NASA, Soon To Be Retired

Nixon's Lesson for NASA
You may not know this, but many Americans did not think NASA’s Apollo missions ever landed on the Moon.
And guess who was President…

Many more People Worldwide think NASA faked the Moon Landings.
More alarmingly for NASA and the U.S. government is that the real evidence of NASA’s fraud has gone viral on the internet and social media!
24 July 1969 President Nixon welcomes Apollo 11 astronots aboard the USS Hornet.


NASA Lies worse than President Richard, “Tricky Dick”, Nixon.
The U.S. government must retire NASA to salvage government credibility with the international community.
Please help by contacting NASA, and request they stop their fakeries, return taxpayers’ looted money and shut down permanently.
The White House distributes NASA's fake photo of the Earth

White House Press
NASA Headquarters
300 E. Street SW, Suite 5R30
Washington, DC 20546
(202) 358-0001 (Office); (202) 358-4338 (Fax)

You can submit a question to Contact NASA
Public inquiries:
Media inquiries:
The NASA Moscow Liaison Office (NMLO) at the U.S. Embassy represents all of NASA’s programs and offices in Russia. Additional information can be found at the NASA Headquarters webpage.

NASA’s Russian Partners
Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

NASA’s Other Partners In Crime:
China National Space Administration (CNSA)

NASA Liars
Watch these videos and discover NASA’s fraud.

… Astro-not Buzz Aldrin Promotes manned Mars Missions:

…If you have 50 minutes: watch the RAW Uncut Apollo Mission Astronots Faking Their Photo-shoot
Below are a few videos about NASA’s Fraud to share.

There will be much more evidence in the comments section below.
Please contact NASA.
Notice the inconsistencies! Continents' sizes change, the earth is a perfect sphere even thoght scientists claim the earth is pear shape!
When Columbus Sailed to the Americas from Europe, a year hadn’t passed before other Europeans sailed to the Americas.
When the Wright brothers barely flew their powered aircraft, it didn’t take a year before many aircraft sailed the winds.
When NASA claimed to have landed men safely on the Moon with 1960’s primitive technology, 50 years later it is still too challenging today in the 21st century to repeat that event.

Yet, SCIENCE is reportedly all about repeated results, verifiable by all questioning minds!
NASA, your con-game is over.

Professional Liars_NASA


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8 comments on “NASA, Soon To Be Retired
  1. RonMamita says:

    Fish-eye lenses create images with absurd curvature!


    CRAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Did We Walk on the Moon 46 Years Ago with 1960’s Technology?


    Kelly Smith, one of these twentyish engineers, was selected as the official Orion mission’s spokesperson in the following NASA video press release. Notice that at :43 seconds into the film, Smith confirms that the radiation belts are made up of “Extreme Radiation”. At time 3:06 he again refers to the belts as “Dangerous Radiation”. Finally at time 3:36, for the third time, Smith plainly states, “We must solves these (radiation) challenges before we send people through this region of space.”

    You can view the short NASA film by clicking HERE

    The question is, if the solution to the dangerous radiation belt problem has yet to be invented (“We must solves these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”), then how is it that the Apollo crews during their alleged moon missions went through this dangerous and extreme radiation nearly fifty years ago when the necessary equipment to survive doing so has yet to be invented ? (“We must solves these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”)

    Did Kelly Smith reveal this contradiction accidentally or intentionally ?

    When I asked NASA’s press office to interview Kelly Smith about this matter, they refused to grant him permission to talk with me. When I emailed a list of mostly harmless questions about the Orion mission, NASA politely answered all of them. When I submitted a more difficult inquiry about Kelly Smith’s three statements about the dangerous radiation of the Van Allen Belts and how the radiation problem must be solved before NASA sends astronauts through them, NASA refused to reply to these questions, as if I had never asked them. When I asked for the readings of the Orion spacecraft’s onboard Geiger Counters in REM, NASA said that such information was a secret and that I would have to file a “Freedom of Information Act” request to attain the measurements, which I have since done and am awaiting their reply. When I asked why such information about the radiation belts strength in REM is a secret, NASA refused to answer and then terminated all further communication with me. (Just 1 REM per hour is five times a lethal dose, and as you will read below, the Radiation Belts contain up to 100 REM per hour.)

    When NASA sent publicly funded probes and spacecraft to measure the temperature of the sun and the amount of hydrogen in Jupiter’s atmosphere, this information was readily available to scientists and to the public, after all, why would a measurement of a part of nature be a secret? Likewise, the amount radiation in REM in the Van Allen Radiation Belts which surround the earth is simply a part of nature and, as such, there is no reason whatsoever why such elementary measurements of nature should be a government secret . . . unless disclosing such measurements would reveal the impossibility of the Apollo crews having gone through them and surviving with decades older technology, seeing how NASA just acknowledged, accidentally or otherwise, that such protection from this “Dangerous” and “Extreme” radiation has yet to be invented by the space agency and “must” be invented “before we send people through this region of space.”

    Quite interesting, yes ?

    Read more:

    BELOW is one of the Men that Protected The Great Lie:


    Sam Phillips

    Samuel C. Phillips was an Air Force general who, in 1964, was lent to NASA to head the Apollo Moon landing program.


  2. RonMamita says:

    NASA & Government Are Untrustworthy!

    Many put enormous trust in the government, military and NASA and thus claim we have photographic “proof” the earth is a globe. But then you discover, even by NASA’s own admission, that the so-called “pics of Earth from space” are really just (lame) composite artwork: – Rob Skiba reveals fake clouds, duplicated and replicated in Earth image from NASA

    Composite Earths

    “If it is not a grand conspiracy, the Luciferian elite, NASA and the governments of the world sure didn’t help matters much. As you will soon see, the various activities of said agencies left a lot of suspicious bread crumbs lying around to lead one into the conclusion that things certainly could be very different from what we’ve all been taught. Add this to the fact that even the famed Illuminati Card Game has something to say about the subjects being covered here and the mystery becomes that much more intriguing.”

    Illuminati Card Game

    If you don’t know about this card game, click here to get up to speed on it. For a game that was developed in the late 20th century (entering the market in July 1982), it has predicted things in the early 21st century with astounding accuracy, leading many to believe that it may actually be a game someone is playing out in real life.

    – See more at:


    ISS Hoax – The International Space Station Does Not Exist!

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Attributed to Mark Twain

    Video posted 12 May 2014

    Apollo Moon Landing Hoax (The Greatest Hoax in History) 2-26-13

    Posted 26 Feb 2013
    Michael Collins retired in January of 1970
    Neil Armstrong retired in August of 1971
    Buzz Aldrin retired in March of 1972

    Neil Armstrong became a recluse and has never granted one single interview, from anybody, for any reason for the rest of his life.
    Buzz Aldrin had a nervous break down and became an alcoholic.
    Michael Collins did not have to suffer as much as Neil and Buzz because he never had to live the lie of walking on the moon.

    8 Astronauts mysteriously died in 1967…

    Jay Weidner on Fetzer’s show exposing Apollo Hoax and talking about Kubrick

    Video posted 08 Apr 2012
    Below is the podcast:
    Click Here To Listen

    Fake Moon landings – Moon landing hoax – Apollo astronauts staging moon orbit

    Video posted 05 Nov 2013

    Apollo hoaX: Flagging The Gems. PART 1

    Video posted 12 Apr 2011
    Originally uploaded in July 2007.

    “This series was produced from public domain NASA inflight footage from Apollo 10. It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the views of earth from that mission had been pre-filmed and then edited together, as was obvious from camera cutting repeatedly despite running perfectly synchronized to uncut audio communications. This series also showed that pieces of existing Apollo 10 footage, which the transcript confirms to exist, was absent on the Spacecraft Films DVD set despite sold as “complete”.

    Just days after this series was originally posted, Mark Gray of Spacecraft Films filed fraudulent DMCA copyright infringement claims against my videos. This not only resulted in the removal of these films, but the termination of my old account. Legally Spacecraft Films has no claim, because NASA’s footage is public domain.

    Now that it has become clear to Youtube that Gray’s DMCA claims were fraudulent, we at JW Studios are proud to say that Flagging The Gems is restored to Youtube.”

    Spooky moonrover speeds

    Apollo16 moon landing Lunar Moon Rover (LRV) in HD Roy Dawson

    [Looks to me that LRV was driven here on earth and slowed down for special moon effects. But then there is video from China and Russia deceiving their People less convincingly than the U.S. ~Ron]

    The Final one is that One – NASA fake earth clouds shape hoax

    [Below is a comedy spoof mocking NASA’s claims of a spherical Earth. Shadows and deduction are not proof…]

    Video posted 14 Jun 2015


  3. RonMamita says:

    Common Man Talks About NASA

    NASA is called out!

    “NASA You Suck!”

    NASA, “That raises a Red-Flag with me!”
    Video posted 11 Oct 2015 Titled “flat earth”, by Mike Frances

    Video posted 28 Sep 2015

    Video posted 23 May 2015
    NASA Lies.

    Video posted 11 Oct 2015
    rant on “I Fucking Love Science”, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye

    [The stoned guy below may not acknowledge NASA’s alibi for Mars training in Greenland, but he certainly doesn’t believe in NASA and made the effort to produce a video!]

    Video posted 30 Sep 2015

    NASA Deception – Freemason Organization of Theft and Lies

    Video posted 17 Feb 2015


  4. Unbelievable – the issue of the Van Allen Radiation belts is always what troubled me about the so-called Apollo moon launch. I watched the video where the engineer explains that we have to test the shielding before we can safely send people through the Van Allen Radiation belts. Hello? Allegedly we already sent people through the belts in 1969. Are they just going to pretend it didn’t happen.


    • RonMamita says:

      YEP, NASA pretends the public are too stupid to see the contradiction!
      When we call them they ignore us, which is why they need to get flooded with calls.
      Neil Armstrong dropped his head in shame, when President Nixon congratulated him on his moon walk!
      The video clearly showed his shame, see “Apollo Moon Landing Hoax (The Greatest Hoax in History)” video clip above at minute 2:13 where Neil is looking to President “Tricky Dick” Nixon…

      My deceased Grandmother said they (NASA) Lied and never landed on the Moon, may she rest in peace.

      NASA Nazis are already feeling the HEAT from the public!
      See the NASA Nazis disable comments:

      Video posted 04 Oct 2015


  5. RonMamita says:

    Nazi-NASA Blocks Comments On Their Videos!

    Title: “NASA Responds To TruthBomb & Blocks Me LOOL”
    Video posted 05 Oct 2015


  6. RonMamita says:

    18 Oct 2015 ALERT: NASA Disclosure Day!

    “Houston, we have a problem.”

    A internet movement has been announced to SHUTDOWN NASA.
    18 Oct 2015 (Sunday) People will be dropping “TRUTH-bombs” on pro-NASA websites.

    Video posted 14 Oct 2015
    NASA Has Lied To Us.
    NASA Lies!

    Title: “NASA by theoldmarine1”
    Video posted 14 Oct 2015
    “You’ve been bit. But you can recover if you wake up.”

    NASA The Liartists

    Interesting word, Lying-artists and Liar-scientist
    NASA is a pathological liar institution.

    Title: “NASA Lying AGAIN – More Fake Earth Images”

    and he made another video:
    NASA Propaganda – “Video of Earth From ISS”

    “Truth Bomb Hits NASA”:


    Sword of Truth:

    The evidence is in, and it shows:
    NASA has lost the People’s trust!

    Title: “Industrial Valve Expert: The ISS is a LIE” Episode- Flat Earth – SW25
    Video posted 14 Oct 2015
    Mark reads a statement by an industrial valve expert regarding the international space station.
    Johnathan and Sean join the discussion.

    Think about the fuel pumps, the air exchange, and the seal replacement programs.
    Valves are maintained and changed out frequently.
    Now consider the ISS in this light.
    One little pumps change out in 2010 and a little repair in 2013?
    Does NASA have valves that function in impossible environments and seals made of un-obtainium and unicorn tears? I am guessing…

    Actuators (air cylinders)
    Actuators (or air cylinders) are the muscles of moving machinery. Pumps are the hearts of machinery that pump fluids and gases to drive the machines. Valves control the pressures and quantities of the fluids and gases. Actuators push and pull to give the machines
    movement. They have been used for decades to drive the industrial revolution forward. They are the muscles of robots that move their limbs. They hold the hood open on your car so you can check the oil. They open and close the hatches on submarines. They drive needles that weave carpets. They are all around us in every mechanical system. Some are driven with pneumatic air pressure, some use hydraulic fluids and some are electrical. Let us look at the

    Pneumatic (air driven) – On the ISS how would these work? The seal issue is certainly a big problem. Actuators need valves. We covered these problems already. Piston rods rely on dynamic seals and are prone to leakage. Temperature is an issue. Ice cream makers and metal forges struggle with actuators due to the extreme temperatures that they deal with, but consider that they only deal with their end of the temperature range. Ice cream makers
    deal only with extreme cold. Metal forges deal with only extreme heat. What kind of Vulcan technology is NASA using to handle both temperature extremes, let alone in a vacuum?

    Hydraulic (fluid driven) – The same problems as Pneumatic s apply here as well. In addition, Hydraulic actuators drip and “weep” oil. The ISS would become uninhabitable without constant maintenance. Where would the fluid be stored, disposed of, replaced, etc.

    Electronic – This is probably the most probable type NASA would claim that they use.

    They are clean and function without the exchange of pressurized substances. What about maintenance, Lubrication, degaussing, replacing motors, drives, belts, circuits, panels?
    Certainly they would be prone to shorting out and requiring constant care, especially since they cannot be grounded (consider satellites, but that’s another topic). Changing out components is not like changing the brush heads on a vacuum cleaner.

    Maintenance and installation
    Lastly and probably the most important problem, no machine shop.
    All dynamic systems require installation and maintenance. No matter how carefully designed and how advanced a system is, something will require machining. All large Navy craft have
    onboard machine shops. The reason that I use ships and subs as examples is that they are the most similar systems to the ISS that we can relate. They are moving, large, self contained and functioning in hostile environments. Navy vessels must be able to repair, modify or replace anything onboard. Even under the best conditions, metal will warp, screw threads will strip out, seals will leak, welds will break, metal sealing surfaces will get
    scratched, tubes will crack, electronics will short out, motors will overheat, motors will freeze up, critical tools will break, belts will break, cables will snap, etc., etc, etc, ad infinitum.
    The ISS appears to not have a machine shop what so ever.
    How are repairs done?
    Are we to believe that all the replacement parts are flawless modules that snap together perfectly every time like Legos?
    Are there sea containers full of replacements parts floating next door?
    Is there never a time that a critical threaded hole is stripped out and needs to be re-tapped?
    Do parts never warp in the extreme temperatures and need to be re-surfaced?
    Is there welding equipment up there?

    Submarines have welding equipment.
    They can even weld underwater.
    What happens in the event of a structural event that requires welding?
    I know that Captain Kirk and Spock repaired the Enterprise using a Phazer as a welder, but this is supposed to be real. Of course, the chance of fire is too great to weld, but structural damage happens and has to be calculated into the plan.
    As far as I know, it is not. Regarding fire hazards, machine shops throw sparks, lots of sparks. Even if you could haul a lathe, Bridgeport and drill press up to the ISS the danger would be too extreme. This is where NASA “shot themselves in the foot”. For short missions (days, even weeks) this would not be an issue, but when missions are years long….uh no.
    The ISS is great theater but not reality.


  7. RonMamita says:

    Crrow777 Podcast and TFR Interview

    “NASA Lies For A Living” -Crrow777

    Crrow777 Radio will be Launched Soon…

    Published on Oct 14, 2015

    I am announcing that I will be launching a podcast soon that will allow freedom of speech and freedom to edit and show whatever I want to free of big brother.
    It is getting harder with each passing week to exercise free speech and freedom to edit and upload clips.
    Also, this clip had an excerpt of a recent Truth Frequency Radio interview I did that covers secret societies and the sun – among other things.
    Here is a link to the clip mentioned in the interview covering the path of the sun encoded in movies.

    Viewer requested T-shirts:

    If you would like to support the Crow Discovery Project, please use the link below – currently funding night vision shooting abilities.


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