Are Policy Makers Scripting The Next Crisis?

When markets are disrupted, services are suspended, emergency procedures are announced and radical new policies are enforced.

That is the “Govern by crisis management” script we discuss so often, along with social engineering.
Stealthily, since 2009, central banks established preparations and protections for the coming banking crisis.
We can foresee plans for UBI (universal basic income) being rolled out along with negative interest rates and mandatory chipped-bank-cards.

– Debt Management & Monetary Policy: Managing A World Of Debt-Slaves –
Emulate, Inc. Human Emulation System
This is aligned with the implementation for a cashless society, virtual currencies, and the A.I. economy. Policy makers claim the ability to efficiently allocate resources and manage better with A.I. blockchain technology and virtual currencies.

But to accomplish that, they must remove the constraints of the zero lower bound, remove cash, and then inflate the economy  with negative interest rates.
Robot Awarded Citizenship
Remember the G20 vowed every citizen will be digitally connected by 2025.
It’s not an accident, it’s policy.

  • SmartCards
  • SmartPhones
  • SmartMeters
  • SmartTVs
  • SmartGrids
  • SmartCities
  • Quantum Computers, A.I., Blockchain…

Will the next crisis be used as justification for these changes?
How forceful and violent will they be in demanding compliance to the new rules?
Do you see their plans?
Have you taken your savings out of their banks?

Every Citizen Will Be Digitally Connected

Imagine the All-In-One Digitally Connected Cards, TVs and Phones…

Smart credit cards are coming. Here’s what you need to know – CNET
Smart cards want to replace your wallet full of debit and credit cards with one dynamic smart card. Here’s what you need to know. -by Sharon Profis May 25, 2015

John Williams, Federal Reserve San Francisco Branch President, made a loud, over-ambitious call to use the next recession to implement a new toolkit of solutions:
John C. Williams, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

SF Fed’s Williams: The Challenges of Sustained Low Interest Rates Merit Reexamination of Monetary Policy Frameworks Worldwide

Global central bankers should take this moment of “relative economic calm” to rethink their approach to monetary policy[…] interest rates are likely to be only around 2.5 to 3 percent when the next recession hits. Williams emphasized that “We won’t be able to cut interest rates by the typical 5 percentage points to stimulate the economy because we’ll quickly hit the zero lower bound.” -Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco November 16, 2017

Remarks at the 2017 Asia Economic Policy Conference: Monetary Policy Challenges in a Changing Global Environment
San Francisco, California
By John C. Williams, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
For delivery on November 16, 2017
Download PDF Version (320.74 kb)

I Can See Them

And you should see them too.



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “Are Policy Makers Scripting The Next Crisis?
  1. RonMamita says:

    A.I. On The Blockchain

    mass deception is revealed
    Many pieces of the worldwide puzzle have been revealed.
    Civilizations are not an accident they are engineered:

    • Mass Deception & Fraud
    • Engineered Crises & False Flag Operations
    • Human Resources = Debt-Slavery system
    • Worldwide Hegemony = IMS (international monetary system)
    • 4th Industrial Revolution: micro-chips, RFID, internet, neural-networks, quantum computers, CERN, A.I., blockchain/FINTECH, bots, etc…
    • Mass Surveillance
    • And most recently, A.I. citizenship!

    Some questions I have:
    1. Will the super-nodes be the bankster-cartel’s control of the blockchain?
    In other words, will the globalists’ NWO be in control of the major cryptocurrencies worldwide?
    2. What is the IMF/central banks’ definition of A.I.?
    I think the general public has a false defintion of A.I. based on the sci-fi stories and Hollywood movies.
    3. Are Robots a scheme to lower slave-wages or eventually replace the human resource within the corporate model?
    The amount of capital that went into robotics by the banksters means this labor policy was no accident.

    On the Steemit blockchain I experienced first-hand verbal attacks from those blinded with greed as they campaign for cryptocurrencies. Their greed hinders their ability to consider the possibility that the NWO-cabal created the blockchain or could co-op it with regulation and super-nodes.

    A path was laid out for the 21st century, and unless the People withdraw their consent with non-compliance and alternatives, the dystopic future will be enforced by corporate controlled governance. ~Ron

    Title: Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is a Government Conspiracy (2017)
    Posted 24 Jan 2017 by Do You See What I See Productions

    Title: The Tribal Identity – Paradigm for the Next Generation
    Posted 7 Aug 2017 by StormCloudsGathering

    Title: #VegasStrong AI
    Video was Streamed live on Nov 10, 2017 by Jason Goodman


    Title: UnFuckIt- Nov 16 “AI”, Blockchain, BitCoin, OPPT, Leelu & the Mandela Effect
    Video posted 16 Nov 2017 by RemovingtheShackles

    Links from last nights UnFuckIt discussion:
    This requires some further research, fact checking etc… but if this article is accurate, then what I’ve been saying for the past 5 years is inaccurate only in that I didn’t see the full level of the take over. IF these coin exchanges truly are/have been taken over by the “banksters”, then they gaining even more control that I originally figured.

    Below are a series of videos:

    Title: We had NO IDEA! How could this have happened!?
    Video posted 11 Nov 2017 by On Point Preparedness

    Title: 93 Society MGM Grand Aria and The Podesta Connection
    Posted 10 Nov 2017 by quinn michaels

    Title: Transpicuous News May 31 2017: Bitcoin Conundrum
    Video posted 31 May 2017 by RemovingtheShackles

    BIG Data and suspicious connections:

    Underground complexes – Secrecy – Energy

    Missing Children, A.I., Military databases, and Palantir Technologies

    Title: Research 93 Society, Thiel, Palantir, Every Agency, Rogue AI
    Video posted 30 Jul 2017 by quinn michaels

    Unlimited energy generated?

    Title: Las Vegas Circle Complexes Area 51 and 93 Society
    Video posted 6 Oct 2017 by quinn michaels

    Title: MGM Grand Palantir 93 Society Bitcoin CryptoCurrency
    Posted 10 Nov 2017 by quinn michaels

    Title: DUNE – Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
    Video posted 7 Oct 2017 by quinn michaels

    Title: Truck Driver Confirms Underground City Beneath US. 2013
    Video posted 3 Mar 2013 by ADGUKNEWS

    Title: Trucking through an Underground Warehouse in Missouri
    Video posted 4 Dec 2008 by BigRigTravels

    Video posted by


  2. RonMamita says:

    Venezuela Debt Default

    Title: Venezuela debt crisis adds to its humanitarian woes
    Posted 14 Nov 2017 by Al Jazeera English

    Title: Venezuela Officially DEFAULTS on Its Debt! Market Predicts Complete Failure!
    Posted 13 Nov 2017 by The Money GPS

    Symptoms of a Sick Socio-economic System

    Title: Peak Prosperity News Update 11-17-2017 by ChrisMartensondotcom


  3. RonMamita says:

    When A.I. & SKYNET Rule Earth

    If they don’t already rule…

    James Corbett wrote:

    “Think that sounds crazy? Well take that up with our good friends over at the shadowy Bank for International Settlements’ even shadowier little brother, the Financial Stability Board. They just published a white paper on that very subject.

    Well, OK, they don’t quite phrase it like that. Their paper has the considerably less snappy title “Artificial intelligence and machine learning in financial services: Market developments and financial stability implications.” But come on. These are the minions of the central banksters. It’s their job to make even the most incredible things sound eye-wateringly boring.

    So what do the eggheaded lackeys of the bankster oligarchs conclude? Why, that AI is a swell thing, of course! It’ll make everything more efficient and (even if there’s an itsy bitsy teenie weenie risk of a hiccup or two) everyone will be better off for it.”


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