disinfo

Veterans Today – Gordon Duff 40% False Information

MH 17 Flight…Dont ask me where I obtained this footage and be quick!

Iranian Aircraft Crash Captured On Camera (VIDEO)
Esoteric Flat Earth


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5 comments on “Researching and Revealing Truth Will Be Messy
  1. RonMamita says:

    Research NASA, Huge Pile Of Mess

    Launch of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969.

    Part 1: Project Paperclip and the NAZI Infiltration of NASA

    Interview with Bruce Gagnon.


    Part 2: NASA Moon Landing Hoax

    The Apollo 16 Stagehand Video Hoax

    Moon Landing Hoax – Wires Footage

    Proof is shown of the moon landing video being faked in a studio, using rear screen projection.

    Apollo 17: the moving magic mound

    See Jim Nichols’ research:


  2. RonMamita says:


    Posted 07 June 2015
    New guest Waldemar Perez, an engineer and former employee of the Department of Defense joins me to expose the mainstream mockingbird media as the MILITARY WEAPON it has become over recent decades.

    Waldemar’s presentation ‘Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War’ had a profound impact on me after I discovered it recently on YouTube and posted it at SGT Report.
    It’s never been more clear that multimillionaire CFR member mockingbirds like Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Erin Burnett, George Stephanopoulos, Andrea Mitchell and Mika Brzezinski, to name but just a few – are not just highly compensated actors, they are TRAITORS to the the United States of America and its people.
    Join us as we expose them.

    Waldemar’s other presentations:

    9/11 Aftermath: How it Relates to Current Geopolitical Developments (WW3 Stuff)

    This is the full length version. Presented by Waldemar Perez for the 9/11 Studies group at Portland Community College , Sylvania Campus. March 7th, 2015.

    9/11 Aftermath: The Militarization of Police


  3. RonMamita says:

    Interview 1055 – James Corbett on Jay’s Analysis



    James Corbett joined me to discuss 9/11 and its lesser-known connections to tech and economic scams and scandals, as well as the suspicious aspects of big insurance companies, global banking, and the rise of the technological control grid. The conversation closes on issues of China and BRICS and his own book recommendations.


  4. RonMamita says:

    Important: People are Discussing The Controllers, AKA Money Mafia

    Also known as:
    the Money Masters, Money Cartel, Globalists, Elites, Oligarchs, Secret Societies, New World Order, et al.

    They deceive, coerce, threaten, bribe, foment & fund wars, fund institutions, fund think tanks, defraud, destroy evidence, steal, cheat, and murder.
    YET EVERYWHERE They Go, mass media publish their views in comments and speeches as expert and sage advice.

    This month, Pope Francis published a new Encyclical: Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis – Care for Our Common Home.
    Catherine Austin Fitts quoted the Papal Encyclical letter concerning Catholic doctrine which is circulated by the Pope:
    Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis – Care for Our Common Home.

    Click to access papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si_en.pdf

    “Yet it must also be recognized that nuclear energy, biotechnology, information technology; knowledge of our DNA, and many other abilities, which we have acquired, have…given those with the knowledge, and especially the economic resources to use them, an impressive dominance over the whole of humanity and the entire world….In whose hands does all this power lie, or will it eventually end up? It is risky for a small part of humanity to have it.” (p.77) ~ Pope Francis


  5. RonMamita says:

    From Jean Haines: ITNJ is Finished. Done!

    [As I have repeatedly said, the full awakening will be “Messy”! And so it is necessary for the membership to dwindle. Look within… ~Ron]

    From Jean Haines:
    Maybe one day everyone will also figure out the truth about the National Liberty Alliance and John Daresh. They’ve been talking the good talk for at least a year that I know of, and nothing every happens.

    Listen to the audio interview between Drake and John at from about one year ago, and maybe you will begin to understand why.


    The Ripping Point – Why the ITNJ is DEAD ON ARRIVAL less than two months after the Inaugural Event

    By Rebecca Cope, Founding Director, ITNJ

    Sacha Stone called Missouri “The Ripping Point.” Indeed, for the American Team, it was the point of no return. We learned that Sacha, and by extension, Caleb Skinner and Sir John Walsh, had a very different agenda for the ITNJ and that none of them had bothered to tell us about it.

    The intense period of discovery began July 6 – 10, 2015, with the American Team convened in Missouri and via Zoom Conference to host a Strategic Planning Session with Noel Berge, mastermind of the Logical Framework Method. Our goal was to make sure we had all the Foundation Documents for the ITNJ secure, and that we had a detailed map and timeline to get an informed Grand Jury in place, hold Moot Court, and get ready for the first case of the ITNJ toward the end of 2015.

    It was the same plan we had been moving steadily forward for more than a year. We fully intended to keep the power in the hands of the people.

    Our plan unfolded nicely. We had defined clear boundaries, set out a strategic path, and had a committed team ready to see that the work got done.

    You can see our enthusiasm and our commitment. Steve Herr and I recorded the PowWow call with Sacha Stone on July 11, 2015. Sue Rhoades and I taped a video newsletter on July 19, 2015, to release on the ITNJ website.

    Two days later, our plan lay in ruins.

    It was the Strategic Plan set out in front of Sacha Stone, Caleb Skinner, and John Walsh and Team on July 21, 2015 that revealed the hidden agendas of the others. Caleb Skinner was supposed to be working on the case management software. At that meeting, it became clear his influence had shifted the entire framework of the ITNJ. Walsh revealed his true attitude toward the Grand Jury Model and his own intent to hold the first case immediately. The Grand Jury could be drafted from the Telephone Book, as per Walsh, should he ever need one.

    The American Team had steadfastly maintained that the CINPIDD Grand Jury Model was the cornerstone of the Tribunal, the people’s role to restore the checks and balances eroded through the BAR Association. It was our answer to counter-balance Judges with too much control over the Tribunal.

    For several weeks prior to the Inaugural, we had had disagreements over both the Constitution and the Practice Directions. We had not been able to complete several tasks because of the rigid deadline of June 15, 2015, decided upon by Walsh and Stone. Now we began to understand why.

    Communications between the American Team and the other teams broke down completely following the July 21, 2015 meeting.

    It was Sacha Stone’s anger and over-reaction toward the American team that completed the breakdown. Instead of answering our concerns, which were communicated clearly over the following week, or setting up a logical framework to resolve the differences, he instead executed a desperate power grab to take over the reins of the ITNJ.

    He appeared to be using UCC Contract Law to serve a 72-hour notice on the American Team, and Rebecca Cope in particular. The team caught on to what he was doing. Rebecca Cope sent an email to Sacha to request a meeting to resolve the difference so that the ITNJ could get back on track.

    The next day, the team received a “Board Directive” from the only two Trustees that had been confirmed prior to the Inaugural Event, two chosen specifically by Sacha Stone. The Constitution calls for five Trustees, plus two Emeritus Trustees, Rebecca Cope and Sacha Stone.

    Sacha took it upon himself to make an unlawful and illegal power grab, by attempting to set up a Board that was NOT constitutionally configured to instigate a move to force Rebecca Cope from any position of oversight with the ITNJ.

    That was the final straw for the American Team. It became undeniable that a hidden agenda was in operation in regards to the ITNJ.

    Rebecca Cope issued a rebuttal to the directive that left the ITNJ in limbo. It was impossible to go forward with or without her, in any lawful manner since there were too many issues on the table that had not been resolved by the teams prior to the Inaugural event, and uncovered as a result of the Strategic Planning session.

    Issues clearly communicated to the other teams included the following points:

    The Grand Jury Model for the ITNJ must remain outside the control of the Judge and the Prosecutor. This has not been done. The Grand Jury is covered in the Practice Directions, and not to our satisfaction.
    There remains a grave danger that Judges and the Bar Association can put a strangle-hold upon the ITNJ.
    There is no provision for the office of the PAG.
    It is prudent to make sure that qualified people do NOT have to be “recognized” by some lawyers guild or “accredited school.” That has not been sufficiently addressed within the Constitution.
    The American Team does not wish to see Judges appointed for life. They should serve the same term as Board of Trustees, three years, with one additional term before being retired.
    As it now stands, a Judge can determine admissible evidence “in accordance with recognized legal and equitable principles.” We do not agree with this provision.
    It was our intent to insure that the ITNJ would restore the Rule of Law, not hand it over to the Judges and BAR so they could continue business as usual. Sue Rhoades covers our concerns with those issues with specificity HERE.

    In my opinion, the ITNJ has been compromised. Therefore, I find it necessary, and prudent, to rescind all signatures from any documents that bear the NEN handiwork, specifically, the New Earth Peace Treaty, and the ITNJ Treaty, and any signatures placed upon any documents in good faith as Co-Founder of the ITNJ Initiative. I no longer wish to be associated with the ITNJ in any way.

    Further, I hereby absolve both myself as Co-Founder, and those volunteers who worked with me, all of us with pure intent, from any liability or responsibility for any actions taken by those who have attempted to take control of the ITNJ for their own ends. I declare on my honor that the American Team had no control over any of the funds received for the crowd-funding campaign, we had no control over any monies that have been disbursed, and that we did raise issues about security and bank boundaries that were unclear because we had no access to that information.

    At the time it was held, we, the American Team, did believe the Inaugural Event was legitimate. Sacha Stone and his team put together an event that required substantial funding. We believe that the funding was used for that purpose. We had all worked with unstoppable dedication to complete the various websites, the crowdfunding campaign, and the Constitution. The impossible, immovable deadlines were set by both Sir John Walsh of Brannagh and Sacha Stone, and not by the American Team.

    The fact that there was insufficient time to complete both the Constitution and Board Appointments to the satisfaction of the American Team has been our salvation. It now appears that there were ulterior motives and deceptive intent, and that the American Team was used as a respectable cover for those motives. I do not consent to this action.

    It has become clear that Sacha Stone had advanced knowledge of a possible role that Caleb Skinner played within the ITNJ. His failure to disclose such knowledge, and the possible complicity of the legal team, makes any signature on the Constitution an act of deception of such nature that it calls into question the legitimacy of any transaction undertaken on June 15, 2015.

    As my final official act as Co-Founder of the ITNJ Initiative, I declare the ITNJ disbanded and dissolved for the reasons so stated. Let the public record stand as my affidavit of the facts, on and for the record.

    Please be aware that the American Team plans to continue with the educational series on THE SOURCE DOCUMENTS, the Grand Jury Initiative, the AIS Shows, and other plans we set into motion via our Strategic Planning Session in July, 2015. It is clear that Natural Justice depends solely upon the people themselves understanding our true role in our own affairs. To that end, we shall continue our outreach and our educational focus.

    Rebecca Cope, Co-Founder, ITNJ Initiative,

    April, 2014 – August, 2015

    All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice



    August 10, 2015 Sue Rhoades
    Letter of No Confidence in the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and the ITNJ BAR Association
    Including “New Earth Trust”

    This notice is hereby made public by certain members of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (hereafter “ITNJ”) USA Law Team from their perspective and experience and this LETTER OF NO CONFIDENCE published publicly, and the reasons for said Notice given below:

    Rebecca Cope offered her services as ITNJ Director to Sacha Stone, Greg Paul via email in 2014, and assembled a team of approximately 15 – 20 people who had the understanding they were to create a court of natural law, help find ways to fund it, help through media to promote it, and bring in volunteers and groups who would provide support. A model with a plan to create a grand jury and funding in time for a projected launch in late 2015 was shown and considered by everyone; several updates to the plan were created and distributed with no objection by anyone; and this model, complete with grand jury involvement, was the goal the USA team would strive to achieve. The emails below detail the plan created by Rebecca Cope in 2014.


    2014-05-22 TRIBUNAL – V 2 attachment to E-DEMOCRACY SET-UP FOR THE PEOPLE’S GRAND JURY pdf


    I was shown this plan when I heard of the ITNJ and contacted Rebecca Cope to ask for more information and then offered my assistance.

    Sacha Stone attended almost every USA Team weekly call; the grand jury, PAG / prosecutor model was discussed often. Rod Class also attended many of these calls. Crowdfunding was planned and implemented, the websites were created and made live, and the media began to promote the ITNJ all over the internet in advance of a ceremonial seating of the first ITNJ Chief Justice scheduled for the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta on June 15, 2015 – the reason given was that all eyes would be on Runnymead at that time, and Westminster Hall was available and would bring much attention to the event.

    Later, John Walsh decided to stop attending the core team call, his reason being that knowing he would be seated as chief justice, it would be a conflict of interest were he to continue attending as he might hear details about a possible case Rod Class would submit to the tribunal.


    The ITNJ Constitution was drafted by Walsh and his team and sent to the ITNJ core team for review. When the core team reported back they had issues with how it was drafted, some small changes were agreed to and made, while others appeared. Previous drafts were sent to the USA team as the latest drafts – and the document had to be gone over word for word the night before the ceremonial seating, June 14, 2015 – as mention of the grand jury had been “inadvertently” (as explained later) removed from the document. The goal of the USA team was to take the grand jury model and effectively remove the final authority from the judge – as had historically existed but been co-opted and taken over by special interests over the years. Two members of the USA team also paid for and obtained the written opinion of a well-known author and expert in trust law and sovereignty; he reported finding loopholes and other inconsistencies. You can view the constitution at

    It became curious to note that each draft of the ITNJ constitution continued to make it open-ended and literally powerless unless you were the court’s chief justice; more judges seated wouldn’t help, as any other ITNJ judges appointed couldn’t be judges unless they were current or former BAR members to begin with – evidenced in the ITNJ Constitution and described as “appropriate legal qualifications,” the definition of which has never been given – and as it stood would never be accepted by the USA team, nor the groups it was forming partnerships with. The USA team never formally accepted the ITNJ Constitution as final; in fact, as it was set out to be a “living” document in the first place (another flaw on its face) subject to change left me to ask, “then what’s the point?”

    The ITNJ BAR Association: Anyone who understands the times we live in today also understands most problems facing humanity are directly related to crimes perpetrated on the people of the world by the most heartless of mankind. This includes bankers, world leaders, politicians, judges – and lawyers. Most politicians and all judges are lawyers. The ITNJ Oath, even if taken, will not supersede any other oath. This is confirmed by the chief justice himself on the June 15, 2015 recording of the ceremonial seating, posted on the internet and made public. The ITNJ BAR Association, although on one hand allows “big names in the legal field to come together for natural justice,” also can be seen, and used, as a safety net for some of the most heinous criminals on the planet. There was nothing written in either policies and procedures, or the Constitution, to explain how this would be avoided. As more questions about these issues came from the USA team, the responses became accusations that they were attacks on integrity – and the USA team was being “rude.” This amounts to nothing but “lawyerspeak,” a typical method of shifting responsibility to answer the question by accusation.


    Problems in communications continued as the pressure was put on the USA team to answer as to where payment for a $260,000+ invoice including Walsh’s expenses during a ten day visit to the UK for himself, his wife, and his two assistants, for the seating, would come from as though it was to provide an answer. The USA team never asked for funding, and it was made clear to them that it would not be funded by New Earth / Humanitad / or the crowdfunding campaign and it isn’t clear to this day where the funds are, some $15,000 to $25,000 at this time. The USA team was also never told they would be responsible for raising the funds to pay Walsh’s invoices, much less were advised in advance there would even be any to pay.

    A court case filing fee of $2,000 per case (which was common in Australia according to Walsh) was discussed as though it should be considered to “keep frivolous cases from flooding the ITNJ.” An additional reason given was the court needed to be funded in some way, and this was far from the original plan, where crowdfunding and international support would be the primary funders of the tribunal. Many other fees according to country were discussed but never finalized, as the push to take in cases continued, and the reasons the ITNJ was not ready were relayed (such as the constitution issues) many times but were never resolved.

    In July 2015, the case of a sitting ITNJ Law Commissioner came to the attention of Walsh, Stone, Cope and Rhoades, which outlined massive fraud that would be perfect for exposure of many corrupt corporations. In the letter, the Law Commissioner stated 1/3 of any financial judgment in her favor would be paid to the Australian team for their efforts and requested a call be had as soon as possible between the parties to discuss. Rebecca Cope promptly refused to engage in this conversation citing a complete conflict of interest after Walsh replied that he and his team had looked over the case and would be happy to have a discussion about bringing the case before the ITNJ. You can view a picture of Sacha Stone, Walsh, and this ITNJ Law Commissioner at the July 15, 2015 seating ceremony here.

    More curious events became visible; the appearance of Caleb Skinner speaking about contract law and delegation of authority – that people who are “stupid enough to delegate their authority to a judge deserve what they get,” and other statements completely unrelated to building and operating a court of natural law were made with no objections from Stone or Walsh as being out of the scope of the topic of the ITNJ’s mission. A fully informed jury (education to anyone who volunteered would be offered free of charge through the Natural Justice Academy) was passed off as “indoctrination.” Communications began to break down further as it was clear the USA team and the UK and Australian teams were clearly not on the same path.

    Shortly thereafter, three self-appointed “Trustees” of New Earth Nation / Humanitad / ITNJ held a meeting absent Rebecca Cope, ITNJ Trustee and member of the ITNJ Board of Directors, voting “no confidence” in her as ITNJ Director. In the same email, Sacha Stone stated the USA team would be “dispersed to other parts of the ITNJ” with invitations offered for them to remain within its structure, possibly in other positions that would be defined for them.

    It is a fact that the USA team came to being under Rebecca Cope’s direction – powered only by the free will choice of all the volunteers who gave their time and energy to the project, absent any “authority” from her or anyone else. The USA team neither asked for, nor received, compensation for their time and signed no contracts delegating their authority to anyone on the project. Therefore, the “Trustees” have absolutely no lawful authority to disband the USA team, much less hold a closed-door meeting to vote to remove Rebecca Cope as ITNJ Director.


    The USA team could not be controlled; could not be swayed from its original goal, and did not follow the template they were gradually led to, over a period of months, to accept as a court of natural law.

    It is the USA team who built a model, made transparent through conference calls, writings and blog posts, media outreach, and various interviews and internet shows with the team behind the plan. The team was pulled in many directions, rushing from deadline to deadline, unfunded and unprotected from harm, of its own free will choice. The notion this team would be “rearranged” and its volunteers placed in other, defined positions within its system by some purported “authority” because of “chaos” within it, would only exist if you’re willing to swallow that pill.

    Accusations the USA team was creating “separation” and “division” as it insisted its plan could be a base for the international committees to work with as they saw fit, or not, (assuming its Magna Carta basis would be applied) were made, surprisingly, by the very people who admitted on many occasions they knew nothing about law.

    The purported “authority” did confirm Rebecca Cope still has status as a Trustee Emeritus / member of the Board of Directors if she decides to stay on, but no matter, as their authority is an illusion as no one person ever delegated authority to them in the first place.

    If the USA team were to continue to have problems working with Walsh on the open-ended constitution, the exorbitant invoices he expected payment for, and his newest creation, the ITNJ BAR Association whose oath does not supersede any previous BAR Association oath, not to mention his willingness to take on a case before the ITNJ from a sitting Law Commissioner who offered one third of a multi-million dollar settlement to him and his law team before the court was even operational, it would stand to reason, if the agenda of the “authority” was transparency and honesty, that these facts alone would be grounds for him to be voted out of the office of Chief Justice, simply because of the appearance that by his “authority” he is re-creating the same court system structure that brought so much suffering to the world. The fact that none of the USA team’s concerns was addressed to their satisfaction, and the purported “authority” raced to his defense each time, indicates the authority over all of these people may ultimately lie with Walsh, no matter what he does.


    We are equals on this planet, no matter how many titles you carry behind your name, what friendships you’ve formed, what countries you’ve traveled, your age, the cost of your shoes, your public image, your years of education and the big names you say you hang out with. The notion we are anything but is only what we choose to believe.

    Further, who holds the authority in a court “for the people, by the people?”

    If what the USA team did under the direction of Rebecca Cope serves to change the path the ITNJ will choose to take from here, then it delivered its model as promised. The USA team may not be visible through the ITNJ, but it has most definitely not been “disbanded and dispersed.” It will continue it work through the Natural Justice Academy and Adventures Into Sovereignty. Thank you, Rebecca, for your undying love of freedom, your passion for truth, and for standing up to those who would question your leadership of this most dedicated group of people.


    Of note is the following, all in ultimate control of New Earth Trust:

    New Earth Communities (land ownership in particular, please see the documentation describing this – everything is owned by “New Earth Trust” and you own nothing);

    New Earth Media;

    New Earth Project (education);

    Law and Governance (within the New Earth Project and slated to join hands with the ITNJ as New Earth Tribunal);

    New Earth Financial System; and now

    The ITNJ BAR Association.

    Although it is entirely possible that the intention of New Earth Trust, et al. is for the good, one must only rely on the validity of the information it puts out as well as the integrity of the people behind its structure. I let the facts as I know them speak for themselves. It is ultimately up to us to verify and share the knowledge.

    It might be helpful to read the Secret Treaty of Verona. This document, according to the US law team researchers, basically “canceled out” any benevolent effects of the Magna Carta as the King bowed to the whims of the Vatican and gave the power to not one, but two popes. More information on that is to come on a future Adventures into Sovereignty show.

    In closing, I would like to thank all of the people involved in these projects for making themselves, and their regard for humanity (or lack thereof), quite visible for all to see.

    Sue Rhoades, former Chief Admin/ Registrar, ITNJ
    Without Prejudice



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