What Is His-Story, and Do You Believe History?

Laocoön and his Sons in the Vatican which is among the works under the care of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church

Laocoön and his Sons in the Vatican which is among the works under the care of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church

We have an opportunity to question, examine, and research the stories that are taught as fact about the past.
I have often wondered about the era when illiteracy was the norm, a time when reading and writing was restricted to the elite ruling class.
When I thought about those social norms I also thought about the collection of stories that are now called the Bible. The Bible is not a single book, but rather a collection of many books over the course of many generations, and most of those books are incomplete short stories.
It always puzzled me how organized religions and laws are constructed on that foundation.

The fact that the biblical stories predate the current religions is a curious hint about the lost stories and the hidden truth.
Some faithful individuals will delight in saying the whole world is indebted to the Roman Catholic church for the existence of the Bible. This is another of their attempts to exalt the church as an authority with the ability to speak for God.

“Because it never was a Bible, till the infallible Church pronounced it to be so. The separate treatises, each of them inspired, were lying, as it were dispersedly; easy to confound with others, that were uninspired. The Church gathered them up, selected them, pronounced judgment on them; rejecting some, which she defined and declared not to be canonical, because not inspired; adopting others as being inspired, and therefore canonical.” -Eusebius, 270 A.D.

The Bible is not a Catholic book. Catholics did not write it, nor does their doctrines and church meet the description of the doctrine and church of which it speaks.
Whatever the Catholic religion and church is, it is not practicing the teachings from the books that make up what is called the “Holy Bible”.
If you are interested in the collected stories that make up what is known as the Bible, then you may find value in translated manuscripts predating the current Bible:
The Vedas
Septuagint Version
Epic of Gilgamesh

Book of Enoch
Councils of Jamnia

Codex Alexandrianus
Codex Sinaiticus
From there you may want to read a few of the many debates about the canonization process that included  the Muratorian Canon, and the Council of Laodicea.

United Nations flagToday, the Vatican is campaigning the United Nations to implement the one world religion in efforts to centralize power and authority into a powerful form of world governance.
The sustainability, Eco-friendly environmental (global warming) program is a popular part of that one world governance scheme.
See Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development

Let us return to the ancient stories, there are many relics and artifacts that are available to examine, such as ancient structures, churches, and sculptures.
There are many more ancient artifacts that are restricted, confidential and hidden from the public.

One thing that stands out in the ancient scripts are the many stories about giants, and the mega-size structures and art that may support those stories about giants walking the earth.
Why build large, and specifically why build amazingly high ceilings and very tall entrance doors?

Title: Flood in 19th century. GiANTs are real.

When I examine and research the many government buildings (massive architecture) worldwide from ancient past to current day, my stomach becomes nauseous considering they honored human ritual sacrifice, giants walking beneath the arches and skillfully implementing control over the masses.
I recall seeing ancient art (paintings and sculptures) of women and men standing beside mature lions, and bulls that only reached the height of the human-giant’s knee!
Some historians will opine that was fantasy or poor technical skills from the artist lacking the skill of proportions, but that excuse fails to account for biblical text and other ancient records talking about the giant men of renown, and even more recently old newspapers that recorded native stories of giants and digs that uncovered bones of human giants.

Over the centuries the truth about origins was hidden, and today most People are raised with compulsory indoctrination (schooling) to accept government as if it is a guardian angel rather than a control freak system managing citizens as (livestock) human capital, aka a perpetual asset for tax revenue and labor while hiding the truth and the knowledge archives .
I found it eerie to see giant arches and giant doors as entrances to religious and government buildings.

What stands out from all the amazing stories is the actions by Jesuit influenced academia and the governing establishment to suppress and hide knowledge from the masses.
The amount of mass deception and social engineering currently underway in this so-called 21st century is horrific.


Off Site Sources:
Chronology of 500 Year Jesuit Deception and Flat Earth


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  1. RonMamita says:

    Research Invites Speculation

    A lot of questions arise from the fragments of evidence and ancient artifacts that contradict the official narrative, what is called “history”.

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