The Hidden Institutional Agenda Is Visible and Predictable

The Labyrinth Society is an international organization

A significant segment of the People on Earth see the control system and want out.

Professional Liars_NASA
You will hear the World Wide dialogues and messages:

  • Freedom/Personal Sovereignty/Self Governance
  • The Matrix/Age of Deception/Globalist/Technocrat/A.I./
  • U.N./NASA/G-20/BRICS/E.U./Western Bloc/Eastern Bloc./
  • Cycles/History/Forbidden Knowledge/Expose Antarctica/Wake Up!
  • Wizard of Oz/Illuminati/Mind Control/MK Ultra/Mass Deception./
  • Lift the Veil/Look Behind The Curtain/Hidden in Plain Sight/
  • Free Your Mind/Increase Awareness/Question Everything
  • Remove Your Programming/Conditioning
  • Noncompliance/Tax Boycott/Bank Boycott/Consumer Boycott
  • Not Revolution, It Is Evolution/Wholeness/Healing
  • Look Within, Self Organizing, P2P, Free Source/Open Source, Grassroots…

Regardless, whether you are aware of the conspiracy or ignorant of the conspiracy, being mentally trapped in the confines of beliefs and the world wide money maze (a artificial and controlled construct) will herd you down the same paved path.
1funny money
Those who want to “Protect Their Wealth” are limited to that NWO Globalist maze, at every turn the path leads further into the labyrinth.
Thus, even the goodwill wealthy individuals will follow that path to their own enslavement.
Ken is one of the bloodhounds on the globalists’ scent, following their devious trail, and I included his report below for discussion. Often individuals will reject conspiracy research on the grounds that oligarchs, bankers, executives, officials are not smart enough to plan…
Or so the arguments go, and surely the public faces may not be capable of that, however that does not mean an unseen hand(s) or invisible entities are not guiding or herding the people on Earth.
Keep in mind the militarized hidden secrecy and restrictions on Antarctica!
Also Note NASA‘s many deceptions.
With all that being said consider the hidden agenda behind the looming financial crises:

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 48-50 – The BIS, the anti-democratic West & Greece and the BRICS Bank (+ a P.S.)

[Update 48]

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) released its 2014/2015 Annual Report today, and it hits the propaganda talking points I’ve been expecting.

It outlines the source of the global financial problem: the national central banks’ “too loose for too long” monetary policies…
…(from the BIS website)

And it offers the globalist solution to the problem…

“International policy coordination can occur at various depths. Enlightened self-interest takes international spillovers into account to the extent that they spill back on one’s own economy. However, even if countries did their best individually, this would still fall short of the mark if there were significant international spillovers, as in today’s era of global liquidity. Moving towards a more efficient outcome would require greater cooperation, including ad hoc joint action, and possibly even agreement on rules of the game that constrain domestic policies.”

…(from Section V of the Report)

Putting these passages in clearer terms, “The ‘self-interested’ national central banks have screwed everything up with their conflicting policies and ‘too loose for too long’ interest rate regimes, so we want to transfer more control of currencies and financial systems to wise international bodies like the IMF and BIS.”

Isn’t it interesting that they released this report on the eve of the next financial crisis? The BIS is  pre-positioning itself as the voice of sanity in a world of financial chaos.

And guess what else the report says…

“Given where we are, [interest rate] normalisation is bound to be bumpy. Risk-taking in financial markets has gone on for too long. And the illusion that markets will remain liquid under stress has been too pervasive (Chapter II). But the likelihood of turbulence will increase further if current extraordinary conditions are spun out. The more one stretches an elastic band, the more violently it snaps back. Restoring more normal conditions will also be essential for facing the next recession, which will no doubt materialise at some point. Of what use is a gun with no bullets left? Therefore, while having regard for country-specific conditions, monetary policy normalisation should be pursued with a firm and steady hand.” – (from page 22 of the Report / PDF page 26)

Look for the Fed to follow this advice in September. And look also for the “bumpiness” the BIS “wisely” warned about.

[Update 49 – 29 June 2015]

The “anti-democratic” West

From my NWO Schedule of Implementation page…

“The script of the play calls for Greece, the ‘birthplace of democracy,’ to flee the ‘anti-democratic’ West and join the ‘BRICS rebellion against the evil Western central bankers.’”

From the front page of Zero Hedge today…

Not only does the article’s title hit the “anti-democratic West” talking point, it also touches on what I wrote about in Understanding the NWO Strategy. As I’ve said innumerable times, the “Economic Totalitarianism from Arrogant [European] people” is a clear evil that is being widely advertised to stir an emotional reaction amongst the sheeple. The globalists WANT the sheeple to see this evil coming upon them so the herd will want to flee to safety. And to where shall those scared sheepfolk go? To the BRICS and their NWO of course, just like the Greeks will do next week. We are meant to flee the scary Left Hand of the globalists to find sanctuary in their reassuring Right Hand.

(P.S. – 29 June 2015) – Here is a little blast from the past. It’s a section from an entry I wrote in my second blog, and it speaks to the subject at hand. I’ve added it to the Understanding the NWO Strategy page as Mod 1.3…

The NWO strategy in pictures


For people to embrace the New World Order, they have to see it as the SOLUTION to their problems, not the SOURCE of their problems. And in order to get folks to see the it that way, the globalists are having their Western minions create all kinds of mischief so their Eastern minions can step in and save everyone. So in…

Step 1: The globalists have released the Western hounds on everyone, and they are mauling us with theft, oppression and war.

Step 2: They’ve had their faux-truther / controlled-opposition press screaming to everyone that the hounds are coming after us so we’ll get scared and look for safety.

Step 3: They are having their BRICS minions step up and save us from the hounds. Welcome, saviors!

And with that, we end up in the NWO. It’s not so hard to understand, is it?

[Update 50 – 29 June 2015]

Greece and the BRICS Bank

I just came across an article on Russian propaganda site Sputnik titled Greeks Enthusiastic About Joining BRICS New Development Bank. Here is an interesting passage…

On June 19, Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis told Sputnik that Greece could become the first non-founder members of the NDB, joining on an equal footing as its current members, as soon as the bank was launched.

The NDB is expected to begin operations on July 7, according to Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak.”

So the NDB will open its doors on 7/7, eh? It’s the “magic 7″ again…

(P.S. – 30 June 2015) – As expected… Reuters: Greek drama not likely to waylay Federal Reserve

“The fuse may be lit for a Greek exit from the euro zone but the fallout in the United States is expected to be modest and not enough to throw the Federal Reserve’s likely September rate hike off course, said former Fed officials and outside analysts watching the latest turn in Greece’s crisis.”

It’s interesting that they could draw such a conclusion on the very first day of the new economic crisis when the markets were going haywire. It’s almost as if this was pre-planned. wink

For the previous updates in this series, click here.

Much love…


United Nations flag_Flat Earth Model

WHY are the Nations’ Militaries stationed all over Antarctica and restricting us from exploring there?



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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11 comments on “The Hidden Institutional Agenda Is Visible and Predictable
  1. RonMamita says:

    Greece Debt Default Bad News For Bond Markets
    Market Talk
    One can only remember in Japan when stocks/bonds went illiquid and they simply readjusted the laws for “Bad Debt” which was once 30days without payments extending it to 180 days (six months) before it was declared a default. Don’t think we are quite there yet but the longer it takes the further it goes. Therefore, we may see yet an attempt to extend the deadline for default to pretend Brussels and the Euro are still OK for now. If the INF simply extends the payment date by 6 months, then magically there is no Greek default. So let the games begin.

    Read Full Report:


  2. RonMamita says:

    Puerto Rico governor calls for bankruptcy; adviser says island ‘insolvent’


    Puerto Rico’s governor on Monday called for the commonwealth to be allowed to restructure its debts under U.S. bankruptcy code, while a newly appointed adviser to the U.S. territory said it is “insolvent” and will soon run out of cash.

    Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, in a televised address, said sacrifice must be shared by bondholders, as he called for Washington to allow a bankruptcy debt restructuring.

    The Caribbean island is struggling to relieve a $73 billion debt burden. It came to a crunch point on Monday – ironically at the same time as did debt-laden Greece – after a dire report on its stability by former International Monetary Fund economists was released ahead of key deadlines on Wednesday to repay debt.

    Steven Rhodes, the retired U.S. bankruptcy judge who oversaw Detroit’s historic bankruptcy and has now been retained by Puerto Rico to help solve its problems, gave a blunt assessment on Monday.

    Puerto Rico “urgently needs our help,” Rhodes said. “It can no longer pay its debts, it will soon run out of cash to operate, its residents and businesses will suffer,” he added.

    Puerto Rico’s bonds skidded on Monday as investors sought greater compensation amid the heightened risk.
    Puerto Rico is not eligible for debt restructuring under the U.S. bankruptcy code because it is not a municipality.

    Rhodes said the island’s future hinges on gaining eligibility for debt restructuring, while stressing that bankruptcy would not be a “bailout.”

    Garcia Padilla called for Washington to grant the U.S. territory the ability to file for bankruptcy in a televised address, as he said that his goal is to come up with a negotiated moratorium with bondholders to postpone debt payments for a number of years.

    Puerto Rico’s deepening crisis threatens high-yield U.S. funds

    By Tim McLaughlin

    Puerto Rico’s deepening financial crisis could speed up an exodus of money from U.S. municipal bond funds that have placed big bets on the cash-strapped Caribbean island.

    Investors, for example, pulled $634 million from muni bond funds run by OppenheimerFunds during the first five months of 2015, according to Lipper Inc, a unit of Thomson Reuters.

    And that was before Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla admitted Monday that the country’s budget gap was bigger than thought and it could not repay more than $70 billion in debt.

    Over the past year, funds run by Goldman Sachs Group Inc have increased their exposure to Puerto Rico to attract yield-hungry investors, U.S. regulatory filings show.

    Before this week’s bad news, veteran Eaton Vance bond fund manager Tom Metzold said Puerto Rico’s problems could trigger a domino effect, partly from portfolio managers selling assets to meet investor redemption demands.

    “I’m worried about that contagion effect,” said Metzold, who’s leaving his post July 31 to join muni bond insurer National Public Finance Guarantee Corp., a unit of MBIA Inc.

    U.S. municipal bond funds are the largest owners of Puerto Rico debt, in a strategy that seeks high yield amid rock-bottom interest rates. The bonds are typically exempt from local, state and federal income taxes, widening their appeal to single-state funds that use Puerto Rico debt to diversify their portfolios while boosting income for investors.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Was Greece Coerced Into Surrender?

    Greece Surrenders its Sovereignty to Brussels” Posted on July 1, 2015 by Martin Armstrong

    The Syriza government is backing down because of the realization the Brussels will declare economic war on Greece and deliberately try to plunge the country into total ruin far worse than the sanctions imposed on Russia. This is a sad day for the entire world. It is a terrible example that the Troika is the new equivalent of a Roman Triumvirate – the death of democracy. Europeans will remember this day for it is when national sovereignty died.

    We have a copy of a letter sent from Greece to the EU accepting all terms.
    This is a surrender of sovereignty and no doubt the truth of this turnaround will be hidden from the public at large worldwide – not just the Greek people.
    All our fears of moving into Economic Totalitarianism are coming true.
    Democratic principles are dead – love live Totalitarianism.
    No doubt this is the toast in Brussels last night behind the curtain of course.
    This may not be the same Letter Martin Armstrong saw… ~Ron

    Greek PM Tsipras Sends Leter Accepting Creditors Terms with Five Revisions

    by Anastasios Papapostolou Jul 1, 2015


    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sent a letter late on Tuesday night ready to accept the conditions of a bailout proposed by Greece’s creditors, according to the Financial Times.

    The letter indicated that Greece will accept all its bailout creditors’ terms, with five minor changes.

    “In the two-page letter addressed to the heads of the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank, by the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras notes how the country will agree to creditors’ conditions, with only a handful of minor changes,” explained the report.

    Eurozone finance ministers will hold a teleconference to discuss Mr Tsipras’ new proposal at 5:30pm, Brussels time.

    The Greek Prime Minister’s office confirmed the Greece confirms sent ‘amended’ proposal to creditor

    Here’s the Greek PM’s letter:


    – See Source:


    • RonMamita says:

      I am recording a second strike on the Martin Armstrong report-card…

      Apparently Martin’s bias and marketing has gotten the best of his research reports he shares with the public!
      He implied that he saw Greece’s secret letter that is likely to remain hiddened from the Greek citizens. However, I compared the two versions (1st source was from Greek news reports and 2nd was pdf file link on Armstroneconomics’ webpage) and they are identical.
      So his remarks were misleading and deceptive.

      Martin is a trader/investor expert and he has, to his credit and skills, advanced to have a coherent overview of world economics from ancient past to the present…
      His economic confidence model is a A.I. computer algorithm that may be valuable in forecasting the exchange markets and the institutional policy makers responses.

      Take that for what it is worth; none of that discredits real conspiracies, or diabolical plans manipulating civilization…
      Martin Armstrong’s opinions remain that, simply his opinions even as he has personal meetings with heads of states and executives in central banks and their parent corporations.
      His personal meetings and dealing with the institutions is one reason why I record his reports.

      As always, QUESTION EVERYTHING and think for yourself.


  4. I really like your analysis of the steps we need to take to bring about change.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. RonMamita says:

    Look at Greece:

    And the hidden oligarchs, that the mass media rarely identifies during major policy moves…

    Behind the Troika, almost invisible, are the Greek oligarchs who have robbed the state coffers of hundreds of billions over the years, tucking it away in numbered Swiss and Lichtenstein secret bank accounts, avoiding paying a single penny tax to support their nation. And it is looking more and more as though the “leftist” economist, Varoufakis’s role is that of a Trojan Horse for the destruction of the entire Eurozone by the bankers and those Greek oligarchs. Next after Greece Italy looks poised to become victim, and that will put the entire Euro in a crisis that is today unimaginable.



    • Wow. I had no idea Varoufakis had declined a $5 billion prepayment from the Russians. That sounds really ominous.

      Liked by 1 person

      • RonMamita says:

        I am very cautious of all institutions, as they have too many hidden or obscure activities that are deceptive and fraudulent…
        There is simply too much we do not know or see behind closed doors and within verbose legalese contracts, treaties, and agreements.


  6. RonMamita says:

    Germany Replacing Bank Cards and Eliminating Cash Withdrawals


    The game is afoot to eliminate CASH. According to reliable sources, Maestro is seriously under attack. In Germany, Maestro was a multi-national debit card service owned by MasterCard and founded in 1992. Maestro cards obtained from associate banks and can be linked to the cardholder’s current account, or they can be used as prepaid cards. Already we see the cancellation of such cards and the issuing of new debit cards. Why? The new cards cannot be used at an ATM outside of Germany to obtain cash. Any attempt to get cash can only be an advance on a credit card.


    Little by little, these people are destroying everything that held the world economy together. Their hunt for spare change for tax purposes is undermining every aspect of civilization. This will NEVER END NICELY for they can only think about their immediate needs with no comprehension of the future they are creating. Indeed, somebody better pray for us, for those in charge truly do not know what they are doing.


    We seriously need to hit the Ctrl-Alt-Delete button on government. This is total insanity and we are losing absolutely everything that makes society function.

    Once they eliminate CASH, they will have total control over who can buy or sell anything.


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