Prequel: Born Into Ignorance and Taught To Remain

Stop asking “how stupid do they think we are”!
You are stupid as stupid can be.
On the scale for stupidity you are maxed out.


You have lost memory of where you came from and you have no idea of where you are going.
You were born in ignorance, indoctrinated into false beliefs, trained to be obedient workers and accept institutional governance to rule over you.

Can you imagine a flag flown overhead each national farm, orderly, well kept and managed for maximum profits?

Can you imagine a flag flown overhead each national farm, orderly, well kept and managed for maximum profits?

You are corralled within territorial borders and managed like domesticated farm animals.
You are proud of your stupidity in waving a flag portraying your citizenship and allegiance to an authoritarian organization that orders you to mass murder strangers you have never met and have no quarrel with, in what is called war.



You are treated as pawns on a chessboard as you self proclaim your patriotic citizenship.
And if the national farm is mismanaged in such a over-burdensome manner then your social unrest will angrily organize to declare a revolution, which means simply to revolve 360° to return to the original starting point and repeat that cycle again.
That is the definition of stupidity.

United Nations flag

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One comment on “Prequel: Born Into Ignorance and Taught To Remain
  1. RonMamita says:

    How Stupid?

    Too Many Ask the same stupid question:

    Title: Mika Brzenzinski on Hillary’s Bad Optics: “Are we THIS stupid?”
    Video posted 6 Jul 2016

    Title: FBI Director Comey in Huge Trouble! Caught Lying to Congress! Just How Stupid Does He Think We Are
    Video posted 29 Sep 2016

    Title: Director Comey: How Stupid do You Think We Are? Congress Shreds his Defense of CLINTON.
    Video posted 29 Sep 2016

    How Logos, Illusions & Self-Deception Works

    Use of language casts the spell and creates a false reality, with a lack of awareness.
    Language casts the mind-trap spell for the unaware.

    Author = Writer = one who authorize the word…
    The law giver. The Law, is man’s law, a false law, it is a “Writ”
    He/She writes thus it sounds like he/she gives the “RIGHTS”.
    He/she as a writer became the authority, became governmental gods…

    have been Birthed, Marked, Registered, Recorded, Billed, Insured, Vaccinated, Programmed, Instructed, Trained, Deceived, Governed, Marketed, Commercialized, Surveyed, Categorized, Valued, Bonded, Taxed, Restricted, Nationalized within more Boundaries, Capitalized, and prepared to be Consumed until Retired for Terminal decomposition.

    Practice everyday: monitor your thoughts, and intercept your thoughts.

    {Excerpt From Age Of Deception discussions}


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