Romero Institute: U.N. Condemns Doctrine of Discovery

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This is worthy of discussion and sharing.
I read the Press Release that claim:

Is this a promising sign we can use to build upon in our community efforts?
What I mean by this is that some tribes, villages, and communities do not wish to be a part of chartered (incorporated) governance as handed down from ancient Babylon and Roman empires with deceptive ecclesiastical law and banking to own and manage all things on Land and Sea; at least that is my clear wish.

I see the deception in the claims by institutions that state some indigenous people are extinct, but the Taino, and other indigenous communities that existed prior to the invading European missions are still present and not extinct.

The Roman Catholic Church via the “Doctrine of Discovery” that chartered missions of armies and navies to go kick ass in the name of god, and civilize the savages in foreign lands.
Yeah, that is my summary of Colonialism and the current development of Africa and the Americas.
That doctrine appears to have morphed into the current globalism policies underway.

I concluded that view from the historical evidence with vivid examples:
Rather graphic Spanish diaries of murder, rape, theft, oppression, and genocide against the natives by the so called European explorers.

“I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes. The moral effect should be good…and it would spread a lively terror….” –Winston Churchill commenting on the British use of poison gas against the Iraqis after World War I

I wish to thank KP for re-blogging this, and thank the efforts of the Apache-Ndee-Nnee Working Group, Romero Institute, and others who joined their efforts.
Please download the full report here, read and share it.
It is a most lively read and not in a dry legalese tongue.
I found a series of videos that also reveals the process and the flavor what happened. ~Ron

Title: CERD and Apache Nde Nnee Working GroupAt
Video posted 04 Dec 2015
“At the 88th Session Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination: Review of the Holy See”


UN Condemns Doctrine of Discovery

The Doctrine of Discovery and its severe, lasting consequences for Indigenous Peoples across the world continues to spark debate at the highest levels of international diplomacy.

The most recent development came on January 14th, when the UN Council Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) called upon the Holy See to engage in meaningful dialogue with designated representatives of Indigenous peoples to address their concerns regarding the Inter Caetara of 1493 and its related papal bulls, known collectively as the “Doctrine of Discovery”.

The active efforts of the Apache-Ndee-Nnee Working Group, which submitted a comprehensive report detailing the ongoing effects of the Doctrine, were instrumental in bringing about UN acknowledgement.

The paper produced [by] the working group argues millions of Indigenous Peoples lost their lives to due to the atrocities of colonization and domination by the European powers, actions which were “initiated, condoned and promoted” by the Catholic Church via the Doctrine of Discovery. The Working Group also condemns the role of missionaries and Church leaders in authorizing and encouraging enslavement, forced conversion and cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples.
The working group further asserts the damage caused by the Doctrine is not restricted to antiquity, and that the Papal decree, “continues to deeply and directly influence politics and policies, land rights, external identity determination, and judicial processes and decisions therein, regarding Indigenous Peoples.”

This report dovetails with the Romero Institute’s attempts to convince Pope Francis to revoke the Doctrine of Discovery, as it makes a strong case that the Doctrine of Discovery is a continuing injustice, and one that deserves to be urgently addressed. The fact the United Nations has endorsed the position of the Apache Working Group and the Romero Institute lend validation to the movement to have the Pope revoke the Doctrine.

The key to the UN CERD decree on this issue is the body’s demands not only for the Holy See to hold a “meaningful” and “high level” meeting with Indigenous representatives, but also that the Catholic Church subsequently provide evidence of “concrete follow-up measures” taken to address concerns raised in this meeting. The Romero Institute maintains one such follow-up measure should be a complete revocation of the racist doctrines that continue to affect policy in the United States, Canada and other regions.

While we recognize, the UN does not have governing authority over the Vatican, such an authoritative command by the foremost institution dedicated to international diplomacy is unquestionably a significant step toward making the Church address the atrocities committed in God’s name as a direct result of 15th century Papal encyclicals.

The Apache-Ndee-Nnee Working Group now joins the Episcopal Church, the Indigenous Law Institute, The Romero Institute and countless others in our shared quest for Pope Francis to officially rescind the Doctrine of Discovery and end its legacy of imperialism, white supremacy and domination. Through the collective action of many strong allies, we will see this corrupt Doctrine abolished, and justice served.

Romero Institute National press release:

Romero Institute Press release in response to Laudato Si:



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “Romero Institute: U.N. Condemns Doctrine of Discovery
  1. RonMamita says:

    Panterra D’Oro: Private mutual benefit society

    Many of us wish to live in a parity community.
    Meaning that a state of non-violence, where private-personal sovereignty is nurtured and honored.
    Self-taught and skill of learning is a treasure to be shared as we develop remedy, and healing along with conscious intent to be whole, and engineer holistic (non-polluting) products and services.

    We need to be our own bank, create our own money in a parity monetary system – meaning one unit of measure equals one unit of value.
    Imagine a community managing debt free money, wholesome food, clean environment, etc…
    This is part of the discussion:

    Title: Seeing With Real Eyes, The World You Are Bound To… part 4 of 5
    Video posted 25 Feb 2016


  2. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Am re-blogging this again Ron; if popey has to revoke these papal bulls, he may as well go the whole hog; all the way back to the perpetual edict which started this mess;

    In the year 134 Hadrian returned to Italy. He built a temple to Trajan in Rome, a colossal double temple to Venus and Roma, and the gigantic mausoleum on the right bank of the Tiber, which constitutes the kernel of the castle of Sant’ Angelo. At his villa near Tivoli he copied the monuments and landscapes that had made the strongest impressions on him during his travels. In order to unify jurisprudence throughout the entire empire, he ordered the prætor Salvius Julianus to revise and codify systematically the prætorian edicts and the annual supplementary edicts. In the year 131 this “perpetual edict” (edictum perpetuum) obtained force of law by virtue of a decree of the senate; the same force was given to the opinions of the jurisconsults in all points wherein they were agreed among themselves, in order, that the system of the law might continue to develop. He bestowed the highest administrative offices on men of knightly rank, instead of on freedmen as heretofore, and regulated the succession of these officers.

    The un-Holy Roman Empire is alive, but not well; Babylon shall not rise again; in peace

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    • RonMamita says:

      From the end of last year the empire seems to be panic stricken – Queenie & Popeey said Dec. 2015 was their last Christmas, and this year the Pope said the end times.

      🙂 Sweeeet prediction you have:
      “The un-Holy Roman Empire is alive, but not well; Babylon shall not rise again; in peace”


  3. 70 years too late, in my view. It’s here I definitely see the power of the Internet in exposing the misdeeds of people in authority.


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