The Digital Battlefield Has Targeted Blockchain Tech

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
There is so much happening simultaneously that I feel overwhelmed.
Since I subscribed to the blockchain social media experiment (known as steemit) a month ago, I have been learning in a whirlwind.

Change For The International Monetary System:

I now have more perspectives on cryptography, cyberwar, malware, spyware, internet, blockchain, censorship, etc. – but there are opposing forces within blockchain/FINTECH technologies.

Basically some well intention individuals want decentralized and freedom nurturing digital platforms and applications available to the digital market place – while institutional governance officials and executives want to protect their control with centralized, regulated, and proprietary digital elements.

This battle hasn’t hit the mass consciousness yet.
No, the battle isn’t in the news, except peripherally with headlines of Bitcoin, ransomware and cyber-attacks from governments and banks.
Bitcoin can be seen as a beta attempt, and now newer blockchain cryptocurrencies and applications may far exceed the features and abilities of bitcoin!

With the promise of “real” decentralization with a multi-thread, parallel processing, and a true blockchain operating system, then bitcoin becomes a inferior clunker that was first to reveal the digital path – a relic from the past.
Please keep a lookout watch for new government regulations placed on the internet and blockchain tech., as well as the rollout of a centralized-blockchain by a mega-bank (such as Goldman Sachs, ICBC, or China Construction Bank)…

Imagine when one of the “globally systemically important financial institutions” (G-SIFI) adopts blockchain tech for its operations then it will be like nuclear warfare being announced to the public.

With the above information in mind consider the freedom nurturing potential for independent alternatives in the fields of national currencies, banking & finance, factoring, exchanges, land ownership, and almost everything now controlled by mega-corps can have decentralized alternatives on the blockchain for all individuals connected to the blockchain.

That is the decentralized-independent-digital-free-market vision of some blockchain programmers and application developers.
Will it be allowed by the ruling class (the hegemon) now in control of the international monetary system?

Can you now see the digital battlefield?

Freedom On The Bitland

Land of the free?

Title: How to Buy Real Estate Land Plots For Sale in Ghana | Bitland Estates Land Title Registration
Video posted 26 Mar 2016 by Bitland Ghana Land Title Blockchain Protection

Read more:
Also see Chris Bates:

Populous On The Blockchain

…”Populous is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, this has given us the opportunity to create a platform that allows everyone to participate in an alternative finance marketplace which is currently available only to banks, financial institutions, wealthy individuals, family offices and governments. So by allowing investors to use cryptocurrency on our platform, investors from any part of the world, can invest in an invoice”… See: Populous Levels The Playing Field

Social Media On The Blockchain

Ned Scott is the Founder and CEO of steemit is attempting to be a worldwide social networking site on the STEEM blockchain. I see this as a flawed effort, but the first with a grand vision. The shortcomings are many and the learning curve is steep. However, the potential is tremendous!

With that said, I imagine a race between advancements and improvements with steemit or competitive applications will enter with better features and a true abundance model philosophical framework.

EOS: The Blockchain Operating System

What – The blockchain doesn’t have a operating system?!

EOS claims to be the FIRST Blockchain Operating Sysytem (OS)!

I design systems that make governments irrelevant. -Dan Larimer

See: EOS website
Also read:

What comes next?

If you find this information useful or of value then please share it with others.


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2 comments on “The Digital Battlefield Has Targeted Blockchain Tech
  1. Doreen Agostino says:

    Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:
    There is genuine value in human beings, anything else alleged to have value is someone’s story. Doreen


    • RonMamita says:

      Hi Doreen!
      Ha-ha virtual reality, now virtual currencies!
      Yes, I agree – the genuine value is in human beings.
      But that has not stopped the ruling class from implementing their 4th industrial revolution with bots, supercomputers, digital economy, blockchain/FINTECH, and A.I. experiments…


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