Will Virtual Currencies Help Or Hinder Catalonia Independence?

I was contemplating possible future events within the crisis regions of Spain and the self proclaimed independent Catalonia.
Some pundits write as cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and look at news events and markets as forecasts for investors or speculators in virtual currencies. For instance I read a Forbes op-ed report explaining how crises in Spain, Greece and the E.U. will increase the value for Bitcoins (and presumably other VCs too).

But rather than share more speculation, I think information about virtual currencies in those regions would be more helpful.
So let’s get started.

PesetaCoin: The Spanish Cryptocurrency

We wish it to be the most widely used cryptocurrency in Spain, even above Bitcoin. Not only for online payments, but also in brick and mortar stores. Globally, we want it to be used and respected. -CryptoMP

PesetaCoin: A Spanish Virtual Currency…
bitcoinmagazine reports, “6 million unemployed, youth unemployment over 50%, booming debt, rampant corruption, oppressive laws and an economy predated by bankers, Spain is not looking good.”
Visit pesetacoin.info for details.

Title: ¡Vuelve la Rubia! Pesetacoin la Nueva Criptomoneda Española
Video posted 06 Sep 2017 by David Battaglia

Catalonia creates a national crypto currency

By Olga Novikova October 27, 2017

The authorities of Catalonia are planning to create a “cloud” economy. Despite the fact that the country has a complete crisis of all state institutions associated with attempts to secede from Spain, the Catalan government plans to start producing its own crypto currency.
[…] The authorities of Catalonia suggest that the emergence of a new virtual currency in the country will lead to the emergence of an absolutely independent community that will not be regulated by central banks. –Read more

Catalonia Considering Cryptocurrency Post-Independence, Advised By Ethereum Creator

By Jon Buck 28 Oct 2017

The small but economically vital Catalonia region of Spain has declared its independence, but Madrid vows to keep the region a part of Spain. While governments and thought leaders around the world line up behind opposing sides, the would-be independent government is looking to use a national cryptocurrency and a Blockchain-based residency system.

According to a local newspaper in Spain, the Catalonian director of the digital office (called SmartCatalonia) has already visited Estonia on a number of occasions in order to understand their digital residency plans. Estonia famously made news when their plan for a national currency was harshly shot down by the European Central Bank President.

National cryptocurrency

While the Blockchain residency program would be the first of its kind in Europe, perhaps the bigger news is that an independent Catalan government would likely not have a central bank, choosing a national cryptocurrency instead. With Russian and Kazakhstan already suggesting national cryptocurrencies, the move would not come as a huge surprise. –Read more


I Haven’t Seen Any Allies For Independent Catalonia


I searched and search the internet, and as yet I have not found foreign support for independent Catalonia.

Catalonia’s independence has embarked upon a difficult task.
I searched further to find only the digital currency efforts as a alternative monetary policy, national currency (even though a Catalan currency would not be accepted internationally), I’m not sure about a complementary currency in Catalonia.

What is SmartCatalonia?
See: http://smartcatalonia.gencat.cat/en/smartcat/que_es/
… It may not be so “smart” for individuals seeking freedom and self defense/threat management from technocratic institutions (such as the European Commission).

Please inform me if you find any recent advances with a virtual currency for Barcelona or elsewhere in the Catalonia Republic.

Unless the rebels act quickly to implement alternative money and armed defence their civil and peaceful defiance may fail.

The tea leaves are indicating a failed attempt at independence, especially when the director of police (Pere Soler) stepped down in a sad letter stating how unfair Spain’s directives are (artículo 155 de la Constitución). Rather than defy Spain and remain at his post he leaves.
As far as I was able to discover the only armed force capable of defending independent Catalonia was the Mossos d’Esquadra (police).

My internet search failed to find any foresight on the part of the rebels, to thwart the violent responses expected to come from Madrid, Spain.
Apparently, the rebels/separatists will rely on perseverance (civil disobedience) over months-to-years to defeat the armed Spanish occupation expected to come.

Catalonia is implementing a honourable and less bloody strategy for rebellion to be sure, and only the seasons to come will reveal the outcome. ~Ron






Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “Will Virtual Currencies Help Or Hinder Catalonia Independence?
  1. RonMamita says:

    Analysts say Independent Catalonia is economic suicide

    Redistribution of wealth, out of Catalonia and into other regions of Spain.

    When we see so many public and official statements claiming a independent Catalonia is both economic and geopolitical suicide, then why did the government of Catalonia choose independence?
    This could be a deceptive red herring to be easily defeated and stop the anti-globalization/anti-EU movements’ momentum.

    Whatever this independent Catalonia effort is, I am convinced that some deception is part of it.

    One of the most disturbing things that catches my attention is the many European union and agenda 2030 programs the supporters for independent Catalonia want for Catalonia.
    They want to be subservient to the ECB and European Commission rather than to Spain.
    And on top of that, no public ECB or EC support has been given for a independent Catalonia.

    The question remains:
    WHY do Catalonia government officials want to separate from Spain?
    Apparently something about central authority in Madrid is far worse than central authority in Brussels…
    Or is it another deceptive ploy?
    Intentionally, this engineered Catalonia crisis could bring down the entire European Union house of cards…

    OBVIOUSLY, the Catalonia officials want something not revealed to the citizens.
    Carles Puigdemont has deployed deceptive politics to gain the “moral” high ground, upswell citizen support, and become a international icon.
    Before this year I would not have been able to recognize Carles Puigdemont in a photograph.

    Even after all of the above success, Carles Puigdemont and the government official support for Catalonia independence have not achieved anything tangible.
    None of these things have been achieved:

    • Catalonia must develop means to defend their lands and citizens.
    • Catalonia must develop a monetary policy and economic growth.
    • Required elections and referendums must be addressed
    • The security for the Republic of Catalonia must be formed

    Let me know what you find out about Catalonia and Spain.
    Thank you for being here.


    • RonMamita says:

      Peaceful Catalonia Rebellion Defies Spain: First-hand On The Ground Reports:

      NOTE: WILL Catalonia surrender language and culture to the invading central power?
      The Spanish Police invaded Catalonia and the high court of Spain nullifies its independence. Compare these actions to Russia and Crimea, where the population were Russian speaking and not Ukrainian. Here is Catalonia that had its own language from before the existence of Spain.

      Catalonia is now occupied and very divided, this is a fluid dynamic report. As more videos are made I will include them here in the days to come. ~Ron

      Title: Why I Think the Dawn of the Independent Republic of Catalonia Is Imminent
      Video posted 15 Oct 2017 by Simon Harris

      What Will Happen If Carles Puigdemont Ratifies the Declaration of Catalan Independence and Spain Invokes Article 155?

      What happened in Catalonia yesterday?
      From UDI to Elections and back to UDI again!

      Oct 27, 2017 | Posted by Simon Harris

      Title: With a little luck and patience the independent Republic of Catalonia can succeed
      Video posted 28 Oct 2017 by Simon Harris

      With a little luck and patience the independent Republic of Catalonia could succeed
      Oct 28, 2017 | Posted by Simon Harris

      Role of the Police

      It seems to me that the first indications of the immediate chances of success or failure are going to depend on the position the Mossos d’Esquadra take. I just can’t see them positioning themselves either against the Catalan government or against the people, especially if the demonstrations and rallies remain peaceful, which I’m pretty certain they will.

      The only violent outbursts so far have been associated with the Spanish-speaking unionist demonstrations. A few people were beaten up on the unionist rally a few weeks ago and there was a big fight outside Café Zurich on Spain National Day on October 12th. Last night a unionist march, which began in Sarrià, ended up outside the Catalunya Radio and apparently there was some violence and breakages as the demonstrators complained at the journalists and presenters for their biased anti-Spanish reporting.

      Title: Live from Massive Spain Unionist Rally on Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona
      Video posted 29 Oct 2017 by Simon Harris

      Title: The calm before another Catalan political shitstorm or just a massive anti climax?
      Video posted 30 Oct 2017 by Simon Harris

      Video posted


      • RonMamita says:

        Happy greetings Simon Harris,
        If you read this, I want you to know it is a pleasure to meet you.
        I did not want to write a controversial comment on your blog and I feel comfortable doing so here.
        I am pleased to have read your prudent self-caution about being too optimistic predicting strategies to be deployed by institutions.
        My experience and research convinced me that institutions are untrustworthy and dishonorable as they are founded on fraud.
        Thus, expect and search for deception from all parliaments (be they in Madrid, Brussels, Barcelona, and elsewhere) – citizens are the last to know the truth.

        Be safe, violence may be planned under any number of guises and pretext.

        – Follow The Money –
        You mentioned the government is getting money from somewhere,… getting the treasury and social security up and running – please flush this out more substantially.

        But I want to discuss with you what details you have researched about local currencies, virtual currencies, monetary policies, and capital flows through Catalonia. The Catalonia comptroller and finance minister should be implementing new policies and a new budget.

        The E.U. is a fledgling empire.
        How will the empire handle Spain and the Catalan independence crisis?
        Imagine what it could mean if Puidgemont, a government official leading a political movement has lifted non-violent civil disobedience to a new modern political level is thrown into prison…

        Puidgemont is in Brussels, surrendered to police and requested a court ruling – will Brussels continue to insist that this is an internal, domestic, Spanish issue and hand over Catalonia’s President and 4 members of his government?
        [ If I was asked what is the E.U. and Spain’s best move? I would say:
        Strategically, the E.U. (behind closed doors) may convince Spain to make some public (P.R.) concessions, such as the Catalonia officials will be released on bail as simultaneously the Brussels’ court orders the Catalan officials be returned to Spain’s court. This would set a precedent that helps other E.U. member governments maintain forceful control over their provinces. The Catalan officials would have no where to flee and have to deal with Madrid, Spain
        . ]

        Many of my initial thoughts about Catalonia’s peaceful rebellion is mirrored in this:

        Catalan independence is about claiming sovereignty from Madrid, just to immediately relinquish it to Brussels.
        […] Catalans also resent the “austerity” imposed by Madrid. Yet it’s not Madrid imposing it, it’s Brussels. Yet Catalans want to dump Madrid because of austerity and then join Brussels?
        […] The now former Catalan President Puigdemont is a champion of missing opportunities. If there ever was a chance to succeed, it was right after the referendum, regardless of its democratic credibility, when the moral was high and there was a momentum of political support. Puigdemont flinched. His first speech after the referendum left many supporters confused. He then signed a declaration of independence, just to suspend it within seconds. –gefira.org

        Catalonia may gain independence or the people may rebel in the months and years ahead but the near-term looks like a failure to me.

        Whenever I look at governments I look for DECEPTION.
        Citizens are the last to know what is really happening, as the world is not as it is taught.


    • RonMamita says:

      Catalonia Reports:

      I will add updates below to have some idea of events in Catalonia in months ahead.

      Title: 31-Oct-17 TV News: ‘Puigdemont calls on Europe to react from Brussels’
      Video posted by Catalan News
      Carles Puigdemont is not seeking asylum in Brussels, but calling on Europe to react.
      This is what the Catalan president, dismissed by the Spanish government, said today in a highly anticipated speech.
      His stay in the Belgian capital isn’t likely to be short.
      He explained that he will stay for the time being because he wouldn’t get a fair trial in Spain where he faces charges of rebellion.
      Yet Spain’s National Court has summoned him to Madrid this Thursday.
      Despite everything, he claims that his cabinet hasn’t stopped working.

      Here at Catalan News, we’ll tell you all about his statement from Brussels, as well as the reactions to it and the increasing Spanish judiciary actions against pro-independence officials.

      Title: 6-Nov-17 TV News: ‘Carles Puigdemont and ministers in Brussels free without bail’
      “Carles Puigdemont is free without bail. While Belgium decides whether to extradite him to Spain, a judge ruled that there’s no use in putting him and the other 4 deposed Catalan ministers in custody. This is a far different approach compared to the one taken by Spain’s National Court. This whole episode is sparking a number of reactions in both countries, and even some friction between officials.”


  2. Wales: http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-wales-politics-41334955/catalonia-solidarity-call-from-welsh-assembly-members

    I personally support the grassroots based Fair Coin cryptocurrency developed by the Cooperativa Integrale Catalonia 3-4 years. It has the advantage over other cryptocurrency of having the value controlled collectively by the people who use it (to prevent it being subject to speculation). The mining of Fair Coin is also collectivized to prevent miners from being the sole beneficiaries of the mining process.



  3. RonMamita says:

    Help Compile Cryptocurrencies Available in Catalonia

    Note these innovations and collaborative efforts:

    Bank of the Commons, the new banking era

    FairCoop is one of the co-founders of Bank of the Commons (BotC), a revolutionary open cooperative initiative whose aim is to bring some fresh air into the dark world of banking and finances and to offer support to cooperative projects and social currencies all over the world, both at a global and a local level. BotC brings them the latest technologies in banking and payment systems, inside an environment where they can stay loyal to their values.

    The official systems are continuously adopting new banking and payment technologies to make their services easier and easier to use, but they aren’t really implementing this advances for the common good. Bank of the Commons’ aim is to put these latest technologies at the service of solidary economy projects to help them grow and consolidate. But it goes even further: the blockchain revolution makes it possible to decentralize banking and make it more transparent, so BotC is using it to obtain much desired sovereignty in finances, participatory budgeting and money creation, adopting FairCoin as a strategic global social currency. This means to change the basis, not only the shape.

    • Faircoin:
    • Integral revolution: an interview to Enric Duran about CIC
    • CIC and P2pfoundation strategic partners pdf:
      Download: https://cooperativa.cat/en/cic-and-p2pfoundation-strategic-partners/#
    • International co-op wants to break free from the state :
      A group of activists in Spain have set up a European Cooperative Society which will allow them to create a legal tool for co-operative projects. The society, Freedom Coop,…
      A group of activists in Spain have set up a European Cooperative Society which will allow them to create a legal tool for co-operative projects.

      The society, Freedom Coop, is aimed at individuals or collectives, including co-operatives, who are self-employed. It enables them to buy and sell products and services, or manage their own projects, without having to register as legal entities for these activities in their countries.

      The project aims to minimise the groups’ interaction with nation states in terms of employment and administrative issues. Read more

    • Enric Duran is a Catalan anti-capitalist activist, best known for his act of “financial civil … backed by its own socially-oriented cryptocurrency, Faircoin. … Cooperativa Integral Catalana as a living model of open cooperativism. read more: http://www.guerrillatranslation.org/category/authors-collectives/enric-duran/

    Are Too Many Citizens Distracted By Independence Too See What’s Being Engineered?

    As mentioned in my post above, Catalonia embraces the digital economy programme:
    PesetaCoin: http://pesetacoin.info/
    Is Catalonia considering a National cryptocurrency?
    Dani Marco appears to be developing Catalonia’s e-residency project, as such he may have knowledge of plans to create an economy separate from Spain.
    El Pais, Spain’s leading newspaper, reported that Catalonia could emulate an Estonian proposal to issue national blockchain based tokens along with an e-residency program. (Readers of this blog should be aware of my many warnings of the dangers of this engineered civilization path.)…

    The controversial independent movement could fuel support for Barcelona to launch their cryptocurrency, whereas 7.5 million people in Catalonia would still be using the Euro and with no need for a Catalonia or Spain central bank when the ECB is already the central banking authority.

    Hmm, now when I consider this reasoning, some possible “Sugar-Daddies” (secret financiers) make the list from the banking cartel’s covert funds.


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