“IF”, If, if, Hillary is Charged With Obstruction Of Justice She Could Go To Prison For Life

The “if”s are very interesting, read on!
Steve Pieczenik, former United States Department of State official, author, and publisher, claims the Clinton’s accomplished a U.S. coup, and now the intelligence community industry are currently completing the counter coup…

Title: Steve Pieczenik: Hillary Clinton Takeover of the U.S. – Clinton Coup – Secret American Revolution
Video posted 1 Nov 2016

The FBI and DOJ are investigating Hillary, her home, her associates’ email, and more…
Everyone interested in what is happening has to entertain the what ifs.

If Hillary Clinton is sent to prison for 20 years, that would essentially be for the rest of her life.

if the FBI discovers that Hillary Clinton altered, destroyed or concealed any emails that should have been turned over to the FBI during the original investigation, she could be charged with obstruction of justice.  That would immediately end her political career…

I have not seen a single news report mention the phrase “obstruction of justice” yet, but I am convinced that there is a very good chance that this is where this scandal is heading.  The following is the relevant part of the federal statute that deals with obstruction of justice

…it is possible that once the FBI starts searching through these emails that they could come to the conclusion very rapidly that charges against Clinton are warranted, and if that happens we could still see some sort of announcement before election day.

In the unlikely event that does happen, we could actually see Hillary Clinton forced out of the race before November 8th.

Read full zerohedge report

The EU Times news reported a alarming event or NORAD protocol:

U.S. Military Notifies Russia Of “Sustained Alert Status” Due To “Presidential Election Threat”

Posted by EU Times on Nov 2nd, 2016
A very sobering Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that the Federation has been officially notified by the United States North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) that their military forces are now on “Sustained Alert Status” due to unspecified threats directly related to their upcoming 8 November presidential election.
Deputy Defense Minister Tatiana Shevtsova, however, and shockingly, writes in this report that the American government is currently undergoing a “silent coup” pitting forces loyal to President Obama against those aligned with Hillary Clinton—who was the former disgraced U.S. Secretary of State and is facing an estimated 20 year prison sentence for obstruction justice and who, also, is being “closed in upon” by Obama’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who have launched a staggering 5 different criminal investigations against her and everyone of her inner circle.  Deputy Minister Shevtsova further notes in this MoD report that the vast criminality of Hillary Clinton, and everyone associated with her, has been so exposed to the American public that President Obama’s greatest fear now is that even if she were able to be elected, she could single handedly destroy the Democratic Party for decades to come—an observation, curiously, supported by American experts who believe the same.

…Read more.

I wish to add one final if:
If only there had  been this amount of awareness, public outrage, intelligence community mutiny, criminal investigations, and NORAD alerts during the rigged November 2000 Al Gore/George Bush elections, or a few months later into the 9/11 state sponsored terror… Maybe Justice will find this Clinton criminal organization links to the Saudis, the Bush Crime Family, illegal drug trade and others.
But, let me warn you that the government investigating itself is like asking the fox to guard the hen house!
Where is the “independent” investigation?
Who can proudly state they support a coup or a counter coup?
Who believes they are the “good guys“?
Who believes the officials solved the financial crisis?
We have many reasons to not trust the officials for one microsecond. ~Ron



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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5 comments on ““IF”, If, if, Hillary is Charged With Obstruction Of Justice She Could Go To Prison For Life
  1. RonMamita says:

    Former U.S. State Secretary Henry Kissinger Was Elected to Russian Academy of Sciences

    (the criminal was appointed for his expert research in “Global Politics“)
    Read more: https://sputniknews.com/russia/201610281046840506-russia-science-academy-kissinger/

    Title: Ex-NSA Agent Picks the Election Winner
    Video posted 3 Nov 2016

    Title: Is this “Soft Coup” The Real Deal?
    Video posted 3 Nov 2016

    Title: Hillary Transfer’s $1.8 Billion To Qatar Bank!
    Video posted 18 Oct 2016

    Title: SR 1313 – Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Hillary Clinton May Face Charges in Pedophilia Ring
    Video posted 3 Nov 2016

    U.S. Military Notifies Russia Of “Sustained Alert Status” Due To “Presidential Election Threat”

    WOW, the world is on ALERT as all Nations closely monitor the events connected to the U.S. Presidential selection!
    (But then again, so was the world 8 years ago with Obama!
    The People worldwide were “hoping” the U.S, would turn away from the Bush/Cheney War Machine. Under Obama that never happened. Now Trump is “hoped” to turn the U.S. away from the war machine…)
    What are the probable institutional outcomes?
    Let me speculate:

    • The intelligence industry are involved, there are opposing factions both domestic and foreign (double agents in government and civilian personnel).
    • The U.S. political class also has divided factions Bush org, Clinton Foundation, Hedge Funds, Wall Street Corporate Banks & Foreign Banks.
    • This is a lot of volatility with in-fighting and profit motives, so I don’t see any certainty to trust anyone in an official role.
    • If Trump wins popular vote:
      (defeating the rigged count?)
      1. democrats steal electoral vote to claim victory, overriding the citizens’ votes!
      This could lead to massive civil unrest in government offices attempting to shut down the government. I see republicans and fanatical “patriots” for the Republic with a segment that can act like a dangerous mob (infiltrated provocateurs)…
      2. Obama declares an emergency, halting the elections and claim the Russians hacked the votes?
      Or something similar with the same result: Armed forces prevent Trump (Russian sympathizer accusations) from claiming victory.
      3. MSM news claim foul play in attempt to rile up democrats into civil disobedience.
    • If Clinton wins popular vote:
      1. Trump (and patriots) challenge the validity of the election results!
      Most Americans will not accept Hillary Clinton as their president.
      2. Trump accepts the election results and tells supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton – remember Nixon’s impeachment prevention, for the good of the nation…
    • Political Assassination:
      1. Trump suddenly reported dead.
      2. Clinton ill or suddenly dead.
      3. Both Trump and Hillary dead.
    • My Elections Forecast:
      The Rulers Already Selected Their Puppet President!
      Both Clinton and Trump – it doesn’t matter because they both were pre-selected years ago.
      Remember, the Simpsons cartoons.
      This election feel eerily similar to the 2008 Obama campaign!
      Trump now replaces Obama as the “Outsider” to save America…
      I expect no – to minimum violence and scattered public protests, no civil war, but civil lawsuits will continue in the courts.
      The mass awakening will continue to gain momentum with more individuals able to see the worldwide institutional matrix.

    The U.S. elections always had a rigged component, some manipulations were more effective than others, so this election cycle is not new.
    Trump will be officially declared the next U.S. Puppet President…
    – Goon Squad on a mission –
    If the rulers were smart they would have selected Jill Stein for President and put a band-aid on their traumatized plantation system, which shows me how desperate they really are, and a timetable is in play with the deadline approaching.
    Regardless who the citizens vote for, the government wins, that is the political protection mechanism. ~Ron

    The Simpsons recorded year 2000:

    Title: Donald Trump Will Destroy America – Exposed

    Title: Simpsons Episode from 2000 Predicts TRUMP Becomes President and More

    Title: EXPOSED: THE MASTER KEY – How They Will STEAL The Election
    Video posted 31 Oct 2016

    Title: US Military Notifies Russia Of “Sustained Alert Status” Due To “Presidential Election Threat”
    Video posted 2 Nov 2016

    Title: Hillary LOSING! Booed in Pompano As Chris Matthews Betrays Her!
    Video posted 1 Nov 2016

    Title: Hillary pedophile ring exposed on Weiner’s laptop PC
    Video posted 31 Oct 2016

    Title: Breaking! NYPD Just Raided Hillary’s Property and What They Found Will Put Her and Bill In Prison
    Video posted 1 Nov 2016

    Title: CIA Case Officer Robert Steele “Hillary Is The Most Criminal US Politician Since LBJ!”
    Video posted 2 Nov 2016

    Title: Has The Corporate State Taken Over? – Chris Hedges Joins Lee Camp [29]
    Video posted 22 Sep 2016

    Title: REALIST NEWS – So…about the Clinton’s and their roll in Haiti
    Video posted 3 Nov 2016


    • RonMamita says:

      REMEMBER: Clinton and Trump are the most unpopular candidates in modern history

      Here Is The Political Hacker Game Show BONUS Question!!!

      Who will win the 2016 U.S. Elections Puppet Presidential Office?
      A. CLINTON
      B. TRUMP
      C. STEIN
      D. It doesn’t matter!

      Correct Answer:
      D. (The government does survive!)

      If you answered “D” you win this imaginary deluxe 1000 piece puzzle prize with the image of Clinton, Trump, Jesuit Cardinal, and Rothschild all laughing at their gala party.

      Hmm, we can guess who they are laughing at, can’t we?

      Yes, it does feel like the joke is on the citizens (stupid voters)!
      Remember October 2016 TRUMP & CLINTON w/ Kissinger at Jesuit Gala:

      Title: AMERICA! – Will Your Next President Be A Jesuit? Trump Vs Clinton (2016)
      Video posted 22 Oct 2016


  2. RonMamita says:

    In 1994 David Icke Wrote About The Clinton’s Murders

    Title: David Icke “Trump V Clinton Is Just A Circus Designed To Hide The Reality Of The System!”
    Video posted 3 Nov 2016

    Title: HILLARY CLINTON’S TOP MINION TWEETS “Please God, let this end soon”
    Video posted 31 Oct 2016

    Video posted 3 Nov 2016

    Never Ending Conflict of Interest – Complete Collapse of the Rule of Law

    Posted Nov 3, 2016 by Martin Armstrong


    We are looking at the complete collapse in the rule of law. There is no other way to put this. The Department of Justice is so compromised with Lynch at the head it is getting to be absurd. Peter J. Kadzik is the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs at the Department of Justice (DOJ). Clearly, there is an internal war going on as I reported. Now that the FBI has over the 650,000 emails uncovered in Anthony Weiner’s notebook, which Huma Abedin failed to turnover to Congress claiming she had no idea how they got there. The US Justice Department announced it is now also joining the probe to dedicate all necessary resources to quickly clear Hillary, up pops the conflict of interest. In the letter to Congress, the DOJ person to aid this investigation to clear Hillary by the election, is Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik who wrote to the House and Senate lawmakers.


    This is Podesta’s friend for dinner who goes to his house. Plus, Peter Kadzik donated $250 to Hillary also noted in Podesta’s spreadsheet. Kadzik and Podesta were classmates at Georgetown Law School back in the 1970s and have been good friends ever since. In fact, Kadzik represented Podesta during the Monica Lewinsky investigation and Podesta wrote that Kadzik was a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept me out of jail.” It was also Kadzik who lobbied Podesta for Marc Rich to obtain a pardon for a fugitive when you have to show remorse to get a pardon. Never has a Pardon been granted to a fugitive in this manner. Then Kadzik’s wife, Amy Weiss of Weiss Public Affairs, worked on the 1992 Clinton/Gore Campaign as a Press Secretary. She was the Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee, and on top of that, she was White House Deputy Assistant to the President Bill Clinton. It gets better. Another email sent on May 5, 2015, Kadzik’s son asked Podesta for a job on the Clinton campaign. This is the independent person appointed by Lynch to clear Hillary? Come on! This is outright in your face corruption.

    Why would the DOJ pick such a conflicted person? The answer is obvious. They want to CLEAR Hillary no matter what. Kadzik is there to now counteract anything Comey does because there is really an internal war waging in Washington. The screams from behind the curtain are getting deafening. It is so disgusting that we are witnessing the complete collapse of anything pretended to be the rule of law. The status quo, including George Bush Sr, are all backing Hillary so there is NOTHING that will change and they all live fat and happy off of our taxes and legal oppression. This is really becoming a battle to save the country from the privileged establishment. They milk us like cows and send our boys into battle with lies and propaganda to enrich themselves. I lost half my school friends to Vietnam when Lyndon Johnson even said in 1965 the Vietnamese never attacked us; “For all I know, our navy was shooting at whales out there.” (source)

    Perhaps a vote for Trump is the slap in the face these corrupt people need. What a complete mess we are in.



  3. RonMamita says:

    Hillary and Spirit Cooking Ritual Magic:

    What is “SPIRIT COOKING“: Link To Twitter Spirit Cooking Page

    From:podesta@podesta.com To: john.podesta@gmail.com Date: 2015-06-28 01:48 Subject: Fwd: Dinner[…]
    From: Marina Abramovic <marinaxabramovic@gmail.com>
    Date: June 28, 2015 at 2:35:08 AM GMT+2
    To: Tony Podesta <podesta@podesta.com>
    Subject: Dinner
    Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina — ABRAMOVIC LLC

    Video posted 04 Nov 2016 by wearechange

    Video posted 10 Mar 2009

    Govern Yourself or Someone Else Will!

    You Are Being Programmed to Hate

    Download mp4 video

    Corbett • 11/03/2016

    With the world spinning into hatred and violence as the two most hated (s)election candidates of all time tell us to hate one another, one might almost think there is a coordinated effort to drum up outrage. And one would be right!


    Clinton and Trump are the most unpopular candidates in modern history

    Inside Hillary Clinton’s Outrage Machine, Allies Push the Buttons

    Episode 223 – Revolution Impossible?

    Episode 231 – The Revolution of the Mind

    How To Change The World


  4. RonMamita says:

    Constitutional Crisis: Mutiny in U.S. Government is Real

    Clinton and Trump are the most unpopular candidates in modern history

    To paraphrase the Washington Post’s Obama campaign tour to help Hillary win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections:
    Today, Obama’s Hopeful campaigning sound as if it came from a different era.
    Obama will close out his presidency at what is perhaps the least hopeful moment in American politics in decades, a time when the two major-party candidates have historically low approval ratings and are locked in a bitter and coarse election contest.
    -See the true quote at washingtonpost.com

    Title: U.S. Elections “November Chaos”: What You’re Not Being Told
    Video posted 4 Nov 2016 by GlobalResearchTV

    Title: Exposing More Political Corruption on The Hagmann Report 11/3/16
    Video posted 3 Nov 2016

    Title: They Cant Stop the Leak. Another 1000. Could This End Hillary ?
    Video posted 2 Nov 2016 by MAXLIBERTY

    Title: Bizarre – Obama Snaps on Crowd, Bill Still Says Assange Alive!?
    Video posted 4 Nov 2016 by MAXLIBERTY

    Title: Very Soon They Will Report Assange Has Committed Suicide
    Video posted 30 Oct 2016 by MAXLIBERTY

    Title: Julian Assange dead illuminate card game hit RE UPLOAD EDIT
    Video posted 31 Oct 2016 by Silver The Antidote

    Title: The Clinton-Bush Criminal Deep State is on the Ropes! — Ole Dammegard
    Video posted 31 Oct 2016 by SGTreport.com


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