9-11 Perpetrators Remain Fugitives From Justice

WTC 7 collapsed without a cause
AGE Of Deception
Can I be the first to phrase 9-11, September 11, 2001, as the anniversary for the Age Of Deception?
The perpetrators are still fugitives from justice and protected by government agencies…

Interview 1088 – Black Op Radio: 9/11 Research


911squareToday James joins Len Osanic of Black Op Radio to talk about the 9/11 false flag. They discuss the psyop aspects of the attacks as well as those pieces of evidence that directly contradict the narrative of the attacks.

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory


Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline

Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy

Alleged hijackers drank alcohol in bars

Mohamed Atta: Pork Chop Lover. Cocaine User.

Mohamed Atta lived with pink-haired stripper

System Planning Corporation’s Flight Termination System

Reuters 2013 investigation: Pentagon can’t track $8.5 trillion

9/11 Commission Members Doubt Official Story

9/11 Insider Trading Explained (Corbett Report members)

9/11 Insider Trading Explained (Non-Corbett Report members)

9/11 and Cyberterrorism: Did the real “cyber 9/11” happen on 9/11?

Rebuilding America’s Defenses

Operation Northwoods

Michael Springmann on Visas for Al Qaeda

Dean Haglund blows the whistle on The Lone Gunmen pilot episode

Who Is Really Behind ISIS?

What Happened to the WTC Gold on 9/11?

Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster

Liberty (Freedom) lies face down & WTC Twin Towers are destroyed; Astounding foretelling of future events!

Liberty (Freedom) lies face down & WTC Twin Towers are destroyed; Astounding foretelling of future events!




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11 comments on “9-11 Perpetrators Remain Fugitives From Justice
  1. RonMamita says:

    Institutional Governance, A Concept That Must End

    The fundamental problem is self governance vs institutional governance; or more bluntly:
    Brutal bullies with weapons.

    At the highest levels of all institutions there are people who are not honorable (military, police, legal court, tax revenue, banking, and other offices).
    In fact, there is mounting evidence that shows all sorts of sick and twisted people at that level who are into the dark occult with human sacrifice and demon worship.
    Research the victim testimonies of Satanic Ritual Abuse if you don’t believe me.
    [Starters click: Cathy O’Brien and http://whatonearthishappening.com/ and http://whatonearthishappening.com/podcasts/WOEIH-004.mp3 ]…

    By now, all of you should know the truth: You can not trust politicians.
    Anyone who still thinks you can, clearly has not been paying attention to reality.
    You may debate whether or not your votes actually matter, but the fact is, all of the U.S. presidents are related not only to each other, but to one guy: King John Lackland, the signer of the Magna Carta, who established the Lord Mayor Parade, which honors the Nephilim giants, Gog and Magog. Don’t believe me?
    Look it up.
    Simpsons foretell Donald Trump Wins 2016 Presidency
    Even Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are cousins and descended from King Edward III according to author A.J. Jacobs who researched the candidates’ backgrounds with genealogy website Geni.com

    The military answers to men at the Pentagon, which is also very secretive and quite dark occultic in many ways.
    Now, I am not going to paint a broad stroke and say everyone working there is a Luciferian (I wouldn’t say that about all employed by the government either). But as with any bureaucracy, there are those in charge and the worker bees below who do the work delegated to them. When it comes to those in charge at the Pentagon, well… Donald Rumsfeld once said that they couldn’t account for some 2.3 trillion dollars of the citizens’ tax money.
    If they can “lose” that much money, why are they allowed to continue business?
    Why are citizens still giving them tax dollars?
    How irresponsible can they be?
    Both officials and citizens are failing to be responsible.
    Note also that Rumsfeld made this announcement the day before a plane allegedly slammed into the budget analyst’s office on 9/11/2001.
    Isn’t that a bit too Convenient?
    Furthermore, the heads of each branch of the military answer to the President, who is part of a blood-line of questionable, and likely demonic origin.


  2. Unfortunately I’m afraid it began long before 9-11, way before the CIA began trafficking heroin in the late forties. I would agree it assume an insane, frenetic pace with 9-11.


    • RonMamita says:

      Very true, The lies and deceptions was institutionalized in North America before the continental congress!
      The Age of Deception merely has a young bride and a contemporary anniversary…


  3. RonMamita says:

    9/11 False Flag From Cheney to Mossad

    On Thursday, September 9, 2015 I interviewed author Rebekah Roth about her new book ‘Methodical Deception’. New information she has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the “official story”, forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.

    Video posted 11 Sep 2015

    And the longer report:


    Former flight attendant turned researcher, truth teller and author Rebekah Roth joins me on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 to discuss her new book ‘Methodical Deception’, the follow up to her very popular first book ‘Methodical Illusion’.
    Both books are available at


  4. RonMamita says:

    The Parasitic Enemies Of Humanity Are Continuing The Destruction of Earth

    Video posted 22 Aug 2015
    “Humanity is sleeping like a bunch of heavily sedated sheep.
    The war on the human race has been going on for thousands of years and we have all but forgotten who we really are.
    Time to wake up.
    The enemy is well disguised but easily recognized by their evil actions.”


  5. RonMamita says:

    Oculus, the Closed All-Seeing Eye at Ground Zero, to “Open” Each Year on 9/11

    Video posted 13 Sep 2015
    They have placed a bony “closed eye” structure dubbed Oculus over the rebuilt World Trade Center transportation hub that overlooks the new Ground Zero. The skylights in the architecture, which has been referred to as “a living, evolving, morphing creature,” will now “open” each year only once… on 9/11.

    Each year, the public will symbolically “experience a subtle sense of man’s vulnerability, while maintaining a link to a higher order.”


  6. RonMamita says:

    A Blog discussed Faux School Clock Bomb

    I saw the national psyops elements…

    I wrote:
    Could be another national mass psyop, because there has been agency admissions of a real war against the citizens (for decades) and the public is largely ignorant of this fact.
    What leads me to comment is the fact that the national news media have promoted this story, the presence of large amounts of symbology, the White House is involved, and other intriguing minutia…

    This is no coincidence:
    WHO IS the kid’s father?
    Sudan Presidential candidate.
    No, REALLY!?
    Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed is seen next to his 14-year-old son, Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested on Monday for bringing a homemade clock to his Texas high school.
    See: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/father-muslim-kid-arrested-clock-standout-citizen-article-1.2363466
    A Made For Mass Media Event.
    Things that make you go hmm…

    “MSM Alarm Clock Story About White House Points to 9/23?”

    Video Below Is A Must See!
    Watch the video for possible bad translation, for accurate future prediction or watch it for entertainment value; but watch and be astounded at what a Frenchman predicted from 1987.
    *If you are fluent in French and English then please add your translation.

    Published on Sep 11, 2015
    “Alert! From 1987 Accurately Predicts this September 2015. The man in the video is a French, name Jacques Nietzermann. If this clip is real, this guy makes some of the most mind blowing predictions I’ve ever heard from 1987. Be alert for analysis of his predictions “Doomsday” around September 23 – 28 2015.”


    More Strategic War-time Assets Disrupted?

    Some hidden agenda is going on and the mass surveillance state has no way of stopping the 15th destructive hit on regional fiber optics cables powering the internet?
    No kidding.

    “Attacks On Fiber-Optic Cables In San Francisco Area For 15th Time, Related To LLNL National Labs?”



    • The citizens fears you refer to were synthetically created. For the most part, the people with brown skin who make bombs are paid disinformation agents of the FBI and/or CIA. The old man being a former Sudanese presidential candidate smells of CIA connections. They have been all over Sudan for years protecting 7 sisters oil interests.


      • RonMamita says:

        Glad to read your comment resonating with my own.
        That was my read of things too, which is why I shared my thoughts.
        Mass deception (manipulate public opinion, disinformation & propaganda) requires mass-news-media outlets…

        The current high school terror smells of a psyops campaign furthering the fake war on terror and create an environment of ISLAM-phobia.
        10 high schools in the San Diego region has been on Lockdown. Imagine the fearful parents and communities affected by this institutional ordeal.

        “Threats Prompt Lockdowns at 10 San Diego High Schools”


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