Lost Trust In The System: More Legal Complaints

I have lost count of how many discussions where I talked about lost trust and betrayed trust in institutions from religious, to banking and all between, as institutions attempt to make policies and implement worldwide governance.

Maybe I have talked about lost trust more than 200 times in detail.
Which is why I get some measure of entertainment when it goes to court and legal complaints charging wrong doing and harm!

Before you read the current events below about the Legal Suit against major banks, I want to share some background.
I recall back in March 2015 Swiss Banking Giant UBS Settled $135 Million with U.S. Law Firm Hausfeld in Forex manipulation cases.
I also recall saying that this wasn’t over, I was referring to the systemic fraud and corruption revealed in LIBOR and Forex rigging.

The Legal firm Hausfeld, (it was reported in October 2015) received €30 million euros investment from third party litigation funder Burford Capital to open services in Germany.
The Burford investment pot is the largest-known facility established to fund litigation in Germany, where Hausfeld states there is ‘significant and growing client demand for funding’, particularly in antitrust-related litigation.

A statement this morning [28 Oct 2015] added that Burford’s ‘commitment will ensure that these claims have the necessary resources’.

Hausfeld’s new foreign office opened in January 2016 and is located at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, after the firm secured an investment of at least €30m from litigation funder Burford to bankroll German claims, according to published reports.

Also this month (14 Jan 2016) Goldman Sachs reached two settlements on 2 different legal cases where the corporation agreed to pay a paltry $15 million (just petty cash for Goldman) in the smaller case, and a whopping $5 Billion (protection racket cost to stay in business) to settle the larger case with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC is regulatory agency)!
Whereas the legal case with the smaller fine may have revealed more behind the great veil of secrecy and fraud with the complex Wall Street Plumbing attached: securities lending, and short-selling, executing trades for hedge funds and other large institutional investors.

With those legal findings some of Goldman Sach’s customers may now be able to file new legal complaints to recover damages from the firm, securities lawyers say.

Fraud & Corruption is Rampant!
I imagine turbulent years ahead for the risky investment landscape of vultures and wolves, where corporate and commercial Law will be a growth market for skilled litigators.
Apparently, the litany of lawsuits have only just begun against the institutions… ~Ron

Lawsuit against German Bank: central bankers want compensation from Deutsche Bank

An American law firm is planning a class action suit in Europe against the major banks involved in the currency manipulations.
These banks have already paid billions in fines; now comes the lawsuits.
If they stay out of New York City, they might get a real court to go after the bankers.
The lawyers have said that they have corporations and central banks of countries lining up as clients as well. –Martin Armstrong

What is going on just behind those windows?What is going on just behind those windows?

The German bank (Deutsche Bank) has been involved in many scandals, but that European central bankers therefore recover damages from Germany’s leading financial institution, would be a first. Exactly this is the case, says Christopher Rother, partner of the American law firm Hausfeld in Berlin: The we represent clients from Europe include not only pension funds, large corporations and commercial banks also central banks,” Rother said in an interview with this newspaper.

The scandal has been smoldering since two and a half years ago, over the manipulation of currency markets. Therefore, major international banks had already paid fines amounting to billions. They have manipulated exchange rates in foreign exchange transactions, to the detriment of their customers in order to pocket profits itself.

No comments from European Central Bank (ECB)
First, the investigation of the regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States focus primarily on collusion between dealers of various institutions in the highly intransparent currency market. A number of new claims for compensation of law firm Hausfeld contrast aim to software tricks in electronic foreign exchange trading. The currency trade is with daily sales of more than $ 5 trillion, the largest segment of the global financial market.

Read More: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/klage-gegen-deutsche-bank-notenbanker-wollen-schadensersatz-von-der-deutschen-bank-14019383.html

Untrustworthy & Dishonorable

Institutional Deception and political deception
The Legal complaints are but symptoms and probably a growing trend, while the mass shift in awareness and consciousness reveals a mass loss of Trust in institutions claiming the public trust.
If knowledge of mass deception and psyops becomes common knowledge then the crisis in government is bare, with no citizen support to sustain government as we know it.
That social phenomena would be a sign of the end to this current Age of Deception.

Peaceful Noncompliance:
Saying NO, communicates a powerful message!
The message is nonviolent.
The message is clear, direct, concise, and unambiguous.

I had several discussions asking, What If government lost the trust and support of the citizens?
Note some interesting possibilities:

  • Tax boycotts
  • Corporate boycotts
  • Walkouts and Walk-offs by students and workers
  • Alternative currencies and local currencies
  • Alternative engineering, alt. technologies, and alt. farming
  • Holistic healing modalities
  • Resurgence of entrepreneurs, social media, and small business.
  • P2P exchanges and networks
  • Resurgence in local amateur entertainment, talents, and sports
  • Land and Sea Exploration
  • Founding of new small communities
  • PANIC by institutions: Governments, Wall Street, central banks, mega-corporations, and other institutional investors, aka development funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF)
  • Announce a State of Emergency and Martial Law
  • Use of force in an attempt at coercion to force compliance and obedience from citizens
  • Short lived implementation of draconian laws and failed overt tyranny
  • Abolish legislation and governing authorization
  • Emergence of a different Age with sweeping cultural change…

Is when institutions conjure up visions of the populous not buying products, not showing up for work, withdrawing their assets from the banks, and in other words boycotting institutions where institutions lose all their control due to lack of public support and trust.
That is indeed a nightmare for globalists and their institutions.
The influential power hidden in the shadows of banking, governments, religions, and other elite constructs would panic.

With imagination comes creative energy with a focus on alternatives and solutions.
In this light, opportunities for something better are presented.
My wish is that communication technology will assist us in spreading awareness.
We can share our knowledge.
We can share ourstories.
We can share our vision.
We can Amplify our creativity and innovation.
Perhaps then this Age of Deception will transition to the next Age…




Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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8 comments on “Lost Trust In The System: More Legal Complaints
  1. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Thanks Ron, great write; mass stay aways like in the 1950s Defiance Campaign in South Africa which eventually brought apartheid to its knees and they were not much different to your current government;


    • RonMamita says:

      Glad to hear from you and thank you for sharing.

      Stop the flow of commercial paper and things change rapidly.
      When the banks face another round of bankruptcies the crisis will be very interesting!


  2. RonMamita says:

    Kissinger Helping HSBC Flee Country

    Sadly for the people of the UK, HSBC’s threats to move may just be a bargaining strategy they’re using to wring yet more concessions out of the British government.

    January 27 2016, By James Corbett http://www.theinternationalforecaster.com/International_Forecaster_Weekly/Kissinger_Helping_HSBC_Flee_Country

    HSBC is the world’s fourth largest bank by assets and a sanctions busting, https://www.globalwitness.org/sites/default/files/its%20not%20just%20tax%20%20final_0.pdf
    money laundering bank for terrorists and drug dealers, so it should be no surprise that they have just hired unconvicted war criminal Henry Kissinger to help advise them on fleeing the UK.

    You see, HSBC isn’t happy with the current banking environment in the UK. After “suffering” through the outrageous wrist slap of its drug money laundering settlement (equivalent to five weeks of income for the bank), HSBC began a temper tantrum over the UK’s bank levy, a bank tax that was instituted in 2011. Accordingly, last summer the UK government started the phase out of the levy exactly as requested, but added a surcharge on bank profits. This is evidently too much for the banksters, who are now threatening to move their racket to Canada or maybe Hong Kong or somewhere else entirely.

    So it’s only logical for them to turn to Heinz Kissinger, a man who has run from investigators in France, Spain, Chile and Argentina to help advise them on how to flee the country. (Ig)Nobel Peace Prize winner Kissinger is notorious for the war crimes he committed during his tenure as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Nixon and Ford. During that time he participated in Operation Condor, drafted a plan for food control genocide, orchestrated the 1973 oil crisis, illegally bombed Cambodia, neo-colonized China and generally acted as a good minion for the New World Order he’s constantly pimping. After all, who else would better understand how to help the HSBC banksters escape the suggestion that they might face the tiniest of consequences for their crimes?

    Sadly for the people of the UK, HSBC’s threats to move may just be a bargaining strategy they’re using to wring yet more concessions out of the British government. They are expected to come to a decision early this year and have reportedly brought in other international advisers along with Kissinger to discuss the potential geopolitical ramifications of such a move.

    kissinger_war_crimesWhatever the case, the situation is best summed up by former Corbett Report guest Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance:

    “Without a doubt Henry Kissinger and the decision makers at HSBC are responsible for a number of horrible atrocities around the world. This partnership in hell cannot signal anything positive for the free people of Earth. It’s time for the free hearts and minds of the world to confront Kissinger, HSBC executives, and all the people in positions of “authority” who are seeking to control our lives. Let them know we are here, they are not welcome, and freedom is coming.”


    The Real Elite Are Not At Davos

    So if these are not the string-pullers and masters of the universe that the media loudly proclaims them to be, who are the string-pullers? The question is bound to provoke much meaningless debate and speculation about who is at the top of the pyramid…

    January 23 2016, By James Corbett http://www.theinternationalforecaster.com/International_Forecaster_Weekly/The_Real_Elite_Are_Not_At_Davos

    We are told by the well-coiffed liars of the mainstream media that the world’s “elite” have descended on Davos, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum where the rich and powerful hobnob over hot cocoa as they find better ways to swindle the public, wreak havoc and ride out the coming financial crisis. As usual, though, the talking heads are not just wrong; they’re doubly wrong.

    First, the word “elite” when applied to the psychopaths who have risen to the top of our current economic dungheap is a blatant misnomer. “Unconvicted criminals” is, for the most part, a more apt description.

    And second, the gaggle of glitterati, hangers-on and nouveau riche that hog the headlines at Davos can hardly be considered the “elite” even in the sense that the MSM liars mean it. Oh sure, there are some attendees with some genuine clout in the world of business and finance (BP’s Bob Dudley, GM’s Mary Barra, John McFarlane of Barclays, Stuart Gulliver of HSBC, Paul Polman from Unilever, etc.) and some political puppets who have been selected to enact their agendas in government (Trudeau, Biden, Kerry, Netanyahu, Tsipras). There’s even debt plantation master Lagarde from the IMF to make sure they’re all on track. But there’s an awful lot of eye candy, celebrity and minor players to distract the press and the public from the real movers and shakers. To use the word “elite” to describe the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Spacey and Bono seems to stretch the word’s meaning to its breaking point.

    So if these are not the string-pullers and masters of the universe that the media loudly proclaims them to be, it begs the question: who are the string-pullers? The question is bound to provoke much meaningless debate and speculation about who is at the top of the pyramid, but we can move at least one rung up the ladder by following the track from last week’s column on eugenics.

    Last week we explored the pseudoscientific quackery of the eugenicists who enshrined the idea that the “elite” psychopaths at the top are “elite” because they are a race of genetically superior people. Although the idea seems laughable at this point, at the turn of the 20th century it was nearly universally believed by anyone and everyone in upper class circles and polite society. It was touted by politicians and presidents, praised by pundits and pamphleteers, affirmed by professors and professionals. Worse, it was enshrined in laws that forcibly sterilized the “feeble-minded” and other “degenerates,” laws that remained on the books for much of the century.

    But for the cadre of gentlemen scientists who developed and propounded this ideology, it was not just a theory; it was a religion. To their credit, they were devout enough adherents to this religion to practise what they preach. A quick look at the family trees of the key families involved with the formulation and promulgation of eugenics will show the very same inbreeding that was found amongst the royalty of old and the descendents of the American robber barons. And this time, the inbred elite believed they had a scientific underpinning for their penchant for marrying cousins and nieces: by breeding only among themselves, they could insure their “pure” genes would not become debased by the “dysgenic” genes of the commoners.

    Charles Darwin, for one, was obsessed with inbreeding, and well he had reason to be. For generations the Darwins had intermarried with the Wedgwoods, and Charles was no exception. He married his first cousin, Emma Wedgwood. Both were descended from the founder of the famed pottery dynasty, Josiah Wedgwood, who had himself married his third cousin. Darwin, to his credit, began to suspect that there were possible drawbacks to such inbreeding when three of his ten children, frail and sickly, died in childhood, and another three were childless despite long-lasting marriages. This was not unique to Charles and Emma: of 62 descendents of Josiah Wedgwood, only 24 had children who survived to adulthood. So concerned was Charles by this phenomenon—especially when his own botanical research demonstrated the detrimental effects of inbreeding in the plant kingdom—that he petitioned parliament to include a question about marriages to cousins on the 1871 British census (a request that the Parliament turned down).

    Charles’ misgivings did not stop the Darwin-Wedgwoods from continuing to marry each other and a select few families in elite British scientific elites, including the Galtons and the Huxleys. Nor did the failure of this applied study in eugenics to produce a “superior” human being dissuade the family from pursuing eugenics research with maniacal fervour.

    Francis Galton coined the term eugenics, established the first eugenics research laboratory at University College London, started a monthly journal called The Eugenics Review and founded the Eugenics Society of Great Britain. The member rolls of the British Eugenics Society read not only as a who’s who of elite British scientific circles in the early 20th century, but also an extended family tree of Darwin and Galton themselves. Members included:

    Leonard Darwin – He succeeded Francis Galton as society president from 1911. Although he had no scientific degree or training, he did worry about the breeding habits of the commoners and he did marry his first cousin. He was Charles Darwin’s son.

    John Maynard Keynes – President of the society from 1937-44. He was a celebrated economist who argued for a world central bank and global currency. His younger brother married Charles Darwin’s granddaughter.

    Charles Galton Darwin – A prominent member of the society who believed that the lower class’ drive to produce large families threatened the future of the human race. He was Charles Darwin’s grandson.

    Julian Huxley – President of the society from 1959-62. He was a biologist who was well-known for arguing that human “stocks” needed to be controlled and managed like agricultural stocks. He gave the Galton memorial lecture twice, received the Darwin Medal from the Royal Society and the Darwin-Wallace Medal from the Linnean Society, and his half-niece married Charles Darwin’s great-grandson.

    From among the ranks of these tight-knit, interbred society arose people of power and influence, people who in large part are responsible for shaping the world as we know it.

    Take John Keynes. Today he is best known for the economic doctrine, Keynesianism, that now bears his name. Although his theory was vastly more complex than is generally understood (and his actual writings have been read by very few), its modern formulation should be familiar to readers of Paul Krugman and other master misinformers of the economic world. In a nutshell, this neo-Keynesianism holds that central bank money printing is the answer to all of our economic ills. This line of thinking is more or less directly responsible for the QE nightmare that we are only now beginning to feel the effects of, and has even brought us such sterling examples of broken window fallacy arguments as Krugman’s assertion on national television that a fake alien invasion would be a big boon for the economy.

    Or take Julian Huxley. His grandfather, T.H. Huxley, was known as “Darwin’s bulldog” for his fierce defense of Darwin’s work. Of course Huxley’s motivation was at least partially to mix his DNA with Darwin, a dream that came true a few generations later. Meanwhile Julian’s brother, Aldous, was warning of the Brave New World we are sleep-walking into via a novel that he later admitted was inspired by his familiarity with real-world mind control experiments. But Julian was busy promoting eugenics through the organizations he helped to found: UNESCO (whose founding document he wrote and which explicitly advocates eugenics) and the World Wildlife Fund (proponent of depopulation and carbon eugenics).

    Another Eugenics society member (this time from the American branch of the movement) we discussed last week: Margaret “cleaner race” Sanger, who referred to black people as weeds and said that the best thing a family can do to an infant is to kill it. She went on to found Planned Parenthood, one of whose mid-20th century board members was William H. Gates, Sr., better known as the father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Bill made sure to name-check his father and his position in Planned Parenthood in early interviews about his foray into “philanthropy.” Since then, the Gates’ generous “philanthropy” has brought us such boons to humanity as a sterilization microchip, the Common Core disaster and deadly, no-consent vaccine “trials” in India.

    Oh, but did we mention Gates is in Davos this week for the festivities there? Maybe that’s what the MSM meant by “elites.” Funny they won’t discuss his appearances at the Bilderberg Group.

    Indeed it’s quite breathtaking to think about the influence that these interlocking eugenicist families have had on the shape of the world we’re living in today. But identifying the families themselves is the easy part. Identifying what they’ve done to bring about their eugenics agenda and what they’re working on next is the hard part…


  3. I guess that’s what you get when you turn your government over to criminal gangs.


    • RonMamita says:

      As in a worldwide cartel:
      United Nations, G-20, IMF members, Bilderberg Group, and others…

      The world is being developed by ’em, listen to another part of their 21st century plan for the “4th industrial revolution“:
      “In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.
      […] one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.” –Klaus Schwab was born in Germany in 1938, and is Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

      Where their Davos WEF study concludes a net 5.1 million jobs will vanish in the world’s 15 leading countries. Those countries account for roughly two-thirds of the global workforce.

      The report is a 167 page PDF slog:


  4. RonMamita says:

    The Federal Reserve is in a real crisis. Interest rates are falling negative worldwide

    Which has only succeeded in stimulating misery and distrust!

    governor chris christie
    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie commented on the crisis:

    Let me be honest with the people who are watching at home. The government has lied to you, and they have stolen from you. They told you that your Social Security money is in a trust fund. All that’s in that trust fund is a pile of IOUs from money they spent on something else a long time ago. And they stole it from you because now they know they cannot pay these benefits, and Social Security is going to be insolvent in seven to eight years.

    Armstrong Quote:

    Of course there are many of us who have already lost our confidence in government. Odds are you would not be reading the blog otherwise. Granted, more than three million unique viewers read this blog. We are still well below the 10% mark of the U.S. adult population, which is about 23 million, so we are far from that level at this time.
    […] Social Security goes bust in 2017, and our computer is projecting we will most likely see a collapse in confidence between 2017 and 2020.

    Therefore, it is still premature to expect a breakout just yet. Governments are still moving toward negative interest rates. This will help shift capital from PUBLIC to PRIVATE.

    The volatility is still insane. Gold should make a new low this year. However, since we DID NOT get the sell signal in gold at year-end, this is the bounce, so do not expect it to be a breakout just yet. –Martin Armstrong 4 Feb 2016

    Gold & the Dow



    Dear Mr. Armstrong,

    I have a question for your Blog . Do we need a falling dollar, like today, to see Gold rise?

    Thank you


    ANSWER: No. When the majority begin to see that the government is really in trouble, gold will rise with stocks as they did going into 1980 as well as 1929 (in basket terms). The press is still touting that the world is fine with government in charge. The polls show that people are losing faith. This gradual process will snap in 2017.

    The REAL function of gold is to act as a hedge against government — not inflation. We do not find any correlation that is consistent to imply that increasing the money supply will make gold rise. When you put the theory aside and just look at the data, you will see that gold rises when CONFIDENCE in government declines. When gold hit $875 in 1980, the national debt of the U.S. reached $1 trillion. We are now approaching $20 trillion. Obviously, all the sales jobs they use to sell gold are fictional.

    NYGOLD-Y 1920-1950Yearly: 1920 to 1950 in a Basket of Global Currencies

    Here is what gold really did during the 1920 to 1950 period through the eyes of a basket of currencies, rather than just the gold standard fix of $20.67 and then $35. The dollar rose extremely high going into 1934, which is why Roosevelt devalued the dollar. Gold had actually fallen

    NYGOLD-M 1963-1973

    Now look at gold in January 1970. It fell BELOW the Bretton Woods gold standard price of $35. I was a kid, and I was stunned at the time. I thought gold could never go under the “official” pegged price. I was clearly wrong. With time, I came to see that markets always made a FALSE MOVE in the opposite direction before a big move. You need this type of false flag move for it cleans out everyone.

    This is what we are doing now. We just have to do this. We will get everyone offside and then slam them. The bearishness in the euro is too great so it must rally to clean out the shorts to make them think the euro has bottomed and QE is working at last. Then, when the majority flip positions — wham, it will unfold.


    So beware of market false moves. This is just the pendulum swinging to both extremes. It must do so to create the energy for the opposite direction.


  5. RonMamita says:

    Ken O’Keefe: U.S. Hypocrisy

    Title: The United States of Hypocrisy vs. The Lawful Hawaiian Government (Full Version) – Ken O’Keefe
    Video posted: 25 Dec 2013

    Hawai’i is an Occupied territory by hostile forces.


  6. RonMamita says:

    FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 2-8-16… “First meeting between Pope and Russian Patriarch in 1000 years aimed at Khazarian Satanists”

    08 Feb 2016

    … an admission by Goldman Sachs, the “vampire squid,” that “broader questions about the efficiency of capitalism” need to be asked. In other words, they were saying the system may be broken.


    Rockefeller and Saudi controlled Citibank, for its part, said the “world economy is trapped in a death spiral.”

    Read: kauilapele.wordpress.com

    [* NOTE: Warren Buffett said something about the choice between bailing a sinking ship and boarding a different ship…]


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