Brazil Crisis: Something Hides Behind The Scenes

brazil_mapI have not wanted to post the day-by-day dire news coverage in Brazil, as the news-feeds were flooded with it all year so far.
We often discuss Brazil, BRICS, and South America as part of the worldwide crisis and the Age of Deception as the current human tragedy story.

– Globalism: Crisis Management As Geopolitical Strategy –
For those who have not seen the headlines, nor our discussions about Brazil’s protests & crisis, the summary is this:
Corruption, poverty, economic recession, currency valuation, looming debt default, Olympic Games Jeopardized, President impeachment, and social unrest destabilizes South America’s Largest economy and a founding member of BRICS.

Massive public protests and popular political outcry to begin criminal investigations, and end fraud & corrupcion, moved the Legislature to impeachment procedures.
On call was the crisis management team, and voila!
Quickly install new puppet government and banking team to announce Brazil’s bright new future.
Not so fast!
Everyone should search the details and be aware of this:

  • For years Michel Temer has been associated with Satan and corruption.
    Michel Temer’s party is deeply involved in the corruption scandal at the state-owned oil company Petrobras…
  • Michel Temer is a U.S. Intel Informant, according to WikiLeaks…
  • Michel Temer appoints (Israeli-born IMF veteran economist and partner of Itaú Unibanco) Ilan Goldfajn to head Brazil’s central bank.
  • Temer sets government’s proposal for operational autonomy a priority.
  • Researchers ask, was Brazil’s impeachment a successful political coup and coverup?
  • Cover-up: No more corruption, case closed; Petrobras and all the politicians associated with it are home free.
  • At this moment, Brazil remains in the money mafia’s club as a captured state.


Is Brazil’s Interim Pres. a Satanist or a U.S. Agent/Asset?

Is there a difference?

It’s Gone Viral, Brazilians Claim Michel Temer A Satanist

Provado que Michel Temer é satanista. Durante discurso de posse, Satã se apodera de Michel Temer e vocifera sua voz gutural ao microfone.
During his inauguration speech, Satan seizes Michel Temer and barks her throaty voice to the microphone.”


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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5 comments on “Brazil Crisis: Something Hides Behind The Scenes
  1. RonMamita says:

    "Your President Is Not A Crook", Impeachment, & Déjà vu?

    “Your President Is Not A Crook”, Impeachment, & Déjà vu?

    This is Exactly what happened in 1974 with U.S. President Richard “tricky Dicky” Nixon!
    President Dilma claims she is not a crook, then she leaves office under impeachment procedures, the V.P. steps in as the interim President to restore calm with a false hope that things are better and the country can move forward.
    In the United States during the 1970’s there was a cover-up.
    I suspect now, in the 2010’s Brazil is experiencing a government cover-up with pressure to overlook the institutional crime, play the Olympic Games with public calls from Russia, China, and the U.S. to stabilize Brazil and support the interim President.

    Brazilians Despair With Poverty & Class Warfare

    Wealth transfer continues worldwide and Brazil see it with dire consequences.
    In the ethnically diverse Brazilian environment of mounting corruption and poverty the first acts of government was to stop criminal investigations, appoint an all while male cabinet, and implement autonomy rules to protect the elites.

    Stunning actions but rarely is the mass media revealing this political cover-up as an attempt to halt criminal prosecution, public scrutiny and oversight of the treasury and banking activities.

    Brazil: Building prospects through trade

    China, Russia call for stability in divided Brazil

    Trophy Wife and Brazil’s First Lady:

  2. Marcela Temer, 33, is Brazil’s new glamorous and extravagant first lady
  3. Her husband, Michel Temer, 75, is now the country’s interim President
  4. Dubbed Brazilian Carla Bruni, she has an army of staff on the public payroll
  5. She demanded multimillion renovations to her home – on the taxpayer
  6. Her sister Fernanda did a very saucy Playboy shoot that was hushed up

    They Say Temer Is A Satanist

    Internet social media has Brasilias as a Satanic Den, with Michel Temer worse than Dilmer, but all of the politicians and central bankers part of the satanic club.

    Title: Por que dizem que Temer é Satanista?


  • You have to admit that CIA agents are pretty kinky when it comes to having sex with children. A lot of what passes for Satanism is just garden variety pedophilia.


    • RonMamita says:

      Perhaps an old woman or man may have an emotional aberrant behaviour to abuse children, but institutions and secret societies behaving that way with rituals is documented as a foundation of institutional governance:


  • Alan Scott says:

    I’m sure the US/military/money conspirators are working to wipe out any vestiges of independent free-thinking in South America. They are driving down oil prices to destroy Venezuela’s economy – never mind the damage they are doing to the US environment with fracking.


    • RonMamita says:

      Good to hear from you Alan.
      Michel Temer is a crook.
      Yes indeed, he and his trophy-wife are the perfectly qualified man and woman to head Brazil’s government and showcase to the world the wealth and success of Brazil as a G20 Nation.


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