CRIME ALERT: Is This Man A Dangerous Corrupt Sitting Judge?

is Theodore David Chuang a corrupt judge?
Title: CRIME ALERT: Is This Man A Dangerous Corrupt Sitting Judge?
[Image:×480.jpg |Theodore David Chuang 2009-2014 served in the DHS as Deputy General Counsel until Obama’s appointment of him as a Federal Judge was confirmed by the U.S. Senate.]

THEODORE DAVID CHUANG has just been assigned to the Uranium One Mark Lambert case!


Can You Detect The Cover Up?

Amplify Awareness, Assist Conspiracy Researchers To Remove The Dark Institutional Plague.

This is important information about institutional abuses, pedophile rings, corruption, and coverups.

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  • Twitter Acct: Imperator_Rex “9. Now consider this – none of the 4 indictments ever saw the light of day. Every one was either quietly settled under plea agreements, or dropped entirely, as follows:
    10. Mikerin, the Tenam manager, was sentenced to 48 months under a plea deal, for crimes that had 20+ year sentences : –
    11. Darren Condrey – plea agreement : Anti-Bribery, Conspiracy (18 U.S.C. 371) –
    12. Carol Condrey – under a plea agreement , her case was dropped :
    13. Rubizhevsky (NexGen) case settled with plea agreement. Astonishing given the charges: Conspiracy to Launder Money (18 U.S.C. § 371; 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956, 1957) ; Criminal Forfeiture (28 U.S.C. § 2461; 18 U.S.C. § 981) ; Criminal Forfeiture (18 U.S.C. § 982)
    14. Notice something about these cases? None ever saw the light of day, where testimony would be made public. They were all ‘disappeared’. Now with that in mind, consider the following bombshell facts:
    15. ALL of these cases were prosecuted by the same duo, or combination thereof – Rod Rosenstein & Andrew Weissman. Yes, you read that correctly.
    16. The FBI officer assigned to each case? Why, one Andrew McCabe. Yes – you also read that correctly. Your eyes are NOT deceiving you.
    17. Oh – here’s another interesting coincidence : they were ALL assigned to the same judge – one Judge Theodore Chuang, an Obama appointee. I hope you have not fallen off your chair yet, it gets worse:
    18. The SAME Judge Chuang attended Harvard at the same time as one Barack Obama – Chuang graduated law 1994, Obama 1991 & both were editors of the Harvard Law Review. They would have known each other extreme well.
    19. That’s the SAME Judge Theodore Chuang who refused Trump’s EO travel ban in October 2017, see
    And now consider this :
    20. The SAME Judge Theodore Chuang has just been assigned to the Mark Lambert case. No – I am NOT kidding […Read More:]
  • Grand jury indicts Maryland executive in Uranium One deal: report By John Bowden – 01/14/18 09:40 AM EST
    “A grand jury reportedly brought charges in the Uranium One investigation against a man who investigators say tried to bribe a Russian official at the country’s state-run nuclear energy corporation.Mark Lambert, former head of a Maryland-based transportation company, was indicted last Thursday on 11 counts of money laundering and wire fraud, according to the New York Post.
    The Uranium One investigation centers on the Obama administration’s clearing of a business deal that allowed a Russian nuclear firm to buy a Canadian uranium mining company with assets in the U.S.In the indictment, prosecutors accuse Lambert of hiding the payments to the Russian official by using code words such as “lucky figures,” “lucky numbers” and “cake.” The official Lambert was accused of bribing works at a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corp.The Nuclear Regulatory Commission told Congress in 2010 that no uranium at either facility purchased by the Russian company could be exported. Still, some of the uranium mined after the deal made it as far away as Europe,…”
  • U.S. Senate PDF:

“Theodore Chuang, the Federal District Judge for the District of Maryland who halted most elements of President Trump’s latest executive order temporarily banning travel from six Middle Eastern countries, as well as refugees from all countries, served as deputy general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2014.

His March 15 ruling in the case, International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) v.Trump, in which DHS, the State Department, and President Trump are defendants, raises legitimate questions about whether he should have recused himself from hearing the case in the first place.” –

Mass Awakening Seeks The Truth

Mass Awareness Amplifies Truth.

And this is growing on social and independent media.
Team End-The-Fed calls on the energies of all creation for the sword of TRUTH to slay the beast system of mass deception.

Below are a few videos with more U.S. Corruption details:

Title: First Indictments Issued In Clinton Uranium One Russian Bribery Case
Posted 14 Jan 2018 by Jorge Suarez

Posted 13 Jan 2018 by H. A. Goodman

Title: Fitton on Uranium One Indictment: DOJ Must ‘Aggressively’ Investigate Clintons & Russia
Posted 15 Jan 2018 by Fox News Insider

Title: INDICTMENT Filed Overnight! Hillary Is Freaking Out!
Posted 15 Jan 2018 by Screen Hoopla

Title: The Great Awakening: Q Clearance Anon, A New Chapter: Part I
Posted 15 Jan 2018 by Tracy Beanz

In April 2017 I shared a dream and it may still be relevant all these months later.
My Dream Shared A Message:

[…] My attention was drawn to Bill Clinton who was apologetic at his evil plan failure.
This was cut up into different scenes, with the last scene being in bed:
Bill Clinton had servants and guards who were apologetic…
Bill was kind and polite with them.
Bill apologize to a grotesque entity (demon? I am not sure because I did not fear the entity or feel threatened) for his failure, and went into some detail of his thoughts about why he failed. It was partially an excuse about unexpected events or actions from others.
Hmm… I wish to remember those details but they elude me.

Bill’s soul travel took a long time (the grotesque entities were involved), I thought it unpleasant for Bill Clinton but it was not a horror show – the process just took too long for me, and I began to chant or cheer for bill to hurry up and go, leave this plane of existance as it would help life on earth to be rid of your evil acts.

I wonder if the Clintons or White House plans to announce a failure or death soon?


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “CRIME ALERT: Is This Man A Dangerous Corrupt Sitting Judge?
  1. Interesting dream, so you predict that the Clintons will be removed and the nationalism movement will control the U.S. into the IMS reset?
    Clintons represented the globalists’ hard landing for Americans while the nationalists represents a soft landing?
    That looks to have dangerous events coming with divisive politics keeping the citizens fighting among themselves…


  2. RonMamita says:

    U.S. Government Corruption Is Worse Than All Reports

    I don’t list all the documentaries and evidence but over the decades Americans have been betrayed and the government has compromised departments, agents and agencies should be purged or abolished.

    Title: “PROJECT PELICAN”: The Secret Deal that ByPassed A National Security Review
    Posted 31 Dec 2017 by Zeeda Andrews

    “The Club-K is a cruise missile launch system concealed in a container whose external appearance looks identical to standard ISO intermodal commercial cargo shipping containers. Inside each Club-K container, however, are four missiles which can carry biological, chemical, conventional, Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), or nuclear warheads. The genius of the Club-K system is its ability to evade detection among the millions of shipping containers carried on ships, trains, and trucks all over the world, including inside the U.S. Now, the Russian maker of the Club-K has partnered with the Iraqi-UAE company headed by the nuclear mastermind who designed a nuclear warhead specifically to fit on the nosecone of the Club-K cruise missile. Also, Ras al-Khaimah (RAK), one of the seven UAE emirates, runs a shipping company in partnership with Iran, which essentially controls RAK’s main shipping port. And a broken and possibly corrupt CFIUS gave them all access to a 35-year lease on the container facilities at one of America’s most critical ports called Gulftainer. And subsidiaries of Gulftainer are Crescent Petroleum, Crescent, Group, Crescent Enterprises, GT International, and The Abraaj Group.”


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