Antarctica Watch: Nuclear Reactor Leaked Dangerous Radiation and Remained Secret

Antarctica Nuclear Reactor Disaster atMcMurdo station
Old reels of film have shown dynamite explosions used in Antarctica, and this report and legal compensation claim against the U.S. government revealed that dangerous levels of radiation leaked from the nuclear reactor at McMurdo Station.
This could be evidence that the cover story of the Antarctic treaty system (ATS) protecting the region is a farce and that much more is underway in secrecy in Antarctica.
Squadron patch for the Navy Antarctic Development Squadron SIX (VXE-6), known as the Puckered Penguins.

There could be hundreds of personnel who were harmed and/or died due to that hazardous working environment at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. It is possible that the water was contaminated as well as other negligence in the operation and maintenance of the reactor.

  • The report uncovered 438 malfunctions from 1964 to 1972…
  • Several countries insisted the U.S. clean up the nuclear waste via treaty.
  • The report found “leaking water surrounding the reactor” as well as “hairline cracks in the reactor liner” and prompted two federal hearings that upheld the report’s findings.
  • The power plant was part of Operation Deep Freeze (OpDFrz or ODF began in 1955) and was decommissioned in 1979 according to this Mar 28, 2017 internet post. If you or someone you know was at McMurdo Station Prior to 1979 then please download and read and the pdf files as this may assist with medical claims or diagnosis.
  • The facility had a nickname: “Nukey Poo” and the code name was PM-3A, according to this report:

Title: Antarctica Nuclear Power Plant Cancer Disaster on Day 1 Says Navy Shipmen
Video posted 30 Dec 2015 by Strontium Milks

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