More Evidence Surfaces: Criminals are Running The Federal Reserve

Beware bankers what now
The Federal Reserve with-holds the transcripts of their meetings for 5 years before releasing them to the public.
In 2009 the Federal Reserve knew they had no exit plan from their trillions buyback scheme even as they spoke in public that by 2015 they would return to normal and raise interest rates again.
John Titus searched the Federal Reserve’s Transcripts and shares the evidence of criminal activity…

Banksters Bailouts

Video posted 11 Oct 2015
SGT REPORT interviews John Titus who investigated the Federal Reserve’s Fraud and continuing deception.

Fed Audit Shocker: They Come from Planet Klepto

John Titus: “Criminals are running the Federal Reserve and using it as both a sword to steal money and a shield to conceal their crimes.”

Video posted 14 Sep 2015 From BEST EVIDENCE
While the world breathlessly awaits the outcome of this week’s FOMC meeting—will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates or won’t it?—one thing is clear regardless: the Fed is driving the U.S. into a 2nd depression in order to carry out its one and only remit now that America’s ability to produce real jobs has been reduced to ash, namely, propping up criminal banks with multi-trillion-dollar giveaways.

What’s so disturbing about the fatal path that the Fed has been on for 7 years is that it’s one the Fed went down before, when—by its own admission—it extended and deepened the Great Depression in the late 1930s with a foolhardy policy that jacked up total reserves and destroyed bank lending. In the words of Janet Yellen, “[t]he economy plunged back into depression.” (6/23/09 tr. at p. 175)

That’s curious, because exactly the same dynamic is at work now, as total reserves have skyrocketed since 2008 in perfect dollar-for-dollar tandem with a plunge in lending. The effect on the birth- and death rates of new and existing businesses, respectively, has been catastrophic.

And what has propelled total reserve balances into the stratosphere? Why, it’s the Fed’s fateful decision to pay banks interest for holding money with the Fed–money provided by none other than the Fed itself when it printed $1.73 trillion and handed it to the bustout banks in exchange for worthless mortgage-backed securities. The Fed pulled nearly exactly the same stunt in 1936-37 when it suddenly required banks to maintain higher reserves at the Fed. In both cases, the Fed’s diversion of monies away from the economy proved disastrous. It remains to be seen whether the Fed will need another world war to cover up its ruinous acts.

BestEvidence’s newest film, “They Come from Planet Klepto,” undertakes an intensive examination of the transcript and exhibits from the Fed’s June 2009 FOMC meeting held during the first few critical months of the most ambitious monetary experiment of all time, which the Fed falsely swore was temporary in nature.

As it turns out, the Federal Reserve never intended to unwind the radical balance sheet expansion it began 7 years ago at all, as one of the central purposes of the Fed programs—aside from enabling broke banks to erect an illusion of solvency big enough to justify bonuses—was to cover up the very Wall Street crimes that caused the meltdown of 2008 in the first place.

“Planet Klepto” distinguishes itself from many other worthy efforts along the same lines in its granular treatment of untrammeled criminality driving Federal Reserve policy by lavishing attention on the Fed’s own words, charts, documents, projections, speeches, papers, spreadsheets and data.

Viewers are urged to consider the implications of the Federal Reserve’s proven willingness to prop up, at all costs, the criminal banks controlling it. If criminal giveaways aren’t out of bounds, what’s to stop takeaways when the next meltdown hits?

End quote.

Source materials:
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Ford Theatre Reunion’s Godzilla cover: Music video


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5 comments on “More Evidence Surfaces: Criminals are Running The Federal Reserve
  1. RonMamita says:

    Who Will Fall On The Sword Of Truth First, The Federal Reserve or NASA?

    Institutional Criminality runs amok!

    Remember Matt Drudge revealed:
    Matt Drudge on an interview on InfoWars with Alex Jones, said that “I had a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over”. Drudge said the court had enough votes to shut down websites offering news making it illegal to even link to someone else’s stories. This of course is the fundamental foundation of the free internet. It helps to further knowledge and increases exposure. To shut this down as some violation of copyright law is unbelievable. Plagiarism is a huge problem. But people linking to other’s stories is part of free speech. To shut this down is intended to shut down any alternative news.

    [Perhaps the banksters imagine to escalate WW3 before real criminal investigations begin against the executives and their puppet regulators and politicians. In case you missed the geopolitical tensions on the public stage between U.S., China, and Russia military proximity in various regions.]
    A U.S. defense official told Reuters the United States was mulling sending ships within the next two weeks to waters inside the 12-nautical-mile zones that China claims as territory around islands it has built in the Spratly chain.
    China claims most of the South China Sea, though Washington has signaled it does not recognize Beijing’s territorial claims and that the U.S. navy will continue to operate wherever international law allows.

    “We will never allow any country to violate China’s territorial waters and airspace in the Spratly Islands, in the name of protecting freedom of navigation and overflight,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular news briefing.

    Recorded 21 Sep 2015
    Rick’s top headlines today include Benjamin Netanyahu’s rare trip to Moscow.
    Is there a Russian-Israeli alliance forming?
    He also discusses China and Britain’s stunning announcement today about possibly merging the London and Shanghai stock markets.
    In Part 2, Toronto-based financial analyst Rob Kirby tells Rick that the game is over for the U.S. Federal Reserve


    Malaysia is becoming the poster-child for the crisis in Emerging Markets

    Malaysia & the ECM Turning Point & Goldman Sachs
    Posted on October 12, 2015 by Martin Armstrong

    Malaysia is becoming the poster-child for the crisis in Emerging Markets. The rising tensions between people and government and how things are all connected are clearly being demonstrated by this story developing within the emerging markets. In Malaysia we hear the Central Bank is recommending criminal prosecutions in connection with the controversial investment fund 1MDB – the BBC reported. 1MDB was a sovereign wealth fund which was set up by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, and invested nearly $1.83bn abroad without using proper procedures. The investment bank Goldman Sachs is at the center of the criminal investigation in Malaysia since it organized 1MDB to raise U.S. dollar debt to finance acquisitions of power plants. The currency swap from dollars was also done by Goldman Sachs.

    Goldman Sachs’ role has been highly criticized in the Malaysian media and political circles after it emerged that 1MDB paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the bank for helping it raise $6.5 billions in three bond deals in 2012 and 2013. Goldman Sachs earned around $590 million in fees, commissions and expenses from underwriting the bonds, according to Reuters. Such fees would be highly excessive nearing 10% when such fees are typically only 1% in bond under-writings.The Wall Street Journal reported last July that investigators looking into 1MDB had discovered nearly $700 million was transferred to Najib’s bank accounts, citing documents from the investigation. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak also acts as finance minister in Malaysia and on top of that chairs 1MDB’s advisory board. Malaysia’s anti-corruption commission said the funds deposited in Najib’s accounts were from a donation, not from 1MDB. However, they declined to reveal who such a donor was and for what reason.

    Then this financial mess gets even more convoluted. Abu Dhabi is in the mix through IPIC established in the 1980’s to focus on energy investments. For some strange reason, they have been a supporter of Malaysia as part of its expansion to developing countries and so has already offered financial support. The Abu Dhabi government-owned investment firm revealed that it would pay US$102.7 million in interest payments due this month and next month on two $1.75 billion bonds issued by 1MDB units which are co-guaranteed by IPIC.

    Growing pressures of this corruption scandal are clearly seen by the depreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit over the past few months as illustrated above. However, this is at the heart of emerging market debt that is going to explode with a rising dollar. The total debt that has been raised since 2007 in dollars is nearly 50% of the total US national debt without the economic infrastructure to support it.

    This corruption scandal is starting to make worldwide press with the turn in the ECM on 2015.75.


    Chase: $33 Billion in Fines and Settlements and It’s Business As Usual

    Posted on October 9, 2015 by Neil Garfield has compiled an interesting list of the “Cost of doing business” in the fraudulent corrupt world of falsely securitized loans. To date, according to this list Chase has paid $33,318,000.50. And they are considered to be a strong bank because they have, so far, gotten away with financial murder. But as the new film, “The Big Short” will show, fraud “Always goes south.”

    The big question is when people actually come to understand that there was no loan what will happen? It wasn’t a gift and it wasn’t loan, so what is it? The fact is that the banks stole investors money and then put some of it use for the benefit of the banks and not the investors. They trapped investors into deals they never wanted and did the same to borrowers. The rest of the money they kept as “trading profits.”

    If the banks were to prevail the new law would be that you can steal money, make a deal, and enforce it against both the person from whom you stole the money and the person who thought they were getting a loan when in fact they were being used as a pawn in fraudulent scheme to steal the identity of the borrowers. What a ride!

    And the next question is how much should be awarded as a punitive damage award? $33 Billion has not been enough to even make Chase blink.

    Also see

    JPMorgan’s Fines To Date: The Cost of Doing Business


  2. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Thanks Ron;
    well researched, in peace


  3. I honestly wouldn’t care if the people running the Federal Reserve were saints. The Fed needs to be abolished and there needs to be a ban on private banks creating money out of thin air. This needs to be a publicly controlled function. It’s the only way to restore global economic stability and to ending growing wealth economy – and it’s the only way to end Wall Street and City of London control over our so-called democracies.


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