1998 Strange Foretelling of 2016 He/She Presidential Election Leads To Civil War…

cyclic time spiral

Today I thought to myself that if I was to write a “News Headline” about the 2016 U.S. Presidential selection scam between the ruling class puppets, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the headline would be something like:
He/She President Is Still Uncertain…

As if the corporate News Media’s 99% certainty that Hillary was going to be U.S. President wasn’t strange enough, now after the votes chose Trump over Hillary, $ Millions of Dollars are being spent to influence the Electoral College and overturn Trump’s victory.
Read: Jill Stein’s Michigan Recount Could Cost Taxpayers $12 Million
The political campaign for Hillary has not yielded, even though Hillary Clinton conceded Trump’s victory with her congratulatory call to Trump after the votes were officially announced.
Yes, all of that is very strange, but it gets even stranger when you recall the strange stories from 1998 when a man who identified himself as a time traveler (years later the name “John Titor” was attached to him) predicted the “He/She” U.S. Presidential controversial event would lead to armed rebellion in America.

July 29, 1998. Another warm night, and Art Bell is hosting one of his popular time travel shows, fielding calls from alleged time travelers on his special Open Time Lines. But that night he gets more than he expected: a fax from someone claiming to be from the year 2036. –strangerdimensions.com

…In one of the time traveler’s comments he claimed that Americans will revolt when He/She becomes President because of the loyal commitment to serve only the status quo for the establishment, which is not in the interest of the American People.

Who is John Titor, the Time Traveler?
Please, do not think that I accept any of the time traveler’s story.
My esoteric research has a different concept of “actuality”, as opposed to the most popular beliefs about “reality” with the illusionary construct for the imposition of the calendar “time” and his-story mental immersion.
In the year 2000 knew Trump would campaign for president from the simpsons catoon...
Foretelling events before you experience them is a phenomena that fits nicely within what is revealed from research and experiential observation.
The Simpsons cartoon, and Sci-Fi Movie series, Back To The Future, predicted Donald Trump’s presidential office.
The Back To The Future Movies had a interesting foreshadowing with the demise and disappearance of Biff Tanner (aka Donald Trump).
Will Donald Trump disappear, or will the mass media report the death of Trump?
I would not be surprised by any strange events that impacts the U.S. presidential office and whatever deceptive narrative that comes from the corporate controlled mass media.

Civilization is scripted and society is manipulated…



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2 comments on “1998 Strange Foretelling of 2016 He/She Presidential Election Leads To Civil War…
  1. RonMamita says:

    U.S. Presidency & Donald Trump Scripts:

    Video posted 8 Nov 2016 by ATEMPORAL11 Atemporal

    Title: REALIST NEWS – John Titor – He/She President – Problem With The Elections
    Video posted 21 Oct 2016 by jsnip4

    Title: Donald Trump And Back To The Future II Predictive Programming
    Video posted 5 May 2016 by Russianvids


    • RonMamita says:

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      Aspects of China’s traditional financial services sector may be somewhat underdeveloped compared to those in other developed markets, but the nation is emerging as the world’s FinTech market leader. For the period July 2015 to June 2016, Chinese FinTech investments in the market surged to US$8.8 billion, commanding the largest share of global investment in this sector.1 As this exponential growth continues, China is poised to leapfrog developed nations and move to a digital financial marketplace. -DBS

      Title: Cryptocurrency & blockchain update, Bitcoin $1000? which web bot predicts! silver & gold to soar
      Video posted 15 Dec 2016 by Silver The Antidote

      Title: cashless Australia next As Trump’s killer master plan to defeat the NWO
      Video posted 15 Dec 2016 by Silver The Antidote


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