Major Shifts In Germany!

True or not, Germany see itself as the Leader of the E.U. and many governments have said Germany is the economic engine of Europe. “How goes Germany, so goes Europe”.
So what’s REALLY going on in Germany?!

Is Germany Under Attack?

“Made In Germany” pride may take an international hit.
Specifically Germany’s banking industry is facing severe challenges and there are hints that some entities inside Germany are at odds with the “Western BLOC” Geopolitical Leadership.
Is it a combination of (dominoes) China’s economic slowdown, Germany’s slowdown, soon to become Europe’s …


  • Deutsche bank’s woes
  • Bundesbank’s repatriation of their GOLD
  • Volkswagen’s scandal (U.S. pulled the carpet…) and German prosecutors are looking into possible criminal fraud
  • German Industrial Production Collapses by 4%
  • Germany’s fence straddling when geopolitics moves against Russia (A important commerce trading partner); obviously Germany desires peace and economic trade with its Easterly neighbors.
  • Some conservatives in the Western BLOC may attempt to coerce Germany to remain within the U.S.-NATO strategy that attacks Russia, while the USD is monetarily discredited by the emerging markets.
  • How can Germany deal with War Refugees?

*Side-NOTE: The Russian complexity is important and the U.S. led sanctions failed, (the U.S. greatest fear is of a China-Russia Formal Alliance), Russia has international borders with 16 sovereign states, including two with maritime boundaries (US, Japan)…

If You Didn’t Know The USD-Bretton Woods System is DEAD

Of course the details are hidden secrets and plans to reform the international monetary system are discussed behind closed doors, but we piece together the jigsaw puzzle from institutional forums and documents as in their words they seek “world financial stability”.  -Something That has Never Existed since the creation of money.
The last cog from the Post WWII Bretton Woods Agreement was the U.S. Dollar consensus, and it is now broken.

Ask yourself:
What nations want to rebuild the U.S.Dollar Empire?
Who Trusts the PNAC Neocons promoting U.S. Military supremacy?
Cheney and G.W. Bush (Iraqi invasion) destroyed that international support (for the U.S.-NATO police force), and later the 2008 collapse destroyed the international monetary consensus for Washington’s King Dollar.
(I am thinking many in Germany are aligning with the emerging markets’ consensus for SDR and the inclusion of other currencies into the reserves, as Pres. Obama Fails to garner international Trust.)

Remember China’s call to De-dollarize the world, with Russia, the other BRICS members with a consensus of emerging economies agreeing that Bretton Woods is dead and it is time to move away from the U.S.Dollar.

The G-20 nations and IMF agreed on reform (in 2010), however the U.S. has reneged on that agreement, or have simply failed to complete its side of the agreement. You have heard the Chief of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, on several occasions state her displeasure that the U.S. Congress has not voted on the agreement. The opinions expressed are that the U.S. does not want to diminish its top position with IMF Veto power and other international financial levers.

Video posted 08 Oct 2015
Did Germany’s Bundesbank just start playing hard ball with its gold repatriation issue?
Here’s the (short but highly suggestive) article:
“Germany made a 2,300-page list detailing every single bar of gold it owns”


WOW, Deutsche Bank to Post 6.2 Billion Euro Loss for 3rd Quarter!

That is a staggering (7 Billion) loss on a quarterly basis.
What will [non-German] institutional investors do?

No surprise that Deutsche Bank shares fell on the “surprise news“.

See Reuters:

Video posted 07 Oct 2015

The bank may cut or eliminate dividends…

Volkswagen’s CEO and President Apologize!


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “Major Shifts In Germany!
  1. RonMamita says:

    Is This A Media Campaign Against Germany?

    There are transportation industry rumors that the software bug that helps fudge the emission numbers in favor of the cars has been known for over a year and that software may also be in other manufacturers’ cars!
    Now, I ask why was this U.S. allegation made at this time and only against V W?

    Some economic analysts say Germany over invested in China, I remember hundreds of Volkswagen autos were destroyed in the Tianjin Explosion. China’s economic slump affects Germany, and Germany may also be taking economic-hits from the sanctions against Russia.
    The oligarchs, crooks, controlled-mass-media, and the geopolitical institutions all have a stake in this public media hype against Volkswagen and Germany…

    Thus, reading behind the scenes and using discernment becomes a challenge!

    “The VW scandal and “Made in Germany””
    Video posted 07 Oct 2015

    Worrying signs for ‘Made In Germany’

    Video posted 07 Oct 2015
    German industrial orders fell unexpectedly in August as demand from non-euro zone countries weakened.
    As Ivor Bennett reports, it’s raised worries a slowdown in China will cut into exports from Europe’s biggest economy.

    How Germany Is Still Divided By East and West

    video posted 03 Oct 2015

    My question is the DIVIDE still a pro-U.S. vs pro-RUSSIA ? ~Ron

    Germany at 25: Reunification, Reform, Regrowth by Goldman Sachs

    Yeah, by Goldman Sachs! I wanted to hear their “SPIN”!

    Video posted 02 Oct 2015
    Twenty-five years after Germany’s reunification, its economy has grown into one of the five largest in the world. Goldman Sachs economists Huw Pill and Dirk Schumacher discuss Germany’s re-emergence as an economic power and evolving role within Europe. Learn more:
    “Germany is a volatile economy, more volatile than France…”

    Hmm… does that mean it is easier for covert ops to destabilize the German Economy, if Germany doesn’t remain in line with the Western BLOC?
    Can the current World War escalation be halted?
    The currency war spills over to the trade wars, then to military conflict… ~Ron


    Annual G7 summit in Germany Ends With Sanctions Continuing Against Russia

    Amazing duplicity! They face world recession, escalation of World War, and still slap Russia with arbitrary economic sanctions that could further undermine the fragile economies of the world.
    Apparently Germany is being reluctantly dragged into a policy against Russia, how long will this last?
    Some secrets are hiding their real agendas… ~Ron

    video posted 03 Oct 2015


  2. RonMamita says:

    Everything Is Manipulated!

    Forget not this fact. The international monetary system is a managed (mis-managed via secrecy, coercion, fraud and deception) construct. The engineers of that monetary system have “Reset” it in the past. They reset the international monetary system after WWI, again they reset it after WWII, and again they reset it in 1971!
    We are watching them reset it now…

    As we and others have maintained ever since the IMF, in 2010, announced their reforms agreement, that the Chinese Yuan, aka RMB or Renminbi will be included into the basket of World Reserve Currencies alongside the U.S. Dollar.

    The transition is happening, the question is how long and how much opposition…

    “Pressure on IMF to be more radical”
    Video posted 09 Oct 2015

    “China to Share Metadata with IMF – Yuan in SDR Basket Next?”
    Video posted 07 Oct 2015

    Examine & Question Everything, and Think For Yourself

    There is so much to examine!
    Think about secrecy, volatility, unemployment, tax hikes, and expensive food and cost of living.
    And October is usually very volatile, be prepared for more than winter’s cold!

    See how they are campaigning for “Carbon Taxes” under the guise of “Global Warming” – changed to “Climate Change” – changed to “Sustainable Development”.

    “IMF’s Lagarde calls for countries to support a carbon tax”
    Video posted 07 Oct 2015

    Dystopian Future – Orwell Was Right:
    The G8 G7 met again without Russia and keeping economic sanctions against Russia. Details missing from media reports.

    The U.S. Sec. of Defense, Ashton Carter had meetings in Europe concerning Russian airstrikes in Syria. Details missing from media reports.

    So called Free Trade Agreements (TPP, NAFTA, and all the other corporate monopolistic legislation)…

    So called Economic Recovery…

    So called Sustainable Development…

    Technocrats (bankers’ corporate executives with their legal and public relations staff) on target to control the world…

    Video posted 07 Oct 2015


    Fed ADMITS Global Economic Slowdown Preventing Interest Rate Hike!
    Video posted 08 Oct 2015
    “Why October Is the Worst Month for Investors – Bloomberg Business”

    Why do corporate employers like to fire workers after the Fall season?
    Devastating families’ holidays. Kids Christmas ruined.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Approaching Assad would be an about-face in the way the West is dealing with Syria

    Germany, France and others appear to be backing away from the warmongering PNAC-Neocons that seek to exploit military supremacy.

    “The End Of The U.S Empire Is Here”
    Video posted 06 Oct 2015
    “In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down key geo political world moves that will eliminate the U.S from being the global world power that it is.”
    End Quote.

    Warhawks’ Propaganda: U.S. Officially in “Proxy War” with Russia, Putin Is the New Hitler

    Propaganda hyping military conflict against Russia and demonizing President Putin.
    Retired General Jack Keane is a paid lobbyist for war and board member for General Dynamics.
    He also is associated with Frederick Kagan, and the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) the notorious NEOCONS that are connected to 9/11 “a Pearl Harbor Like Event” to justify America waging war…

    Video posted 09 Oct 2015
    If you believe the highly scripted propaganda news networks — and conveniently ignore the recent history of U.S. imperialism in the middle east — then Putin is now the greatest aggressor since Hitler.

    General Jack Keane, a former U.S. Four Star Army General, a board member of military contractor General Dynamics, and a neocon warhawk, gave testimony that Russia has officially started a proxy war with America, and he calls for action to shutdown Russian forces in Syria before Putin can instigate a world war the way that Hitler did.

    In reality, WWIII is and always has been part of the narrative. After toppling or destroying nation after nation in the middle east region, the U.S. bid for a “New American Century” of superpower dominance, must meet Russia in an Endgame.

    This delusional thinking, and its variant strategies, have been responsible for dragging American soldiers into endless wars in theaters across the globe… all while undermining the Constitutional powers for war, and supplanting national sovereignty in favor of world government management.

    Disgusting and sick! Let’s hope their attempt to spark a full blown war — with this “proxy war” as a catalyst — is stopped short.

    Truthstream Can Be Found Here:
    Twitter: @TruthstreamNews
    End quote.


  4. Alan Scott says:

    You’re right. Everything is manipulated. Obama’s defense budget is said to be the largest since the Second World War; The USA is the largest debtor nation in the world – and still we are all obliged to trade using the US dollar, and the Armchair leftists in the US still think Obama is the man!


    • RonMamita says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll reply on your blog-post.
      The Turkish narrative is missing from mass media, as we get slanted news about Kurdish tensions and rigged elections…

      But “Follow The Money” is very important, and the World Bank & IMF annual meeting began yesterday; and more G-20 meetings are scheduled in Turkey. (News report Protests in Lima Peru as the World Bank & IMF meet. Apparently the People want the WB & IMF Out of their country…)
      We need to know the truth.


    • RonMamita says:

      Erosion of The Washington Consensus?

      Will Turkey take the hint and leave NATO?

      The woes that are falling on Germany may be artificial or covert…

      The video below may hint at what is hidden, if discernment can read between the lines:

      Title: “EU turn: ‘European policies must not be dictated by Washington’ ”
      Video posted 09 Oct 2015


  5. RonMamita says:

    If Armed Conflict Isn’t Halted In Syria?

    I have pointed out many times that WWIII had begun sometime after the 2008 crisis, with currency, trade, Iraq-Libya-Syria-Ukraine Wars.
    Furthermore, I pointed to the effect, that if WWIII was allowed to escalate that eventually the world super powers would eventually, no longer limit the war to economics and proxies, but it would spillover to direct military engagement between China, Russia, and U.S.NATO.
    We need to halt armed hostilities. (Many people can not grasp the concept that world wars begin prior to the media announcements.)

    The geopolitical earthquakes keep rolling in, I am guessing that the central banks have agreed to fund the Russian Federation’s military campaign. I have not read this anywhere and as far as I know these details have not been discussed in the public.
    I recall: “France: FM Fabius says Russia will be reimbursed for cancelled Mistral warship”. A few days ago the G-8 met again without Russia, and agreeing to continue with economic sanctions against Russia.
    I guess I am breaking with a news exclusive discussion of what may be going on behind closed doors!

    Think about this: Russia has economic difficulties, they are trade-sanctioned by the WEST’s banking powers.
    Russia’s funds are too limited to face the combined WEST (U.S.NATO and the banks), unless they have been given the funding to go ahead with expensive international military operations in Syria. Russia gets to show off its mighty weapons and dispel any concerns that Russian military capabilities are inferior to the U.S.. Additionally this means that the Russian arms suppliers are capable of resupplying to maintain armaments to the required capacities should war escalate for prolonged and more intense campaigns. War planners can never leave such essentials to chance. The funds and war-products must be pre-planned prior to deployment.
    This is more than a mere geopolitical embarrassment for the Washington Neocons! U.S. Military superiority is challenged. More bluntly stated, the banks have revealed they are capable of funding both sides.
    The Washington Neocons need to be removed from office before they formally declare war on Russia or China!

    The Washington consensus is revealed as ancient history, and the tide is rolling toward a new consensus. The U.S. Dollar is sure to show signs, in the months and years ahead, that its status has changed.
    A lot remains to be revealed, but this is food for thought. As always Follow the Money. ~Ron


    October 11, 2015


    This article originally appeared in German Economic News. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf.

    The French will support Russia’s fight against terrorists in Syria. U.S. President Obama will be kept informed about developments.

    Last Monday, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius took a surprising stance in favor of Russian air strikes in Syria. During an interview with French radio station Europe1 Fabius stated that these aerial attacks must be flown not just against ISIS but against all other groups which can be classified as terroristic. Russia’s news agency TASS also cited this interview.

    The interesting aspect of this interview is the correction of a former announcement of French president Hollande on last Friday arguing Russia is just allowed to hit ISIS – and nobody else.
    This is bad news for NATO. Since the launch of Russia’s air strikes NATO and U.S.-Neocons are keen to escalate the situation accusing the Russians of attacking other terrorist groups beyond IS. But this is exactly the task of the Russians, Fabius declared during his interview.

    Fabius explained further that president Hollande shares of course the same view but had been in a hurry during his last interview and probably was not precise enough. It is very embarrassing for the U.S. and Turkey that Fabius explicitly defined Jabhat al-Nusra Front as potential target. Al Nusra Front– a Syrian Al-Qaida branch is financed and equipped by the U.S. and Turkey.

    A permanent information exchange concerning the progress of the raids has been established. Israel is being informed as well and cooperates with the Russians on an informal basis.

    The French air raids have been flown for a while now. Obviously there is no common idea within NATO concerning the future strategy in Syria. It is not clear whether there is coordination between Russia and France when flying the aerial attacks.

    Gulf states and Turkey share other interests in the region and are opposing the Russians. Turkey is demanding financial support from the EU to cover the cost for running the refugee camps and additionally for some sort of standstill agreement with respect to Turkey’s own military activities in Syria and Northern Iraq.

    Source URL

    Video posted 15 Oct 2015


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