In Spain, Are They Going After The Bankers?

criminals wear suits
I have discussed how a trend is developing for a massive wave of Litigation going after the banksters.
Last year we discussed Rodrigo Rato‘s arrest (Spain’s former IMF Chief), but this was far more popular to the common man and woman on the Spanish streets than I was aware of…

– Spain’s Grassroots –
A important detail to the Spain popular movement, is the first ever crowdfunding campaign, reaching its funding target within 24 hours, to pay the Legal Fees to prosecute the case!

Obviously, these corruption and fraud charges connect to the political parties and reaches the current President of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, and the Monarchs.

Is it possible we have entered a phase where the citizens and some courtrooms are fed up with the elites’ impunity to fraud and corruption?
The notable exceptions are the banksters’ controlled regions in New York and London, and I suspect other corrupt courts exist in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and elsewhere where the central banking club has protection rackets.

We keep our wishlist open for creative innovations, grassroots alternative solutions and problem solving.
Expect some communities and regions to implement new currencies and alternative payment transactions to bypass the current fraudulent system.
As always, Do Research and Follow The MONEY. ~Ron

To Put Bankers Behind Bars, Spanish Citizens Take the 1% to Court

Ending the Corruption Era
14 Jan 2016 by Steve Rushton

Elites regularly profit with impunity from financial corruption.
This is clearly demonstrated by the numerous billion-dollar financial scandals in recent years, including LIBOR rate fixing, tax evasion, commodity price fixing and financial mis-selling schemes. The political power of finance and its revolving door into government makes many bankers seem above the law. But this immunity is not unbreakable, as demonstrated by the wave of Spanish citizens now leading an anti-corruption charge unlike any that has come before.

Ending the Corruption Era

The case of Rodrigo Rato is perhaps the most interesting among some 150 high-level corruption cases scheduled to take place this year in Spain – involving over 2,000 elite figures in Spanish society. Rato was the country’s Minister of Economics from 1996 to 2004, and a leading political force in the conservative Popular Party (PP) as well as managing director of the IMF (2004-2007) and chairman of Bankia, Spain’s largest bank (2010-12).

These institutions’ combined actions spurred Spain’s economic crash and intensifying poverty crisis, as Bankia’s massive debts were nationalized by the PP-controlled government and Rato’s bank became the main recipient of the bailout deal with the EU and IMF. From these business-government arrangements, Rato and the rest of Spain’s 1% profited while imposing austerity on the majority.

Last April, the Financial Times described Rato being shoved by a law officer during his arrest. “The touch lasted only a few seconds, but it will be seared into the mind of Rodrigo Rato — and of millions of Spaniards — for years to come,” wrote the paper. Millions saw the clip repeated on rolling TV coverage and the Internet. The Times article quotes an editorial by Spain’s El Mundo newspaper, illuminating its importance: “The precise moment in which the customs agent grabs his head… marks a point of no return, in which we leave behind an era.”

Translation: Rato and many others were no longer untouchable.

See more at:

Title: Spain’s Princess Cristina stands trial on tax fraud charges

Title: Spain demands jail sentence for former IMF chief


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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One comment on “In Spain, Are They Going After The Bankers?
  1. RonMamita says:

    Xnet invites leakers to pass on documents that provide evidence of possible corruption, inspired by the WikiLeaks site.

    But Xnet has gone further, working not just through activism but also in Spanish politics and in the courts.

    More than 200 volunteers are involved. The online drop box for citizens’ complaints they set up just three months ago has already paid off, exposing some of Spain’s biggest corruption scandals.

    “Xnet is a peaceful guerrilla movement,” said Simona Levi, its spokeswoman and one of its founders. “We’re an evolution and a domestic adaptation of what we learned from WikiLeaks.”

    Xnet’s biggest coup came in October, when it made public documents helping prove that senior officials at Spain’s bailed-out Bankia bank used undeclared credit cards from the bank to spend some 15 million euros ($18.6 million) on luxury goods, vacations across Spain and abroad, and even regular supermarket purchases.

    The public outcry over the Bankia revelations, which are now under official investigation, forced Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to apologize for the country’s mounting corruption scandals in an unprecedented speech in Parliament. It also ruined the reputation of Rodrigo Rato, Bankia’s former chairman, ex-chief of the International Monetary Fund and former Spanish economy minister.

    At a time when numerous official investigations are underway into corruption cases affecting Spain’s main political parties, businesses and members of the monarchy, many government workers outraged over the excesses amid years of painful austerity measures have turned to Xnet as a safe way of divulging irregularities they encounter in official documents.


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