Globalization and Captured Institutions Face Self Inflicted Wounds and Self Destruction:

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed
There are many, many examples but below are merely a few recent events that demonstrates the institutional crisis plaguing the world.
From betrayed trust, to mass deception, to the code of silence and secrecy – where officials routinely conduct meetings, treaties and contracts in secrecy.
Where officials spin rhetoric to deceive the public.
Where officials and executives defending the fraudulent establishment have lost all credibility and look foolish.
2010 Ownership of Global Governance. Europe's central bank president: "To prevent crisis, global governance is needed."

Betrayed Trust

Title: Globalist Banker Larry Summers REALLY Does Not Like Bilderberg Question
Video posted 02 Jun 2017 by WeAreChange

Title: david rockefeller talks about china, trilateral commission & bilderberg group with charlie rose
Video posted 16 Apr 2013 by VesselAnaw

Title: The Most State Dept Press Conference Fail Ever
Video posted 02 Jun 2017 by Truthstream Media

Title: Yellen: Economy improving, rate hike timing unclear
Video posted 16 Nov 2016 by AP Archive

Title: Europe’s central bank president calls for global governance
Video posted 01 May 2010 by SaveOurSovereignty3

The Video Below Has Foul Language at the end.

Title: Proof That The Mainstream Media Is Scripted
Video posted 15 Dec 2014 by Gabbee


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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One comment on “Globalization and Captured Institutions Face Self Inflicted Wounds and Self Destruction:
  1. RonMamita says:

    Executive Insiders Are Selling Stocks

    As the corporations borrow almost free money to buy-back-their-stocks thus increasing the stock price and buoy the markets, they simultaneously and largely out of the public notice are selling their stocks!
    Unfortunately pension funds are buying the stocks and this will end badly…

    Title: Stocks Insider Trading – Walmart – The Walton Family Is Selling A Lot Of Stocks
    Video posted 01 Jun 2017 by ITM Trading

    Title: PBOC and China’s Bonds – Example of Owning Gold In An Economic Crisis – Banking Crisis Derivatives
    Video posted 01 Jun 2017 by ITM Trading

    Food Stamps Applications Doubled first time in 40 years!

    People Not In Labor Force Soar By 608,000

    Full-Time Jobs Tumble By 367,000, Biggest Drop In Three Years

    Bond Yields Plunge Through Key Technical Level As Dismal Jobs Data Sinks Stocks, Dollar

    If May was supposed to be the “tiebreaker” month, after a disastrous March and a solid (if now downward revised) April, then the US economy is not doing well: with only 138K jobs added in the past month, while over 200K actual jobs were lost (per the Household Survey), it was no surprise that the biggest missing link of the so-called recovery, wage growth, was simply not there again.

    How is it that with the labor market supposedly near full employment, and the unemployment rate sliding to a post 2001 low of 4.3%, wages simply can not rise? –

    Title: Everything Is Falling Baltic Dry Index Plunges! Foodstamps Skyrocket Economic Collapse 2017
    Video posted 30 May 2017 by Silver Report Uncut

    • The Baltic dry index plummets shipping freezes up.
    • Food stamps double in a time described as maximum employment.
    • Many people are too young to realize the lies and that nothing is ok.


    Welcome To Covfefe-Land, Where Truth Doesn’t Matter

    Jun 2, 2017 1:12 PM by

    Authored by Howard Kunstler via, [4]

    “This is one of the things I find funny about the radical Left protests on campus…. You want to have it both ways. You want to be a fledgling member of the elite and a champion of the underprivileged. So, how narcissistic can you get? You want to have all the benefits of having all of the benefits, and you want to have all the benefits of having none of the benefits, because just having all the benefits isn’t enough for you.”

    -Jordon Peterson, University of Toronto Psychology Professor
    “The empire could no longer afford the problem of its own existence.”
    -Joseph Tainter on the collapse of complex societies

    The extraordinary thought disorders of this moment in history are equally distributed across the political spectrum. They’re an inevitable product of what Sigmund Freud identified as the discontents of civilization, but they grow especially acute as that civilization enters an economic crack-up zone. The craziness is equally distributed while the nation’s wealth is not. The old middle, or center, is imploding both economically and psychologically, concentrating distortions of reality at each end, Left and Right.

    The disordered thought in Trumpism is as self-evident as (a) covfefe, though it came into being out of the authentic pain of those classes that bear the brunt of accelerating collapse. The thought disorders among Trump’s adversaries interest me more, because they emanate from the far more educated ranks of society, the place where rational leadership is supposed to spawn. If you can’t depend on those people to think straight in difficult times, then it raises the question of what exactly is the value of an advanced education?

    For instance: the incredible new idea put out by CNN that it is verboten for officials in the government — the president especially — to meet with the Russian ambassador to the United States. I’ve asked this question before, but obviously it needs to be repeated in the face of this persistent nonsense: why do you think nations send diplomats to other lands if not to meet with and communicate with government officials? Since when — and why — are we shocked that a US president would meet in the White House with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister? Did previous presidents not meet with Russian diplomats? Did incoming officials in earlier election transitions never meet with Russian diplomats on the way to assuming their duties? And if they did meet, what do you suppose they talked about? The Baltimore Orioles pitching prospects? The newest fusion cuisine? Or serious matters of mutual geopolitical interest? Do American diplomats in Moscow avoid meeting with Russian leaders? Why do we even bother to send them there?

    Whether it is a misunderstanding of reality by the educated people who work on Cable TV news, or a malicious twisting of the public’s credulity, it is producing a grievous breakdown in collective coherence with the potential of causing enormous political mischief in American life. The Dem/Prog “resistance” may think that it is taking a bold stand against a rogue government, but it is only making itself look dangerously unreliable as a supposed alternative to Trumpism.

    Otherwise the Dem/Prog Left is dissipating its political and cultural energy in a species of quixotic agit-prop campaigns against reality and ultimately against the project of civilization itself. For instance, the crusade to erase any firm notions of American manhood. Case in point: the front page story on Friday’s The New York Times website: How to Raise a Feminist Son [5].
    Read more.


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