21st Century Déjà vu – “I Can’t Imagine”…

Dangerous Police State - institutional crises

Institutional Governance: The Marathon Game of Fraud & Deception

A hierarchy of ruling class and servants, is not new, that’s Déjà vu.

After 9-11, my ears hurt and my frustration soars as I repeatedly hear individuals express their disbelief and shock that “today“, (in the 21st century), here in [pick the country: America, European Union members, Venezuela, etc.] human rights are ignored as the boot stomps on citizens faces, as Orwell wrote in his 1984 book…

I repeatedly hear, “I’m only doing my job”, and “I’m only following orders”, as if following orders is moral protection for when you are doing harm and wrong to good people.

What will it take to snap citizens out of their mass delusion about institutional governance within the current international monetary system?
Are citizens capable of seeing central banking with their protection racket?
What will it take for workers, men and women in uniform to ask themselves does this command contradict what is right – am I working for disguised expensively dressed criminals?

Know the difference between wrongs and rights, regardless what the job demands you to do.

Order followers will do wrongs and destroy freedom for a paycheck.

But, again and again, I continue to hear individuals from all countries say, “It can’t happen here”:

  • Shadow Banking & Shadow Governments
  • Banking Fraud, Money Laundering, Forgery, Falsifying and Destroying Documents
  • Captured Regulators & political corruption
  • Institutions Flaunting Fraud and many other crimes that are not criminally prosecuted – Too Big To Jail
  • Privacy Invasion
  • Mass Surveillance
  • Unwarranted Search and Seizure
  • Waiting in long lines for disgusting groping and body searches at the airports
  • Warrantless Arrests
  • Torture
  • Mainstream Media Fake News & Propaganda
  • Militarized Police with armored vehicles preventing peaceful assembly and freedom of speech
  • Odious Debt and Secret Expenditures in the Trillions of Dollars

Many more examples of tax hikes, state secrets, sealed and/or redacted documents, hidden horrors, institutional crimes and crimes against humanity could be listed, but over and over again I hear individuals saying they can’t believe it is happening!

Video Title: Catalonia referendum: ‘Spanish authorities are the criminals’
Video posted 01 Oct 2017 by Al Jazeera English

The U.S. government has one of the loudest megaphones when their officials or public relations’ paid deceivers speak via mass media outlets. Their flowery, humane, and honorable rhetoric have hidden their criminal activities for centuries, but patriotic citizens believe their official lies and justifications as wars are labelled “unavoidable” and in the best interest of humanity.
Their official narrative weaves the deceptive story as heroic policemen and troops protecting the world, democracy, and the rule of law.
Oh – what rubbish!

No one is more enslaved than those who believe they are free.” Anonymous

I heard Europeans saying they can’t believe

  • in a Europe today that we have political prisoners, especially knowing these are current members of the government that allowed citizens to vote“…
  • I can’t believe that Greece allowed the odious debt, knowingly accepted unpayable loans – money that went not to Greece, but to pay the French banks, and the German banks, and a few other bondholders – not a penny of that loaned money went to Greek citizens.
  • In Italy there are voices of disbelief that their economy is allowed to collapse and beg Brussels for a break from austerity. Many citizens want out of the European Union.

Spain’s officials claim to uphold the “rule of law” when masked policemen bash in doors and harm voters in Catalonia.
Rather than allowing the non-binding referendum to be voted on, officials think bashing heads and other acts of police violence is deemed appropriate.

Governments want valued property, chattel, obedient citizens, docile tax-payers, perpetual cash cows, human resource – call citizens many things, but deny they are debt-slaves in a worldwide-debt-based-system.

I could rant on about institutional governance and its many deceptions, but I would rather have discussions about alternatives and self-governance.
To those who can’t imagine alternatives, I say remember job walkouts, tax boycotts and peaceful non-compliance are options available when you say enough already – I do not consent!

To remove your chains you must first be aware of them.

To remove your chains you must first be aware of them.








Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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6 comments on “21st Century Déjà vu – “I Can’t Imagine”…
  1. RonMamita says:

    Discuss Worldwide Institutional Crises:

    Its a IMS (international monetary system) Empire.
    It is the antithesis of freedom and rights.

    Self-govern and be the change you wish to see in the world.

    Title: The struggles for independence and the impact of redrawing borders | The Economist
    Video posted 9 Nov 2017 by The Economist


    money – Money – MONEY

    The E.U. is a Monetary Union – Many individuals are deceiving themselves to think in terms of freedom, human rights, and democratic principals – unrealistic expectations for a institution founded on protecting the ruling class banking system in control of Europe.

    Video Title: EU silence over Spanish police brutality in Catalonia
    Video posted 09 Nov 2017 by Rebelde Positivo

    Video Title: the worst attack against the institutions and the people of Catalonia

    “Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has slammed Madrid’s decision to impose direct rule on Barcelona as “the worst attack against the institutions and the people of Catalonia since the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco.”

    Video title: 9-Nov-17 TV News: ‘Spanish General Prosecutor asks for prison for Catalan Parliament members’
    Video posted 08 Nov 2017 by Catalan News

    Video Title: Spain on the Edge – The Catalonia Question | Jacob Shapiro Interview
    Video posted 10 Nov 2017 by Geopolitical Futures


    Follow the money, watch the G20/IMF and all the mega-banks to know what is really happening worldwide!

    Title: China’s $26 Trillion Problem & Why It’s a ‘Systemic Risk’
    Video posted 24 Oct 2017 by Hedgeye


    JIM RICKARDS: The Road To Ruin

    Video posted 19 Oct 2017 by Sweet Cow

    According to Rickards, generational wealth was preserved by:
    1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = meaning keeping assets in LAND + GOLD + ART; with that the old-money, wealthy ruling class have maintained their vast wealth over many centuries.

    money – Money – MONEY


  2. And, there is no freedom without truth; bless you, Ron for your gift of truth; in peace


  3. RonMamita says:

    We Are The Change We Have Been Searching For

    Title: You are your own authority (Break the programming)
    posted 07 Nov 2017 by The Phoenix Enigma

    A dystopic future is being engineered

    Men and women in uniform need to be aware of this.

    TSA workers quit in disgust.

    Have you read what TSA workers say about their work?
    Then read this:
    “TSA agent? Hate your job? There’s a simple solution.” Nov. 20th, 2010 by Meredith L. Patterson


  4. RonMamita says:

    Acallforanuprising Terminated
    Published on Nov 16, 2017 by RichiefromBoston II


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