Use This As A Important Cypher, SDR structural reform, Test Case!

Public Billboard displays China's gold coin as world currency
I am very surprised, at how sloppy the alternative media researchers are covering this institutional activity!
Several headlines in the alternative media, including Martin Armstrong and Zero Hedge, think the IMF has decided to not include China’s Yuan (RMB) currency into the world’s reserve currency basket.
That is flat out wrong!
I really was surprised they all missed the obvious, but then I kept looking at their reports and the cross referencing to the mainstream news outlets such as Reuters that stated The International Monetary Fund should put off any move to add the yuan to its benchmark currency basket until after September 2016, IMF staff said in a report which showed a mixed performance of the renminbi on meeting key financial norms.

There you have it, the controlled mainstream news media’s use of an unnamed source…
Read the IMF’s official text (PDF from 03 Aug 2015, and SDR review 04 Aug 2015) carefully and note that the IMF does NOT say the RMB will be excluded from the new SDR basket.
What the IMF DID SAY was there would be a delay to the effective start date of the new SDR basket. Important to know that “the current SDR basket expires at the end of this 2015 year.”
One could interpret that to mean the RMB will be included with that delayed new SDR basket start date.

“An extension of nine months would also allow users to adjust to a potential changed basket composition should the Executive Board decide to include the RMB.” –2015 SDR Basket Review/survey

Some hedge funds and institutional investors have a lot to gain (or lose) depending on how the mass investors and savers read this.
{I wish to know what institutions are accumulating RMBs and dumping USDs, the dollar is expected to continue to rise until suddenly it falls}
After the RMB is accepted as a world reserve currency the USD could be devalued within the SDR basket, and the RMB will rise. This is hugely important and they want to manage (profit from) this…

world-bank-imf 2015
Now some readers may be wondering why am I so frustrated with this distinction.
My concern is that conspiracy researchers & investigators should be alert to uncovering the hidden hands and scripted activities, because there is an opportunity to prepare for future engineered crises, false flags, and stop feeding the beast. The skill to stop parroting the institutional propaganda is also important.
Efforts are being made to remain aware of and to front-run the money masters.
Identify the meme, the sociopath controllers, and the destructive entities directing civilization.

I admit that it is “possible”, but unlikely, that they changed their monetary reform plans.
If they actually delay the RMB inclusion into the SDR basket, then this could be to set up the U.S. vs China showdown later, or even delaying for a dramatic September 2016 now that so many of the public are forecasting their engineered September 2015 crises.
If so, then I will admit I was wrong (more likely their craftiness), but if I and others are correct then please put more weight into hidden hand(s) directing the world path and the importance of conspiracy research.
It is all scripted, staged and state sponsored. It is not an accident, it is policy.
Be prepared.



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3 comments on “Use This As A Important Cypher, SDR structural reform, Test Case!
  1. RonMamita says:

    Do Not Forget About Armed Forces

    Imagine that many industries could be required to pay in RMB, instead of the USD!

    Researchers and investors/traders/economists often forget about the money mafia’s paid assassins (aka military & police). Yes, the paper (laws, statutes, rules, contracts, currencies, and money) really are worthless without the threat of force and violence.
    This is the fundamental element of policies and authority.

    Slow Burn Crises and Market Volatility:
    Individual investors (pensions & IRA/401k funds) are likely to lose their fortunes as they are both locked in and locked out.
    Those who are traders will make a paper fortune. If those traders can quickly swap their financial paper for real tangible assets then they have achieved something if they also have a highly trained armed security force for protection as well. Governments may seek to confiscate wealth and hike taxes!
    The final defense and survival skill is to be able to defend your community/family property and lives…

    Mike Rivero: Preparing for Financial Disaster Is More Necessary Than Ever!

    Posted 30 July 2015
    – It’s more important to prepare than ever! ►0:33
    – “All wars are bankers’ wars” ►10:54
    – If the economy is so week, why is the stock market so high? ►18:01
    – Gold manipulation ►20:50
    – The emergence of local currencies and the collapse of the dollar ►25:05


  2. RonMamita says:

    Money Masters Control Bitcoin?

    G7 Pledged Support for ‘Appropriate’ Bitcoin Regulation at June Summit
    Stan Higgins | Published on August 6, 2015

    Representatives at a Group of Seven (G7) meeting in Germany this June announced support for “appropriate regulation” of virtual currencies.

    A global organization comprised of the heads of state from some of the world’s largest economies including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US, the G7 met in Bavaria on 7th and 8th June.

    According to the group’s summit statement, the G7 is looking to oversee digital currency activity through the lens of terrorism financing, which it deemed “a major priority”. Part of this process, the statement read, includes regulating emerging payment methods.

    The group stated:

    “We will take further actions to ensure greater transparency of all financial flows, including through an appropriate regulation of virtual currencies and other new payment methods.”

    The group pledged its support to the efforts of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which in late June recommended that digital currency exchanges be monitored and required to hold licensure prior to operation. The G7 also indicated that it would be “actively contributing” to efforts to develop and deploy oversight standards.

    “We will strive to ensure an effective implementation of FATF standards, including through a robust followup process,” the group said.



  3. RonMamita says:

    China’s Record Dumping Of US Treasuries Leaves Goldman Speechless

    22 July 2015

    On Friday, alongside China’s announcement that it had bought over 600 tons of gold in “one month”, the PBOC released another very important data point: its total foreign exchange reserves, which declined by $17.3 billion to $3,694 billion.

    See the data charts & graphs:


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