Government Is Not Here To Protect You, Au Contraire_p2

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Cunningly, the ruling class engineered a system of voluntary servitude.
Institutional governance with the monetary system were designed to enslave.
Year by year and century by century that slave system becomes more burdensome and intrusive on patriotic citizens.

The monetary system is being reformed and restructured. New rules are operational. Enforcement is required, and for that to be applied, a staged crisis needs to be broadcast over MSM mass media triggering emergency procedures.
This is like a race against the clock, for whatever reason the 1988 ECONOMIST magazine predicted a world currency in 2018!
But, will the People accept it?

Of course they would not, if they knew the truth.

Meanwhile, we watch for currency revaluations (esp. the USDollar) to signal enforcement is underway.

With This Powerful Binding Oath, You Now Know Trudeau’s Loyalty Is Not With The People: O Canada!

Her Majesty’s Government is the federal government of Canada.

The puppet politicians are obvious in governments such as Canada and the U.S., but have you identified the puppet politicians in the region where you live?

“No man can serve two masters”

Title: Justin Trudeau sworn-in as Canada’s next Prime Minister
Video posted 04 Nov 2015 by Global News

Do Not Ignore The Horrors Of Institutional Governance

Is this call falling on deaf ears?

Title: This Guy BLISTERS TV Audience With Massive Truth Bombs!
Video posted 02 May 2017 by HighImpactFlix

We all know by now that the tech giants of Silicon Valley are in bed with the government and they’re not afraid to censor posts they disagree with from their social media platforms. -James Corbett

Title: Why I Became Subscriber 54,722,199 and YouTube’s Death Wish!
Video posted 21 Apr 2017 by HighImpactFlix

Title: Think About This! We The People Haven’t Had A WIN, in 30 years!
Video posted 11 May 2017 by Texas Shrugged Book

Title: PROOF: Something Very NEFARIOUS is Going On At You Tube
Video posted 09 May 2017 by


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “Government Is Not Here To Protect You, Au Contraire_p2
  1. Ri-chard says:

    Ron, please take the time to read just the first paragraph of the Treaty of Paris. then make the time to read the Treaty of 1312.

    You don’t need special reading comprehension skills to understand we cannot go back to a particular time of governance that we never had.

    We – We the People must start a new using God’s Law and Natures Laws of doing no harm to another human, the Creators creations on the soil, in the air, in the waters and all plant life of the earth.


  2. Ri-chard says:

    Correction Treaty of 1213 and adding the SECRET TREATY OF VERONA, So who responsible for all the evil and deceit?


    • RonMamita says:

      Thanks for your comments and efforts Ri-chard.
      Apparently, you have not correctly gauged the breadth and scope of this blog-site and my research that covers your comment.

      This post was merely a short look into current affairs with some current personalities shouting their outrage. My wish was for this quick look to startle some slumbering “citizens” out of their complacency, the videos do not express my views, but rather a look at the evidence that enforcement is coming and everyone who are not willfully ignoring truth can prepare.
      Many individuals “believe” the textbooks, and “believe” governments are there to protect them.
      I wanted to shake that “belief” up with brief current affairs.

      As for the corporate structure ruling the nations, I have researched that thoroughly (including the “Treaty of Peace” as referenced in the “Treaty of 1213”), Allodial title to the land, and I’ve read the works of many others who have annotated more original documents, I am aware the Vatican owns the Crown, and that the U.S. bankruptcy allowed the English Parliament to engineer the social security system in America. I also researched ecclesiastical law (Roman Canon), commercial law (Admiralty law), esoteric and dark occult.
      I embrace natural law where truth is the foundation.

      The creators of those videos may not be aware of the true story and they “may” believe the false history, but that was not the point for this post.
      I certainly am aware of the trusts, treaties, the Holy See, and mass deception.
      But, getting casual viewers interested into researching all that is another thing entirely – and how often would I write about it?
      No, the hour is late and these short posts will hopefully plant a seed for others to begin to look deeper for the true story of laws, governance, and the monetary system.

      The U.N.’s logo sums it up – they believe they own it all.

      I could have simply requested you review my static pages Or at minimum read this static page “DOCUMENTS“:
      Using the search keyboard shortcut CTRL+F you could enter “1213” or some other term you wish to research. Even though that method is not an exhaustive search of this blog, it is a useful tool that can be applied the static pages at the top of this blog-site.


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