Science Crisis October 2016: Governments Fund The Most Expensive Science Fiction:

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed

We could laugh at institutional foolishness, but I am too concerned about the world being manipulated into crises to laugh it away.
Below is a “science” report being shoved into the mass public’s belief system that adds to the crisis coming from massively funded institutions, such as NASA, science journals, and other state funded research organizations and those connected to them, such as education professionals.

I wish to thank Ken for pointing to this recent “science” report – a fine example of scientism.
I share Ken’s entire post below, but I wish to comment that this is part of the crisis in “science”, education, critical reasoning skills, awareness, institutional governance, and the worldwide monetary system today.
Pay teams of institutional researchers, writers, and artists to present the mysterious universe to the masses and below is the result:

Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru continues to go mainstream

Have a look at what, a component of the mainstream media, is saying about “Planet 9″
…It’s interesting to see a “credible” science site and “credible” mainstream scientists (from Caltech and the University of Bern) talking so matter-of-factly about “Planet 9.”

As you can see, the Rockefeller / Jesuit minions continue to inculcate the idea of Nibiru (and space aliens) into the public consciousness. Read How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth to understand why…

C’mon …¿Really? Really!

Don’t Allow Paychecks To Define You
Individuals are capable of doing amazing things and even collectively we factor that ability to scale for massive feats in construction projects and other collaborative efforts.
So, what is holding us back from achieving our dreams for abolishing war, and poverty?

Why haven’t we, as a society, nurtured freedom, healing, non-polluting manufacturing and engineering, prosperity, while sharing the great archives of knowledge with everyone?
Despite our great intentions to solve the world problems over the centuries we find ourselves facing this current worldwide crisis!
Repeating the same crisis cycle with poverty and war.
And before anyone distract the discussion by saying the internet has launched the greatest archive of knowledge, we must observe the governments’ efforts to censor and restrict information again and again as they have done countless times throughout the past.
Internet censorship is trending higher and is already the major threat to all efforts to share secret facts, forbidden knowledge, and increase awareness to improve the human experience.
Indeed, governments along with their money masters (central banks) are the root of the problem.
The ruling elite are waging a silent war against the People on earth.
Research “WAR” and you will find some amazingly shocking things. Some horribly gruesome for sure, but I wish to remind you about the skillful strategy deployed to accomplish destruction, namely that:

“War is often mistaken for simply the troop-on-troop combat we see in movies. In reality, warfare is an all-encompassing system that targets not just the bodies of an enemy’s soldiers, but also the minds of its citizens, the decision-making systems of its politicians, and every piece of infrastructure that allows a rival’s society to function.” -A War Analyst wrote

Consider the evil and strategic method to engage in a “silent war”, a war that is so subtle that lovingly creative spiritual beings can easily forget their true nature, and the identity of their true enemy.
Imagine how the false American dream of prosperity dominate the values of the average citizen, and how it is transforming into globalization with profit motives, consumerism, and corporatism with corporate governance.
Apparently globalization means to serve the Mammon god.

Government agencies and secret societies have vaults of knowledge, artifacts, technology, documents and records of the past that remain classified and confidential!
They prefer to restrict this knowledge for their needs and deploy mass deception upon the ignorant masses. Thus, maintaining the stratification of society – the (elite money) masters ruling the (debt) slaves.
This form of social engineering has been established in institutions and is called civilization.
United Nations flag

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (PTSD another kind of trauma)-
Look deeper and research the system of governance and you will find the system of control!
A control system that control humans and restricts us from achieving great things.
This is not freedom.
Every region you research has traumatic stories of slavery.
Ancient empires had gold coins, armies, and slaves too.
This concept of institutional governance was handed down over the centuries with the truth hidden behind the indoctrination process that begins at birth, and modernized with vaccinations, registration, education, and taxation.
Government was put there to control you, and every nation has one.
Institutional governance deception from cradle to grave.

To break that mind condition and indoctrination is simple, as simple as asking questions.
Ask yourself questions all the time, like kids do.

If you do not know what I mean, then complete this exercise:
Answer this question twice:
1. Who Discovered America?
2. Who really discovered and lived on the land mass called America first?

With your education you may have quickly answered that first question with a ready answer.
Now, imagine you are a Taino native American answering that same question; think about it.

Perhaps your experience was similar to this:
School taught students to answer with, “Christopher Columbus discovered America.”
A native American may answer with, “No one, we have always been here.”
Interesting exercise, yes?
Asking questions and then skillfully and intentionally searching for the answers is great fun!

I encourage you to unplug from TV, then leisurely and routinely choose to watch truth seeking videos and download source documents from the internet.
I share a few videos below that I think you will find both entertaining and helpful in your research for the truth.
I hope you have more questions about what you were taught as a citizen after watching the videos. Have Fun on your quest, Truth Seeker! ~Ron

NASA are
NASA is a government fraud

Very Expensive Government Science Fraud:

Title: Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve
Video posted 31 Jan 2013

Title: Let’s pretend nasa actually does something – flat earth
Video posted 21 Sep 2016

Title: Skull & Bones’ John Kerry Climate Pusher Slams Flat Earth
Video posted 20 Sep 2016

Title: Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK
Video posted 15 Mar 2013

Title: Introduction to English Gematria
Video posted 17 Oct 2016

Title: Flat Earth, Evolution, Aliens, CERN, Apollo and prayer for the Day of Atonement
Video posted 22 Sep 2016

Title: Flat Earth – “God’s Chosen People” = Who they REALLY are?
Video posted 19 Sep 2016

Title: AEON of HORUS: The Occult History of NASA
Video posted 14 Sep 2014

Title: NICHOLSON1968 AND R.F.B. W/Anthony Patch
Video posted 23 Sep 2016


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “Science Crisis October 2016: Governments Fund The Most Expensive Science Fiction:
  1. RonMamita says:

    UNPLUG: Remove The Spell:

    Mass Deception has created an illusion for your mind; institutions are preying on the public’s Trust.

    Title: Channel Trailer (2016) – Wake Up Call

    MONETARY System:

    Title: The Debt Trap Is Global – Mike Maloney
    Video posted 18 Oct 2016

    Title: The Next Great Depression Is Going To Be A Collapse Of Bonds And Governments:Martin Armstrong
    Video posted 1 Oct 2016

    Title: Joseph P Farrell the Hidden History of Bankers
    Video re-uploaded 31 Aug 2016


    Title: NASA Can’t Go Beyond Low Earth Orbit | Flat Earth Firmament
    Video posted 23 Sep 2016

    Title: Academic Psyence is “Up Shit Creek”, says Michael Tsarion
    Video posted 24 Jul 2016


  2. RonMamita says:

    Are You Concerned About The World Being Controlled?

    The World is manipulated:

    Title: Paul Hellyer Our World is Being Manipulated [FULL VIDEO]
    Video posted 2 Oct 2016

    Title: Have you ever wondered who is controlling the World [FULL VIDEO]
    Video posted 23 Sep 2016


  3. RonMamita says:

    Video posted 17 Oct 2016 by RADIOMYSTERIUM

    A recorded conversation between “Sue” a courageous American and NASA scientist Dr. Douglas Rowland in which he admits the use of chemtrails!

    By the way, I do not at ALL agree with what the scientist is saying about the reason or purpose of the chemtrails, but the fact that he uses that terminology and admits the chemical dumps is an important beginning to derailing this massively illegal and unregulated human catastrophe.

    This truly IS a “smoking gun” and finally sheds light on the truth of this incredibly stupid and harmful military industrial operation. Thank you for your courage Sue. One person can make a difference! Commentary by Geoff Byrd from Radio Mysterium.

    Handcrafted Orgonite by Geoff Byrd

    Donate here if you appreciate my work


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