Political Division Strategy: Infiltrate and Co-Opting Red Pill Truth Seeking Movement

The Sentient Virtual World-Simulator is trying it again

It is called the “Sentient World Simulation.” The program’s aim, according to its creator, is to be a “continuously running, continually updated mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action.” In practical terms that equates to a computer simulation of the planet complete with billions of “nodes” representing every person on the earth. –corbettreport.com

That is what this feels like to me, repeating the past, as the East (CHINA) becomes the cheerleader for the NWO Beast system.
Similar to when the West (U.S.) grabbed the globalists’ puppet seat-of-leadership after WWII, and now CHINA is poised to sit in that puppet seat-of-leadership.

The IMS (international monetary system) is now prepared to reset the system with the supercomputers’ blockchain version.
Meanwhile, the U.S. corporate-government continue to repeat the same political game with two warring wings (conservatives vs liberals) on the same beast.
The scam continues to make neighbors and families fight each other.

The above text was my 1st attempt at explaining my gut feeling for what is happening with anons on social media scooping up many nationalists and self-proclaimed “Patriots” in 2017 claiming to being “red pilled”.

“[This] System is So Flawed That Fraud is Mathematically Guaranteed” -Bill Black

If you do not know these basic facts:

  • that you are not your name…
  • that legal fiction (ex: “citizenship”) may not protect or apply to you…
  • that institutional mass deception aim to deceive you for your entire lifespan, starting before your birth.

Without those basic facts and more, then have you really been “red pilled”?

I am holding space, and reminding all “patriots” to follow the money trails, search for the truth, question everything, do not trust institutions and their deceitful officials.
Govern by crisis management
Corporate-governments are criminal institutions funded with fraudulent money.
That is as blunt as it can be stated, do not trust institutions.
Governing institutions fear and hide secrets from citizens; not from other institutions with intelligence agencies.
Effectively, corporate-governments are in place to hide what the ruling class is doing from the citizens.

Sure there are whistleblowers and many Intelligence/FBI employees are fed up with pedophiles, corruption, deceiving the citizens, and there obviously is government infighting. Some label it a soft or political coup within the U.S..
But, what should individuals do?

Expose the truth and increase the pressure on corporate-governments.
Look within and express your creativity or collaborate.
The rise of social media taking on the role of public notice and sharing important information could rival the MSM NEWS in the year 2018.
This is a important trend and social phenomena.

Unite In Peaceful Non-Compliance and Exercise Your Freedom.
Step out of the matrix to End The Fed.

“I didn’t intend to give ’em HELL, I entered truth into the public record and they thought it was hot as HELL.”

My Mantra: Untrustworthy, Lying Politicians and their Money Masters

Defy The Malevolent Entities Directing Institutional Governance and Mass Deception.
Governments do obey their masters, and in case you haven’t noticed, Trump is not the master of the U.S. government.
Are “patriots” willing to support another war or the escalation of existing wars?

I say a prayer for all self proclaimed “patriots” who believe in their favorite politician to fight the “deep state” and the NWO on their behalf.

I say a prayer for all the “patriots” who believe they are “red pilled” as they comfort themselves with heroic stories of government employed white hats fighting the deep state and the NWO Luciferians.
Patriots are Hopeful that this time will be different with Donald Trump.

Yes, different from last time when Obama had hope and change, and many were questioning if Obama was captured by the deep state or their creation after awarded the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.
But, this “change” is real with Trump’s promise to lock her up, and make America great again, right?

Trump can’t be part of the Deep State, right?

As with Obama, Trump fans are urged to wait and see.
Just wait, you’ll see!


  • Geoengineering continues high altitude aerosols spraying the environment and citizens
  • GMO farms and herbicides endanger citizens
  • 5G Microwave (wireless) Communications endanger citizens
  • Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere endanger citizens
  • Fluoridated water is not outlawed and endanger citizens
  • Vaccines are still poisonous and endanger citizens
  • citizens are being rfid chipped
  • home mortgages are still being securitized and it gets worse with financialization sweeping the world along with FINTECH
  • fractional reserve banking continues to control the government and
  • citizens remain debt slaves.

It is vehemently denied that the anonymous insiders could be a psyops team deploying bots to post on algorithmic platforms, (both trading exchanges and social media can host bots).

Isn’t it simpler to trust anonymous government insiders because we all want to see the end to the Deep-State and pedogate-rings for the ruling class, right?
We all want America to be great again, right?
After all, strange things are happening and enough criminal evidence is on the internet to start the mass arrests, right?

This is like a steroid redux version of the Obama regime era of white hats that had many anonymous personas called:
NESARA/White Knights
White Dragon Society
DRAKE Bailey
COBRA/Portal 2012
and many whistleblowers

Anyway, back in 2011-2015 those anons and whistleblowers were very popular among the “red pill” down the rabbit hole social media, and today there are new versions of “anon”s with Q and others that could be a mixture of disinformation warriors,  paid-trolls and bots (algorithms programmed to mimic humans in chat and comment boxes to swarm-attack, troll, or befriend) on social media platforms such as facebook, reddit, youtube, twitter, discord, 4chan, and others.

Can you see why I described this as if the sentient world simulation will continue to repeat similar versions until it finds an effective one for its world order.

I hope I am wrong, but keep emergency supplies near, just in case.
What if the agents, programmers and insiders turn against this corrupt system?
Sure this may be wishful thinking or it may be true, so that first comes the mass arrests of corrupt institutional officials, and their contracted criminals, then abolish fractional reserve banking (End The Fed) to remove the shackles from the People.

If this is to happen, we the people on earth must keep the pressure on all corporate-governments.
We must continue to uncover their corruption, fraud and horrific crimes cloaked behind national security and non-disclosure agreements.
We must share the ugly facts, and conspiracies even if it means destroying the current corrupt and fraudulent system.

My dreams come true.
Say a prayer for me too, indeed pray for us all.

Title: #Qanon: This is Either FANTASY, or a DREAM COME TRUE.
Posted 02 Jan 2018 by SGTreport

– The World Is Not As We Were Taught –

Institutions are untrustworthy in a worldwide web of deception.
Institutions launched battalions of dis-information warriors and swarmbots on the internet.
Can you trust that none of their paid trolls and bots haven’t reached your social media and algorithmic platforms?
Anonymous text and video are perfect vehicles for social media deception.

When the overt system of slavery was abolished, whatever happened to all the wealthy slave owners with secured loans and bank assets that credited human resource (slaves) as property and collateral on the banks’ ledgers?

After researchers made financial documents public, banks suddenly admitted the fact they had owned slaves.
But here is the secret, banks still own slaves, only the slaves don’t know it.

In November 2017 the Vatican addressed how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are being used in the modern-day slave trade.

Indeed, the slavery system was never abolished, the slave masters (banks) were never jailed, and their wealth and assets were never confiscated or returned to the slaves and their descendants.

The modern form of systemic slavery is covert, in the guise of tax-paying workers.
That is debt-bondage with debt as money and citizens as collateral or “tax-payers”.
And now that system is going onto the digital blockchain, isn’t that great!

So, I am here to talk about the matrix and the beast system known as the IMS with its Federal-Reserve-Puppet controlling the U.S. CORPORATION.
Currently they are launching the upgraded digitally connected version on the blockchain.
This means all cryptocurrency enthusiasts need to be very cautious as the blockchain is the foundation for the next version to reset the IMS.

Animated Jitsu body throw
Don’t Lose Your Will To Survive!

This doesn’t mean that the white-hat-blockchain-developers and hacktivists can’t exercise a judo move to defeat the globalists banks on the blockchain, but that is the difficult challenge and too few are talking about it.


– Banking Disaster Summit Coming –

Search the most influential think-tanks, supranational organizations, G-SIFI banks, and central banks for their experiments and policy papers on Financialization, virtual currencies, FINTECH, Blockchain A.I., and disruptive technologies and you will see their script for resetting the IMS.

The script calls for new policies for the 4th industrial revolution with disruptive technology.
This means the U.S. Dollar will no longer be the sole preeminent reserve currency, the dollar will be revalued with a lesser global role.
Remember 2008 great recession was a warmup, and remember “End The Fed”.

The justifications for the new blockchain IMS are a more resilient system, encryption improves security, distributed ledger builds trust, associated new tech boost economic growth, theoretically allows policy makers to break the zero lower bound, reduce transaction costs, faster and responsive mechanisms for the global economy.
Ultimately it leads to the cashless society that so many warned about.
This is the technocrats’ wet dream of “Big-DATA” and artificial intelligence to micro-manage the world.

Do not despair, regardless of how dangerous the Age, I am convinced that the knowledge of the Truth will set us on the path to freedom.
My wish is to see the People on earth aware of the truth, free and prosperous.
End The Fed.

Please click on the archived resource links below.
Be Prepared to Survive with emergency supplies.
Question everything, and Think for yourself.

Name [Straw Man] Theory – This is a basic must for comprehension


Posted 09 Apr 2012 by executivetrustees

*Sentient World Simulation…

*Most Ambitious Engineering feat…

*Silent war/Government literally means Mind Control…


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4 comments on “Political Division Strategy: Infiltrate and Co-Opting Red Pill Truth Seeking Movement
  1. RonMamita says:

    Judge Napolitano: The Force Of Darkness Is Upon Us

    Title: The Dark Future For All According to Fox News Judge A Napalitano
    Re-uploded 02 Jan 2018 by aplanetruth.info

    The MISES ORGANIZATION presentation was posted 19 Nov 2014 the video was titled:
    “The Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano”


  2. Doreen Agostino says:

    Our False Reality … https://youtu.be/MpULr4PJV98

    8 mins: Ray Kurzweil talks about the future. Nanobots, blood cell size devices in our bodies, and in our brains interacting with our biological neurons. Putting our brains on the internet, to enter virtual reality environment from within our nervous system. Nanobots that can ‘shut down’ the signals coming from our real eyes, and real skin, to create signals appropriate for the virtual environment.

    That future is now folks. Most humans have artificial technology living on and in our bodies. Doubtful? Do the peroxide/red wine mouth rinse test. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/diagnostic-wineperoxide-test-for-biologics-nanotechnology/


  3. Lander7 says:

    Wow. I’m going to read this article again later.

    I also loved this quote:
    “[This] System is So Flawed That Fraud is Mathematically Guaranteed” -Bill Black


    • RonMamita says:

      Yes, Professor William K. Black is a expert in banking fraud and the former regulator that investigated the 1980s-1990s Savings & Loan crisis and was crucial in providing documented evidence in how bankers hide their crime – he wrote the book about how

      Bill Black’s blunt truth about banksters led me to research the rabbit hole money trail revealing IMS (international monetary system) is a fraud perpetuating debt bondage.

      Liked by 1 person

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