Institutional Crime Is A Worldwide Plague

Harmon Wilfred: America's First Refugee – Wilfred v The CIA, Clintons' "Enforcer"
These criminal allegations and the preponderance of evidence point at the U.S. government plague.
I caution the reader to not focus on a single witness, but rather the long list of witnesses that had first hand knowledge of criminal acts inside government, many of them (very suspiciously) died suddenly after alleging crimes in government…

Arresting Bill and Hillary Clinton while simultaneously closing their fraudulent charities would be a momentous near-term step.
However, the larger IMS, which control the U.S. as a puppet, is the worldwide plague.

Thus, not only should Americans remove this plague, but people worldwide should remove the plague.

These Banksters Are Not The Criminals You Are Searching For

…”Move Along!

Do not fall for the Jedi Mind Trick.

And do you remember U.S. Pres. Obama requested immunity for George Bush?

Take your time, days or weeks to view the evidence below and elsewhere on the internet, because this is very important, seriously.

Is This Enough Evidence To Begin Criminal Investigations?

Even without reaching a conclusion, this documented pattern of secrecy, fraud and sudden deaths warrant a criminal investigation into bank and government officials and former officials connected to these events.

Do you recall State Department officials ordered to purge official Benghazi documents?

Some government officials allege treason within government

Harmon Lynn Wilfred’s life became a living nightmare after he blew the whistle on government crime as a C.I.A. contractor.
His life was threatened, he was under duress and imprisoned. Upon release he fled to Canada, finding no safe haven he fled to Hong Kong, and fled again to New Zealand where he currently remains a U.S. political refugee and still under threats.

For more Clinton Charity Fraud documentation and video go to:

Michael Smith investigations in Australia

Charles Ortel investigations in America

Sunday with Charles (video playlist)

Harmon Wilfred: America’s First Refugee

For more Harmon Wilfred documentation and recorded video, go to:

Judicial Watch Documents U.S. Government Crimes

Title: Harmon Wilfred: America’s First Refugee – Wilfred v The CIA, Clintons’ “Enforcer”
Posted 10 Apr 2018 by Crowdsource the Truth 2

The New Clinton Chronicles: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4:

A factual history of Clinton Corruption
P1 of 4 parts
P2 of 4 parts
P3 of 4 parts
P4 of 4 parts

State Sponsored

What is more frightening than a Lawless government with its state sponsored terrorism?

Who is in control of the Department of Justice and FBI?
(not U.S. President Donald Trump – the U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL crisis continues…)

Title: Rosenstein Has The Most To Lose, 2153
Posted 10 Apr 2018 by The Still Report


Title: Deadline Day – Nunes Says Impeach, 2154
Posted 11 Apr 2018 by The Still Report


Title: FBI raid of Trump lawyer was an embarrassment to the DOJ: Joe diGenova
Posted 9 Apr 2018 by Fox Business



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “Institutional Crime Is A Worldwide Plague
  1. RonMamita says:

    Constitutional Crisis In Plain Sight

    FBI and DOJ violate the law in search for criminal evidence against your political rival who happens to be the sitting U.S. President and legally your boss.

    How is this not a U.S. Constitutional Crisis?

    Title: Raid On Trump Lawyer: Pretext To Access President’s Records! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!
    Posted 10 Apr 2018 by dickmorrisreports


    Title: Mueller Panics/Trump Responds/Deep State War.
    Posted 9 Apr 2018 by BPEarthWatch


    Title: The FBI Raid on Trumps’ Former Lawyer’s Offices is a Sign of a Desperate Mueller
    Posted 10 Apr 2018 by Styxhexenhammer666

    The Federal Campaign To Repeal The 2nd Amendment and Confiscate Arms From Citizens Triggers Secession Legislation In South Carolina

    How is this not a U.S. Constitutional Crisis?

    Title: South Carolina Introduces Bill to Secede
    Posted 8 Apr 2018 by Headlines With A Voice


    I haven’t kept up with the mass media news, but today I saw text about another fire at Trump Tower and rumors of a break in to take confidential documents and email?
    Along with all the other attacks on Trump, this is another hint about opposing camps in organized crime geopolitics.

    Meanwhile rumors and campaigns for war escalate as the public is distracted with many kinds of mass media socially divisive nonsense.

    Title: The Agenda Is Set, Conflict Levels Rise, Deep State Goes For It All – Episode 1541b
    Posted 10 Apr 2018 by X22Report


  2. RonMamita says:

    DOJ & FBI Terrorizing U.S. President Trump

    Explain how this is not a U.S. Constitutional Crisis?

    “Robert Mueller is acting in bad faith.
    He surrounded himself with literally a bunch of legal terrorists.” -Joe DeGenova

    Title: FIRE ROSENSTEIN, 2155
    Posted 11 Apr 2018 by The Still Report


  3. RonMamita says:

    More Criminal Evidence

    Corporate-Government official’s have gotten away with mass murder, fraud, and theft for far too long.

    Title: Harmon Wilfred: America’s First Refugee – Wilfred v China, Clintons’ “Collaborator”
    Posted 17 Apr 2018 by Crowdsource the Truth 2

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  4. FBI High Up corrupt boss won’t investigate and ignore evidence of government employee criminal behavior including perjury and legal terrorism against autistic people and people that ran a political blog that wasn’t big enough to have teams of lawyers to protect the political activists from set up campaigns. Not every FBI agent is corrupt, but there are corrupt specific high ups that are throwing out cases accepted by duty agents as they thought were credible for further investigation and review. It is cover up by a few bad apples in higher positions.

    You need to look into this FBI High-Up corruption issue and reblog about it.

    Please I beg of you to look at this link and consider blogging the entire entry and give a link back to the source of the leaked documents and audio recordings concerning what was said from the FBI and what was said to the FBI. Thank You! God Bless!

    LEAK: Docs regarding Greensboro, NC FBI shut down of perjury case, Wikileaks letter:

    You may repost the entire article in case of possible censorship of my blog. I have posted leaked documents from whistleblower Brian David Hill who has exposed that the duty agent of the Greensboro, North Carolina FBI office had accepted a case for perjury against a former US Probation Officer that perjured herself on the stand over an autistic meltdown over her attempt to prevent Brian from proving his actual innocence case. This has all been orchestrated by the corrupt US Attorney Assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy who has openly discriminated against Brian for his Autism and OCD. He doesn’t want Brian to prove his innocence to a crime he never committed due to a false confession he gave that was caused by coercion and threat that his mother would be held responsible. The FBI boss tried to cover it up by claiming that it was a merit-less claim when evidence proving multiple false statements and contradictions of what was said under penalty of perjury is technical perjury with an intent to harm an autistic man and drive him towards suicide.

    It proves that an FBI boss throw out complaints against corrupt government officials. The FBI boss in Greensboro refusing to let the FBI duty agent investigate corrupt US Probation Officer that has committed perjury, subornation of perjury, and maybe even obstruction of justice. All meant to stop a autistic man from proving his actual innocence. There is a legal war on Brian’s actual innocence battle by corrupt government interests.

    Anyways the proof of the FBI High-Up corruption is located at this blog article below. All of the facts and the joint letter to Congress are stored and need to be reviewed or at least retweeted or even reblogged so that researchers can investigate the newly leaked documents.

    So the duty agent says, hey come down Brian and give a statement to the FBI for the case of perjury against Kristy Burton who was part of an alleged plot to prevent Brian from timely filing his 2255 motion on the ground of actual innocence which is unlawful government impediment. She got away with lying in federal court and his own backstabbing lawyer stopped him from filing a motion to reconsider the home detention based on good behavior and the perjury of the Government’s witness so that Brian can focus on proving his actual innocence but that all failed.

    Fraud on the court by perjury and false confession being purported as genuine fact of guilt when the evidence shows otherwise. The US Attorney violated ethics rule 3.8 of the North Carolina state bar rules. That a federal or state prosecutor is supposed to disclose any evidence of actual innocence to the criminal defendant. They have refused to do so and admitted that their evidence records were destroyed in response to Brian’s FOIA lawsuit, Judge dismissed case claiming Brian has no right to the discovery evidence to prove his innocence. Brian claimed that is obstruction of justice in an effort to influence the court that Brian is not innocent when the Government’s own evidence points towards his innocence. They push for a pre-filing injunction to punish Brian and massively seal aka censorship his public court filings that aren’t subject to mass sealing and aren’t subject to the redaction requirements.


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