Monopoly Money Must End

9:18 AM 02 May 2017 by Ronmamita

I weep as I write this, because debt bondage has existed far too long!
Gold as money is not the solution.
Ignorance of the truth breeds slaves, or expressed another way:
Knowledge of the Truth makes a man unfit to be a slave.

A popular message began to pick up momentum, ever since the 2008 Financial Crisis aka the so-called “Great Recession“, with the popular snappy soundbite to “End The Fed“. Those who researched what fractional reserve banking really is, called for resilient alternatives to replace debt based money.

Our message was simple and clear – The CRISIS is:
The Central Banks (masters of governments) Will Never Solve The Problem Because They Are The Problem.

– I See More Prepping and Less Promoting Alternatives –

Witnessing good people get caught up in the wealth net saddens me:
They wake up to discover that the mass indoctrination centers have deceived them about money and the current worldwide monetary system.

This monetary system is debt bondage, structurally unstable whereas, crises are very common.

The IMF has documented 421 crises between 1970 and 2007:
1970 Till 2007 Recession IMF documented 421 crises
Individuals wake up to learn the horrific fraud and debt foundation that was omitted from their education.
Then they begin to see the coming crisis and prepare, but remain stuck in the vicious monopoly money loop

Many innovators and entrepreneurs are duplicating the 1% – they want to be wealthy clones.
This is the perpetual cycle we discuss and there is no Freedom at the end.
Bondage to the debt slavery system – Forever.
Monopoly Money - See it for what it is!

Often they say something similar to: “If you want to be successful then do what the successful businessman did”.
Focusing on tangible assets and storing wealth is the (gold) monopoly money trap.

The fractional reserve banking (criminal Kakistocracy) controllers already have enough gold and silver to buy it all up and remain in control. They also have armed militaries and policy enforcers to take your vaulted assets if you directly oppose them.

In my opinion, too many are focusing on accumulating wealth in hopes to ride out the next crisis, rather than adopting an alternative system with a different structure to found a free community.
I also see too many banking with the G-SIFI, TBTJ, Mega-Banks, when they could at minimum close (boycott) their bank accounts and transfer to other financial accounts and assets.

I call on freedom minded and innovative thinkers to consider alternatives to this debt based monetary system.

The challenging effort here is to implement (diversity) alternatives while simultaneously calling for peaceful transition. As you know, the money cartel do not allow outsiders to change their money system, “authorities” and policy makers will cry and send armed goons for you…

Thus, alternatives that do not mandate confrontation to the current system allows the People to individually choose to stop supporting the money mafia. Military and police families can experience the freedom benefits embracing alternatives, then when unlawful orders are issued to harm innocent civilians those in uniform can choose to abandon the uniform and adopt free alternatives.

What Is Money?

It is IMPORTANT to Remember that Money is an Agreement.
Consider: Local and Complementary Currencies, P2P exchanges, Co-ops, credit unions, etc…

Bernard Lietaer is among the minority voices for freedom.

I wish to see mass popularity in alternatives to fractional reserve bank notes (debt instruments).

World commerce exchanges may want a shared currency within a resilient system for transactions, see the Terra Complementary currency, Professor Lietaer published this White Paper back in 2004:

Title: Bernard Lietaer – The potential of complementary currencies
Video posted 22 Jun 2012 by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Demurrage Charge:
“A time-related charge on money.
It acts in a manner similar to a rental fee, which increases the longer it is held onto.

For example, a 5% annual demurrage charge on $100 incurs a $5 fee,leaving a remainder of $95.
The demurrage feature wields two profound effects, namely: It promotes a currency’s circulation as a trading device; and it encourages long-term thinking.”

Local communities and innovative individuals may want more diversity:

Title: Self-Issued Credit: A Monetary Solution
Video posted 18 Dec 2012 by corbettreport
Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed
CLICK HERE to continue watching on

Title: What About Money? Bernard Lietaer interviewed by Lars Schall
Video posted 21 Aug 2012 by Michael Leitner

“Lars Schall meets Bernard Lietaer: In this exclusive video interview, the internationally renowned currency expert Lietaer, who has worked in many different functions in the world of money, advocates an upgrade of our monetary paradigm as a systemic solution to our global financial crisis. The monopoly of a single currency in favor of the banking system must be eradicated. Diversity must substitute monoculture.”

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “Monopoly Money Must End
  1. Alan Scott says:

    “Ignorance of the truth breeds slaves”. You’re absolutely right there, Ron. What makes me saddest is the seemingly willing ignorance of educated, intelligent people. There are not so blind as those who WILL NOT see!

    Liked by 1 person

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