Is Bankruptcy The New Mining Trend?

Mining is not a topic I research, however, I keep a interest in that industry because it is very important to manufacturing and the money cartel (Gold & Silver national reserves is a controversial topic). I usually read dedicated group efforts such as the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee GATA

Some researchers claim this caused the fall of the Roman Empire and may do the same for modern civilization…

These nagging thoughts have me pondering the mining industry in general – from oil & coal to gold & silver and everything in between.

Less often discussed is the energy return on investment (ERoI) or the energy returned on energy invested (EROEI) which continues to fall to record lows.
This is a very fascinating subject and one way of measuring the wealth of nations.

I would summarize the concept as measuring how cheap or expensive is it to work and produce things.
Consider manual labor with farm workers plowing and harvesting the fields, then consider animal husbandry with oxen or horse plows, then consider modern machinery such as the motorized tractors plowing the fields.
In each example the energy returned on energy invested increased significantly – until recently.

Doesn’t this remind you of the MATRIX Movie scene where Morpheus explain to Neo the Matrix harvests humans as if they are batteries with stored energy?

Video Title: The Matrix – Battery
Video posted 09 Nov 2008 by weedran

Steve St. Angelo, proprietor of the SRSrocco Report website, claims:

the energy return on investment started to fall for the United States in the 1970s, we had to start off-shoring our manufacturing as a way to extend the U.S. lifestyle. We couldn’t afford the manufacturing anymore because of our oil energy return on investment. It moved over to other parts of the world where labor was cheaper. And we started buying more homes, more things, more stuff. And we went into debt to do that.

Coal mining appears to be a declining sector – is a new energy source expected to be introduced in coming years?

I did a simple internet search for recent bankruptcies in mining and this was alarming to me:

Walter Energy Inc., Alpha Natural Resources Inc. and Patriot Coal have all recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

One must speculate about the mining industry

Is it declining or ready to take-off?

Of course speculation about the price of gold & silver reaching a bottom remains to be seen…

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2 comments on “Is Bankruptcy The New Mining Trend?
  1. Administrator says:

    Well spoken.
    In my opinion bankruptcies is the organised harvest of what a bank has sown.
    Companies are financed with debts, not money.
    Banks add a debt in their ledger, only after you have “sold” the company’s assets.
    When a company is no longer capable of paying interest on their own assets, the bank will start harvesting these assets and sell them on the market. 100% profit.
    No banks without bank-ruptcies.

    If the people would know what is done to them, they would chase them down the alley, catch them and hang them on the nearest lamppost….(Poppy Bush said so, sort of…)

    I suspect the people know, but are afraid to grab them by the balls and let them sing.


    • RonMamita says:

      Ha-ha, the cry: “off with their heads” haven’t become popular – yet 😉
      Perhaps this is the real reason behind the campaign for the universal basic income (UBI) – so the slaves won’t rebel.


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