Disturbing Christmas Discussion: The Fall Of The U.S. Empire

Successful psychopaths hide among us as professionals in expensive suits.

This is not a entertaining discussion.
While removing fraud, bullies, murderous thugs, and influential deceivers from power is a good thing, the massive number of deceived citizens caught unaware could become a major tragedy…

This is about the disruption in institutional governance and authoritarianism:

Title: John McCain Dreads A ‘Possible Unraveling Of The World Order’
Video posted 18 Dec 2016 by Carbonated.TV

[In a staged mass media release warmongering Senator McCain may have signaled the plan to engineer a worldwide crisis. Their ability to kill, deceive, and steal with impunity may be unraveling.]
This includes war, propaganda, mass deception, job loss, homelessness, increasing poverty, travel emergencies, and other corporate calamities resulting from institutional disruptions and the unraveling secret horrors within the globalists’ establishment.

Unfortunately for some citizens, who refuse to believe that some politicians and officials could possibly be so evil as to authorize the murder of thousands of their own citizens in order to maintain the hold on the reins of power, it could become a deep emotional trauma.

The two most misguided notions held in America: 1. Our government wouldn't do that to us. 2. If they did, they would tell us about it on TV.

The Truth Is Like The Sword

Truth is not a promise for fun entertainment.
The apocalypse literally means revelation or to reveal hidden truth.
If the great revealing  or mass awakening is occurring then the days after may not be entertaining – unless you enjoy horrors.
Be strong and face the truth.

There is a “silent war” that has been ongoing since the founding of America, and actually longer worldwide when you examine institutional governance in Europe and Asia.
Admiralty Law was no accident, Slavery was no accident, Colonialism was not an accident, central banking cartel was no accident, debt as money was not an accident, and globalization is not an accident, it is Policy!

Technocracy Rising" author Patrick Wood discuss the hidden history of technocracy

The hidden global agenda is a great challenge to uncover, and often their speeches are cryptic or deceptive.
I recall the strange doom announcements about no Christmas for 2016 by Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth who married her third cousin Philip Mountbatten, formerly prince of Greece and Denmark, on November 20, 1947)…

Queen Elizabeth II
Elizabeth boards a plane in 2011. (Credit: Smith Ellen-Pool/Getty Images)

Despite being history’s most widely traveled head of state—she has reportedly visited 116 countries during her reign—Elizabeth does not hold a passport. Since all British passports are issued in the queen’s name, she herself doesn’t need one. She also doesn’t require a driver’s license, though she has been known to take joyrides around her various estates in her Range Rover.

What do the pope and queen know about the doom of Christmas that is kept from the public?
Okay, I will not rehash the speculation about engineered crises for this month of December 2016, and the reminder is to always be prepared for sudden emergencies.

– U.S. Empire vs Americans –
Previous discussions revealed the evidence about the captured U.S. state and the control over the People living in America. If you are new to this information please search this blog or the internet for the true past in America.

What 21st century globalism reveals are captured markets, captured states, and technocracy with the intentional control and subjugation of the mass populous as human resources, specimen for experiments, and cannon fodder in wars; the ruling class profits from all of that human activity and misery.

Research the sovereign debt, shadow banking, international markets and commerce, and you will see the looming crisis that the monetary system must face.
As a system of control, it needs to be abandoned, or collapse.

United Nations flag
Consider the logo flag for the United Nations as a symbol for human plantations within the worldwide hegemony.
Did the ruling class take aim at the human population on earth or cage the world?
33 Coded in United Nations Flag

Truth telling is under attack by governments’ fake news campaign.
My wish is for the earth to no longer remain a slave trap for the People.
Freedom requires the courage and knowledge of the truth to face the abusers with their secret horrors, and claim your personal sovereignty.
Noncompliance and self defence are appropriate when facing tyranny within institutional governance.

Define terrorism: government by imtimidation

No Merry Christmas and The Information War Is Intensifying:

The current events and Job Market News is a very disturbing economic trend:
General Motors will close 5 plants – they claim it will be temporary. Yeah right, like President Nixon promised the U.S. Dollar going off the gold standard was a temporary measure that lasted for 44 years – and still counting.

Thousands may be out of work as large industries close assembly lines and manufacturing plants.
November 2016 General Motors announced it will lay off 2000 factory workers, other market news revealed their mountain of unsold automobiles at dealerships.
Earlier in September 2016 Ford automotive announced it was shifting ALL small car production to Mexico.

Citing a downturn in the oil industry, Alabama Metal Industries Corporation (AMICO) will be closing its plant located at 825 County Road 606 in Dayton and its distribution center located at 120 North Latham in Houston at the end of January 2017. The final round of layoffs is to begin Jan. 29, 2017, and end on Jan. 31, 2017. –chron.com

I mention all the above job news to contrast the announcements by the Federal Reserve and the White House that the economy is doing great!
The MSM has not questioned that rosy economic narrative and truthful journalism is abandoned by the corporate media.

Title: Fake News: The Intensification of Information Warfare
Video posted 19 Dec 2016 by Boiling Frogs Post

Title: The Horrific TRUTH MSM is Going Out of its Way to Cover Up!
Video posted 20 Dec 2016 by HighImpactFlix


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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10 comments on “Disturbing Christmas Discussion: The Fall Of The U.S. Empire
  1. RonMamita says:

    Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed To Modify Behavior

    Title: Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to modify behavior
    Video posted 4 Dec 2016 by Storm Watch

    Taking Out the God Gene VMAT2

    Source: Stillness in the Storm | by Stillness in the Storm Editor

    What if there was a way to produce a retrovirus and vaccine that could augment a person’s genome and resultantly their behavior? It might sound like some kind of science fiction story, but according to the following leaked video, it’s already a reality.

    The military industrial complex has developed countless projects for controlling the population. This particular program is FunVax: Fundamentalist Vaccine, a project developed to adjust human behavior by manipulating what has popularly known as the God Gene, VMAT2. The vaccine can be delivered through aerosol spraying over a population, who would never realize they were being genetically manipulated.

    Related Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex and What Are They Doing? – An Extensive Research Report

    There are serious ethical concerns for intentionally seeding a virus into a community for the purpose of augmenting their DNA, without their express permission. The would-be controllers of humanity think they have a right to treat people like lab rats, justifying their immorality by saying it is a matter of war and self-preservation. But these machinations extend beyond just “religious fundamentalism” in the middle east. All the people of Earth, including Americans, are considered enemies of the state by the U.S. Military and government.

    GMO food is one example of how we are already having our genes modified, through horizontal gene transfer. Furthermore, there are dozens of technologies being used against the people for control reasons, like electromagnetic telecommunications (wifi and cell phones), the electrical grid, the way in which we construct our buildings, music, television, chemtrails, and many more.

    Related WE are the “Enemies of the State” — Documented Evidence -o- And How to Change The Status Quo

    Within that legal definition, all normal rights of informed consent can be waved, and all manner of insidiousness can take place. Prior to the Snowden revelations of 2013, those in the truther movement said that everyone was being surveilled by the government. People dismissed the idea as a wild conspiracy theory. But after Snowden, it has been proven to be a conspiracy fact. This is just one more data point now in the public domain to lend credence to the notion that the people of Earth are considered chattel to the so-called elite. And unless we find the courage to set our differences aside and work together, all subjected people will continue to suffer at the hands of our well-intentioned yet nefariously motivated masters.

    The first item in this post is the leaked video and then a secondary article about the FunVax vaccine.

    Related Transhumanism Via New Vaccines with Synthetic Genes | New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA

    – Justin

    SourceThe Event Chronicle

    by Truth Unsealed, December 8th 2016

    Unbelievable. A Leaked Pentagon video shows that a vaccine has been developed to modify human behavior. Government mind control!

    Did you get your flu shot yet…?

    FunVax: Fundamentalist Vaccine
    Pentagon Video, Document Reveal Aerial Vaccination Plan

    “In non-conflict zones, effectiveness [of the fundamentalist vaccine] could be measured by a decrease in the people attending religious activities.”
    — Quarterly Report on the Pentagon’s FunVax (Fundamentalist Vaccine), 6/1/07

    Dear friends,

    The Pentagon may vaccinate large populations in the Middle East with what is being called FunVax – a fundamentalist vaccine. As explained by Pentagon researchers, the FunVax uses an airborne virus to indiscriminately infect populations considered high risk for religious fundamentalism. The virus in this vaccine purportedly has been tested and shown to reduce fundamentalism and religiosity in all who are infected by damaging what is called the “God gene.”

    Though this may sound like some bizarre science fiction novel, the four-minute Pentagon video presentation and official FunVax report below show that this vaccine against fundamentalism is actively being tested for implementation. As it has been a few years since this date of this video and report, it is entirely possible this program has already been started.

    Four-minute Pentagon video presentation of FunVax dated April 13, 2005
    Government report on the fundamentalist vaccine: Quarterly FunVax Review, June 1, 2007

    There is some possibility that the above video and document are faked. But if they are, it is very intelligent disinformation. Who would spend all of the time and money required to come up with such a sophisticated and coherent story? And why? Knowing how science and the military often work together, a program like this is all too possible. I once attended a lecture by Al Gore’s science advisor in which he said he had been invited to see some of the most secret biological research programs being undertaken by the U.S. military. He said it gave him nightmares for months.

    For those who doubt the government would carry out such a campaign, consider a July 12, 2011 New York Times report that the CIA organized a fake vaccine drive to get Osama bin Laden’s family DNA. It appears that health care workers were used knowing or unknowingly on a clandestine mission as part of a deliberate policy of the U.S. government. An article in the Washington Post quotes a senior U.S. official as stating, “The vaccination campaign was part of the hunt for the world’s top terrorist, and nothing else.”
    According to the FunVax report above, the fundamentalist vaccine is prepared using “a viral vector that will inhibit/decrease the expression of VMAT2 within a human population. The VMAT2 gene, also referred to as the “God gene,” has received wide coverage in the media. It is the gene which has been shown to have the most relationship to spirituality. Time magazine featured the God gene story on it’s front cover on Oct. 25, 2004. For the fascinating article on VMAT2 in that issue of Time, titled, “Religion: Is God in Our Genes?”, click here.

    So the Pentagon has found a way to decrease religious fervor using an airborne vaccine. What are the ethical implications of this? Do we really want to get involved in manipulating people’s genes, especially when those subjected to this are not being informed? Do we really want to decrease spirituality in unknowing citizens through a vaccine? And why isn’t this disturbing news being reported and debated in the major media?

    The Pentagon report states that tests have been conducted on six different methods of dispersing the virus: “high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce.” You have to wonder where these tests were conducted and on whom. The minutes of the report also mention discussion of a “proposal for a suicide gene.”

    Here’s a quote from the FunVax report’s recommendations section:

    Of the 600 variants of Vesicular Stomatitiis Virus tested, VSV287 had the greatest decrease of VMAT2 within mice. However, this may not be the case for human subjects. All 600 strains of VSV should be retested on human subjects in the clinical group.
    Once again, we have to ask who these human subjects will be. Will they be informed of what is happening and give their consent? Would anyone in their right mind give consent to have one of their key genes altered? We know in the past that low-ranking soldiers were used for tests like this and recruited with special bonuses, but not told about the real objectives of the test. For a long list of secret government tests in which soldiers, prisoners, and even the general public were unknowingly treated like human guinea pigs, click here (links provided to verify each case).

    Of the behavioral indicators which would determine effectiveness of the vaccine mentioned in the report, one states, “In non-conflict zones, effectiveness could be measured by a decrease in the people attending religious activities.” A second indicator mentions “measurable increase in … telephone, email, and other forms of communication that express discontent with religion or God.

    The FunVax report concludes that “high atmospheric dispersal or dispersal by ground level moving objects appear to be the most practical. Once initial dispersal is accomplished, infection will be transmitted person to person.” Atmospheric dispersal would likely use what has been referred to as chemtrails. Many have claimed chemtrails are simply paranoid fantasies of conspiracy theorists. This document and other easily verifiable information on chemtrails available at this link prove that jets have been used to spread substances on the unsuspecting general population numerous times.

    A final concluding note in the FunVax report states that “complete knockout of VMAT2 in mice as well as monkeys has shown to be lethal.” So the God gene is apparently necessary for life. Yet the Pentagon is planning to use this vital gene to manipulate people’s beliefs. Why isn’t the media investigating this major story? Please help to make up for the sad failure of the media and spread this news to your friends and colleagues far and wide. Together, we can make a difference.

    With best wishes for a better world, Fred Burks for PEERS and WantToKnow.info
    Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton
    Note: For the claimed origin of the above video and report, click here. For a published scientific study showing that experiments on manipulating VMAT2 (the “God gene”) are ongoing, click here. And for another published scientific article discussing genetic engineering of spirituality, click here. If anyone has more recent, reliable information on the FunVax, please contact us at this link.

    What you can do:

    • Inform your media and political representatives of this vitally important information on the FunVax or fundamentalist vaccine. To contact those close to you, click here.
    • For lots more reliable information and a call to work together for positive change, click here.
    • For an inspiring essay on how we can work together to build a brighter future click here.
    • For a heart and mind expanding online course, see the free Insight Course.
    • Spread this news to your friends and colleagues, and bookmark this article on key news websites using the “Share” icon on this page, so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference.

    Stillness in the Storm Editor’s note: Did you find a spelling error or grammar mistake? Do you think this article needs a correction or update? Or do you just have some feedback? Send us an email at sitsshow@gmail.com. Thank you for reading.

    Source: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/study/leaked-pentagon-video-shows-vaccine-designed-modify-behavior-must-watch/


  2. Alan Scott says:

    Scary stuff, Ron! Keep up the good work. Best wishes for Christmas and a happier New Year.
    Btw, I don’t think that photo of Queen Elizabeth can be from 2011, surely?


    • RonMamita says:

      Good morning Alan,
      Yeah either the photo staff was caught in time travel loops or Queen Elizabeth must have some wonderfully loyal subjects at history.com their polite mistakes makes the queen a young woman again 😉
      With all that corporate money fact checking editor’s pay is wasted.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Krugman and Europeans Raise the Question, Has America Fallen?


    Has America Fallen? Krugman and Europeans Raise the Question.

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: December 19, 2016
    Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman is raising a question in the pages of the New York Times this morning that has been on the minds of Europeans since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election on November 8: has America fallen?
    …Read more

    Caterpillar Signals The Economic Collapse:

    New York, December 13, 2016 — Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the long- and short-term ratings of Caterpillar, Inc. (CAT), Caterpillar Financial Services …

    Title: World Alternative Media
    Video posted 14 Dec 2016 by World Alternative Media
    Central Banks: “Satisfy Expenses” = “tax fraud”…

    Is The U.S. Stock Market About To “Super Nova?” – Dave Kranzler”
    By Dave Kranzler December 20, 2016

    ETF flows tend to be a good contrary indicator when they become extreme, so the buying frenzy doesn’t bode well for U.S. equities . – David Santschi, CEO of TrimTabs

    If the Federal Reserve were a private corporation and did not have a money tree, it would be technically insolvent – i.e. bankrupt. As of its latest balance sheet the Fed was reporting a book value (net worth) of $40.4 billion. But the Fed does not have to mark to market its assets. Given the recent 100+ basis point move in the 10-yr Treasury, if the Fed were forced to mark to market its $3.8 trillion Treasuries and mortgages, it would be forced to reduce the holding value by close to $400 billion, taking the Fed’s net worth to negative $360 billion.

    This is the most conservative valuation scenario. The Fed has other holdings, on and off balance sheet, that would likely take the Fed’s book value well past negative $400 billion if mark to market accounting were applied.

    Think about this for a moment: the U.S. dollar is backed by a Government and Central Bank, both of which are technically bankrupt. The only difference between what happened to Greece and the U.S. is the U.S.’ ability to print money unfettered. […]

    Unfortunately, the only chance you have to financially survive what is coming at us is to get your money out of all financial “assets.” These are not “assets.” They are fiat paper liabilities issued by a Federal Reserve that is technically insolvent by at least $360 billion and likely multiples of that when off-balance-sheet considerations are factored in to the equation. If you don’t want to buy precious metals, at least get your money out of the stock market.

    While Wall Street shills and the financial media is busy seducing the public with its incessant “Dow 20,000” rally cry, corporate insiders are busy unloading their shares hand-over-fist.

    Title: REALIST NEWS – Dave Kranzler: Is The U.S. Stock Market About To Super Nova?
    Video posted 21 Dec 2016 by jsnip4


    • RonMamita says:

      Greece, Venezuela, Brazil…Debt Crisis & Austerity Policies

      Every nation is facing the debt crisis.

      Title: Chaos In The Streets As Brazil Senate Approves 20 Year Austerity Plan
      Video posted 20 Dec 2016 by World Alternative Media

      Title: The Fallacy of Modern Economics
      Video posted 21 Dec 2016 by maneco64


  4. RonMamita says:

    Bankers: When All Else Fails They Declare War!

    The military is the all-purpose-tool where everything is legal or legality is ignored.

    Will the old formula for manipulation work in the 21st century?
    Will war campaign escalate the current world war?
    Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, and other regions are destabilized and ripe for military intervention or war escalation…

    Title: Bix Weir: Roadside Chat 12/21/2016
    Video posted 21 Dec 2016 by RoadtoRoota

    Title: Who Just Became the Largest Holder of U.S. Treasuries? Hint: Not China!
    Video posted 16 Dec 2016 by The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth


  5. RonMamita says:

    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple:

    Consensus reality is the mind trap.
    Civilization is scripted.

    Governments are dictating what languages are in use, and note that over many generations the languages have been changed while others were lost; where now the collective mental reasoning and abilities are very different from the ancestors.
    (DE-evolution – “Devolution” where humans are dumbed down)

    Institutional governance has master spell casters crafting a mental immersion for humans to accept as reality.

    The earth beneath your feet, indeed the world is not what you were taught.
    Language is casting spells.
    The amount of hidden and restricted knowledge may be more than the total amount of information that is presented to the mass populous.

    Our ignorance is vast.
    You are restricted and opposed from gaining Truth & knowledge…

    “If we imagine the history of humanity as giant museum, containing all knowledge on this topic, then we shall find that several of the rooms of this museum have been locked. Scientists have locked away the facts that contradict the generally accepted picture of history. Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson have, however, opened many of the locked doors and allowed laymen as well as scientists to see inside. Even scientists have been influenced, and rightly so. The Hidden History of the Human Race compels the world of science to enter new territories and calls into question many revered theories about humanity and human history.” –Walter J. Langbein, PARA Magazine, Austria

    Title: Ancient linguistic encoding
    Video posted 19 Dec 2016 by Philipp Druzhinin

    Title: Dr. Hans Utter – “The [Secret] History of FM Radio, Part 3: Conspiracy of Networks” – #249
    Video posted 19 May 2016 by GnosticMedia

    What Do State Legislatures Fear About Sharia Law?

    I have not seen a detailed examination of U.S. legislative fears and justification for banning Sharia Law, however on a geopolitical trend the world war campaign is heating up with clashes between religions.

    A.I., Digital Currency, and Scripting Civilization

    secret societies, deep state secrecy, CESAR suppercomputers, D-wave Quantum computers, CERN, Spell casting, demonic worship, and so many strange activities are discussed by Josh Reeves:

    Title: Infiltrators and COINTELPRO on Youtube/Social media W/Josh Reeves
    Video posted 23 Dec 2016 by RichieFromBoston


  6. RonMamita says:

    The Ruling Class No Longer Hide Their Ruthless Horrors

    When someone says they do not understand why society and institutions are doing so many bad things like war, man-made viruses, and unethical human experiments, they are refusing to look at the truth about governments and the worldwide monetary system.

    Title: Mark Passio, Marty Leeds – The Marty Leeds’ Mathemagical Radio Hour S2 Ep. 04
    Video posted 10 Dec 2016 by martyleeds33


  7. RonMamita says:

    Fishy James Alefantis and Pizzagate

    “Who is James Alefantis and how is it possible that GQ ranked him as the 49th most influential person in Washington D.C. ahead of people like Senator McCain and Presidential candidates like Ron Paul. Well, it’s NOT possible unless there is something else going on and the conspiracy theorists are right about most, or a good part of this Pizzagate thing.” –Texas Shrugged Book

    Title: How The Hell Did James Alefontis Make the GQ Top 50 Power Ranking?
    Video poste 27 Dec 2016 by Texas Shrugged Book


  8. RonMamita says:

    U.S. Tyranny & Police State:

    President Signs Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Bill into Law…

    H.R.4909 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

    Portman-Murphy Bill Promotes Coordinated Strategy to Defend America, Allies Against Propaganda and Disinformation from Russia, China & Others:

    Title: Obama Signs NDAA 2017 to BAN Free Speech! Russia and China Named
    Video posted 28 Dec 2016 by The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth


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