Institutions Perfecting Mind Control

June 14, 1943, the United States Supreme Court came to a decision in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, declaring that the First Amendment protecting children from being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school. The Barnette family were Jehovah’s Witnesses and their religion forbade them to saluting and symbol. Their girls were expelled for failing to say the pledge. The case eventually made it’s way to Supreme Court

June 14, 1943, the United States Supreme Court came to a decision in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, declaring that the First Amendment protecting children from being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school. The Barnette family were Jehovah’s Witnesses and their religion forbade them to saluting and symbol. Their girls were expelled for failing to say the pledge. The case eventually made it’s way to Supreme Court

Some researchers found that much of history, education, official stories, and peer reviewed science is false and incorrect.
However, the deceptions did not stop there.


Individuals skilled in the  Art of Deception can effectively alter your perception of reality.
Human Conditioning, Mass Programming, and Mind Control are real civilized institutional dangers.
Some unsuspecting citizens may not be capable of critically questioning experts, their beliefs and educational textbooks.
Yet, I want the importance of obedient taxpaying citizens to recognize the many forms of  deception, and mental illness, then allow the healing process to begin.
Searching for the Truth is an opportunity to remove programming and can start that process of healing.

I originally titled this discussion “Not a Globe, Globalists Are Bipolar“.
However, realizing some individuals will have a unconscious instant negative reflex reaction to that title and that I already have a lengthy discussion on that concept, I decided to change the title, and discuss the related specifics from deceptive institutions.

Institutions are systemically indoctrinating the defenseless minds of newborn and labeling them educated citizens.

11-yo Girls Can Now Get Birth Control Devices Implanted in them at School, Without Parents Knowing
For adults there are careers in deception, such as the applied fields in behavioural studies, public relations, mass marketing, and motivational speaking.
A case in point is the video recorded below:

Title: “Украинцев учат, что умереть за интересы США – это их предназначение”
That man was a U.S. contractor, hired to motivate Kiev, Ukrainians to kill.

Did you know there are therapies for mending both a “broken heart”, and trauma?
Patriotic citizens may need broken heart, and emotional trauma healing…

School are indoctrination Centers
Accepting the fact that governments and officials have been deceiving the citizens for centuries, from cradle to grave, is a bitter truth to comprehend and to recover from trusting systemic and habitual deceivers.
WHY Schooling is Indoctrination
Citizens trust and allow the greatest deceivers on earth to do what they would not allow anyone else to do, ever!

Consider these institutional authorized activities:

*Claim and delegate authority to do things no one else is allowed to do.
*Deception, propaganda, and public opinion manipulation for NEWS and history.
*Interest rates (NIRP, ZIRP, and credit card fluctuating interest rates)
*Authorize Militarized Force/War/Murder/Prison/, Including Psychological, Biological, and Geological warfare.
*Weather modification
*Genetic manipulation, and human experimentation without consent
*Cultural engineering
*Write and then change the LAW.
*Make Treaties and Trade agreements in secret.
*Create and regulate the creation of Money.
*With taxed portions of your labor, Fund and train spies and secret personnel to do secret activities
*Keep many secrets from you routinely, and declaring all classified information is for your security!

Fish Eye and Peepholes!

They spy on you, and everybody, everyday!
Institutions require your obedience: tax compliance, registration, photo identification…

Looks Like A NASA Ball Earth Image, Doesn't it?

Looks Like A NASA Ball Earth Image, Doesn’t it?

Thus, dishonorable and untrustworthy officials are given blind trust with a policy of secrecy to indoctrinate, regulate, manipulate, approve, and restrict anything they choose.


Waking up from this great deception may require therapies!
Citizens are traumatized, and waking up means critically QUESTIONING ALL.
Including experts and authorities, asking, “what is the evolution of mankind, earth, moon, sun, and space agencies”?
Vast sums of public funds went into researching anthropology, Earth, Moon, Sun, and space travel.
Was all the hundreds of Billions of dollars wasted, or are they hiding knowledge?
More probably both, as they waste money in hiding the facts and keeping secrets to maintain a power differential to support a ruling class with “Classified” or forbidden knowledge.

You were taught that you, as part of human evolution, evolved from the primordial soup, then more complex ocean life, and then to land dwelling primates.
The establishment’s science teaches students to accept the Heliocentric theory (as if fact) of a random cosmic (“Big-Bang”) accident, and earth is a relative Small spinning ball and the Sun is a relative Giant spinning ball at the center of the solar system…

Look again into everything you were ever taught in school; is that too much to ask?

CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.” -CIA Dir. William Casey

Lucy (2014 movie) Teaches many academic fictions:
10% use of the human brain, Evolution, Time Travel, and other fictions…
Regardless of the fact that recent research into neurons redefines the make up of the brain, and everyone should know “TIME” is a measure, as is “INCHES” also a measure.
Time is not a place, as inches is not a place.
The use of the sun (Gregorian calendar) and moon sightings (Lunar calendar) to measure the intervals between seasons (winter-time, and summer-time for example) became convenient much as inches and miles are convenient to measure distance (10 miles down this highway you will see…).
The Lucy movie theme was based on the fiction that humans only can use 10% of their brain, however, biologist PhD. Bruce Lipton shares more recent research that reveals different results:

Title: Using 100% of Your Brain – Dr. Bruce H. Lipton
Video posted 08 May 2015

“You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood.  However, as an adult, you are one hundred percent responsible for fixing it.” –Ken Keyes, Jr.

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Title: Flat Earth Dome Hidden Message In “Owl City” Music Video “Fireflies”
Video posted 26 Feb 2016


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6 comments on “Institutions Perfecting Mind Control
  1. RonMamita says:

    Here’s More Academic Fiction

    This is not intelligence.
    Often taught as fact and believed by millions…

    “…explores the universe around him and Calls the adventure SCIENCE” -Edward P. Hubble (Astronomer)

    Brought to you by the NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM:

    Title: The origins of Man (as narrated by Morgan Freeman)


  2. RonMamita says:

    (All Parents Must Watch!) Vaccines Linked to Mitochondrial Damage

    Published on Feb 16, 2016

    The direct links between Big Pharma, vaccines, prescription drugs and various afflictions of the brain and central nervous system are clearly shown in this short video.
    Extremely important information for Californians who soon will face forced injections or anyone with children that are presently confronted with the real danger of mitochondrial damage from mandated vaccines.

    A list of offending pharmaceuticals is included with a long list of ailments that can be directly liked to mitochondrial damage caused by pharmaceuticals and vaccine ingredients.

    Why would the controllers want to put Thimerisol and Aluminum into your child’s body?

    The answer comes at the very end.
    For information on this and other important topics visit


  3. I had no idea about the 1943 Supreme Court Case. Kids were punished when I was in school (1953-1966) for not saying the Pledge.


    • RonMamita says:

      I am on a organic trend, as I recently have been re-posting many past events discussed from my blog archives.
      I know it is rare for readers to search the archives, so I decided to start doing it 🙂

      Several times, I discussed the links between the Nazi’s Swiss, Roman Catholic priests, U.S., family ties and international banking. People should remind themselves that organizations often have several factions or close associations that often appear as opposing sides.
      Pope Pius XII may have railed against Hitler’s regime, but some Roman Catholic cardinals and many priests were sympathizers and assisted the Nazi machine.
      That world war era was very interesting for its many deceptions and international policies that were implemented and very much affecting us today.

      Some have claimed the Nazi salute originated in America, and that may be true.
      That iconic salute certainly predates the Nazi party in Germany!

      I recall school had harsh punishment for non-conformity.
      I expect this 21st century will face that kind of harshness from governments as they face non-compliance, to their bad policies, as a social trend.


  4. RonMamita says:

    When Did Science-Fiction Become Science?

    As far back through the “History” I search I find that same pattern for civilization!
    First it is written or prophesied, then it come to past, and written as fact in educational centers with approved (funded) textbooks.

    Is that the real application of mass mind control?
    Is that evidence of the hidden hand(s) directing civilization on Earth?
    Are more examples to be found by researching “history”, such as Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, and what of the writings from the Bible or other religious texts?

    Is predictive programming a foundational element for effective social engineering?

    The many questions above have answers, but rather than reading volumes of text you can view a few videos and quickly search for more evidence of manipulating society and Mass-deception:

    Title: Flat Earth & the “PROPHETS” of Sci-F[eye]…
    Video posted 04 Mar 2016

    Title: Another Faked ISS Clip From US Government Agency NASA
    Video posted 05 Mar 2016

    Title: “Flat Earth: Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!”
    Video posted 04 Mar 2016

    *Keep Looking for evidence and improve your skills as a Truth Seeker.
    Remember: We all play a fool, some time in our lives – there is no exception to that rule.
    But, it can be remedied as we seek the Truth.

    NASA insider: “We Lied About Everything.”

    Bellcomm contractor for NASA.

    Reporter: Man…you guys, lied about some things.
    NASA whistleblower: NO. We didn’t lie about certain things, we Lied about Everything.”

    – I don’t think people can get their thoughts around how BIG the deception is –

    One More Time: “Why Does It Matter?”

    WHY Does it matter If The Earth Is Flat?
    WHY does it matter all the governments on earth are deceiving you?
    Why does it matter if you have unwittingly become a slave?
    Why does it matter that your children and there children will be slaves?
    Why does it matter that you are alive?

    The earth is not a spinning ball and you have been deceived your entire life; now do you still think it doesn’t matter?
    If so, then you go on and believe your life doesn’t matter.

    Title: Flat Earth – the Fact of the Matter is You Matter
    Video posted 07 Mar 2016


    Video posted 11 Feb 2016


  5. RonMamita says:

    Science Demands God Retracted

    Video posted 7 Mar 2016

    Operation Goliath on Flat Earth

    Title: Operation Goliath on Flat Earth
    Video posted 09 Mar 2016

    Getting Someone To Consider Flat Earth

    Video posted 09 Mar 2016


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