BIS: Principles for financial market infrastructures

Executive Summary, showing engineered crises

I am witnessing this more than should be the case, where newcomers to discussing (as if they are news anchors presenting) news reports via social media (especially youtube – perhaps they are paid disinformants or genuinely misguided?)  are posting their erroneous opinions about governance (free market and rule of law) to fix problems or crisis (as seen in the recent crises in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, etc.).
In hopes to reach those who will or are using the internet to inform the masses, then please devote some of your reading to documents from the fraudulent monetary system.
Below, is one resource (the Federal Reserve, IMF, U.N., Brookings,, and CFR are more sources) to see the hidden globalization agenda with G-SIFI (Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions). There are many authors who write annotated research books into these secretive and powerful organizations with details on the internet, such as James Perloff discussions.

Hopefully, the documents will remove the Cognitive Dissonance and stop worshiping (trusting) deceitful institutions.
Please do more than merely regurgitate the MSM news feeds and perpetuating the fear. ~Ron

Institutional governance money mafia godfather

Comments received on the consultative document “Principles for financial market infrastructures “

Logo for OICV-IOSCO -

In March 2011, the CPSS and the Technical Committee of IOSCO released their consultative document Principles for financial market infrastructures with a request that any comments be provided by 29 July 2011. These comments, in PDF format, are available below. The committees thank those who have taken the time and effort to express their views. The final version of the document is expected to be published in early 2012.

ABN AMRO   168kb  
Alternative Investment Management Association   134kb  
Americas Central Securities Depositories Association   170kb  
Argus   1182kb  
Asia Pacific Central Securities Depository Group   121kb  
Association des Banques et Banquiers Luxembourg   177kb  
Association of British Insurers   82kb  
Australian Securities Exchange   476kb  
BACS and CHAPS   75kb  
Banco de la Republica   99kb  
Bank of Russia   17kb  
Bank of Tanzania   835kb  
Banka Slovenije   1024kb  
Bankgirocentralen   58kb  
BMV Group   189kb  
BNP Paribas   125kb  
Borse Dubai   64kb  
British Bankers Association   44kb  
Bundesverband Deutscher Banken   289kb  
Bundesverband Investment and Asset Management   46kb  
Canadian Payments Association   217kb  
CCP12   247kb  
Central Bank of Egypt 1   15kb  
Central Bank of Egypt 2   51kb  
Central Bank of Sudan   321kb  
Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Dr Ahmed Abdullayev)   120kb  
Central Depository and Settlement Co Ltd Mauritius   57kb  
Chris Barnard   770kb  
Citigroup   136kb  
Clearstream   267kb  
CLS Bank International   119kb  
CME group   5366kb  
CNMV Advisory Board   129kb  
Czech National Bank   74kb  
Danmarks Nationalbank   567kb  
De Nederlandsche Bank   73kb  
DECEVAL   80kb  
Desjardins Grefa   58kb  
Deutsche Bank   187kb  
DTCC Deriv SERV   93kb  
Dubai Financial Services Authority   51kb  
Dutch Advisory Committee Securities Industry   129kb  
EBA Clearing   346kb  
Equens SE   362kb  
Eurex   165kb  
Euroclear   156kb  
European Association of CCP Clearing Houses   480kb  
European Banking Federation   689kb  
European Central Securities Depositories Association   129kb  
European Fund and Asset Management Association   242kb  
European Multilateral Clearing Facility   48kb  
European Payments Council   201kb  
FBF AFTI AMAFI   308kb  
Financial Services Board   527kb  
Global Financial Markets Association   332kb  
Global Valuation Ltd   71kb  
ICAP   273kb  
ICMA European Repo Council   350kb  
Institute of International Finance   377kb  
IntercontinentalExchange   102kb  
International Banking Federation   254kb  
Intesa Sanpaolo   66kb  
Investment Management Association   166kb  
ISDA   123kb  
Japan Government Bond Clearing Corporation   1716kb  
Japan Securities Depository Center   105kb  
Japanese Bankers Association   680kb  
Japanese Securities Clearing Corporation   22kb  
JASDEC DVP Clearing Corporation   77kb  
JPMorgan   255kb  
KRX KSD KFTC   53kb  
LCH Clearnet   422kb  
London Stock Exchange Group   156kb  
MICEX   29kb  
Ministry of Economy and Public Finance Argentina   224kb  
NACHA   132kb  
NASDAQ OMX   158kb  
National Bank of Ukraine   132kb  
Newedge   825kb  
Norges Bank   716kb  
NYSE Euronext   126kb  
Omgeo   112kb  
Osaka Securities Exchange   31kb  
Payments Risk Committee   188kb  
Pierre Lichterowicz   14kb  
Reserve Bank of India   108kb  
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe   1266kb  
Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority   71kb  
Schweizerische Nationalbank   103kb  
Singapore Exchange   338kb  
SIX Interbank Clearing   679kb  
SIX Securities Services   1146kb  
South African Reserve Bank   1124kb  
STET Interbank Payment Services   161kb  
Strate   162kb  
Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia   120kb  
Swedish Securities Dealers Association   63kb  
SWIFT   723kb  
TARGET working group   161kb  
The Association of Global Custodians   249kb  
The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited   168kb  
The Clearing Corporation of India Ltd   186kb  
The Clearing House   463kb  
The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation   1856kb  
The Options Clearing Corporation   765kb  
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group   59kb  
Thomas Murray   602kb  
Tokyo Financial Exchange   67kb  
V. Kopytin 257kb  
Verdipapirsentralen   366kb  
Visa   268kb  
Wholesale Market Brokers Association   192kb  
Working Group on Payment Systems of Latin America and the Caribbean   82kb  
World Federation of Exchanges   926kb  
World Forum of CSDs   138kb  
World Savings Banks Institute   256kb  
Zhen Li   224kb  



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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