Is The U.S. Corporation Propaganda-Social-Engineering Apparatus Crumbling?

Below are a few results from my recent internet search to find what the corporate sponsored mass-propaganda-entertainment-social-engineering industry are reporting about subscribers and viewers trends.

Good reports, indeed!

The decline in viewers is a long term trend as newspapers, TV-news and the social manipulation apparatus is in peril.

The two most misguided notions held in America: 1. Our government wouldn't do that to us. 2. If they did, they would tell us about it on TV.

While the numbers indicate an alarming majority of Americans still believe what the news tells them and are unaware of the silent war with psyops and cultural engineering involved in mass deception.
We can see, all is not well with the beast system and its social manipulation apparatus.

As officials and executives will downplay the significance of this social trend, we can expect them to “double-down” with more mass marketing, news outlets, and mass entertainment costing billions of dollars to keep a docile and obedient population following the program.

Perhaps the tipping point in America can be reached, where 33.3% of aware adults effectively unplug, stop supporting and feeding the deviously, deceptive beast system.

Cord-Cutting Explodes: 22 Million U.S. Adults Will Have Canceled Cable, Satellite TV by End of 2017

Research firm eMarketer cuts TV ad-spending forecast on accelerating pay-TV declines
By Todd Spangler September 13, 2017

American consumers are cancelling traditional pay-TV service at a much faster rate than previously expected, according to research firm eMarketer.
In 2017, a total of 22.2 million U.S. adults will have cut the cord on cable, satellite or telco TV service to date — up 33% from 16.7 million in 2016 — the researcher now predicts. That’s significantly higher than eMarketer’s prior estimate of 15.4 million cord-cutters as of the end of this year. Meanwhile, the number of “cord-nevers” (consumers who have never subscribed to pay TV) will rise 5.8% this year, to 34.4 million.
Overall, 196.3 million U.S. adults will have traditional pay TV (cable, satellite or telco) this year, down 2.4% compared with 2016, eMarketer predicts. By 2021, that will drop to 181.7 million, a decline of nearly 10% from 2016. The number of pay-TV viewers 55 and older will continue to rise over the next four years, while for every other age cohort the subscriber tallies will decline.
By 2021, the number of cord-cutters will nearly equal the number of people who have never had pay TV — a total of 81 million U.S. adults. That means around 30% of American adults won’t have traditional pay TV at that point, per eMarketer’s revised forecast.
For the TV biz, there’s another worrisome trend: People are watching less traditional television. For the first time, in 2017 average TV viewing in the U.S. is expected to drop below 4 hours per day, eMarketer predicts.
Average time spent watching TV (excluding digital) among American adults will drop 3.1%, to 3 hours 58 minutes this year. Digital-video consumption, meanwhile, continues to climb. U.S. adults will consume 1 hour 17 minutes of digital video per day on average in 2017 (excluding time spent viewing video on social networks), up 9.3% year over year, according to eMarketer.

With the U.S. pay-TV base eroding faster than anticipated and average TV viewing time dropping, eMarketer cut its TV ad-spending forecast for 2017 by a little over $1 billion.

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Unplug (aka cord-cutting) isn't about saving money, but rather it is about countering propaganda and social engineering.

Emmys nearly tie for all-time lowest ratings – Sep. 18, 2017…

Read more.
56.6 million US consumers to go without pay TV this year, as cord

Bad news for traditional pay TV: cord cutting is accelerating at a pace faster than … to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite TV in the first place – is growing, too . … Another factor accounting for the decline in pay TV viewership has to do with the … the effects on their stock prices as they hemorrhage pay TV subscribers.
Subscriber Loss Should Have Limited Impact On Comcast’s Revenues

Last week, Comcast’s stock declined by 5% in a single day after Matthew … Comcast has a diversified business: The Cable TV business accounts for 30% of …
Cable TV Subscriber Statistics – Statistic Brain

Total Number of Cable Subscribers by Year
2016 ………………………………….34,340,000
2015 ………………………………….37,800,000
2014 ………………………………….39,250,000
2013 ………………………………….41,000,000
2012 ………………………………….42,200,000
2011 ………………………………….43,350,000
2010 ………………………………….44,500,000
AT&T Inc. (T) Is Losing the War for Subscribers | InvestorPlace

The battle AT&T is fighting is one for subscribers. On one hand, the company’s DirecTV and U-Verse cable TV offerings continue to lose subscribers to cord-cutters. And the trend is picking up steam. According to a recent UBS study, cable TV subscriptions are “on pace for a 3.3% decline in 2017 and 4.0% in 2018.”

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Breaking News!

NFL owners have seen surge in request for ticket refunds, data showing declining ratings.

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ESPN has lost nearly 13 million subscribers in 6 years
NFL Ratings Decline: Football Can’t Keep TV Afloat Anymore | Fortune

The NFL’s ratings are in a deep decline and show no sign of improving in 2017. Monday Night Football can’t keep TV afloat anymore…
Hurricane Irma took 7 million cable and wireline subscribers offline

These are subscribers to Internet, TV, or phone service or some combination of the … Comcast, the biggest cable and broadband provider in the US, declined to …
How Many People Are Probably Dropping TV Subscriptions In 2017

How Many People Are Probably Dropping TV Subscriptions In 2017 … traditional cable television witnessing a much quicker decline in subscribers than experts previously expected…
News propaganda from paid presstitutes

NEWS decline?

Fox News has seen a 13% year-to-year decline in viewers…

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CNN’s Ratings Decline

Cable News Network’s ratings are down 31% from a year ago…
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– Statistical Reports –

PEW RESEARCH CENTER State Of The News Media 2016
Newspapers: Fact Sheet BY Michael Barthel
Last updated June 2016

For newspapers, 2015 might as well have been a recession year. Weekday circulation fell 7% and Sunday circulation fell 4%, both showing their greatest declines since 2010. At the same time, advertising revenue experienced its greatest drop since 2009, falling nearly 8% from 2014 to 2015.

Read PDF document.

Don't Trust The Corporate Media


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