Truth-Seeker imagine what you will “know” tomorrow…


– Piercing the Great Deception –
Could the biblical story of taking a bite from the fruit of the tree of knowledge, include words as part of the spell that was cast?

Where the symbols became languages embedding mental programming codes that cast binding spells that blinds communities from the truth.
Some individuals keep the same beliefs from childhood to senior age mortality, a learned behavior and conditioning bestowed upon their defenseless young naive mental state, and never re-examine that early childhood programming and intentionally amend their beliefs and perspectives of reality as an adult aware of deception.

A spell of illusion where most citizens are deceived at birth from truth. ~Ron

Truth-Seeker imagine what you will “know” tomorrow…

I was recently in quiet contemplation, considering the growing social phenomena to question everything from officials, when thoughts of the 1997 Men In Black Movie (MIB) came to mind as important hints to pierce the worldwide illusion.
We should know about stealth disclosures, official policies claiming “Plausible Deniability”, and a good example is the concept of conspiracies and truth revealed in fictional stories and entertainment.
Anyone citing those sources would be ridiculed as having heard about them from the fictional movies and immediately marginalized with the tin-foil-hat crazies on the fringe of society.
However, I recall discussions with radar operators who tracked strange flight paths at great speeds…

So what were some of the less obvious messages in the science fiction comedy film Men In Black?
Important subtleties with distinct meanings are often overlooked as entertainment and social norms govern thoughts of the indoctrinated who are not searching for hidden messages and truth about the great deception in this Age of Deception.

  • A young new recruit was tasked to assist in monitoring alien activity on Earth.
  • The wise-cracking, hyper-active and fast-talking NYPD James Edwards (played by Will Smith and code-named “J“) was selected over the other recruits that were well trained, obedient order followers from the Navy SEALs and Green Berets.
  • The audience is told that the MIB agency is beyond all government jurisdiction, and they are responsible for the alien immigrants who also reside on Earth (intelligent beings who are different from us, living here covertly, and may be or not be from beyond what is called our solar system).
  • The audience is shown advanced alien technology to impersonate actual government officials; note the use of a device called the Neuralyzer, able to emit a intense Light-Flash causing amnesia to anyone not wearing special MIB-issued black tinted glasses.
    * Black tinted Techno-glasses that reveals the truth was also worn in John Carpenter’s classic 1988 movie “They Live“.
  • There are many abilities associated with these intelligent beings that remain hidden from the mass consciousness of citizens, and in communication with the secret agencies beyond the jurisdiction of government.

Their Code of Silence:
Anonymity is your name
Silence, your native tongue
You are no longer part of the system
You are above the system.
Over it.
Beyond it
We’re “Them.”
We’re “They”
We are the Men in Black

the doctrine of silence pervades Western occult groups and their practices.
… I could discuss many details from the movie, however what intrigued me the most was the segment that was the most contemplated moment in the entire movie.
The two main characters sat and talked, where afterwards “J” remained awake all night considering the offer to join and to learn more about the hidden truth within the secret agency.
If you focus on the words spoken, you will notice that something very important is said about the herd mentality (consider how civilization is herded and engineered like farm animals); and notice what is not said, even though many viewers will claim that it was implied.

Read the movie quote below, and note that the concept of the flat earth was not denied to be true, indeed the script could have said the flat earth was a false belief, but it didn’t.

“Humans, for the most part, don’t have a clue.
Don’t want or need one.
They’re happy.
They think they have a good bead on things.

[“J”: Why the big secret?
People are smart.
They can handle it.]

A person is smart.

People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals.
You know it.

1500 years ago, everybody knew that the earth was the center of the universe.
500 years ago, everybody knew that the earth was flat.
And 15 minutes ago, you knew that people were alone on this planet.

Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.

[“J”: What’s the catch?]

The catch is you will sever every human contact.
Nobody will ever know you exist, anywhere.
I’ll give you to sunrise to think it over.”
-MIB movie

Title: “…imagine what you will “know” tomorrow…”
Video posted 31 Jul 2015 by Resistance Training Specialist®


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5 comments on “Truth-Seeker imagine what you will “know” tomorrow…
  1. RonMamita says:

    Must See Videos!

    – Civilization BY DESIGN –
    From ancient Babylon to modern banking the worldwide monetary system of control…

    2016 Scientists Link Ritual Human Sacrifice To Modern Society2016 Scientists Link Ritual Human Sacrifice To Modern Society_2

    TALKING about engineering civilization, (ritual sacrifice, secrecy/code of silence, hidden knowledge, science, authority, class stratification) by elite bloodlines.
    News reports admit the truth, and think you will accept this and dismiss it as no longer important in modern “society”.
    Yet worldwide, the cult of “culture” and nations follow the same rituals for order in “society”


    Video posted 29 Apr 2016

    TALKING about engineering civilization…

    Title: Flat Earth: Sorry, but you’re a Slave!

    Below is a look into the spell of illusion, propaganda, marketing and public relations deception.
    The mass media is very effective in their public opinion manipulations.
    Institutions have thoroughly studied and researched human behavior and social interactions, in practice they know you better than you know yourself.

    Title: This will make you question EVERYTHING you see on TV
    Video posted 30Apr2016

    Fake Indeed!

    Title: deGrasse Tyson NASA get destroyed -youtube took down (re-edited)
    Video posted 30 Apr 2016


  2. RonMamita says:


    Video posted 10 Apr 2016

    Aliens, ETs, or Simply Covert Intelligent Beings Here Among Us?

    My personal experience reveals other sentient beings are living among us.
    I also experienced a lot of deception or undocumented conclusions where opinions and beliefs clouded the discussions.

    Ancient artifacts and scripts document the presence of other sentient beings influencing communities. The Bible is not the only ancient source for other sentient beings influencing and/or watching human communities.
    I am not convinced the covert beings are from “other planets” (considered to be the Gods, Watchers, Giants, Nephilim, Angels, or Demons).

    I also discredit Michio Kaku as he is a representative for the NWO globalists.
    My experience has been that in discussions, a individual who believes what they were taught in college about galaxies, or from the history channel, or UFO documentaries will eventually bring up PhD. Astrophysicists or mainstream sources into the discussion for Extra-Terrestrials from other planets.

    It should not come as a surprise that ETs are discussed in the videos below, though I ask the audience to focus on the possibility that these beings have been among us for a long time, and the possibility for deception
    I can consider the likelihood that the covert beings (“Watchers” or “Fallen Angels”) may not want people to know the location of their home, for safety and security reasons.
    I also consider the trait of governments to deploy disinfo and psyops to be in active operation at this time. I know some “UFO”s are man-made.

    Title: Aliens From the Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great?
    Video posted 23 Oct 2011

    Title: TFR – Revolutionary Radio with David Stinnett: UFOs and the Paranormal
    Video posted 18 Apr 2016

    Title: Biblical UFO’s & The Coming Deception Chuck Missler Aliens, Fallen Angels are Aliens
    Video posted 27 Feb 2015

    Title: TFR – Revolutionary Radio with Brian Godawa: Nephilim Giants, Movies and More
    Video posted 18 Apr 2016

    Title: TFR – Revolutionary Radio with Gary Wayne: Nephilim and Illuminati Part 1
    Video posted 18 Apr 2016

    TFR – Revolutionary Radio with Gary Wayne: Nephilim and Illuminati Part 2
    Video posted 18 Apr 2016


  3. RonMamita says:

    Dark-Occult & Corporate Control:

    Engineering Civilization:
    NASA Liars
    Satanic, Lucifer, demon worshiping – child abductions, ritual abuse, rape and human sacrifice…

    Say it isn’t so.
    Unpleasant, Truth Can Be.

    Look and listen closely and see what is there to be seen. Some of the opinions may be incorrect, however the fact that these dark-occult messages are present and originating from the entertainment industry speaks for itself:

    – They Sold Their Souls –

    Video posted 15 Mar 2015

    Video posted 02 Apr 2016

    Title: Rapper Amil Exposes Illuminati – Satanic Music Industry Exposed
    Video posted 24 Feb 2016

    Title: Adele Hello ILLUMINATI EXPOSED! ”hello Satan!?” Demon worship EXPOSED!
    Video posted 03 Dec 2015

    “The strongest appeal you can make is emotionally.
    If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic, you’ve got ’em.” -MTV Founder & Former Pres. Bob Pitman

    Title: They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll Pt 1 of 5
    Video posted 24 Jul 2013

    There is so much more!
    Some people research this dark entertainment topic continuously, and there is countless evidence displaying this dark-occult connection to corporate sponsored entertainment and mass media.
    Freeman, FreemanTV, and Vigilant Christian has details if you want more info.

    Eyes Wide Shut – The Paedo Files

    Wednesday, 2 March 2016 by Pineconeutopia

    It’s gloves off time…Nicole ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Kidman’s father Antony, died amid child abuse allegations, very serious allegations that relate to wider paedophile rings. The actual allegations go back as far as 1986, when the victim made claims against Dr Antony Kidman. These claims were allegedly ignored by health professionals (who have a mandatory duty to disclose) until as late as 2008. It is claimed that he fled the country, after he was named at the Royal Commission. I cannot speak for the veracity of these claims, but they have been made nonetheless

    With all this in mind, it’s come to the point where I can withhold no longer, time to crack open the rotting corpse that is ‘celebrity and paedo-Hollywood’ and what it’s doing to this planet and peoples.

    Previously, I’ve been aiming my lens at deciphering and uncovering the huge amount of ‘mystery religion’ within the body of MSM output and it has proved to be legion. Now I am aiming my lens at ‘paedo Hollywood’, at its corporate-based mind control programme and its personnel, you might be surprised at what I’ve managed to uncover. To the survivors (I know that you’re real), proceed with caution, as there are likely triggering elements within the body of my post. CONTINUE READING
    And when you´re done here´s the link to part 2
    The Exorcist – Satan, Serial Killings, Child Abuse and Hollywood-MSM Monarch/Mkultra Mind Control – Part 2

    Title: Music and Dancing with Demons (pt1)- Eric Karlstrom on WorldBeyondBelief
    Video posted 03 May 2016


  4. RonMamita says:



    Thoughts to consider

    The conclusions are varied, however there is much evidence to question accepted beliefs and institutional teachings.

    Title: Extremely Strange Cloud Portal Anomaly Forms Above CERN – Caught on Radar 07.05.2016
    Video posted 11 May 2016

    Title: FE 101 #4 Flat Earth is A Battery, So Are We
    Video posted 03 May 2016


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