18 October 2015 DISCLOSURE: NASA Protest Scheduled

“Houston, we have a problem”
18 Oct 2015 NASA Truth Bombed
Military funding has so many revenue streams, is it any wonder they joke of losing $ Trillions?
The Disclosure Movement, is not what many thought!
Why NASA Fighter Jet?

NASA Is Part Of The Military Industrial Complex

Question NASA !
A internet movement has been announced to SHUTDOWN NASA.
18 Oct 2015 (Sunday) People will be dropping “TRUTH-bombs” on pro-NASA websites and phones.
Action: Inform Everyone of NASA’s Deception!
By Asking critical questions, Sharing the hidden facts, requesting immediate shutdown, and more…

NASA Images are Fakes!
Please Question ALL, SHARE and make it viral over social media!



Mass Awakening
Can NASA’s servers handle the TRUTH?
Can NASA employees handle the Shame?
Can citizens handle more TAX Hikes to fund NASA fakeries and more Wars?
X24 U.S. Airforce and NASA
NASA’s part in the SpaceWars:
WB-57 NASA African Flight1Location: Camp Lemonnier
NASA’s Canberras are most known for carrying atmospheric sensors, long-range stabilized video telescopes and mapping payloads. Yet the military contract WB-57s most notably carry a military data-link and communication networking package that can fuse many types of disparate military data-link’s information into a common ‘picture.’ It can then rebroadcast that picture back out as one god’s eye view of the battlefield in all the various ‘languages’ and waveforms used by aircraft and weapon systems around the battlespace. This means that an A-10 Warthog using a Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL) can share its ‘sensor picture’ with Super Hornet using the more prevalent Link 16/MIDS waveform and data terminals and via-versa. Basically, the WB-57F, when configured with this system, known as the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN), becomes a high-flying, super-computing, data-fusion and rebroadcasting gateway.

Why There's A NASA Jet At A Massive Military Complex In Africa

Some people will question why NASA would be providing such a militarized capability with its civilian aircraft. The truth is that NASA and the DoD are not distant acquaintances and have long-held a very tight relationship. Modern proof of this reality is that one of NASA’s WB-57s has been flying out of Nellis AFB during large force employment exercises (LPE), such as Red Flag, on and off for the better part of a decade. Its job being to providing an active network over the battlefield from the ground up, while also working as a data-fusion gateway for the various players’ unique data-link technologies. That is not to say that this is their only job, secondary capabilities could be added, and even the WB-57’s extremely powerful nose-mounted camera could record maneuvering aircraft or ground operations at very long distances.
Why There's A NASA Jet At A Massive Military Complex In Africa
Since the NASA WB-57 team is all about rapidly adapting and flying elaborate and experimental payloads for its customers, the aircraft are a dream for weapons makers. New sensors can be quickly tested and deployed, including radar reconnaissance payloads which can be used to track moving vehicles on roads, small boats on waterways, or even the movements of large groups of people over open terrain. Additionally, a WB-57 can use multi-spectral mapping equipment to survey a large area in search of a militant camp, or to create up to date maps for a special operations raid. To put it bluntly, the utility for such an aircraft in the region and for Joint Task Force Horn Of Africa is vast.

Why There's A NASA Jet At A Massive Military Complex In Africa
Why There's A NASA Jet At A Massive Military Complex In Africa
Read more…
Too much information to include here. Do your research and uncover the NASA Deception.

Sword of Truth:

The evidence is in, and it shows:
NASA has lost the People’s trust!

Title: “Industrial Valve Expert: The ISS is a LIE” Episode- Flat Earth – SW25
Video posted 14 Oct 2015
Mark reads a statement by an industrial valve expert regarding the international space station.
Johnathan and Sean join the discussion.

Think about the fuel pumps, the air exchange, and the seal replacement programs.
Valves are maintained and changed out frequently.
Now consider the ISS in this light.
One little pumps change out in 2010 and a little repair in 2013?
Does NASA have valves that function in impossible environments and seals made of un-obtainium and unicorn tears? I am guessing…

Actuators (air cylinders)
Actuators (or air cylinders) are the muscles of moving machinery. Pumps are the hearts of machinery that pump fluids and gases to drive the machines. Valves control the pressures and quantities of the fluids and gases. Actuators push and pull to give the machines
movement. They have been used for decades to drive the industrial revolution forward. They are the muscles of robots that move their limbs. They hold the hood open on your car so you can check the oil. They open and close the hatches on submarines. They drive needles that weave carpets. They are all around us in every mechanical system. Some are driven with pneumatic air pressure, some use hydraulic fluids and some are electrical. Let us look at the

Pneumatic (air driven) – On the ISS how would these work? The seal issue is certainly a big problem. Actuators need valves. We covered these problems already. Piston rods rely on dynamic seals and are prone to leakage. Temperature is an issue. Ice cream makers and metal forges struggle with actuators due to the extreme temperatures that they deal with, but consider that they only deal with their end of the temperature range. Ice cream makers
deal only with extreme cold. Metal forges deal with only extreme heat. What kind of Vulcan technology is NASA using to handle both temperature extremes, let alone in a vacuum?

Hydraulic (fluid driven) – The same problems as Pneumatic s apply here as well. In addition, Hydraulic actuators drip and “weep” oil. The ISS would become uninhabitable without constant maintenance. Where would the fluid be stored, disposed of, replaced, etc.

Electronic – This is probably the most probable type NASA would claim that they use.

They are clean and function without the exchange of pressurized substances. What about maintenance, Lubrication, degaussing, replacing motors, drives, belts, circuits, panels?
Certainly they would be prone to shorting out and requiring constant care, especially since they cannot be grounded (consider satellites, but that’s another topic). Changing out components is not like changing the brush heads on a vacuum cleaner.

Maintenance and installation
Lastly and probably the most important problem, no machine shop.
All dynamic systems require installation and maintenance. No matter how carefully designed and how advanced a system is, something will require machining. All large Navy craft have
onboard machine shops. The reason that I use ships and subs as examples is that they are the most similar systems to the ISS that we can relate. They are moving, large, self contained and functioning in hostile environments. Navy vessels must be able to repair, modify or replace anything onboard. Even under the best conditions, metal will warp, screw threads will strip out, seals will leak, welds will break, metal sealing surfaces will get
scratched, tubes will crack, electronics will short out, motors will overheat, motors will freeze up, critical tools will break, belts will break, cables will snap, etc., etc, etc, ad infinitum.
The ISS appears to not have a machine shop what so ever.
How are repairs done?
Are we to believe that all the replacement parts are flawless modules that snap together perfectly every time like Legos?
Are there sea containers full of replacements parts floating next door?
Is there never a time that a critical threaded hole is stripped out and needs to be re-tapped?
Do parts never warp in the extreme temperatures and need to be re-surfaced?
Is there welding equipment up there?

Submarines have welding equipment.
They can even weld underwater.
What happens in the event of a structural event that requires welding?
I know that Captain Kirk and Spock repaired the Enterprise using a Phazer as a welder, but this is supposed to be real. Of course, the chance of fire is too great to weld, but structural damage happens and has to be calculated into the plan.
As far as I know, it is not. Regarding fire hazards, machine shops throw sparks, lots of sparks. Even if you could haul a lathe, Bridgeport and drill press up to the ISS the danger would be too extreme. This is where NASA “shot themselves in the foot”. For short missions (days, even weeks) this would not be an issue, but when missions are years long….uh no.
The ISS is great theater but not reality.

Video posted 14 Oct 2015
NASA Has Lied To Us.
NASA Lies!

Title: “NASA by theoldmarine1”
Video posted 14 Oct 2015
“You’ve been bit. But you can recover if you wake up.”

18 Oct 2015 (Sunday) People will be dropping “TRUTH-bombs” on pro-NASA websites.
It is not a one day event.
Boycott NASA until it is SHUT Down!

Nazi-NASA Blocks Comments On Their Videos!

Bruce Banner, the mild mannered scientist, told NASA: "Don't make 'em Angry, because they turn into the incredible HULK!"


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “18 October 2015 DISCLOSURE: NASA Protest Scheduled
  1. RonMamita says:

    The Most Beautiful Flat Earth Story!

    A In-Flight Emergency With A Great Ending!
    Woman had premature birth with emergency landing that proves the Flat Earth…

    Title: “Emergency birth proves the Earth is FLAT”
    Video posted 15 Oct 2015 by rollingthunder42
    A woman gives birth on the flight from Bali to Los Angeles and proves the Earth is flat by an emergency landing in Alaska. After going into labor, the pilot informed the airline company and requested permission to land at Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport in Alaska, which is impossible on a spinning ball but makes perfect sense on a flat Earth.
    The EARTH Is Flat and That Is That!
    Emergency flight from bali to los angeles
    A unexpected surprise happened Early (from last night to early dawn 15 Oct-16 Oct 2015) this morning!
    Last night I watched a video about a in-flight emergency stop for a live birth, and I shared the story not to debate the flat Earth, but to share a beautiful story that also had a synchromystic esoteric element about flat Earth. The video was taken as it was presented, simply just that it was a curiously interesting story. Yes, we agreed it is a interesting story.
    I thought that would be the end of that, and I went to sleep.
    I woke early and when I logged in, I saw a reply, no wait a lot of comments, WOW!
    That was the surprise, to see additional comments from people who had not commented on the top NASA story (about water on Mars), I mean my comment was the Only comment on a few days old post, and I did not expect additional traffic to show up.
    Anyway, one comment called people who present the non-heliocentric model (“flatties”) Quote: “My believe is- most of the flatties lack some “sophistication” in Physics and/or Mathematics.” End Quote.
    In reply I took the time to draw lines on the “AE” USGS map from Bali to California, which I share in the image above.
    My wish is for TRUTH Seekers to be polite, stop calling derogatory names (calling someone a retard does not prove your theory about a spinning ball Earth) and begin your own research into the the topic. ~Ron

    Title: Flat Earth Song – Eratosthenes Was Wrong – By Chris Wrok
    Video posted 15 Oct 2015

    WHY Does NASA Have Fighter Jets?

    NASA’s F-18 Aerial refueling for the camera

    “Star Fighters”, and Fighter Jets for NASA doesn’t seem STRANGE to you?

    Official NASA poster for International Space Station Expedition 45 was revealed in Feb 2015:
    Official NASA Poster for ISS Feb 2015
    Some people may say this is innocent fun, however I think they are laughing at the audience.
    Like saying to themselves:
    “You dumb taxpayers believe this is real and fund our expensive fantasies”…

    NASA Deception: Freemason Organization of Theft and Lies


    Moon’s Eclipse reveal Stars behind the Moon!

    Title: “eclipse of the transparent Moon”

    Video posted 02 Oct 2015 by blue fox
    “using my 5″ telescope and videoing through a 17mm eye peace at 52.9X showing the stars shining through the moon during the
    eclipse. if you look at the third elipse picture before i enlarge it you will see one star to the right of the moon at 9 o’clock and one at 10 o”clock.
    this will give you some kind of reference of size off the stars.”
    End quote.

    Flat and Level Used For Evidence

    “How To Prove A Spinning Ball Earth If NASA Faked Earth’s Photos?

    Title: “Flat Earth proven”

    Video posted 05 Oct 2015 by The Antistablishment

    More To Ponder and Research:

    “If Hindsight is 20/20 When Will Humanity Turn Around To Look Back?”

    Video posted 14 Oct 2015 by Love and Liberation

    Below is a Rob Skiba video that shares hints…

    Title: “Flat Earth Coincidences”
    Video posted 20 Sep 2015

    Title: “US Navy Missile Instructor confirms FLAT EARTH – SW21”
    Video posted 20 Sep 2015
    Active FC1 (SW/AW) United States Navy
    NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System Instructor
    Master Training Specialist

    1. From everything he has observed with military equipment during his last 5 year tour, there is absolutely no curvature to the Earth.

    2. There is no Coriolis effect taken into account with the ranged weapon systems he has been working with for 10 years. The world isn’t spinning.

    3. That navigation systems and maps currently being used by the military on the open oceans are completely wrong.

    And much more…

    [Watch Mark’s other discussions with professionals who now understands the Earth is not a spinning Ball!
    Experts in the career fields of land surveys, Submarines, and Flight Instructor. ~Ron]

    Get popcorn and a cold beverage to enjoy a Structural Engineer Near Kennedy Space Center Florida critically question NASA claims!
    NASA is toasted.
    *One highlight, out of many, that I want you to note from the discussion below is at the 1 hour que Patricia asks Brian: Why are there people out there who can use math to prove the Earth is a spinning ball and other people who use math to prove the Earth is flat and stationary?
    Brian doesn’t give a answer but notes he found flaws in their gravitational and distance equations. However I would like to remind all researchers who investigate the math equations for any theory to ALWAYS investigate the foundational assumptions for the equations. For example, the “scientist”, Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître, proposed the “Big Bang Theory” for the how the universe began… If you question the assumptions for the equations that follow, then all the correct math that follows is worthless because of the false premise the theory is founded upon a magical explosion from nothing. Enjoy the video discussion! ~Ron

    Title: “Patricia Steere w/Brian Mullin. #15 Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes”
    Video posted 02 Oct 2015

    Mr. Mullin shares his questions in his videos:
    1st vid

    Title: “Balls Out Physics Episode 1: Planes Flying on a Spinning Ball”
    Video posted 24 Aug 2015

    2nd vid

    Title: “Balls Out Physics Episode 2: The Gravitational Constant”
    Video posted 23 Sep 2015

    3rd vid

    Title: “Balls Out Physics Episode 3: Centripetal Force, Gravity, and the Sun”
    Video posted 27 Sep 2015
    See also:

    The Micheleson-Morey Flat Earth Experiments (1887)

    Where is the Curvature?

    Where is the Curvature? Part II

    Is the Earth a Sphere? Cruisin’ at 30,000 ft.


    • RonMamita says:

      Patricia Steere talked about “Emergency birth proves the Earth is FLAT”

      Title: “Patricia Steere w/Mark Sargent/David Weiss. #20. Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes”
      Video posted 16 Oct 2015
      This is a recorded version of the LiveStream 15 Oct 2015 “Flat Talk From The Flatlands. Q & A time!”


  2. RonMamita says:

    NASA Can’t Take The Truth, Disables Comments To Hide Truth

    Title: “The Flat Earth Domino Effect – NASA Fraud”

    Video posted 15 Oct 2015

    NASA’s Fraud Is MASSIVE and Worldwide!

    There is no such thing as “Private Space Industry”!
    I want the Tax dollars returned!
    Homes and food for the poor…

    Title: “ATTACK NASA Global Space Fraud Program…!!!”

    Video posted 15 Oct 2015 by FakeSpaceman InSpace


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