Monetary System: Crisis and Perception Management

This is a challenge for all of us.
Make the effort to NOT THINK IN FRAMES.
Movies, TV, Books, and Language trains our thinking to limit thoughts into concepts and frames or a snapshot picture.
And paid deceivers are skilled at framing the narratives (see the effect and social sciences).

The challenge is to perceive the never ending subtleties of changes.
For example, many individuals want a date for the monetary system reset.
Those individuals will ask when, but fail to look at now.

See what is happening now, with the IMS (international monetary system).
Consider from 2008 till today the changes that were observed:

  • The IMS died and the system went into a state of emergency with bailouts that lasts today…
  • Unlimited money creation was implemented as Quantitative Easing (ZIRP/NIRP and liquidity to prop up the system – global debt is est. $217 trillion)…
  • IMF’s Quota (de-dollarization and SDR changes) Treaty was ratified by all member nation states…
  • Financialization policy was implemented worldwide with new fintech (Blockchain & cryptocurrencies)…

– ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ –
You can dive into the details from the above list and read and write volumes about how (since 2008) the capital flows are used in the bull markets, in regional development, in A.I. supercomputers & robots, in R&D funds, etc., with policy deadlines.

Thus, a LOT IS HAPPENING with the system reset, even as the news media don’t highlight it every day as this worldwide social experiment with the creation of new policies, virtual currencies, bots, and supercomputers continues with government debt management at the zero lower bound.

But, most individuals are waiting for a crisis to disrupt the system and be used as justification for drastic shifts that will only then be noticed by the news media and all citizens.
Yes, a crisis event will be engineered, but the system reset work is being implemented today and each day…

Until the next crisis is headlined on all news media, then expect the perception management tools will continue to deceive citizens to believe that this is normal, go to work, trust the governments and central banks will protect you and your wealth.

Everything is fine, leave the thinking to the policy makers – go back to sleep.

frogs not see not hear do not speak_Alexas
Something BIG Is Happening Worldwide, But Few See, Hear, or Talk About It.

Title: 081 Digital Night vs. Natural Light
Video posted 09 Nov 2017 by Crrow777 Click to listen to full recording here.



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One comment on “Monetary System: Crisis and Perception Management
  1. RonMamita says:

    Mind Control Technologies

    Title: Why the Truth Is So Important to Me
    Video posted 19 Oct 2017 by Truthstream Media

    “There is no more important subject than mind control. If invisible forces can control your mind, you have zero chance of success. Indeed, you are no longer a sovereign individual. You are a natural resource or slave to be harvested.”

    Dangerous Wireless Radiation:

    Title: Real Dangers OF 5G Wireless Radiation
    Video posted 15 Nov 2017 by RichiefromBoston II


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