Where Are You and Where Are YOU Going?
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Are You Looking For Trouble Or Solutions

Ask “What Can I Do?” Then FIND YOUR ANSWER.
It really is up to you…
When you observe the world wide scheme, you see subjugation and domination.
You see mass deception and social programming alongside empires, nations, and a “International Monetary System”.
You then see the connections to illnesses and diseases plaguing the world in a destructive and psychopathic fashion.

What is the World Dialogue

Awareness, Self governance, Self defense, water, food, shelter, money/goods/services exchange are major components of an enlightened dialogue that includes entertainment and joy for healing a ailing world.
These are grassroots efforts and we wish to see more free thinking People not relying on institutions.

“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.” -Peter F. Drucker

Yes, we have discussions of both the institutional activities and our individual actions.
The real change is how the mass of People on Earth as individuals will respond.
With the activities of BRICS, EEU, SCO, and other nations dumping their reserves of USD, and treasuries the trend is obviously impacting the U.S. government’s monetary policy, as well as the world commercial economy collectively.

Rather than remain ignorant of their geopolitical game (and escalation of world war), individuals are increasing their awareness and preparing for the destructive policies that are likely to be brutally forced on citizens…

Will significant segments of the population reject government’s draconian policies?
Will citizens refuse military draft, or declaration of war, or tax hikes?
Will aware communities form protective neighborhood watches and militias?
Will community farming increase?
Will P2P innovations continue to rise?
Will Local Currencies continue to rise?


Institutional Crime Continues

“This is a Wiki definition of what a corporation is: “Despite not being human beings, corporations, as far as the law is concerned, are legal persons, and have many of the same rights and responsibilities as natural persons do. Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state, and they can themselves be responsible for human rights violations. However corporations are not considered living entities…” and yet we live in a world where lifeless corporations now run our world as “legal persons”. Even the prefix of the word corporation, corp, will immediately bring to mind a lifeless body.” –Crrow777

Video posted 24 Aug 2015
According to Bloomberg, in his last years as Florida governor, Jeb Bush facilitated massive investments of the pension funds of Florida cops, teachers and firefighters into soon-to-be worthless mortgage-backed securities issued by Lehman Brothers.
In 2007, when Bush left office, he got a job as a Lehman consultant at a salary of $1.3 million a year. In 2008, Lehman collapsed leaving the Florida pension funds facing up to $1 billion in losses.
After Lehman declared bankruptcy, Bush joined British banking giant Barclays as an advisor, a position he kept until late 2014, when he resigned to prepare for his presidential run.
According to Craig Holman, a governmental ethics expert with Public Citizen:
“This is a breathtaking conflict of interest. This cost Florida very dearly, and it enriched Jeb Bush.”


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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  1. RonMamita says:

    Vote to Oust Boehner?

    Video posted 07 Sep 2015
    Good Morning, I’m still reporting on politics.
    When Congress returns to work tomorrow, some conservatives will be trying – again – to oust the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.
    Conservatives feel that Boehner is at the root of the Congressional vote buying scandal that is at the root of why the vast majority of Americans now feel Congress is out of their control.
    The day before the House adjourned for its summer recess in July, North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows decided to do something about it. He filed a rarely-used motion to “vacate the chair”, a move that could force Mr. Boehner’s removal as Speaker.

    The resolution stated that Boehner:
    “…has endeavored to consolidate power and centralize decision-making, bypassing the majority of the 435 Members of Congress and the people they represent.”
    The resolution went on to say that Boehner’s rule has caused Congress to atrophy, making it subservient to the executive and judicial branches.
    Conservatives have long charged Boehner with facilitating the Obama agenda instead of the Republican agenda – much less the conservative agenda.
    Boehner passed the bills fully funding ObamaCare.
    He has fully funded Obama’s illegal amnesty.
    He has prevented the setting up of any select committees to investigate Obama, the IRS, or the Clinton email scandal.
    He has fully funded Planned Parenthood.
    He has supported the Obama Trade deals and the Iran deal.
    Just 2 months ago, (SR 415) Boehner received $5.3 million from pro-Obama, pro-Fast-Track lobbyists for his vote. Subsequently he punished House leaders like Rep. Meadows, for voting against Fast-Track.
    But Boehner has been on the take since early on in his Congressional career. In June 1995 Boehner distributed campaign checks from tobacco industry lobbyists on the floor of the House as members were debating tobacco subsidies.
    According to a 1996 documentary by PBS called “The People and the Power Game”, Boehner admitted:
    “They asked me to give out a half dozen checks quickly … it’s a practice that‘s gone on here for a long time that we’re trying to stop and I know I’ll never do it again.”
    Just 23 Republican House members supported Rep. Meadows attempt to ouster Boehner in January. He needs only 4 more Republicans to join him this coming week to force the issue to a vote.
    Meadows urges every American to contact their members of the House starting tomorrow Tuesday and tell them early and often to vote for the “vacate the chair” motion.

    The Real Truth About Jeb Bush, CIA Sociopath

    Published on Aug 19, 2015
    In this video Luke Rudkowski gives you the lowdown on John Ellis Bush or Jeb Bush. We go through his sketchy business career, early schooling, and current policy.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Jim Willie: Updates the Petrodollar War, China, Iran, and QE…

    Video posted 08 Sep 2015


  3. RonMamita says:

    Putin aide’s advice: Default on foreign debt, put reserves into gold and BRICs bonds

    Submitted by cpowell on Tue, 2015-09-08 12:37. Section: Daily Dispatches

    8:35a ET Tuesday, September 8, 2015

    Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

    Russia’s government long has understood gold’s secret power over the international monetary system. In an address in June 2004 at the summer meeting of the London Bullion Market Association at the Kempinsky Hotel in Moscow, the Russian central bank’s deputy chairman, Oleg Mozhaiskov, spoke only four words in English: “Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee”:


    As far as GATA itself knew at that time, it had never had any contact with anyone in Russia or anyone connected with the Russian government.

    But Russia’s expressions of interest in gold have multiplied since then and another one was reported today by the Moscow-based financial newspaper Kommersant (“The Businessman”), which described a plan to achieve Russia’s economic sovereignty that is to be presented next week to Russia’s Security Council by Sergei Glazyev, a politician and economist who is an assistant to President Vladimir Putin:


    Glazyev is among the small number of Russian officials targeted specifically by U.S. economic sanctions, and according to Kommersant his plan includes a section about “neutralizing anti-Russian sanctions.”

    Kommersant’s report is available only in Russian, but a Google translation of its 12th paragraph says Glazyev proposes authorizing Russian companies to “declare force majeure” against loans from countries that have imposed financial sanctions against Russia, “in effect the legalization of non-repayment of all private foreign debt”; converting the reserves of Russia’s central bank and the government’s Reserve Fund and National Welfare Fund into gold and obligations of the “BRICs” countries; and creating a system of international payments separate from the Western-controlled SWIFT system that would operate with China’s UnionPay system.

    Of course these aren’t terribly original or insightful ideas. No country that uses another country’s currency for its international commerce is fully sovereign, and only gold is a neutral international reserve currency. It is precisely to rope the world into the U.S. imperial system that the International Monetary Fund prohibits its members from formally linking their currencies to gold, though commodity-producing countries like Russia, South Africa, Mexico, and those in the rest of the developing world are particularly oppressed by such rules.

    The question long has been whether any of them will ever have the nerve to do something about it. Glazyev’s report may be an invitation.

    CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
    Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


  4. RonMamita says:

    A Self-Governing World


    The greatest fallacy of modern thinking is the notion we can “make” or write law. Those who attempt to do so show themselves to be either profoundly naive or at cross purposes with life itself. Natural law is observed, not written. Nature goes on with or without mankind. So in the most literal sense law is not, nor has ever been, subject to drafting or codification. On the other hand, the unique practices and traditions of a particular community are developed by the people and thrive as long as they are consistent with the laws of nature.

    The Respublica of Earth “Articles of Confederation” were written only as a tool to assist humanity’s return home to the ways of the earth. They should be utilized when establishing customs as we, a world community, remember who we are.

    The following is an example of how such a world community could work. You will see that bands, tribes, confederations of tribes, and nations can work together without any sort of overarching governing body.

    Let’s start by realizing that state and county lines are fictitious. There are no such divisions in nature; rather, the central identifying element of a community is the people and the areas they occupy. So let’s imagine what we once thought of as a neighborhood now as a band (usually fewer than 100 people). Several bands within a geographical “area” make up a tribe within a “region”. A confederation of tribes make up a “territory”.

    Each band in an area reaches consensus (see the above section,”Getting from Here to There”) on how to live together with regard to:

    Public Atmosphere
    Application of Technologies
    Food Production

    Each band selects one spokesperson (one who speaks the consensus of the community) for each of the above nine areas for a total of nine spokespersons per band. Each Spokesperson is responsible for updating the band website with past, present and future developments or plans in their designated area. It is the responsibility of each band to stay up-to-date on what their neighboring bands post in order to determine how their band may or may not be affected. This same method applies to tribes, confederations of tribes and nations all relating with each other directly, all having access to one another via the web.

    As developments or plans are projected to impact other bands or tribes, consensus meetings are held among potentially impacted communities in order to reach agreements and determine suitability. Each band, tribe, confederation and nation works with adjacent bands, tribes, confederations and nations to develop and maintain shared infrastructure.

    (I am working on a graph to illustrate this and will post when completed.)


  5. RonMamita says:

    11 Sept 2015 The Biggest Lie of All NASA lies

    and the Flat Earth

    Video posted 11 Sep 2015


  6. RonMamita says:

    Globalists’ Rigged Game

    United Nations flag
    You can call it alliance, strategy, secrecy, corporation, planning, geopolitics, governance, organization, or conspiracy.

    I will be blunt, with the wish to reach eyes who have not become aware of this Age of Deception.
    Please do not misinterpret this discussion for a excuse to not conduct your research. Please do your thorough institutional conspiracy research and look at all opposing points of views and contradictory evidence. The thoroughness of your research will reveal the deception and hidden agendas that are obscured by corporate news releases that seek the public Trust.
    Institutional Think Tanks (such as the Council on Foreign Relations and others) have planned strategies and policies that become signed agreements and treaties at G-20, BRICS, and U.N. meetings.

    If you are someone who will not do time consuming research, then at least it must be said that you were told about the world wide institutional system of fraud and deception that contradicts most of what is taught by educational institutions.
    Then, if you choose to ignore and dismiss conspiracy research, then you must face yourself and the consequences of your choices.

    Bullies and psychopaths play rigged games and if the game is not rigged then they will take it over in an attempt to rig it!
    The game of chess is different in that it develops patience, strategy, and military forces into the game.

    My personal experiences showed me some things about an elite class (they were self identified as socialites, debutantes, Aristocracy, etc.) in North, Central, and South America, Caribbean, and South Pacific. My travels did not reach Europe, Russia, Africa, and Asia (though I did enjoy a evening date with a royal Princess from one of those regions who spoke 6 languages).
    I saw private yachts, members only clubs, social events, suites of highly rated hotels, private jets, banks and casinos…
    The events always felt wrong and out of place. On occasion when I spoke of it we would share what we saw; for example: of how the cost was an insult as if it was too cheap to buy then it was not good enough for their tastes; and How they had a demand and need to be treated with “special” importance. Some would visit for a week having spent a million dollars or more before departing.

    Back to the rigged games, such as risk or monopoly which is today the exchange markets and the international monetary system, which in fact manipulates most things people do.
    Reportedly, U.S. government sold land and other assets to foreigners to finance the excesses of the U.S. government budget spending. A gargantuan $18 Trillion USD debt is the latest tally hanging around the USA neck.
    Yes, indeed it is a worldwide rigged game that is endangering us all.
    Perhaps a segment of the younger elites are more blatantly brutish and similar to the mafia?
    Or perhaps secret agents from secret agencies have teams that are as brutal as the mafia ever claimed to be?
    If so, then much of what we now observe could be explained by saying that at some point a segment of elite institutions will implement strategies to reform their unstable empire, even if they must plan for massive relocations of operation centers, sacrificial murder of some pawns, and fund military campaigns…

    2,089 living Billionaires?
    According to the independent.co.uk, the number of billionaires in the world has surpassed 2000 for the first time…
    All the institutional investors (be bluntly honest: the markets are controlled by institutional investments, individuals who do not invest more than 9 digits worth of USD national currency are barely worth mentioning) are eagerly waiting on the Federal Reserve Board to announce rates (will they keep rates manipulated low or will they raise ’em?) this week.
    That is institutional watch observation of the current state of the rigged “globalist” game.

    Now back to strategy.
    Managing a engineered crisis is like a chess player sacrificing a pawn as a ploy for a greater prize…
    If higher rates will adversely impact emerging markets (Latin America, Asia, and Africa), then what do you expect those nations will do when this rate hike occurs and the too high U.S. interest rates makes emerging markets’ debt too expensive to pay back?
    Will the emerging markets want to continue to borrow from U.S. Dollar loan sharks?
    A hangman’s noose is being tightened around the necks of the emerging markets economies when the U.S. Fed rates increase.
    Oh, but wait! The emerging markets, coincidentally, have a knight in shining armor suddenly arriving from BRICS and the AIIB to assist with new and better loans bypassing the powerfully destructive U.S. Dollar sharks.

    Can we expect a (herded) stampede?
    To survive, the nations in emerging markets need a platform to trade with their national currencies, and it is not a coincidence that the emerging AIIB and BRICS development banks are such a safety platform.

    Can we see a polarization with one trading bloc on the USD and another bloc off the USD?
    WHAT IF it was all planned?

    The international monetary system is based on debt.
    Nations are facing the debt crisis and their national currencies are threatened along with their ability to trade for goods and services.
    Conspiracy research reveals that and much more.

    – China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank president says membership will increase to 70 soon.

    ANKARA – The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has invited the U.S. and Japan to join, Jin Liqun, the first president of AIIB, said on Tuesday.

    “The door is always open for Japan and the U.S. to become members,” Liquin said. “I think we will continue to have dialogue.” –newsfultoncounty.com

    To conclude this brief discussion, we expect this 2015 year to experience exchange market turmoil (to be clear markets have been experiencing turmoil already, but expect worse) devastating emerging markets and their sovereign debt.
    This obviously would pave a path for turmoil in later years for the Western Bloc as well. In such a state of instability we are watchful for political assassinations, false flag and other covert operations that could influence markets and social unrest.
    Be personally prepared for emergencies.


    A Chinese clerk counts yuan banknotes at a bank in Nantong, east China’s Jiangsu province, July 22, 2015.


    Nearly a month after China’s devaluation rattled world markets, doubts about the country’s currency policy remain unresolved.

    On Aug. 11, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) caught investors off guard with a 1.83-percent devaluation of the yuan against the U.S. dollar, pushing the currency to its largest one-day drop since 1994.
    The sudden policy shift upset foreign markets and sparked warnings of a global currency war, but it won praise from some economists who saw it as an attempt to loosen controls and give the market more scope in China’s foreign exchange…
    [Read more: rfa.org/english ]




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