Turkey Undergoing Major Political Changes!

turkey and its neighbours map

turkey and its neighbours map

While the U.S. presidential selection circus was on display and drowning out almost all other political news, Turkey has drafted a new Constitution that calls for abolishing the office of Prime Minister among other major changes in government.
Turkey has also joined Russia in first joint air strikes against Daesh, according to news reports, and Turkey withdrew its military from Iraq.
Some researchers speculate that Turkey may seek to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as Turkey’s national currency (lira) faces market pressures.
Interestingly, all this is happening while Turkey’s martial law is in force.

Will Israeli and Turkey relations deteriorate?
How does NATO react to Turkey’s strengthening ties with Russia?
Will NATO increase military intervention in Turkey?

Title: The Newsmakers: Turkey’s economic future
Video posted 19 Jan 2017 by TRT World

Title: “Russia, Turkey in first joint strikes on Daesh”
Video posted 18 Jan 2017 by PressTV News Videos

Title: US supporting Daesh, using Turkey as camouflage in Syria: Analyst
Video posted 19 Jan 2017 by PressTV News Videos

Title: Turkey is first NATO member to work with Russia fight terrorists – ex-senior security analyst
Video posted 18 Jan 2017 by RT America

Title: Turkey Constitution: Parliament okays amendment for joint elections
Video posted 16 Jan 2017 by TRT World

Title: Turkish MPs pass first reading of constitutional amendments
Video posted 15 Jan 2017 by PressTV News Videos


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4 comments on “Turkey Undergoing Major Political Changes!
  1. RonMamita says:

    Title: Turkish MPs brawl in parliament during debate on constitutional changes
    Video posted 20 Jan 2017 by NRT English

    Title: Sunday View On davidicke.com: Trump, The CIA & The Media, Climate Change & More.
    Video posted 22 Jan 2017 by The Richie Allen Show


  2. RonMamita says:

    Trump’s White House to meet with Israel’s Netanyahu

    Title: Israel: President Trump discusses Iran threats, White House visit with Israel’s Netanyahu
    Video posted 23 Jan 2017 by FRANCE 24 English

    Trump To Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem

    Title: Prophecy Alert: “Trump Begins Talks Of Jerusalem And Moving USA Embassy”
    Video posted 22 Jan 2017 by Paul Begley


  3. Alan Scott says:

    Well, the proposed constitutional changes will go to a popular referendum. Call the current situation a “state of emergency” rather than “martial law” – prompted by an attempted military overthrow of the elected government. Actually, I think Israel-Turkey relations are on the mend again – unlike USA-Israel relations. The Turkish Lira is under attack from “Big Money”, not ” market forces”. And there’s no way “NATO” is going to interfere directly in Turkey’s internal affairs – though there is reason to believe the US/CIA had a finger in the failed military coup.


    • RonMamita says:

      Hi Alan,
      I know how you feel about about the People, as do I.
      The video did include the remaining process for the proposed constitutional changes, including the proposal to have it voted upon by the citizens in a referendum.
      As to the “state of emergency” I observe what social and legal changes have happened since the declaration of martial law (July 2016 coup attempt) or state of emergency (currently) in Turkey; the Turkish constitution Article 15 that states:

      “In times of war, mobilization, martial law, or a state of emergency, the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms may be partially or entirely suspended, or measures derogating the guarantees embodied in the Constitution may be taken to the extent required by the exigencies of the situation, as long as obligations under international law are not violated. (As amended on May 7, 2004; Act No. 5170 – bold font added for this discussion).

      That is significant, or as I said here “interesting”, observing these extraordinary changes occurring in Turkey.
      Alan I have documented and discussed (in many posts) the fraudulent international monetary system. Institutional investors – I said here “market pressures” (we may call it “Big Money”, or Banksters, or market pressures, or forces) but they are not fundamentals from a free market because the current monetary system doesn’t have a “free market” – it is a manipulated market.
      And yes the Turkish lira is a manipulated currency as is all the other national currencies.

      NATO/U.S./UK/MI6/MOSSAD/CIA and other covert agents have a role in destabilizing the region, including influencing Turkey.

      Please reply and share with me if I have spoken in error, so I may correct it.


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