Boycott NASA Until It Is Shutdown

Space Movie Prepped The World To Believe In Space Flight and Moon Landings!

NASA Face The Truth: The People Know Your Secret!

How long must we wait until NASA is shutdown?

NASA‘s Lost Credibility and worldwide embarrassment continues!
We can help:
Write NASA, or comment on NASA’s public forums, or call NASA offices and request they stop their fakeries, return taxpayers’ looted money and shut down permanently.

NASA Headquarters
300 E. Street SW, Suite 5R30
Washington, DC 20546
(202) 358-0001 (Office); (202) 358-4338 (Fax)
You can submit a question to Contact NASA
Public inquiries:
Media inquiries:
The NASA Moscow Liaison Office (NMLO) at the U.S. Embassy represents all of NASA’s programs and offices in Russia. Additional information can be found at the NASA Headquarters webpage.

NASA’s Russian Partners
Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

NASA Occult Secrecy

NASA is the Nazi American Space Agency, seriously, that is the ugly fact from WWII.
War Crimes, Secrecy, Deception, and Fraud is the DNA of NASA:
On 19 Feb. 2014 the Business Insider briefly reported on Operation Paperclip and Nazi scientists that helped create NASA.
Astro-nots, fakeries, sham, Nazi, looters, thieves, deceivers, photorealism, fake-photos, Science-Fiction…

“ON MAY 19, 1945, JUST TWELVE DAYS AFTER GERMANY’S unconditional surrender, Herbert Wagner, creator of the first Nazi guided missile used in combat, landed in Washington, D.C., in a U.S. military aircraft with blacked- out windows.” Read More, Click Here.
NASA distinguished service award being presented to Arthur Rudolph who later left the country rather than face charges as a Nazi war criminal.

Back in the 90s, Linda Hunt (who had been with CNN) was writing a book about all the former Nazi scientists who had then come to the U.S. and worked at NASA. She was particularly irked by the NASA distinguished service award being presented to Arthur Rudolph who later left the country rather than face charges as a Nazi war criminal. –

“Photorealism is a genre of art that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic media, in which an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to”…More by Dru Blair

“The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program”…


“NASA Fakes and Flat Earth TV Memes”
Video posted 01 Oct 2015
“Are people in the media trying to tell us something?
Can we really trust what we see coming from NASA?
In this excerpt, John, Mark and I discuss what we think.” -Rob Skiba
Below are a few screen captures for evidence against NASA, and additional firsthand career professional testimony against their false “science”:

Professional Liars_NASA1 NASA LiesNotice the inconsistencies! Continents' sizes change, the earth is a perfect sphere even thoght scientists claim the earth is pear shape!2015 Jul fake earth photo from White House2015 Jul fake earth photo from White House_flip2redhiliteImage of a Ball Shaped Earth Distributed From the White House; flip the image upside down and see the clouds spell “SEX”.


The Larger Connections…

New World Order Plan for all world governance
Over a year ago I discussed that mankind may not be ready for the great revealing.
But, that will not stop the worldwide truth from being revealed!

This nagging thought remains for me to discuss in future posts, but I held off because I expect some additional information and events will be revealed to solidly link current events to the same ole meme from the ancient past.
However, I am now convinced that I should post more discussions about this disturbing and unflattering observation:

AMERICANS are Half Awake In A Fake Empire!

All the member nations are in on the deception. Their institutions protect secrets, not from each other, but from the citizens. Their tax compliant human resource (citizens) farms must remain ignorant and obedient.
Please, expect this meme to enter most future discussions, and forgive the redundancy as this topic connects to most things in modern civilization. Fake empire, institutional crime, international monetary system (dominated by the U.S. Dollar), and United Nations’ member states deluding the People worldwide to accept institutional governance rather than developing and maturing innate abilities to govern themselves.

The above are the roots of a World Captured into an Age of Deception.
Thus, it is no accident that People consent to bondage (debt slaves), expect obedience to institutional governance, addicted to money, distracted with corporate sponsored entertainment, eat/drink synthetic and toxic processed convenient foods.
The list is too numerous, and again I ask you to expect this meme of institutional deception for control to be present in many future discussions.
Unplug your TV and Bring your Axes, because we are going to chop the roots of deception that has lasted for centuries…

Thank you for being here, and look forward to our discussions as part of the worldwide dialogue!

Below are a series of audio discussions that shares firsthand career professional experience and technical expertise that the Earth is not a spinning ball as most students are taught in school…

“US Navy Missile Instructor confirms FLAT EARTH – SW21”

Video posted 20 Sep 2015
Active FC1 (SW/AW) United States Navy
NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System Instructor
Master Training Specialist Confirms:
1. From everything he has observed with military equipment during his last 5 year tour, there is absolutely no curvature to the Earth.
2. There is no coriolis effect taken into account with the ranged weapon systems he has been working with for 10 years. The world isn’t spinning.
3. That navigation systems and maps currently being used by the military on the open oceans are completely wrong.
And much more…

“US Navy Submarine Chief: What Curve? – Flat Earth SW23”

Video posted 30 Sep 2015
A retired Navy Chief Electronics Technician who has served on board five nuclear powered subs over a 20 year career from 1988-2008 talks about the possibility of Flat Earth.
US Navy Missile Instructor “Robert” [aka Shaun] joins us from the second segment of the show and compares notes with the submarine chief.

“Part 2 – US Navy Submarine Chief Interview – Flat Earth – Perceptions 5”

Video posted 02 Oct 2015
“The conclusion of the Strange World 23 interview with US Navy Submarine Chief. Missile Instructor “Robert” [aka Shaun] is also in the discussion group.



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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5 comments on “Boycott NASA Until It Is Shutdown
  1. RonMamita says:

    Painful To Face The Truth

    Born into a world of deceit, learning that the world is not as you were taught, and that almost everything you believed was true, was actually a lie!

    “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. ” -Luke 8:17

    NASA – Faked the Moon Landings

    Science – Heliocentric Solar System theory proved false

    Earth – Not a spinning sphere traveling through the galaxy

    Most Who Share These Facts are met with Anger and Rage

    There is some good advise from movies:
    Morpheus from the Matrix – “Breath Neo, just breath…”

    Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars – “Your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them.”

    Yoda, Jedi Master – “You must unlearn what you have learned”

    Each day, more People are discussing NASA’s deception:

    “Protest and Sue NASA”

    those who trust government failed history class.

    The cats are out of the bag:
    People will not stop talking about NASA fakery and the false heliocentric model!

    One More Reminder about lethal radiation or something preventing exiting Earth’s surroundings:

    “Moon hoax – RADIATION IN OUTER SPACE (biggest proof man never went to moon”

    More Recently NASA make this promo: “TRIAL BY FIRE” by Kelly Smith, NASA Engineer:

    “NASA engineer admits they can’t get past the Van Allen Belts”

    Crrow777 Interviewed by Geoff of ‘In Other News’ – Round 2

    Video posted 01 Oct 2015
    This is my second interview with Geoff of ‘In Other News’.
    We cover a broad range of topics to include the lunar wave, false flags, the lunar eclipse, the moon, chemtrails, hoaxes, the false calendar, equinoxes /solstices and more. Another good interview from Geoff here.
    [and Crrow777 talks about NASA faking missions and making false claims. ~Ron]


    • RonMamita says:

      NASA declares “Mystery solved” as evidence of flowing water is found on Mars

      There is evidence of flowing water on Mars, according to a scientific paper published today and revealed in a widely anticipated NASA announcement.

      Scientists have found the first proof that briny water may flow on the surface of Mars during the planet’s summer months. Although the source and the chemistry of the liquid is unknown, the discovery could affect thinking about whether the planet, which is most similar to Earth of all the planets in the solar system, could support present-day microbial life.

      Scientists have developed a new technique to analyze chemical maps of the Martian surface obtained by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.

      They found telltale fingerprints of salts, which form only in the presence of water, in narrow channels cut into cliff walls throughout the planet’s equatorial region.

      The channels, first reported in 2011, appear during the warm summer months on Mars, then vanish when the temperatures drop. Scientists suspected the channels, known as recurring slope lineae (RSL), were cut by flowing water, but had previously been unable to make the measurements.

      “I thought there was no hope,” said Lujendra Ojha, a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology and lead author of a paper in this week’s issue of the journal Nature Geoscience.

      The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter makes its measurements during the hottest part of the Martian day, so scientists believed any traces of water, or fingerprints from hydrated minerals, would have evaporated. In addition, the chemical-sensing instrument on the orbiting spacecraft cannot home in on details as small as the narrow channels, which typically are less than 16 feet wide.

      But Ojha and colleagues created a computer program that could scrutinize individual pixels. That data was then correlated with high-resolution images of the streaks. Scientists concentrated on the widest streaks and came up with a 100 percent match between their locations and detections of hydrated salts.

      “We’re not claiming that we found… evidence of liquid water. We found hydrated salts,” Ojha said. Still, that was enough for NASA, which declared a “Mars mystery solved” in a press advisory. A press conference on it was then planned for 11:30am EDT on Monday.

      “There is liquid water today on the surface of Mars,” Michael Meyer — lead scientist on NASA’s Mars exploration program. “Because of this, we suspect that it is at least possible to have a habitable environment today.”

      NASA’s announcement confirming that it found evidence of water flowing on the surface Mars was celebrated by scientists searching for life in the universe — and by publicists at 20th Century Fox looking to promote “The Martian,” the upcoming Ridley Scott film starring Matt Damon.

      In the film, Damon plays Mark Watney, an astronaut who must survive alone on Mars after being left for dead by his crew during a fierce storm on the red planet.

      “With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive,” reads the studio’s description of the film, which is an adaptation of Andy Weir’s 2011 novel of the same name.

      According to a Yahoo News staffer who read the book, the long-suspected existence of water on Mars was not part of the planet’s hostile environment. And the water found on Mars — a briny liquid perchlorate — isn’t drinkable, NASA said.

      No matter. The marketing team running the verified Twitter feed for “The Martian” quickly capitalized on NASA’s announcement.

      “The Martian” is due in theaters Friday.

      Talk about some otherworldly timing … or was it? Did NASA time its Mars announcement to coincide with the film’s release?

      “No, the timing was dictated by the publication of the Nature Geoscience article, which was released today,” Laurie Cantillo, a NASA spokeswoman, told Yahoo News.

      It would be a bit hard to imagine the space agency sitting on major Mars news in order for it to collide with a Hollywood movie.

      After all, it took “multiple spacecraft over several years to solve this mystery,” Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA Mars Exploration program, said at Monday’s press conference in Washington.

      But in a Yahoo Movies chat with film’s cast and director earlier this month, Scott said NASA was “very helpful” in the making of “The Martian.”

      “They loved the adaptation of the screenplay,” Scott said. “They thought it was fun and mostly accurate. When I showed them the film, 40 guys saw it in Washington from NASA, and one muttered, ‘Maybe this will help us with reprogramming and the refinancing [of the U.S. space program].’ I mean, he was partly joking, but that was very nice.”

      Scott told The New York Times on Monday that he’d been shown photos of the NASA breakthrough a couple of months ago – too late to change the science-heavy story, based on the book by Andy Weir. Otherwise, said Scott, Damon’s character Mark Watney would have “gone and dug in”.

      “He would have found the edge of a glacier, definitely. It would be fascinating,” said Scott. “But then I would have lost a great sequence. “He has to make water, and the steaming device, and put up the plastic tents, which creates the humidity, which grows the plants, which is the most basic form of irrigation. They still do it in Spain that way.”

      Scott has worked closely with NASA on The Martian, with the film screened International Space Station earlier this month.

      However, there have been comments across social media that the opening of the film this week has been of suspiciously fortuitous timing with the NASA announcement.

      NASA videos about Water on Mars:


      NASA Exposed

      “Planets Are A Hoax – NASA Exposed – There is Nothing Beyond the Firmament”
      Video posted 31 Jul 2015

      NASA “Water On Mars” Masonic Psyop

      Video posted 29 Sep 2015


      • RonMamita says:

        NASA Stinks

        Astro-nots Ask “Do I Smell?”

        “ISS Space Station hoax yes the iss and pretty much everything else to do with NASA”
        Video posted 12 May 2014 by Steve Blakey

        “My Thoughts On The Flat Earth…”

        Testing the globe and asking questions.

        “Some really GREAT Flat Earth videos and info NOW WITH SCIENCE…”
        Always seek the truth NO MATTER where it leads…


  2. RonMamita says:

    Brian Mullin: Professional Engineer Questions Spinning Ball Earth

    Heliocentric theory is dead wrong…

    Video posted 2 Oct 2015
    Brian Mullin, a licensed professional engineer practices structural engineering. We talk math as he shows us we don’t live on a ball. Brian’s channel is “Balls Out Physics”.
    Brian Mullin’s Youtube Channel:

    GLOBEBUSTERS Jeranism Interviews Robert Sungenis

    This segment of a 4 hour interview (chopped into 12 part segment) hopefully wets your appetite to listen to the entire 12 part interview. NASA deceptions are revealed and the scientific research validates the stationary Geocentric Earth has returned and removes the current meme for a heliocentric model.

    Video posted 02 Oct 2015
    Video 2 of 12. This week, the Globebusters had an interesting interview with geocentric model expert, author and theologian Robert Sungenis. He is also the creator of the new movie “The Principle.”
    Below is a interesting research that was posted in a forum discussion at:
    Please click on the above link as the formatting did not transfer to this page precisely, and some images and diagrams are missing below.

    By The Modern Gnostic

    Satellites Don’t Exist!!

    A Quick Recap Of Part 1:


    Part 1 of the series I provided five cases of egregious fraud that completely invalidates NASA as a credible agency and instead is a purveyor of pseudoscience and Lysenkoism. Lysenkoism is used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.

    The American taxpayer derives virtually no benefit from NASA’S existence and alleged scientific contributions derived by supposed explorations and experiments in space.Absent of any other sources to verify, we have had to prostate ourselves to the so-called “experts” despite irrefutable evidence that NASA is nothing more than an elaborate financial embezzler and pseudoscience peddler. In Part 1 we established a bar of credibility stating that “Fraud Vitiates Everything”

    In short, once fraud is detected everything that sits upon it is now in question. Your credibility is shot! Who would disagree with the logic of found fraud destroys the validity of everything? It’s reasonable, predictable and has the power to instantly change the direction of one’s perception, even those that were held sacred. Fraud has no limits by those who engage in it and it’s been around along time. Do you think real fraudsters stop at just one fraud? Or do you think they keep going and going until they die or get caught? The answer is a simple one. Why would you ever stop lucrative fraudulent activity if you haven’t been caught? So the chance for systemic fraud once initial fraud is found becomes a virtual certainty.

    NASA’s five undeniable frauds;

    1. The Occult and Satanic roots of NASA

    2. The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

    3. The 1986 Challenger Disaster Hoax

    4. The International Space Station Hoax

    5. The ongoing involvement and manipulation by Freemasons

    *Of key significance was the very same majority shareholders of key military and aerospace contractors are also majority shareholders of major Hollywood production companies and virtually all mass media outlets in America.
    Established Frauds (abbreviated) Part 1

    1. The Occult and Satanic roots of NASA

    NASA either totally omits or whitewashes bios of the true individuals that NASA was incubated from. Search the NASA database and you’ll find Jack Parsons sheep-dipped as a clean cut rocket wunderkind. Seems they left-out his public manifestos exalting Satan, I wonder why? L. Ron Hubbard isn’t mentioned by NASA, though he was a satanic cohort of Parsons and a struggling science fiction writer. More importantly it’s the first known union of science fiction and science in the pre-NASA years. The wheels of pseudoscience were ready to roll especially when Walt Disney joined the fold along with his vast production resources. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple, fake it and pocket the rest.

    Here are their credentials;
    A. Jack Whiteside Parsons – Occultistn, Black Magician, Satanist, Head of Ordo Templi Orientis California Agape Lodge, Idolized Aleister Crowley

    B. Aleister Crowley – 33rd degree Freemason, Leader of Ordo Templi Orientis, Black Magician, Satanist, The Beast ‘666’ Wrote the Book Of The Law and considered to be he most evil man ever conceived.

    C. L. Ron Hubbard – Mass Mind Controller, Black Magician, Satanist, Fledgling Science Fiction writer, Founder of The Church Of Scientology, Idolized Aleister Crowley

    D. Werner von Braun – Ex-NAZI director of the German V-2 Rocket program and recruited into the U.S. under Operation Paperclip. Quite likely he was the most normal of the bunch.

    E. Walt Disney – Occultist, Mass Mind Controller, Black Magician, Illuminati-Pedophile, Freemason and founder of The Ordem DeMolay Disney provided the massive sound stages and brought Hollywood into the fold.

    2. The Apollo Moon Landings Fraud- The overwhelming evidence that has accumulated makes it clear that these were staged and no credible proof as of today shows that anyone has ever been there. The Van Allen radiation belts that surround earth would have fried them to a crisp had they truly gone. Combined with the ultra-pathetic unexplained loss of Apollo eleven’s flight information, i.e. supposed reels of video and photos plus all flight telemetry data is absurd. Such valuable property would have been under strict lock and key. And again there is unrelenting video and photos of Masonic gestures and symbology proving the continuity of occult underpinnings.

    3. The Challenger Disaster Fraud- In 1986 the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded 75 seconds into flight. Seven astronauts were allegedly killed and as you could imagine people were horrified as it was shown on national television. The whole nation mourned as elaborate services and memorials were held to honor the fallen. The only “fallen” are all the people that have “fallen” for the fake Freemasonic hoax. Six of the seven have been identified or still alive and some are even using the same last names. This is irrefutable.

    4. International Space Station Fraud- The International Space Station, just like everything else brought to us by NASA, is a fake Freemasonic hoax, a complete fabrication done with special effects, models, pools, zero G planes, and various camera tricks. The plethora of You tube footage revealing underwater bubbles, scuba divers, green screens and overt Masonic hand gestures is hard to ignore. The other smoking gun is the actual design of the ISS which more resembles a Habatrail for a hamster than a space laboratory. The mere fact there are no airlocks between modules seems ridiculous. Coincidentally the modules are elongated so they can easily be simulated in a Boeing 737 zero G plane.

    5. Freemasons In Space- Confirmed Freemasons are John Glenn, Gordo Cooper, Edgar Mitchell, Buzz Aldrin, Donn Eisele, Gus Grissom, James Irwin, Walter Shirra, Thomas Stafford, Paul Weitz. These are just the astronauts that have been positively identified as Freemasons. This obviously does not include the Freemasons that are working for or behind the scenes of NASA which is very significant. If you’re not familiar with Freemasonry and secret societies in general, a good summation is here.

    Again as in Fraud 2, the continuity of occult underpinnings is clearly on display.Please understand the implications as we move forward. Because of the systemic fraud already revealed, NASA’s credibility is totally shot!! Any statements, announcements, projects, missions, technologies, etc must all be looked at with new lenses. Emotionalism must be replaced with skepticism and condemnation to bring things into focus. The Khazarian Mafia and their satanic minions of mass psychopathy has brought the world to the brink for their implementation of their dystopian New World Order. Out of chaos comes order is their deluded mantra despite being the actual creators of the chaos they will emerge from. Talk about a snake eating its tail.

    So if you want to put your faith in NASA, you then have to put your faith in other things like JFK was shot by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald and not the CIA. The Federal Reserve Act did not give the Khazarian Rothschilds control of our currency and banking system. USS Liberty was not attacked by Israel in 1967 or that 19 jihadists Muslims actually piloted the most sophisticated commercial jets, two Boeing 767-200ER’s into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11.NASA is a military agency that is under the control of the creators of worldwide chaos, the Khazarian Mafia. The whole NASA construct is falling apart as people are waking-up to the fraud and deception that has been foisted on humanity.

    I wonder if the hole they’ve dug for themselves is now bigger than the hole that the thrusters of Apollo 11 should of created when it landed on the moon? I guess they forgot about that one little detail in the studio.The Khazarian Mafia saw the opportunity to steal billions of tax-payer dollars under the guise of satellites and rocketry. They introduced a fictional entity called a “satellite” as per Arthur C. Clarke which would revolutionize the world in so many key industries and sectors. There was just one problem, again as in Part 1 it’s all bullcrap!

    Satellites Don’t Exist

    The origins of satellites came from the mind of famous science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. He wrote The 1945 Proposal by Arthur C. Clarke for Geostationary Satellite Communications. Arthur C. Clarke was a high level Freemason as well as a homosexual and self-professed pedophile, throw in satanism and you’ve got a heck of a guy. Arthur C. Clarke was writing science fiction stories along with other notable sci-fi writers Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard. Arthur C. Clarke did initially claim to know Hubbard, however later he denied that statement and thought L. Ron Hubbard to be completely crazy. That link to Hubbard had to be broken, all out rebuke works well.

    There is a seven year overlap between 1945 to 1952 when Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Arthur C. Clarke were all alive and were witness to the Science Fiction industry exploding into the eager minds of young people. I find the Roswell crash in July 1947 quite timely and it certainly propelled the interest in space to mania levels.Hollywood didn’t miss the cue since they’re owned by the Khazarian Rothschilds. Hollywood started cranking out sci-fi movies by the truckload. At the top of the Sci-Fi movie heap was the great undiscovered frontier — Space

    The Khazarians saw an opportunity to make a ton of money by pushing the space meme. At some point a scheme was hatched to fake launch satellites into space for profit. NASA also became a tool to constantly remind humans of our insignificance in the boundless cosmic order. NASA has been beating the divinity out of us with pseudoscience, propaganda and spiritual delineation. In other words “control”Pre-NASA had accumulated and assimilated the intellectual property from Jack Parsons to the point where he was no longer needed or wanted.

    Sputnik 1 was launched first in 1957 shocking fooling the world and Explorer 1 soon followed in 1958 the year NASA was created. NASA was also created to militarize space and the atmosphere below it, but why?Simple, in order to conceal the deceptions of the Khazarian Mafia and their Freemason minions, the Khazarians needed to “secure” the perimeter and operate above any jurisdiction. All information above our heads skyward was now in the hands of NASA as the “official” source, in other words the propaganda machine was created.

    It’s laughable when you realize we’re solely reliant on just one source for all information regarding the cosmos–NASA. Along with the Controlled Major Mass Media NASA is free to dispense as much GGI/Pixar/Photshop fairy tales as fast as we can gobble them up. I guarantee the satanists of NASA have been laughing along time about their ruses, however they’re being exposed more than ever as incompetent pseudoscience degenerates when real scrutiny is applied.

    Seemingly unrelated, in 1959 the Antarctic treaty was signed and is now totally off limits backed by military force. The North Pole is also militarized, though no formal multilateral agreement exists. Still any attempt to traverse either will result in immediate military expulsion and possible jail-time. To date no human has ever traversed Antarctica, EVER!! Think about that for a moment and consider the absurdity of it. There’s still a continent that has never been explored and we’re not allowed access to it! Why?

    Even the treaty wiki page uses a “satellite composite image of Antarctica, where’s the real photo? Hold on now….NASA can somehow send a satellite to Ceres 257 million miles away without a hitch, but the deepest hole ever drilled is only 7.5 miles out of 3,959 miles to the center of the earth. The other 3,952.5 miles is unknown and pseudoscience fills in the blanks with no true hypothesis just blather. Man hasn’t even been to the bottom of his own ocean (Challenger Deep) So if we haven’t mastered our own domain how is it possible to send a probe to Ceres and retrieve such stunning images? Because it’s simulated that’s why! The only real images of Ceres that exist reside where they were created, on the hard drives of NASA computers. We will return to the aspect of Antarctica a little later so consider it a seed that has been planted.

    The Khazarian Mafia saw another opportunity to steal billions along with their fiat currency central bank thievery and debt-based slavery. That opportunity was satellites launched into orbit. They had their man Freemason Arthur C. Clarke waiting in the fold to ride shotgun, writing sci-fi genre as if it were science. He was a key piece in creating the exploding interest in space and the great mysteries of the cosmos.Clarke was the perfect asset that NASA needed, thus building on the occult foundation of Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Walt Disney. Clarke’s sci-fi prowess elevated his fictional ideas as seemingly plausible and scientific. Behind the veil of NASA a symbolic baton was passed to Clarke who becomes the key to both the Apollo fraud and the ongoing satellite fraud.


    How convenient it was that Clarke’s 2001 A Space Odyssey was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick in 1968 and the Apollo 11 moon landings were faked by Kubrick in 1969. One could surmise that 2001 A Space Odyssey was a “dry-run” prior to Apollo. It also smacks of predictive programming with a little MK-Ultra mixed in. 2001 A Space Odyssey was the primer for the Apollo hoax.Since we know from part 1 that the ISS is fake, than I posit that all satellites are illusory and don’t exist. The only thing that exists are the profit margins of the Khazarian Mafia. Satellites are pseudoscience and there is no credible evidence that they exist. No actual photos, no actual video footage, only CGI/Pixar/Photoshop satellites. The staunch evidence that satellites do not exist is paradoxically simple because there’s no credible proof they do exist.

    People remark “yeah but I saw the International Space Station!.” Consider for a moment that what you saw was an inflatable replica. In WW2 the U.S. made wide use of inflatable tanks and rubber airplanes to deceive Hitler’s reconnaissance efforts. From high altitude you cannot make the distinction between real or rubber. The point is that the military has a history of this type of deception.


    William Cooper said “Exploration of the moon stopped because it was impossible to continue the hoax without being discovered. And of course they ran out of pre-filmed episodes. No man has ever ascended much higher than 300 miles, if that high, above the Earth’s surface. At or under that altitude the astronauts are beneath the radiation of the Van Allen Belt and the Van Allen Belt shields them from the extreme radiation which permeates space. No man has ever orbited, landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly known space program.”How many manned missions to a planetary body could they fake? Just enough to set the table for the real goal, thousands of fake satellites launched into space and big profit margins. This was a much safer and secure revenue stream for the Khazarians and having never returned to the moon makes the case.

    We’ll use the same method of financial investigation that was used in Part 1 to connect the Khazarian subsidiaries to NASA and back to Hollywood. Lets look at some of the companies involved in the Satellite sector. You want to look for four Khazarian Rothschild companies that are majority shareholders. Vanguard Group, State Street Corp., Fidelity and Black Rock. Go to and put in the ticker symbol. Look for Equity Ownership/Institutions and you’ll see the same entities in control. As you’ll see, the are plenty of publicly held companies and a bevy of privately held contractors whose majority stakeholders could quite possibly be the Khazarians.Why do I say that?

    As it turns out the Rothschilds are into the Venture Capital game, for example The Edmond De Rothschild Investment Partners. They can capitalize startups and have a major equity stake in them while adding another pawn to their chessboard. Also khazarian alliances such as the Rothschild Investment Partners and Global Corporate Partners can be forged to gobble-up smaller companies as vassals. Here is a telling quote from the press release; Gerald Rosenfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Rothschild North America, said, “We believe the combination of Rothschild’s global relationships and Global Technology Partner’s access to and knowledge of the international defense and aerospace industry will create high level strategic advisory and investment opportunities.

    These opportunities will arise from the continued consolidation of second and third tier defense companies, the anticipated relationships that are forming among aerospace and defense companies on a cross border basis and GTP’s insight into defense markets and technologies.” FYI, current Secretary Of Defense Ashton Carter is one of the original seven Global Technology Partners which pretty much sums it all-up. Read his corporate bio and realize he’s in bed with the Khazarians too. Below are a few examples of Satellite related companies that have Rothschild majority ownership.

    Sample Of Satellite Majority Shareholders:

    United Technologies, Loral Space and Communications, Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman

    United Technologies Loral Space And Communications Ball Aerospace And Technologies Corp Lockheed Martin Raytheon Northrup Grumman

    Don’t forget as in Part 1 the same institutional majority shareholders of major Hollywood companies and subsidiaries such as Disney, Comcast, MGM, Time Warner, Dreamworks, Sony Entertaiment are Khazarian owned. Again, go to and look-up these companies. Look for Vanguard Group, Fidelity, BlackRock LLC and State Street Corp. as majority shareholders, and thus Hollywood and The Controlled Major Mass Media become defacto propaganda machines for NASA. With the aquisition of Pixar by Disney in 2006 and Disney as a proven co-conspirator, we already have been subject to Pixar fakery as well.

    If there are no satellites than how does GPS, Global Communications and other supposed space-based platforms really work?

    LORAN tower station on Sand-Johnston Island, 1963

    APN-4 installed in a Royal Canadian
    Air Force Canso (PBY) aircraft.

    The first is Land-based technologies. Land-based communications have been around along time and are still used today. Loran (long range navigation) was developed during World War Two with a range up to 1,500 miles. Towers like these were positioned to provide relatively seamless coverage for navigation. Towers positioned on islands would provide the necessary contact points for propagation at sea. The signal bounces off the ionosphere and creates a “Sky Wave” which in turn creates the “Skip Distance” to the next tower. Remember, this technology is about 70 years old and incremental improvements in power, range and efficiency have been made since.

    This is a simple video on land-based communications and the capabilities of microwave transmission.

    Global Positioning Systems are based on cel-tower triangulation as Google kindly explains here and this accompanying video explains how it’s done.

    News Flash!!
    The great Neil Disgrace DeGrasse Tyson now says the earth is an “Oblate Spheroid” he unwittingly makes the case for land-based technologies as the “Skip Distance” would be greater on an oblate spheroid as opposed to a completely spherical earth. More incredulous, all alleged images of earth must now be totally discounted as fakes because they’re depicted as a perfect sphere. So either NASA has faked all the images of earth or earth has suddenly flattened-out since the Apollo Missions. Occam’s Razor asserts that the simplest answer is always correct, so again NASA is full of crap. 

    Besides Tyson’s pompous persona, he can’t resist flashing his Freemasonic hand symbol. I wonder when we’ll see him on a talk show, flash a hand signal and arrogantly say “NASA scientists now think the earth has continued to flatten-out and has actually stop spinning, isn’t that amazing!” For me, that’s something I could believe in”



    Underwater High-Speed Cables

    The next mode of propagating data is through undersea cable. As you can see on the map below, cables connect all the continents with redundancy. There’s an excellent website here that explains how undersea cable is laid and it also lists the advantages of cable versus satellites below.

    Why don’t we use satellite communication instead

    1. Satellites aren’t used because they can’t carry terabytes of data for less than a billion dollars per communication line.

    2. The bandwidth available using a single fiber optic cable and a laser beam is much much greater than you can get from a single satellite radio channel. This is due to the higher frequency and shorter wavelength of light compared to microwaves. The higher the frequency, the greater the bandwidth.

    3. An undersea cable is a bundle many fiber optic cables. Consider each fiber cable as a channel. You can have more channels, each with a higher capacity, than you can build radio channels into a satellite.

    4. The uplinks and downlinks cost and putting the satellite in space is a huge huge ask and far more risky.

    5. The delay for satellite communications would be around 255ms both uplink and downlink. For continuous traffic this not to a bad price to pay. But for burst traffic (like voice) you pay for the delay at each pause. The Rule of Thumb is 10MS per 1000 miles so Rule of Thumb to Europe on say TAT-8 would be about 75MS vs 510MS for satellite.6. Finally, you can fix a broken cable. Once you launch the satellite you don’t get a chance to fix it if it gets broke.

    More Nails In “The Satellites Exist” Coffin

    Besides land-based technologies, the real pig-in-the-poke that creates the illusion of Satellite utility are Light-Than-Air-Vehicles (LAV), High Altitude Airships (HAA) and High Altitude Platforms (HAP).This updated concept of a proven technology takes lighter-than-air vehicles into a realm that gives users capabilities on par with satellites at a fraction of the cost (1 to 2 orders of magnitude less). The HAA will also integrate reconfigurable, multi-mission payload suites. HAA is significantly less costly to deploy and operate than other airborne platforms, and supports critical missions for defense, homeland security, and other civil applications. Its operational persistence eliminates the need for in-theater logistic support. In position, an airship would survey a 600-mile diameter area and millions of cubic miles of airspace.-Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin has built more than 8,000 lighter-than-air platforms which is a pretty significant number for that fact alone.

    They also have a nifty brochure about LTA’s. Lighter Than Air Brochure LTA’s are said to reach altitudes of 70,000 ft, but 100,000 ft and higher have been attained. They can stay aloft for months if not years, unmanned and controlled by ground based operators akin to drones. LTA’s also have the capability to maintain a geosynchronous position that satellites purport to do also. With the massive amount of money that NASA embezzles you can bet they’ve poured significant resources into developing these platforms. The more cost-efficient platforms, the bigger the profit margins are in NASA’s fake satellite deployments. It’s also important to remember that without the illusion of satellites and probes, NASA could not pretend to venture into the void of space to explore and reveal the wonders of the cosmos.

    Here are some examples of LTA’s


    HAA’s, LTA’s and HAP’s can take all shapes and certainly can be mis-perceived as satellites by the public. Besides High Altitude Airshsips there are HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) stations or SPR (Stratospheric Platform Radios). As you can see from the list below there’s alot going on right above our noses. But the real beauty of the deception is hidden in plain sight. If we happen to spot various airships in the sky (even the Goodyear Blimp) we only know them as blimps, no big deal. In reality they can be providing all the capabilities that satellites allegedly provide and we’ve had no idea it was a trojan horse. Below are more proofs that the skies are more than likely crawling with these platforms.

    High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE)


    Stratospheric Platform Radios


    And More…

    HALO High Altitude Long Operation (HALO) is the name of network based on the piloted Proteus airplane (mentioned earlier).The pilots will assure a continuous service in three eight hours shifts using two or more aircrafts. The transmission capacity of a single platform, initially of 10 Gbps, can grow up to 100 Gbps and beyond, serving the coverage area of 100 km diameter by more than 100 separate antenna beams. Consumers will be offered access to video, data and Internet at rates of 1…5 Mbps. A broadband radio link at 52 Mbps has been demonstrated in 1998.

    Sky Station Sky Station is the name of a solar-powered aerostatic HAP system planned by Sky Station International. Initially, ion engines were envisaged. A single platform will provide mobile and fixed telecommunication services to an area of 150…1000 km diameter using spot-bam antennas. The planned data rates are 2 Mbps uplink and 10 Mbps downlink in fixed services. For mobile applications, 16 kbps for voice and 384 for data are planned. The cost of a worldwide broadband infrastructure is estimated at $2.5 billion.

    StratSat StratSat is a solar-powered aerostatic HAP system planned by Advanced Technology Group for civilian and military applications. When needed, the platform can be dispatched at distances of thousands of kilometres, from one region to another, and kept operational up to five years in the stratosphere. The platform could be kept quasi-stationary within a 1 km cube. The cost of calls from a mobile phone is expected to be an order of magnitude lower compared to satellite phone calls.

    ARC The Airborne Relay Communication (ARC) system is an aerostatic platform planned by Platforms Wireless International. It is designed to operate at sub-stratospheric altitudes of 3…10 km. Originally, it was designed for defence radar uses. Its communication version is to provide fixed and mobile broadband services to areas of 55 … 225 km diameter, servicing up to 1.5 million subscribers.

    SkyTower SkyTower is a solar-powered radio-controlled aerodyne platform planned by SkyTower Telecommunications. It is based on Helios airplane (mentioned earlier). The interactive network systems are being designed for the total throughput of 10…20 Gbps per platform (125 Mbps per user), with an average transmission speed of 1.5 Mbps. The company claims that the system, applied to solve the last-mile problem, will have over 1000 times the broadband local access capacity of a satellite (as measured in bit-per-second- per-square kilometre), a fraction of the cost of cable and DSL to deploy (as measured in dollars-per-subscriber) and to be capable of set up in days. In June-July 2002, the first HDTV and IMT-2000 transmission capabilities were successfully demonstrated, including video telephony using an off-the shelf handsets and Internet wireless modem at a speed of 384 kbps.

    HeliPlat HeliPlat is the name of an unmanned solar-powered stratospheric platform developed in the framework of a European project. Its applications cover localisation, environmental monitoring and broadband communications. The project involves some ten partners from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Hungary, and Switzerland. A number of interconnected HeliPlats will create a HeliNet, offering broadband fixed wireless access (BFWA) or local multipoint distribution services (LMDS). The services can include Internet, Intranet, e-mail, telephony, data, LAN, videoconferencing, video-on-demand, TV broadcast, etc. Burst data rates can be as high as 155 Mbps. The present design foresees up to about 120 cells, each served by a single horn antenna.

    Japanese HAPS The Japanese project aims at an aerostat platform that will offer classic mobile, fixed, and broadcasting services and new terrestrial wireless interactive multimedia applications. Include will be multimedia mobile access (mobile handsets, personal mobile terminals), emergency access, business access, car access, ITS, train access, air access, maritime access, etc. The concept embraces relaying of digital television, direct newsgathering, local broadcasting, and many other applications. A network of five HAPS will cover almost the total Japanese territory with signal of arrival elevation angle above 5 degrees. For 10 degrees elevation angle, 16 stations will be needed. A similar UK project foresees six HAPS to cover the whole United Kingdom.

    Smaller specialized companies like ILC Dover work with NASA and DARPA on various platforms and support their development.ILC Dover has been involved in the design and development of high-altitude airships since the early 1980s supporting development programs for the Navy and NASA.The subsequent growth of the cellular phone market generated renewed interest in the use of high-altitude airships as a means of providing economical coverage in developing countries. ILC has supported Lockheed Martin in the development of HAA vehicles including HALE-D (High Altitude Long Endurance Demonstrator). We are also supporting DARPA’s ISIS (Integrated Sensor is Structure) high altitude program


    Notice the Freemasonic use of the word ISIS!

    Also companies like Near Space Corporation have other technologies such as (HASS) High Altitude Shuttle Systems, (SBS) Small Balloon Systems and (NBS) Nano Balloon Systems. HASS can reach altitudes of 100,000 ft and carry the HASS Shuttle as a payload


    If that’s not enough to cast doubt on the existence of satellites check out Project Loon by Google.

    Their motto is “Balloon Powered Internet For Everyone””Project Loon balloons float in the stratosphere, twice as high as airplanes and the weather. In the stratosphere, there are many layers of wind, and each layer of wind varies in direction and speed. Loon balloons go where they’re needed by rising or descending into a layer of wind blowing in the desired direction of travel. By partnering with Telecommunications companies to share cellular spectrum we’ve enabled people to connect to the balloon network directly from their phones and other LTE-enabled devices. The signal is then passed across the balloon network and back down to the global Internet on Earth,”

    Four basic facts that NASA can’t or won’t explain.
    1. How Do Satellites Survive 4,000F + Degree Heat in Space? There are only seven elements on the periodic table that could withstand this heat and none have been used for satellites. Satellites allegedly mainly reside in the thermosphere where temperatures can soar to 4,000F + Degrees. Not plausible

    2. Estimates seem to vary on the number of satellites in supposed orbit. The latest number to date is 1265 functioning satellites with as many as 370,000 pieces of space-junk whizzing around at speeds of up to 22,000 mph. Click Here for the latest database of supposed satellites. This article in the Daily Mail had three points listed below. I find it odd that they report 22,000 objects can travel up to 22,000 mph. The odds those numbers are identical by chance is as likely as the sun being exactly 400 times larger and 400 times farther away to create the illusion it’s the identical size of the moon. 22 is considered an occult signature event number. Not Plausible.
    [*]There are around 22,000 objects in orbit that are big enough to track

    [*]Many are ‘space junk’ such as old rockets and abandoned satellites

    [*]It is estimated as many as 370,000 pieces of space junk are floating in Earth’s orbit, travelling at speeds of up to 22,000 mph



    A German photographer, Michael Najjar, has created the above image to show just how serious a problem space debris has become. The image above by German photographer Michael Najjar for the article allegedly shows the massive space junk problem. How was this picture taken and from what satellite? Obviously this CGI/Photoshop/Pixar image looks like it was done with an Etch-A-Sketch. Not Plausible3. No “Real Pictures or Video” exists proving satellites are whizzing around the globe, not one! Think how preposterous it is that one of the other 1,264 satellites couldn’t snap a simple picture or shoot a few frames of video? We have no visual evidence of actual satellites, the only evidence offered are sophomoric Photoshop/CGI/ Pixar images. has posted How To Spot Satellites but conversely Universe Today says”If we could see these satellites from Earth’s surface, they would appear to hang motionless in the sky. The fact that they remain over the geographic same area means they provide the perfect platform for telecommunications, broadcast or weather observations”So which is it, can you see them or not? I never have. I now understand how extremely difficult it must be to take actual photos of other satellites and earth simply because Satellites do not exist!! Not plausible

    4. If the Van Allen Belts are so lethal (1,000 km to 60,000 km)“Solar cells, integrated circuits, and sensors can be damaged by radiation. Geomagnetic storms occasionally damage electronic components on spacecraft. Miniaturization and digitization of electronics and logic circuits have made satellites more vulnerable to radiation”How can High Earth Orbit satellites (36,000 km) function almost smack dab in the middle of the Van Allen Belts? Not plausible.



    Sky Lab-otomy

    We probably all need a lobotomy after buying into a piece of propaganda rubbish such as Sky Lab. Sky Lab launched in 1973 and was operational to 1979. As you can see by the images, I’d feel more comfortable in a barrel going over Niagara Falls than go in that thing. Again, where are the actual photos that could have been taken by other satellites? Also it’s cylindrical shape is the same as the ISS which fits nicely into a Zero G jet fuselage. NASA has used Zero G since 1959 with Project Mercury.





    As my research as indicated there are a plethora of platforms that can mimic satellite utility, so lets review.

    1. Land-based technologies. Loran (long range navigation)

    2. GPS uses Cel-tower triangulation not Satellites

    3. High Altitude Airships (HAA)

    4. High Altitude Platforms (HAP)

    5. Lighter-than-air vehicles (LAV)

    6. High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE)

    7. High Altitude Long Operation (HALO)

    8. StratSat

    9. Airborne Relay Communication (ARC)

    10. HeliPlat which connects to the HeliNet System

    11. High Altitude Shuttle System (HASS)

    12. Small Balloon Systems (SBS)

    13. Nano Balloon Systems (NBS)

    14. Google Loon System

    15. Stratospheric Platform Systems (SPS)

    16. High Altitude Long Endurance Demonstrator (HALE-D)

    17. Undersea Cable

    18. DARPA Integrated Sensor is Structure or ISIS

    So as you see there are at least 18 platforms that can be used independently, in tandem or groups to provide all the services that satellites provide. The most glaring aspect of satellite fakery is cost. All 18 platforms I’ve mentioned are substantially more cost-efficient than satellites and inherently more reliable. It makes no sense to continually risk hurling satellites into space if more cost-efficient, reliable and readily maintainable terrestrial systems already exist, which they do.

    Based on the previous five frauds revealed in part 1, the dubious existence of satellites is even more definitive since NASA cannot furnish a single actual photo or video footage of real satellites.Which is more probable. That satellites exist but NASA seems incapable of confirming their existence or simply they do not exist at all? Occam’s Razor makes it simple, they don’t exist at all!!

    Last Edit: Aug 21, 2015 at 10:38am by The Modern Gnostic
    Exposing The Lie Is Not The Same As Seeing The Truth


  3. RonMamita says:

    You Know NASA Deceives

    OK, you discovered NASA faked the moon landings.

    Now, Do not go to the opposite EXTREME!

    Do not begin another false story about NASA’s secret space technology, able to time travel, or enter multidimensional jump-gates to travel to the Moon and Mars with manned bases.

    Start fresh:
    Why not reset your mind and discard the old programming?
    Acknowledge what is observable and advance from there.

    “Flat Earth proven”

    Video posted 06 Oct 2015


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