Have Fun Experiencing The Game of Life!

Jane & Ron Play FTW


Know the importance of having fun and seeing the game of life with the perspective of a “Gamer”.
For the gamer, against overwhelming odds, plays for the EPIC WIN! ~Ron

Smile & Respond FTW

Destruction and Evil Lurks within institutional governance, but the game hasn’t ended.
Sure, this may be challenging and difficult, but do it anyway…

Living For The Win.
Reality needs better Game Design.

This is about harnessing the power of games to innovatively help solve the biggest challenges facing our world, for today and tomorrow.

Most individuals don’t take games seriously, but rather to escape life’s challenges.
Gaming as a platform for solving real problems will challenge our problem solving abilities to innovate, engineer, and craft wonders to overcome the obstacles to freedom and joyful living.

While I and others reveal how the global dystopian conspiracy technocrats and oligarchs misuse the education, food, medical, money, commerce, governance, and entertainment corporate structures, this shall all change.

Games Showed Us How

– The Keys 2 Fun –

Skilled gaming requires merging fun & serious into one imaginative focus exploring the possibilities.
There are many reasons to take games seriously.

To laugh while hacking the problems, collaborate to find solutions and share with others.
Deploying our skills is fun when playing for the epic win!

Title: TOP 20 Jane McGonigal Quotes
Posted 13 Jan 2018 by Quotefancy

[Ed. 02 Apr 2018, to include additional gameful clinical research documentation and urls. ~Ron]


Harness The Power of Games To Solve Problems

An amazing financial accomplishment by this game:
Seriously, this is important and more than just a game

Seriously, this is important and more than just a game; even so, we do have fun!

Game Researchers Observed This:
“When you play games, you change your perception of what you’re capable of.”

“You build your belief in your ability to get better at things that you are not good at right away.”

For more documentation, see Jane McGonigal’s gameful research and game designing:


SuperBetter: Show Me the Science

“A Randomized Controlled Trial: The Effects of SuperBetter on Depression.” University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with SuperBetter Labs. (2013, PDF)

“Clinical Trial of a Rehabiliation Game – SuperBetter.” NIH-funded trial in collaboration with Ohio State University Medical Research Center.

Now, consider more reasons to take Games seriously:

  • “Global Milestone: 1 Billion people in 2012 spend at least 1 hour per day playing a game.”
  • hacking problems with innovations
  • Developing new projects
  • Crowdsourcing funding and collaborating
  • Passionately engaging employees and customers
  • Extreme imagination funneled into craftsmanship, engineering, and artistry.

Title: channel name change | from games exposed
Posted 29 Mar 2018 by Vosto Vlad


Title: Let The Games Begin – How Video Games Can Make Us Better
Posted 10 Dec 2017 by kazrisk
Book Cover for Pawns In The Game





Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “Have Fun Experiencing The Game of Life!
  1. Alan Scott says:

    Interestingly, the motto of my old primary school was: “Play the game”! I always thought it had something to do with sportsmanship. How wrong can you be!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. RonMamita says:

    Hi m8 🙂
    The pain from witnessing the worldwide trauma and suffering can be dampened with the game concept and how we respond to the challenges and injustice of a rigged game.

    I’ve oftened looked forward to exiting the flesh suit to play a different game.
    LOL, but this game hasn’t ended yet, and some wonders have yet to be revealed…

    Jane McGonigal Said:

    Jane’s personal traumatic experience and skilled gaming is a story worth sharing.

    Title: Jane McGonigal on Living Gamefully | 24Life
    Posted 15 Aug 2017 by 24Life


  3. RonMamita says:

    Clint Richardson: Why I Quit The Game Industry

    Games are a major part of Hollywood!
    Corporate Hollywood is a evil plague on earth…

    – The Age of Deception –
    Mass Deception includes mass media, entertainment, compulsory schooling/education, and so much more.
    The information war is traumatizing everyone into a dystopic social engineered construct of the mind.

    Hollywood pays the very talented artists, craftsmen, technicians and engineers to assist the most inhumane and evil projects to be emotionally consummed by the mass populous, altering the collective consciousness of earth. Pedophilia is only scratching the surface of the institutional disease.

    Clint shares his first hand experience with working for Hollywood.
    I often think to myself as Americans wake up to the horrors in trusted institutions protected by armed forces and funded by banksters, that their threat is to move to China is a real consideration for their globalization plans and never-ending agenda.
    Hollywood and the IMF may moved their headquarters to Beijing, then what?

    Title: Why I quit the Industry | Clint Richardson – Game Dev
    Posted 15 Dec 2017 by Vosto Vlad


    Title: Media Monopoly | All News is Scripted | FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC ▶️️
    Posted 01 Apr 2018 by ODD Reality


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